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"I promise to come back, even if I have to crawl out of hell to do so." – Naruto Uzumaki Ch. 1

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His promise, Her Devotion;

Their Happiness, Their Vows

Morning had arrived at the guild of Fairy Tail as the whole fiasco had come to an end, notifying the townspeople that the festival's parade was going to take place in one day, due to not being 'ready' as the members were still tending to their wounds and seeing who was able to take part of the festival, mostly to make sure that the Master was out of danger and that Naruto's wounds were healed as he was with Makorov in the infirmary.

Within the guild, most of the members were bandaged as they gathered in the main hall, staring at the door to the infirmary as they waited for Erza to come out, knowing she was there since last night with Naruto with Polyursica, the latter having left the guild early in the morning after tending to his wounds all night. Suddenly, the knob of the door was turned as the door slowly opened, revealing the re-equip mage as she walked with a small smile on her face, looking at all the gathered members as she addressed them;

"Is the master ok?" asked Lucy

"Yea Erza, how's the old man?" followed Natsu, his torso and left shoulder down to his arm covered in bandages with a band aid patch on his left cheek.

"What about Naruto? Have his wounds worsen?" asked Cana this time, bandages wrapped around her torso as well and left arm.

Erza just brought her hand up, signaling everyone to stay silent;

"The Master is out of danger, thanks to Polyursica and Wendy," announced the red head, making everyone else sigh in relief, "Still, his years are certainly growing and if put under too much stress, his condition could worsen again. I'd like for everyone to keep that in mind."

"Heh, the old man's too stubborn to listen to reason," commented Gray with as he leaned back, "And what about Naruto? How's he fairing?"

At the mention of the blonde's name, everyone paid attention towards Erza once more;

"Naruto's condition . . . did worsen a little during his battle with Laxus," said Erza a little downcast, causing the rest to worry, "His wounds wouldn't heal due to the corruptive energy that still lingered in his system, harming him further when Polyursica used her healing magic on him, but thanks to his tenant, the corruptive energy was purged out of his system and slowly the bleeding stopped, his wounds closing little by little, but he should be up and running sometime around tomorrow," at that piece of news, the guild rejoiced as they cheered;

"Naruto's one stubborn guy, he won't stay down for long!" declared Natsu

"He truly is a man!" shouted Elfman, causing his sister to shake her head with a small smile on her face.

"However, he still needs to get plenty of rest due to his body not having completely recovered since he came out of his coma," declared Erza, glaring intently at Gray and Natsu a death glare, "So no challenging him to fights, do I make myself clear?!"

Both mages jumped at one another as they wrapped themselves with their arms, looking at Erza with fear in their eyes;

"L-Loud and cl-clear Erza," stuttered Gray

"A-Aye Er-Erza," stuttered Natsu as well, still shocking Lucy as she couldn't get used to it;

"Natsu's acting like Happy again!"

After that, the mages began conversing as to what they were going to do regarding the festival, unaware of the conversation that was taking place behind the door.

~ ' ~

Inside the infirmary, Naruto sat on his bed with his daughter soundly asleep next to him, staring with a smile as he watched her snore softly as she cuddled closer to him, caressing her cheek softly as he gently moved away the strands of hair that covered her face, noticing that she wasn't bothered with the bandages that covered his body down to his left shoulder;

"I was an orphan since the I was born," said Naruto softly while still caressing his daughter's cheek, "Never knew a father's or mother's love till recently, but most importantly, I didn't get a chance for memories, good nor bad," then he leaned down to kiss her forehead without disturbing her, "But you will remember your mother and I, and every day you will know how much we love you."

"You'll be a great father Naruto."

Naruto looked ahead at the source of the voice, across the room was Master Makorov, laying down on his own bed before he sat up and looked directly into the blonde;

"Thanks old man," said the blonde before turned slightly serious, "What's going to happen to Laxus now?"

Makorov closed his eyes as he let out a tired sigh, for once looking vulnerable as his years began to show;

"He violated the very foundations that Fairy Tail were built upon, that is something that I cannot forgive," then he opened his eyes and Naruto was able to see the sadness that was in his eyes, "But as his grandfather, it's not easy for me for what I'm about to do."

Naruto decided to stay quiet, however, he wasn't prepared for the master's next proclamation;

"After the festival is over, I'm going to resign as master," said Makorov, shocking the blonde as his eyes went wide;

"Re-Resign?! Why, old man?!" questioned/demanded Naruto.

"As his grandfather, his actions fall under my responsibility," replied the old man as he closed his eyes again, "If I had paid more attention to him, I would've been able to steer him away from the path he took years ago."

Naruto stayed quiet as he listened to the old master, recalling when he used to believe that he was at fault for allowing to steer Sasuke down the dark path;

"But Laxus isn't Sasuke," said Kurama within Naruto's mind, making said blonde nod his head.

"Old man . . . If you're going to do what I think you're, then you shouldn't resign as master," said the blonde, causing the master to look at him bewildered, "At the last moments of my battle against your grandson, I could see the regret in his eyes and with you resigning as master, it would seem more punishable to him knowing that he was responsible of you forsaking your position as master."

Makorov stayed silent at Naruto's argument before he looked directly into the blonde's eyes, seriousness etched all over his face;

"Naruto… I want you to become Fairy Tail's fourth master," said the master in all seriousness, causing Naruto's and Kurama's, within Naruto's mind, eyes to widen;

"Ar-Are you out of damn senile mind!?" almost shouted the blonde, trying his best not to wake up his daughter.

"You're the only person I know that I can trust this guild to," reasoned Makorov, "I cannot ask anyone else due to someone like Erza or Gray being still young and despite having the experience, they lack the requirements to be master of this guild," closing his eyes, "However, you, on the other hand, have the qualities to lead, to inspire and have the experience beyond your years to be a great leader," then he opened his eyes once more, "I know you feel that you're unworthy due to what you did three years ago, but don't let that weight down you, for you know very well that everyone will support you if you were to become master."

Naruto stayed quiet as he contemplated on what Makorov told him, looking down at his daughter, oblivious as to what was going on, however, Naruto made his decision regarding the master's request as he looked back to the master;

"I'm honored that you would want me to become the next master, but…" said Naruto as he looked down at Kushina again with a small smile on his face, "Right now, my only focus is being a father and being part of my little girl's life."

Makorov looked surprised by the blonde when he denied the request, but smiled proudly when he heard the blonde's reason;

"You would make a great master one day Naruto," thought Makorov as he watched the young man in front of him;

"However, there's something I want from you master," suddenly said Naruto, causing the master's eyebrow to rise curiously.

"What would that be m'boy?" asked the old master

"I'm going to ask Erza to marry me," said Naruto, causing the old man's eyes to widen, "And I want your blessing."

Makorov just sat there stooped, then he burst out laughing before calming down a bit, giving Naruto one the biggest grins he could mustered;

"M'boy, while I'm honored for you to ask me of that, you don't need my blessing," said Makorov, "But you have my blessing nonetheless," then the old man's eyes got deathly serious, "But if you were hurt Erza again, I will personally make sure you are brought down . . . hard!"

Naruto simply glared at the old man;

"I rather die first then to see Erza cry cause of me again," claimed Naruto, causing Makorov to smile again;

"Good, now, go outside and wait with the rest of them goofs while I talk to my grandson," ordered the old master as he sensed his grandson approaching the guild;

Naruto nodded as he turned to his daughter and gently nudged, causing said red head to yawn cutely as she slowly opened her eyes;

"Daddy?" said Kushina softly as she rubbed the drowsiness out of her eyes

"Come on darling, let's go see mommy," said Naruto softly as he scooped his daughter into his arms and let Kushina use his shoulder as a pillow, wrapping her tiny arms around his neck as he walked towards the door and turned towards the old master with his hand on the knob, both nodding their heads at one another before the blonde opened the door and walked out of the infirmary.

~ ' ~

Outside the infirmary, everyone was having a merry time till they heard heavy footsteps coming from the guild's entrance, gaining everyone's attention only to gasp in surprise when it was Laxus himself that walked into the guild, angering those who held a grudge against the Master's grandson for causing the guild to fight one another;

"What the hell you're doing here?!"

"You got some nerve showing your face around here after what you did!"

"Damn right!"

"You have no shame wanting to see the master after what you did!"

Laxus just stood there, emotionless without his trademark arrogant smirk as he stared at everyone else;

"All of you! That's enough!"

Everyone stopped their shouting and turned back towards the infirmary, finding Naruto stepping out with Kushina, wide awake with slight fear in her eyes once she saw Laxus, in his arms, holding an emotionless look himself as he and Laxus stared at one another. Then Naruto looked for Erza, motioning her to get Kushina once he found her. Erza silently walked up towards the blonde and gently scooped their daughter into her arms protectively, standing behind Naruto as she slightly glared at Laxus, the memory of what Laxus did at the cathedral, vividly, still fresh in her mind.

"But Naruto …" began Jet, but only to hold his breath as Naruto shot him one of his glares before the blonde turned back to stare right into Laxus's eyes.

Both members began walking towards each other till the two of them were approximately face to face, never once break eye contact.

Laxus's eyes twitched a little as he began to glare at Naruto, then suddenly, the two of them felt a slight rise of magic energy around them and turned their heads to the right, watching as the main members such as Mira and Elfman with their arms transformed into their takeover forms, Gray with ice magic surrounding his hands, Azlack and Brisca with their gun magic ready to shoot, ready to attack Laxus if he were to make the first move. Then they turned to the left and saw Erza with swords in hand with Kushina hiding behind Wendy, both of them shaking a little. Those standing next to Erza ready to intervene were Natsu with flames dancing around his fists, Gadjeel with his arms formed into iron clubs. Surprisingly, Lucy with whip in hand accompanied by Loke. The two of them then slowly turned their heads to face one another, neither one saying a word till Naruto sidestepped to the side;

"The old man is waiting for you," said the blonde, gaining surprised looks from everyone else as he gestured towards the door, "The infirmary is over there."

Laxus, who had a look of surprise himself, walked past the other blonde towards the door and reached out for the knob;

"You know Laxus, you and I are fortunate people," said Naruto out of the blue, causing Laxus to turned back and look at Naruto over his shoulder, "Right now, we are surrounded by folks that love, trust and protect one another like any family would, protect each other from people like you and I," Naruto turns around looking directly into Laxus's eyes, "I can tell that even though some may have forgiven me, they hold resentment towards me for I did to Erza, because even though she's the strictest, they love her nonetheless because to them, she is their sister and like any other family, they don't want to see their sister sad or crying or see the man they consider a father and grandfather hurt," says the blonde as he looked around the guild, looking into the eyes of each member, seeing the looks of surprise in their eyes as he spoke before his eyes landed on Erza and Kushina before looking at Laxus once more, "I don't know about you Laxus, but to me, that is the strength of Fairy Tail, that's what makes this place home for everyone here and I'm going to do whatever it takes to earn their forgiveness," he finishes, looking straight at Erza with soft eyes.

Laxus didn't say a word for a couple of seconds before he lowered his head and quietly walked into the room, leaving Naruto alone with the rest of Fairy Tail as he watched the door close, not noticing Macao walking towards the blonde, gaining said blonde's attention as Macao placed his hand on the blonde's shoulder;

"Sometimes, you're really stupid you know that," said Macao, causing the blonde's eyebrow to rise up, only to for him to feel an arm drape around his neck;

"I second that," agreed Wakaba

Naruto looked lost till he heard soft footsteps, looking ahead as he watched Mirajane approaching him with a soft smile;

"You don't have to do anything to earn our forgiveness Naruto-kun, because we forgave you long ago," said Mirajane

Then Natsu and Gray appeared by her sides;

"Yea, it sucked that you left us with," said Natsu without tact, earning a hit in the head courtesy of Gray;

"But we understood why you did it and did our best to take care of Erza and Kushina till you returned home," said Gray, ignoring Natsu's glare as he nursed the lump at the back of his head.

Naruto just stared at all of them with a surprised look;

"A family loves and protects one another Naruto-kun, that is true," said Erza after re-equipping her swords up, staring at the blonde with tender eyes, "But you forgot one thing, a family is also willing to forgive those they love dearly."

Naruto found himself at loss of words, not knowing what to say as he bowed his head with a soft smile;

"Thank you everyone."

"Now let's not get all emotional!" exclaimed Wakaba, "We still have to worry about the festival!"

Everyone else cheered at that and went back to work. Naruto simply watched as everyone went to work till he felt Erza nudging him to come closer, whispering something into his ear causing his eyes to widen and wrap his arms around her without warning.

Erza simply wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and looked back towards the bar where Mirajane was serving Kushina something to drink;

"Mira! Watch over Kushina, we'll be right back!" shouted Erza and did not wait for a response as her and Naruto vanished in a cloud of smoke, leaving a confused Kushina;

"Aunty Mira, where did momma and daddy go?" questioned the little red head.

Mirajane having a hunch as to exactly what Erza was planning, but she couldn't tell Kushina that;

"They went to catch up Kushi-chan," said Mira, causing Kushina to be more confused, making Mira giggle at the little girls look.

~ ' ~

*Beware: Lemon Warning*

Inside Erza's dorm, a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared, revealing Erza, long having discarded her armor, with Naruto still having his arms wrapped around her waist while Erza never loosened her hold around her lover's neck, both their foreheads touching one another as they could feel their breathing tickling each other's skin, neither one saying a word as they held one another;

"I missed you Erza," whispered Naruto softly, pulling his queen closer to him, placing his head on top of her head, feeling her tightening the hug as she rested her head on the blonde's chest;

"I missed you too Naruto-kun," Erza whispered back before looking up to stare into his eyes, "Now shut up and kiss me."

Naruto didn't argue as he leaned down and claimed her lips, Erza's arms leaving the blonde's waist as they moved up to the back of his head, passing her fingers through his soft, golden locks as she deepened the kiss, both of them letting out soft moans as Naruto's hands began roaming around Erza's back through her blouse, slowly finding themselves lifting it up as they went underneath her blouse, sending shivers through her spine as she began to feel her legs beginning to tremble and unconsciously guided the two of them backwards, till the two of them fell backwards (or frontward in Naruto's case) as they landed on the soft mattress that was Erza's bed with Naruto landing on top of Erza.

The two of them locked eyes once more, both of them seeing the love they held one another as clear as the sky itself;

"Make love to me Naruto," said/pleaded Erza softly.

Naruto's eyes widen a little bit before they softened and claimed Erza's lips once more, allowing Erza to have her hands roam across his torso, slowly unbuttoning the shirt he was given in the infirmary, letting it hang lazily after the last button was unbuttoned. Naruto didn't stop the kiss while Erza helped him take off the shirt, but he did stop it when she felt her slowly pushing to the side, making lay on his back with Erza straddling him, his hands moving on their own as they traced her smooth legs, slowly lifting up her skirt as he drew closer and closer to her waist. Wasting no time, Naruto reached for the zipper of her skirt and unzipped it, loosening her dress as it slowly began to slide off her slim waist. Erza pinned Naruto as she now claimed his lips once more, making her skirt slide off completely off of her, showing her gorgeous behind covered by a tight black, laced panty and blouse.

Naruto was about to deepen the kiss once more but Titania pulled away in the last minute, leaving a confused blonde to have his confusion answered when Erza unloosen his belt and unbuttoned his pants before tugging at them to pull them down. Naruto helped her as he wiggled about as his pants came off till she successfully took them off and threw them over her head. Naruto just laid there as he now watched his Titania unbuttoned her own blouse and throw it to the side, revealing her massive bust being held a color matching lace bra.

Erza looked down as her hands began to trace the bandages around his torso, tracing each spot where he got stabbed by Madara. Her hands trailing up to his chest, tracing the last stab wounds before leaning down as she did so and planted soft kisses on the blonde's bare collar bone, sending shivers throughout his body with each tap from her soft lips.

Slowly, the blonde snaked his arms around his red head love, reaching behind her towards the strap of her bra while Erza continued to plant kisses on him till she claimed his lips once more, unaware that Naruto had unhooked her bra and slid off her shoulders on top of Naruto's abdomen. Without looking nor breaking the kiss, Erza raised one hand at a time, freeing herself completely as Naruto discarded the bra away.

And without warning, Naruto grabbed onto Erza and turned on the bed, pinning his red haired queen once more, the kiss becoming more intense, Naruto's hand tracing Erza's left side as it traveled down her stomach, past her waist line, barely lifting her black panty line to allow his hand to sneak in, causing Titania to moan softly through the kiss as she slowly rocked her hips a little bit after feeling her lover's hand reaching inside her panties, causing her to spread her legs a little to give him more access to her womanhood as he slowly began to massage her clit, softly flicking it with his middle finger, causing Erza let out a louder moan in his mouth as she now rocked her hips a little harder against his hand.

Naruto broke the kiss as he slowly began to trail her jaw line with his kisses down her neck, nibbling and kissing as Erza turned her head to the side, her eyes closed as she grabbed onto her sheets;

"Naruto…" moaned Erza as she felt herself growing hotter and hotter, more so when she felt her lover's member growing as it rubbed against her thigh.

"Naruto… stop teasing…" groaned Erza when she felt her clit growing more delicate as her womanhood became moistened as Naruto repeatedly her pussy and breasts. Nibbling, kissing and licking her right nipple while her left breast was massaged by the blonde's free hand, making Erza take a big gasp of breath as she arched her head back, her eyes wide open at the sudden pleasure coursing throughout her body, overloading her senses as she remembered the last time two of them last made love.

Then, she let out a sigh of disapproval when she no longer felt Naruto's finger caressing her, only let out a gasp of surprise when she felt Naruto spread her legs a little more to kneel in between them, slowly pulling down her wet panties as he gently lifted Erza to pull them down. Once they were off, Naruto threw them to the side before he climbed on top of Erza, allowing her to reach for his briefs to pull them down without haste, her need of him having her growing inside her like a raging fire.

Once fully nude, the two of them stared into each other's eyes as Erza spread her legs and wrapped her arms around her lover, feeling Naruto's arm sneak underneath her, holding her gently as he used his other arm for support and to caress her cheek, neither one of them saying a word as Naruto placed the tip of his cock at her entrance, the heat he felt radiating from Erza's wet vagina clouded his senses a little, but managed to maintain control of his urges, despite Erza's attempts to force him inside her as she rocked her hips against the tip of the blonde's dick between, making it grind between her lips.

The teasing became a little too much for Erza as she used one hand to grip onto the sheets, but Naruto clasps her hand with his own, looking directly into his love's eyes, slowly going inside her, making Erza let out soft gasps at being filled once more after three years on the night Kushina was conceived.

Erza tilted her head back when she felt Naruto's cock sheathed halfway within her, groaning in pleasure when she felt the rest of his member sliding deep inside her;

"Oh my god!" gasped Erza softly, gripping her lover's hand tightly, but Naruto didn't seem to faze at the strength of her grip.

Once Erza had regained her breath, the two of them stared into each other's eyes once again, never breaking contact once Naruto began to slowly thrust inside her, making Titania to let out soft moans as her lover kept thrusting inside her, the pace picking up little by little as Erza's moans became louder and louder, but Naruto silenced her when he claimed her lips again, hungrily devouring them as Erza return the gesture with rigor while Naruto quicken the pace more and more, causing Erza to moan louder within the kiss, knowing she was close to climax when she felt her pussy tightening. At the edge of climax, Erza clutched onto the blonde and bit his shoulder as she came all over his member, trembling at the sheer rush of pleasure her body went through. Once she calmed down a little, without warning, Erza pushed Naruto off of her on to his back and pinned him as she used his shoulders for support.

Naruto didn't get a chance to say a word as Erza reclaimed his lips with such desire that he never felt his member sliding inside his red haired lover once more nor her moving her hips back and forth at a quicken pace, her nails digging onto his while Naruto held a tight grip onto her waist, grunts and moans of pain echoing through dark, quiet room as the two continued to make love.

Breaking the kiss, Erza tilted back, causing her to let out a big gasp of air when she felt Naruto's cock hit a sensitive spot within her when he rocked his hips against hers, rocking her hips even faster to meet his, fulfilling the hunger of their lust as she once more, began to feel the walls of her pussy tightening around Naruto's dick, making him grunt even louder at the feel of ecstasy;

"Erza … I'm about to cum," grunted Naruto, sweat pouring down his brow and covering his body, despite being absorbed by the bandages.

"Cum inside me love," gasped Erza as she felt herself being close to the edge before she let out a loud scream of pleasure as she orgasm once more;

"Ahhhhh!" yelled Naruto as he couldn't hold it anymore and shot his load deep inside Erza, filling her up as Erza's body shook from her own orgasm and took pleasure at the feel of her love's seed covering her womb till her body collapsed into the arms of her lover, who gladly caught her as he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close to his body, both of them gasping for air as the two lay there, clutching onto each other as they stares at one another with love stricken eyes;

"I'm glad to have you back in my life Naruto-kun," said Erza softly as she used her lover's chest as a pillow;

"You have no idea how much I missed you Erza," whispered Naruto back, hugging Erza a little tighter, "Every night I would go to sleep, wondering if you ever thought of me, if I still lingered in your heart or that you had moved on and found someone else."

Erza simply placed her hand on his cheek, causing all of the anguish he felt to disappear right away;

"I'm not going anywhere love, I promised didn't I?" reassured Titania, "I promised you that I would be here, waiting for you," kissing his bandaged covered chest, right where the heart is, "And it was a promise of a lifetime."

Naruto just stared at her with amazement, a soft smile adorning his lips;

"I love you Erza and I promise never to leave you again," swore the blonde, kissing Erza's forehead in the process

"Good," said Erza with a small smirk before her lips adorned a loving smile, "And I love you too, Naruto-kun."

The two of them laid there as they stared at one another, in each other's arms, slowly drifting off to sleep with content smiles on their faces as the two finally let sleep claim them, finally being able to slumber peacefully as the void of loneliness that lingered in their hearts was finally filled.

~ ' ~

Later that day, the Fantasia festival was in full effect, the people of Magnolia town were cheering and enjoying the parade that was organized by Fairy Tail.

The first float had cards floating around, glowing in magic surrounded in hearts as Cana used her magic to guide them in the air. With her were Macao and Wakaba, using their magic in the background as Macao used his fire magic along with Wakaba's to use a combination choreography as it mixed and exploded into hearts before being pierced by a make shift arrow, making the heart explode into fireworks

The next float was a fruit-styled float had dancers ringed around them as a dressed up Droy, Jet, Max and Alzack were dressed as fruits. The next float it followed was a heart-styled float with Bisca, Lucy and Levi wearing short dresses and waving fans around cheerleader style.

Following close behind was Elfman in full beast mode parading in scary looking, with a flower on top, waving at everyone he passed. The flower on top of the make shift tower begins to glow, revealing his sister, Mirajane, smiling happily as she waved at everyone in the crowd before using her transformation magic to shape shift into a giant snake, creeping out most of her fanatics and crushing the float along with Elfman in the process.

Next was Gray and Juvia dressed as a blue king and queen with an ice castle, combining their magic as they create a standing right behind them on their own float, the guilds name showing proudly on top of the ring as they pretending to dance in bawl underneath said iced ring.

After Mira, it was Erza's float, dressed in something she called her 'demonstration armor' which was basically a white and red dress with knight markings on it, a white breastplate, white and yellow gauntlets and allowed her to be capable to spin various swords around her in a circle, then without notice, the crowd got a special treat when they saw Erza's float beginning to shape shift, an astral form of a giant fox with nine tails appeared, with all nine tips of its tails nearing its mouth, wide open as it revealed Erza still dancing. Behind her, Naruto appeared with swords in hand, covered in his kyuubi sage mode with swords in hands. Erza used her magic to levitate her swords higher up, surrounding a giant rasengan, unknowingly sort of resembling a one of Naruto's rasen-shuriken. Then Erza re-equipped her outfit to one of those Arabic belly dancing outfits, with two long curved swords in each hand, her long hair fiery hair put into four long ponytails as the two began to play sword fighting, dancing around as they playfully clashed their swords with smiles on their faces, shocking everyone as Naruto suddenly stole a kiss from Erza, causing her to freeze up a little bit before giving a playful smirk of their own, resuming their dance.

Next was Master Makarov's float where he stood atop what seemed to be a large red hat wearing green pants, a yellow shirt with purple sleeves, a pink tie, red gloves, a long yellow tail and a red hat with pointy yellow ears. He was dancing around with a grin on his face while Kushina mimicked his dance wearing a smaller version of his outfit.

Finally Natsu was at the rear of the parade with crimson flames flickering behind him as he walked with Happy sitting the small green creatures that were pulling the mobile torches. Natsu turned his head up to the sky and lobbed a few fireballs into the darkness, letting them explode life fireworks, causing everyone to cheer even more;

"It's Fantasia!"

"Awesome parade!"

"It's the girls from the Miss Fairy Tail Contest!"

"So cute!"

"They're fairies alright!"

"And what's that? It's a castle of ice!"

"There's water gushing all around it!"

"Over there! It's Titania!"

"Check out those swords!"

"Look! Erza's float changed into a giant fox!"

"What a beautiful display by using that magic sphere with Titania's swords!"

"Wasn't that blonde in Fairy Tail a few years ago? You know, the one dubbed the Maelstrom of Fairy Tail?"

"Yeah! I think I remember him!"

"Oh my god! That blonde guy just kissed Titania!"

"I would have thought she'd have stabbed him by now."

"Clearly not."

"It's the Master! The Master is here!"

"Look! Erza's kid is dancing with the master!"

"Titania's daughter looks so cute in that outfit!"

"What kind of getup is that?"

"It does suit them both."

All of a sudden, Makarov stopped dancing, his face adorning with a serious and triumphant look he put his hand up towards the sky, pointed one finger up and his thumb to the side before twisting his arm round so the back of his hand was visible with Kushina following suit as she landed on her ji-chan's shoulders, surprising Laxus as he watched the parade from behind the crowds, but his widen even more as he watched all the members in the parade followed the master's example with smirks, smiles and grins.

All except two.

Laxus watched as Erza and Naruto stood side by side with Naruto having his left arm around Erza's waist, looking straight at him due to Naruto's ability to sense people. Both holding expressionless till they both smiled or grinned and raised their own hands into the air, causing Laxus not being able to hold it any longer as tears began to spill down his eyes, regret filling his heart at the actions he had taken, but smiled none the less;

"Gramps, Naruto, two of you were right," muttered Laxus with tears rolling his eyes, "Fairy Tail isn't just a Guild; it's a way of life, of freedom and family," closing his eyes, he turned towards the alley before looking directly at Naruto once more, "I'll leave them in your care, Naruto."

And with that, Laxus left quietly as the parade went its course.

~ ' ~

Naruto stood with Erza at his side, watching as Laxus left, wishing him the best before he turned his sights towards Erza, deciding that now it would be the best time;

"Erza," began Naruto gaining her attention, "Three years ago, on my birthday, I lost my home, my people and my loved ones. I was blinded by rage and pain that I had let left them," closing his eyes, "To the point that I missed what was important to me," opening his eyes, staring directly into hers, "More important than my dream to become Hokage and that was you," taking a pause as he gathered his thoughts, not once Erza interrupting him, "But, also, it was three years ago when I came with a decision that would've changed my life forever, a change that would've given me the one thing I desired the most in my entire life and that was having a family with you, had I not left" Erza's eyes widen at this;

"Is he …?!" questioned Erza within her mind, feelingt her heart pounding within her chest.

Then her eyes widen in shock and surprise as he watched Naruto go down to one knee while holding onto her hand, looking directly into her eyes, showing her all the emotions he felt.

His fears, his insecurities, his desire, his love.

"Erza, you have brought me much happiness since we met, even now when I felt that I wasn't worthy of it, but you showed me otherwise," said Naruto as he reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a small box, opening it and revealing its content to Erza, causing her to gasp and slightly tear up when she a ring within the box, "Not only that, but you have given me much more when you after telling me about our daughter and now there's only thing I want to ask you to make our family complete," by now tears of happiness began to roll down her eyes, "Erza Scarlet, will you marry me?"

No longer being able to hold it, she dropped to her knees and pulled him into a kiss, both of them ignoring the cheers of the other guild members and the town folk, for now their world revolved around them.

Breaking the kiss, Erza stared into Naruto's eyes with the brightest of smiles;

"Yes, I'll marry you."

Naruto smiled broadly as he took the ring and gently slid it on her finger, kissing her once the ring was in place, the cheering becoming louder, but were overshadowed by the members of Fairy Tail as they clapped and cheered with tears on their eyes.

Naruto broke the kiss and quickly both turned backwards, towards the master as he comically cried onto his forearm, tears flowing like a fountain while Kushina patted his back while wiping her eyes with a tissue;

"Old man! Marry us!"

Sniffling, the old master nodded his head with mucus and tears rolling down his face comically before he shook his head and in a blink of an eye, he changed into his wardrobe as master of Fairy Tail, a serious look adorning his face as he addressed the town and his children;

"My children and beloved people of Magnolia, today we are gathered here tonight to unite these two young loves in holy matrimony," announced the Master, watching as Erza and Naruto held each other by the hands and stared deeply into their eyes, "Erza Scarlet, do you to take, Naruto Uzumaki, as your husband through sickness and health till death do you apart?"

"I do," replied Erza without hesitation

Makorov nodded his head, holding the tears as he turned towards the blonde;

"Naruto Uzumaki, do you take, Erza Scarlet, as your wife through sickness and health till death do you apart?"

"I do," replied Naruto with confidence

"If there's anyone who opposes this unity, speak now or forever hold your peace."

No one said a word.

"Very well," said Makorov a he placed his hands behind his back, "As master, I am glad the two of you found happiness after the trials the two of you have endured and wish you the best, but above else, I wish you two all the happiness in the world," then he raised his arms into the air with a wide grin, "And now! I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride!"

Naruto didn't need to be told twice as he leaned forward and kissed his wife, causing loud cheers throughout the whole town as they celebrated for the newlyweds.

And so, the Fantasia festival went underway once more with much more vigor as they also celebrated the union.

As the night went on, the parade was coming to an end, Naruto couldn't help but grin as Erza slid back into his chest and smiled over her shoulder at him, Kushina surprising them both as she jumped on her daddy's shoulders and held on onto his locks. The three of them looking up to the skies, watching the stars shine brightly as Naruto and Erza looked forward to what the future would bring, facing it together as a family….







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