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It's been one year to the date that Edward and I got married. Our one year anniversary and it's spent with our daughter and our future son-in-law(because Jake finally asked Rose to marry him), walking on a beach in Spain. We finally made our trip to Europe and unfortunately this is our last day. We have been all over this continent since the week before Christmas. It has been a blast but I am kind of ready to go home. Edward and I walked hand in hand down the shore line of the beach and Rose and Jake were running into the water. Jake kept throwing Rose in. It made me smile to see them both so happy.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward said, stopping to pick up a seashell that he spotted and apparently liked.

"Rose and how happy she is." I said before looking to him, squinting in the sunlight. "You?"

He grinned and responded. "You and how happy you are watching her."

I smiled up at him before leaning in on my tip toes for a kiss. Edward quickly wrapped his arms around me to give me exactly what I wanted.

"Happy Anniversary." I whispered to him before he pulled me back to him.

"Mom!" Rose yelled as she came running up the beach. "Dad! Hey do you all wanna go back to that pub tonight."

I shrugged and looked up to Edward questioningly. "Sure." He shrugged this time. "It's our last night here we can sleep on the plane tomorrow."

We've been back in the states for a week and a half I still don't think I have gotten out of the funk that jet lag has put me in. My sleeping schedule is all jacked up. I sleep nearly all of the time no matter when I am supposed to. So to try to get me out of this sleep-all-of-the-time mood, I called Mari and asked if she wanted to go to the mall. Maybe shop a little.

An hour later we were in her car headed towards the mall. I was telling her all about our trip. Rome and Italy they were my favorite places I do believe. Spain was beautiful too. France was exactly like what you see in the movies. It was all so much fun. We had a great time catching up with Rose and Jake who we hadn't seen in what felt like forever until Christmas break.

"And the baby thing?" Mari asked, knowing all about Edward's persistent whining about a baby.

I groaned and said. "Mari we had sex so many times on that trip…if I'm not pregnant by now it's not going to happen."

"Well, how long have you been off of your birth control?" She asked, trying to be the logical one here.

"Since September." I said with a sigh. Edward and I had talked about this baby thing from about March until we finally agreed for me to stop my birth control. That happened in September. And now…nothing.

"Maybe I can't have a baby now…I'm too old." I was the one whining about it now. "It just sucks because we talk about it so long that I get really excited about having a child with the man I love and then I can't even get pregnant."

"Well, maybe it takes a few months for the birth control to get out of your system?" Mari offered. "Have your periods been weird?"

"Very." I nodded. "They haven't been consistent once since I stopped the birth control. It's been nearly four months. Why am I not pregnant yet?"

Mari sighed and patted my leg sympathetically. "Well, sugar you are a lot older this time around maybe that's why it's taking a little longer."

I sighed again and said, "Maybe you're right but I know that Edward is getting disappointed. I don't know what I am going to do. I hate seeing him so down about it all the time. I think that if I don't wind up pregnant after our vacation that I am going to ask my doctor."

"Did you do it while you were ovulating?" Mari asked curiously.

I rolled my eyes at her and said, "Mari I don't know the last time that I went two days without having sex."

She frowned as a reply. "You lucky whore. I don't know when the last two days that I had sex was…"

I laughed at her and patted her leg before saying. "Well, sugar you are a lot older."

She flipped me the bird causing me to laugh loudly at her. We went on into the mall and I tried pushing the baby issue to the back of my mind until we passed the baby aisle in Sear's of course we had to look over everything pink and frilly just because we are old saps. I left the mall with Mari feeling even more disheartened than I did before I went and still tired from the jet lag. I needed my hubby to help me not feel so depressed.

Once we got back I called Edward to see how long he would be at work.

"We just got a big order in for some wood out at La Push so it will probably be about five when I get home." He said and I could hear the saws cranking up in the background.

"Ok." I sighed, wishing he could come home now.

"What's wrong, baby?" Edward asked, concerned.

"I just miss you is all. I need to find something to do with my time so I'm not alone here all day." I huffed and flipped my hand over staring at my wedding and engagement ring for several seconds.

"Well…" He started and then stopped.

I knew he was going to say 'well when we have a baby…' but he stopped himself. Even he was getting discouraged with the whole thing. Biting back tears I swallowed and looked around the empty house.

"I think I'll call Rose and see if she is busy." I said, wanting to talk to my baby.

"Alright, tell her I love her." He said before someone was hollering his name. "I love you baby."

"I love you too, Edward. Call me when you leave work, ok?"

"Alright, bye."


I hung up with him and immediately called Rose who answered on the first ring. "Mom?"

"Hey baby what's going on?" I asked, hoping she had some time to spare for her old infertile mother.

"Not much sitting here eating some take-out that Jake brought home. What's up?"

"Nothing, sitting here alone trying to get over this jet lag crap. I don't know how you spent all summer in Paris last year and then came home and got back into a routine. I think I slept more hours than not since we've been back."

Rose laughed and said, "I normally take some kind of sleeping pill the first night I am back to knock me out. I sleep all night long then wake up the next morning feeling wide awake."

"Maybe I will have to try that." I thought, wondering if I had any sleeping pills. "How have classes been going?"

"They're alright, kind of slow at the moment which is good. My last class of the day got dismissed early. Some guy being an idiot, tried on a girls point shoes that were half his size. He fell in them, obviously and broke his ankle. It was disgusting. Blood everywhere."

"Blood?" I asked in confusion and imagined what had to have happened to that poor boys ankle for there to be blood. I shuttered and felt my stomach roll.

"Yeah, the bone popped out right through his skin. Sickest thing I have ever seen."

I gagged and felt my stomach hurl again. Oh god…I'm gonna puke.

"Rose, gotta go. I'll call you back." I said as quickly as possible threw the phone on the couch and ran to the bathroom just in time to throw my guts up. I heaved and heaved until I couldn't heave anymore. I thought I might pass out.

Finally I managed to stand up and rinse my mouth out. Shuttering at just the idea of puking. I hate throwing up. I hope to god I don't have some kind of stomach bug. The last time I threw up was on Edward's feet that time at Esme and Carlisle's. The time before that was when I had a stomach bug, puked nonstop for five hours straight. Those two times and when I was pregnant with Rose is the only times I really remember puking…ever.

I sighed and really hoped again it wasn't a stomach bug. I stood up straight and took a deep breath. I felt fine enough now. Not a bug hopefully. I mean I couldn't be…

Oh god.

I just threw up.

I've been exhausted lately.

Haven't felt good since the last couple of days in Spain.

"Oh shit…shit…shit…" I kept repeating my mantra as I ran around the house slipping on my shoes, grabbing my keys purse and phone. I jumped into Edward's jeep since he had Carlisle's Jaguar and sped to the pharmacy.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit." I whispered under my breath as I roamed the aisle's looking for what I needed. I grabbed the first two boxes I saw and headed to the check out.

I stared at the mini cooler of Gatorade while I waited behind an elderly man. I need to drink because I've got a lot of peeing to do when I get home. I grabbed the biggest bottle they had, paid for my stuff and hurried home as fast as I could. Did I mention that I drank the entire bottle of Gatorade in the eight and a half minute drive home?

Went straight to the bathroom and peed on all four of the tests since each box came with two.

Waiting…this was the worst part. Maybe I should have waited out the tests…not done them all at once. Saved another batch of pee for another test? Is one batch of pee more potent than the one before? Or is it all the same?

I groaned and stared at the clock hanging on the wall near the sink as I paced back and forth, back and forth, clutching my stomach. I think I'm gonna be sick again. I paused really close to the toilet and swallowed for good measure, I really thought I was about to vomit. Five minutes has passed! Yes! Test number one here we come…

Two lines. It has two lines.

Holy fucking shit it has two lines!

I read and reread the box over and over and over. It has two lines. I'm pregnant.

"Oh shit." I hissed and sat down on the edge of the tub before grabbing the other three. The other one had two lines. And the other two had two positive signs.



I can handle this.

I am pregnant.

And I have to tell Edward. NOW!


Surprise him when he gets home. He will like that better but then he will say, 'why didn't you call me at work and tell me?'

Because I wanted to surprise you dear that I am pregnant! I could shout it from the roof tops right now. I am pregnant. I am pregnant.

I may have stood up and did a happy dance because damn it I am pregnant.



I have to tell him.

I can't wait until he gets home. He needs to know because I am so excited I just need to tell someone and you best believe he is going to be the first person to know.

Sighing I stuffed all four tests into my pocket and walked out of the bathroom to find my phone. Quickly dialing his number back and waiting for him to answer.

He didn't answer.

Damn it. He must be busy. So I text him.

Hey honey I am really sick do you think Emmett can take over so you can come home? I feel awful and I just want you here. :( Love you –B

It was about ten minutes after that when my phone started ringing. I had to contain myself so that I could sound sick.

"Hello?" I answered sounding all week and feeble, when actually I was jumping in joy.

"What's wrong, baby? I am on my way home right now. Are you alright, do you need me to stop and get something?" He was ever the concerned hubby. It was precious. I almost felt bad for tricking him…Almost.

"No, just hurry home. I have a splitting head ache and can't get it to stop." I whined around like I was dying. Uh a headache of JOY because we are going to have a baby!

"Alright honey, take some Tylenol and lay down. I will be there as soon as I can." He whispered and I love you before hanging up.

I ended the call and squealed in joy. Now…how am I going to tell him that I'm preggers? That is the question.

Sighing, I sat down on the edge of the bed hoping that he got home as quickly as possible because I couldn't contain myself much longer. If he wasn't here in about thirty minutes I was going to run up and down the street screaming to the world that I am pregnant.

I paced the floors repeatedly waiting on him to get home already. When I finally heard the Jaguar in the drive way I laid all four of the tests spread out across the bed and slipped into the bathroom leaving the door cracked so I could see him.

"Bella?" He called as soon as he came into the house.

My heart raced in excitement but I didn't say anything. This was like an exhilarating game of hide and seek or something. I just needed him to come in here and find the damn tests already.

"Bella?" He called from the door way now. I saw him come in, pulling his jacket off and start to throw it down on the bed, already heading for the bathroom. But he stopped. Well…froze is more of the correct term. He froze in his place and stared at the bed like it just grew a mouth and arms and was saying hello to him.

I quietly slid the door open so I could fully see him. He looked almost cartoonish as he stood there, his arm poised over the bed still clutching his jacket.

"Edward…" I said softly, inching out of the bathroom one tiny step at a time. "Baby, are you alright?"

"Bella…" He said so softly I almost didn't hear him. "Is that…"

"Yeah." I whispered, finally scooting close enough to him so that I could see his eyes frozen but misty as he stared between the four tests. "Four of them actually."

"And?" He asked, emotion thick in his voice.

I felt my throat thicken as tears slicked my eyes. I was going to cry, no doubt about that.

"And they all four say positive." I whispered, trying to hold back the tears I could feel coming on.

When Edward turned to me and I saw one tear rolling down his face and across his stubble, the flood gates opened and there was no stopping my tears as they flowed freely now.

Edward threw his jacket onto the floor and immediately picked me up into his arms, swinging me around a few times before sitting me down. Everything spun for a minute but I couldn't help but to laugh at him.

"Really?" I asked, sounding so excited.

"Really!" I nodded, just as excited and still crying.

"Oh my god!" He screamed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Oh my god I'm going to be a dad again. But I'm going to be there the whole time and I'm going to be a dad!"

He swayed a little so I quickly grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him down on the bed to sit beside of me. We looked at each other before he pulled me into a tight hug.

"Bella, we're going to be parents. Together. Us. We're having a baby."

I laughed and wiped my tears from my eyes before Edward cupped my face and used his thumbs to wipe away my tears. "I know, Edward. We're having a baby."

He closed his eyes and sighed in relief before pulling me to him, kissing me deeply and then putting me on the bed underneath him like he was planning on giving this baby a twin.

Six months later

"Rose you look beautiful." I said, all teary eyed as I stared at my daughter in her white gown, the veil pulled over her face and the biggest smile I had ever seen her wear.

"I think I'm gonna puke." She said before laughing and rubbing a hand over my stomach.

"It's just the nerves." I reassured her, patting her hand on top of the baby. He kicked her hand, he always kicks for her. It drives Edward nuts.

"He loves his big sissy." Rose said smiling, knowing exactly what I was thinking. She kissed my stomach and then hugged my tightly.

"I love you mom." She whispered in my ear.

I kissed her cheek, smiling from ear to ear. "I love you too."

"What about me?" Edward asked, as he walked in the door. "Am I not loved?"

Rose laughed and pulled away from me to hug him quickly. "I love you too dad. I couldn't imagine this day without you."

I wiped away the tears in my eyes and sniffled loudly before rubbing my baby boy, who thought it would be fun to do some cartwheels in there. This was my perfect moment. Having my entire family together like this.

"Ok, we've gotta get this thing started before I start crying and can't stop." I told them, grabbing Rose's bouquet and heading for the door.

"Let's do this thing baby girl." Edward said, patting her back and kissing the top of her head.

I was led to my seat by my own father who sat down beside of me, looking a little teary eyed as well and then the music started and everyone stood as Edward and Rose walked down the aisle.

I smiled as brightly as I could as I watched Jake's eyes widen when he saw Rose. Then I turned to see my husband and my daughter smiling at one another as he walked her down the aisle.

When the priest asked who gave this woman away, Edward answered "Her mother and I." And I swear my heart just about beat out of my chest.

I loved that man so damn much it almost hurt.

When he joined me and we sat down, his arm went around my shoulders and he asked, "Do you remember what I said, Bella? The night you walked out of my car and half way down the freeway?"

I looked up to him before a slow smile stared. I swallowed back my tears and I nodded.

"Remember I told you…" He whispered. "I said that I wanted to come and sit beside of you after I walked her down the aisle."

I swallowed hard when his finger caught the tear running down my face.

"I love you." I whispered to him.

"I love you." He nodded, placing his hand on our baby and kissing me soundly before we turned to watch our daughter get married.

Three Years Later.

About a year after our baby boy, Masen was born Rose opened her own studio with another girl she went to school with. A year after that she graduated from school and not even a ten months later she was pregnant. And now we were rushing to the hospital because she was in labor and Jake was calling every five minutes freaking out because we weren't there yet. Thankfully Esme came to Port Angeles and stayed with Masen so that we could go to Seattle and Edward was flying like a bat out of hell trying to get there in time for the baby to be born.

Not soon enough we made it to the hospital and as we walked onto the labor and delivery floor I swear I heard Rose screaming bloody murder through every single hall. We took off running but made it to her room just a second too late.

Addison Shea was born as healthy as a horse, Jacob had been slapped multiple times and poor Rose was completely exhausted. But we did get to hold our granddaughter shortly after they had cleaned her up and checked her out and had given Rose plenty of drugs. My crazy daughter had insisted on no medication during her labor and delivery. Jacob's red face proved that decision was a mistake. Rose apologized to him continuously before she passed out from the meds.

"She's so beautiful." Edward whispered, standing above my shoulder as I held my granddaughter tightly in my arms. She was sleeping soundly just like her mother. Jake had stepped out to get some coffee so we could visit with the baby, and hopefully Rose if she decided to wake up.

"She looks just like Rose did when she was born…except for the hair." I said, running my fingers across the head full of jet black hair on her head.

"She must get it from Jake." Edward said, feeling the fuzzy soft hair as well.

I figured this was as good of a time as any to tell him the news.

"Edward…" I looked up to him and he stared at the baby for a second longer before meeting my eyes and raising his brow. "I'm pregnant."

His mouth fell open and he stared at me in complete shock.

About a month after Addison was born Jake and Rose came up to Port Angeles for a visit and we decided then to tell them the good news. It would be a good time to introduce the baby to Masen and to also tell him about our new baby on the way, that way his little mind could understand what we would have in our house soon enough.

As soon as Rose walked in the door Masen ran towards her excitedly. He did love his sister. She picked him up hugging him tightly before he pulled back and looked at her stomach. The last time he had seen her she was nine months pregnant with Addi.

"Where da baby sis sis?" He asked, rubbing her flat stomach and looking at her curiously.

We just laughed as Jake came in with Addi in her carrier.

"I had the baby Masen, now she's out of my tummy." She said to him simply and held him closer to the carrier to see the baby.

"How her get out?" He asked, his tiny little eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

Once Jake sat the carrier down and I immediately reached for my little bundle of joy. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her again.

"The doctors helped sissy take the baby out Masen." Edward said, taking him from Rose's arms. "Isn't she cute?"

He wasn't convinced as I pulled her out of the seat and she started crying. Rocking her gently we all moved into the living room to sit. Addison only got louder and louder.

Rose just laughed as I tried to sooth her. "She's looking for milk mom…"

I rolled my eyes and handed the baby over to my daughter as she went down the hall to feed the baby.

"Can't even hold her for five seconds without having to give her up." I complained and hugged Jake before he sat down.

"How's parenthood treating you?" Edward asked him as Masen started playing with his legos set up on the coffee table.

Jake's eyes got huge before he gave Edward a knowing look. "Come on Edward…it wasn't that long ago for you." He nodded towards Masen. "You have to remember being jealous that the baby gets more action than you do."

Edward started laughing loudly and I just shot them both a look telling them to can it.

"I heard that!" Rose yelled from down the hall. We all started laughing then.

After Rose was done feeding Addison she brought her straight back to me before sitting down beside her husband.

"So I uh…saw something interesting in your bathroom." