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Chapter 1

Rose(Bella's daughter Rose not Rosalie)POV

May 2012

I worked my ass off for this job. It was my first job out of high school and that may not seem like a big deal to most but it was for me. School wasn't my scene so I wasn't going to have my mom waste loads and loads of money-that she doesn't have-to send me off to some fancy smancy college that I can't even pronounce the name of. So, for me it was going to be a job that I really enjoyed and could be great at for the rest of my life. This job…was not that job. That job was to own my own dance studio. I loved dancing, it was my life and to be able to instruct others in something I love, is my dream! One would think that you need a college education for something like that but I disagree…it's all about the people you know in this society.

This job…didn't even come close to owning my own studio. But this job had other purposes…other dreams to fulfill. I was going to find my father!

"Rosalie Swan." I stood when I heard my name called and walked over to the gorgeous guy standing at the receptionist desk calling my name. Odd for a man as hunky as him to work in a place like this.

"Rose, please." I corrected him when I approached the desk.

"Ok, Rose. Here is your paperwork, dress code, and basically your bible for this place." He smiled up at me and I swear he just winked…or maybe I envisioned that.

"Thanks." I said and took the stack of papers from his hand.

"Oh, and your schedule. We will see you tomorrow, bright and early." He smiled. I am such a sucker for those big puppy dog brown eyes. Cue even more dramatic sigh. I am really going to like this place…and hopefully find the information that I need.

"Oh, thanks again…" I looked at his name tag and smiled back to him. "Jake. You know if you changed your name to Jack we could have ourselves a tragic romance based on historical events. You know? Jack and Rose?"

He stared at me for a moment and then started laughing hysterically. "That's a good one…Rose."

I laughed and felt my face heat up as I nodded and turned towards the door. God! I am such an idiot! I shook my head and rolled my eyes at myself. How lame am I? …tragic romance based on historical events. Who does that? I should have just said, hey wanna be my Jack so that we can sink together in the Titanic? 'I'll never let go Jack.'

I would like to see the script for that part of the movie. "I'll never let go Jack!" [release hands while Jack floats to the bottom of the Atlantic]

I snorted to myself and headed around the corner to the parking lot. I spotted my little lime green bug and smiled. It was a graduation present from my Grandpa Charlie. He used to have a Volkswagen bug when he was my age but it was the old ones that were manual. Yeah, I don't do manual so he insisted on getting me my very own. Mom disagreed. Thought the safety ratings weren't high enough. I don't know what she thought I should drive, a minivan?

I laughed as my phone began to ring in my pocket. Speak of the devil.

"Hello?" I answered in a sing song voice as I opened my car door and slid in.

"Rose, where are you at?" Mom asked curiously. "I thought you were going to Gramps?"

"Oh, I am headed there now." I told her evasively. She didn't know about this job and she was going to flip out when I tell her. I mean like completely flip a switch! Shit a brick house and a three car garage to go with it. I told Gramps yesterday and he swore on his life to not tell mom. Thankfully he hasn't yet but my poor grandfather completely misinterpreted the job. I laughed really hard at him.

"Headed there now…well, where are you now?" She asked, not believing me and I could hear the whole, 'we shouldn't have gotten you a car yet' speech coming real fast.

"I got a job!" I blurted excitedly because I had to tell her at some point. She would be suspicious when a check with my name on it started coming in the mail from Port Angeles Sperm Bank.

Yeah, when I told Gramps he thought that I um…helped men get the sperm out as he so cleverly put it. I nearly died I laughed so hard.

"Rose!" Mom exclaimed loudly. "That is great, baby. Where did you get a job at? And why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I uh...wanted to surprise you. Surprise." I said not very convincingly.

"Oh, that is such great news, wait till Gramps hears. Where did you get a job at?" I wasn't going to tell her that over the phone.

"Oh, I am almost at Gramps' house now. I told him yesterday and he says he is going to buy me some new clothes for the job so I am going to go but I will fill you in when I get home." I assured her even though I was still sitting in the parking lot of the sperm bank.

I still laugh when I think of grandpa's reaction to my job. First he looked furious, then confused and then…worried. Mom, she would just be furious.


"Bye mom, love you." I hung up before she could ask any more questions.

With a smile on my face, I cranked the car and headed towards Gramps' house. It was going to be a very long day.

When I got to Gramps' we went over the dress code and then headed to the store. He let me drive and the entire way we talked about what I would do at work.

"Well, it's mostly just filing paperwork and doing some computer stuff. Nothing too serious." I assured him.

"So you won't have to actually touch the…um…" He was really struggling with this.

"No Gramps. I don't have to touch the sperm."

He blushed and looked out the window. "I wish you wouldn't use that word it sounds so…" He shuttered and shook his head causing me to laugh.

"You know Rosie," Grandpa has always called me that. He says that I have Rosie cheeks. I tell him I am not Santa Claus. "Your mom is going to have a real hard time over this."

I sighed and nodded. "I know but…I don't know how else to get the answers that I need."

"You could always ask." He suggested but I just shot him a funny look before he pointed to the road for me to watch it instead of him.

"Gramps when have I ever done anything the easy way? And besides…I have asked hundreds of times and I always get the same answer. No."

"She is just trying to protect you, Rose. He could be psycho or…dead." Gramps shook his head and looked out of the window again.

I laughed and said, "Well then I won't be missing anything will I? But I can't help but to think that he is out there somewhere. I know he was informed about me, he had to have been. Right? And what if he has more kids? What if I have a little sister or a little brother? I just can't stand not knowing. And I don't think that mom knows anything about him other than what his jizz looks like."

