Kensi woke early the next morning feeling better than ever. She stretched her muscles and inhaled deeply, enjoying the sheer ability to do so.

She felt a rush of appreciation and affection toward her partner. For all the aggravation he loved to give her on a daily basis, he'd more than made up for with his caring attention to her well-being while she'd been sick.

She'd have to come up with something really great to show her appreciation. Just saying 'thank you' wasn't nearly enough.

With almost a spring in her step, she walked to the living room, stopping short at the sight of her partner sprawled out on her couch.

Apparently, he never went home last night.

His eyes were closed so she thought he was asleep. But then he sniffed and groaned, raising a forearm to cover his closed eyes.

Kensi stepped over to him, giving his sock-covered foot a light shake with her hand. "You don't sound so good."

His arm lifted from his face and he looked at her, red-eyed and tired. "You made me sick," he accused blandly.

She should have felt bad for him, having nursed her back to health only to catch the flu himself. But she couldn't help the ironic laugh that now bubbled forth.

"I don't know what you're laughing at, Fern," Deeks remarked, flinging his arm back over his eyes. "It's your turn to play nurse now."

The laughter stopped as she realized he was right. He'd taken care of her — it was only fair to return the favor.

Deeks' arm hid his grin. "And I'm definitely going to want a sponge bath."