I thought Grandpa was going to throw up. It only made me laugh but then we both grew quiet and I started thinking about why I wanted this job. I wanted to find my biological father. Or in this case…my sperm donor. Mom had me when she was 22. She didn't want anything else for her life but to have children and since she couldn't find a suitable man, she just went and did it herself. She never told me how I came about until I found the paperwork when I was 14. She had never mentioned my father ever so I wanted to know and went snooping through her papers. I was shocked when I found the file information from Port Angeles Sperm Bank with her first sonogram clipped to it. Wow…I was one of those kids. I actually thought it was pretty cool and when I confronted her about it she completely flipped out. But she tends to do that. She will die when she finds out that I am now working there.

The only information that I have about him is the specimen number 1918-9833160623. So over the past four years I have called my father 1918-9833160623. 1918 for short, mom rolls her eyes every time I say it and she just tells me not to worry about it.

Well…tell a fish not to swim.

But the point of this job was to find my father and I would find him. No doubt about that.

After a fun afternoon with gramps and several new smock outfits I head home to face the storm. Mom was on the phone when I came in and I sat down at the island in the kitchen to wait on her. I dropped my bags off in my bedroom before going to find her because I didn't want her to see my clothes before hearing the story from me. She smiled and winked at me as she held the phone between her cheek and elbow.

She was so beautiful. Long flowing brown hair, big brown eyes. I remember when I was younger that I would always ask her if I could trade eyes with her. Mine were green and I had the same brown hair but I had streaks of red here and there. It was subtle but pretty. In the sun my hair was almost a coppery color.

"Next week is the book fair?" Mom asked bringing me out of my thoughts. She was an author, writing children books and she was really good at it. When I was little she would always make up stories to tell me at night and I would always say to write them down so I could read them to my kids one day. Of course I was five and it was adorable but I guess she finally took the advice of a five year old and started writing children's books. She loves doing what she does but I know that she is dying to write a novel. She talks about it from time to time.

"Noon on Wednesday. Sounds great, ok thanks Jane." That was her editor. "You too, bye."

"Jane says hi." She said as she sat the phone down and smiled at me anxiously.

"Hi Jane." I said and laughed.

"So…" Very impatient that one.

"So, I found three new words today that make Gramps cringe." I laughed at myself. I figured that this would be the easiest way to tell her…make a joke out of it. Maybe she won't flip too much…Well I can hope anyway.

"What are they?" She propped her elbows up on the island and leaned towards me.

"Jizz, spunk, and baby cream." I laughed hysterically at myself and the memories of Gramps nearly throwing up all over the place and turning green every time I said any of those words. "Well, I guess that means four words instead of three."

Mom looked confused. "What random words to torture your Grandfather with."

"Well..." I said and looked over her head at this fascinating spot on the wall. It was so interesting how that color of beige blended with the same color of beige beside of it and beside of that…

"Rose." Mom said warningly. She was about to flip. I could feel it coming. Like the pressure before a big storm. There was lots of pressure in the air. "What is it?"

Maybe if I said it really fast she wouldn't hear it all clearly and then I could pull the whole 'ok, love you, bye mom' thing. "Igotajobatthespermbank! Ok love you bye."

I jumped down and moved as quickly as I could out of the kitchen. Unfortunately it wasn't fast enough. "You what?" She screamed. She only screams when she is mad. She screamed really loud. Really really loud.

"Rosalie Ann Swan, get your ass back in this kitchen."

I cringed and stopped at the foot of the hallway. Taking a deep breath and turning slowly back towards her. I could still see her but I think I will keep my distance and stand here.

"Why?" She commanded and shook her head. "Why would you get a job there?"

I sighed and said, "Oh come on mom, you know why."

"That's no place for a young girl to work especially no place for you. I didn't think they would let you work there." She sounded defeated. She knew I already had the job and she didn't want to discourage me because it was my first real job other than babysitting for everyone in the neighborhood. This is why I waited to tell her. Because now she is in a corner and can't tell me to not take the job. I hate that I did this to her because now she is really upset and I don't like to be the reason she is upset.

"I just want to know mom. I want to find him and see what he looks like and see what he has made out of his life. Do I have any siblings? Is he married? Does he have a clue about me? I just want to know and the only one who can get the information is you…and you don't want the information. They won't release it to me so I am just going another route to find out the truth."

She just stared at the floor as my rant sunk in but I wasn't done and I know that this would probably hurt her but she needed to hear it.

"You know what it was like to have two parents growing up, yeah Gramps raised you but you knew your mom, you saw pictures. You heard her voice over the phone. You got presents on your birthday and Christmas. You knew she was there and I don't have that. Is it so wrong for me to want that?"

"No." Mom looked at me with tears in her eyes. "What I had Rose, was a woman who claimed to be my mother and thought she could buy me with pretty expensive things for Christmas and my birthday. She never cared about me, and she still doesn't. I don't want that for you. That is why I went this route. That is why I have dedicated myself to be everything for you so that you wouldn't have to hurt the way that I have."

I felt tears sting my eyes. I never realized that this is why my father isn't in the picture. This is why there has never been a picture for a father. She didn't want me to hurt. I understand that… "But mom, this is hurting me. Not knowing who he is and where he lives. Every time I pass a man in the store or out in town, I wonder if that's him. I feel like I have a whole piece of something missing inside of me and I won't stop until that void is filled."

"What if he is a dead beat low life piece of shit?" She asked me seriously and I am sure that is something that she has worried about. I worry about that too.

"Then he is. I can't change anything about the man and I don't intend to, I just want to see him, mom. Looks in his eyes and know that I am part of him. That's all."

She was quiet for several long minutes as she stared at the wall above my head. I am sure she was considering the way the beige bled into the same color beside of it as well.

After several long silent minutes mom sighed and looked at me. "Go get ready and we will go to dinner to celebrate."

I felt a smile creep up on my face and I just nodded as I headed towards my room to get dressed.

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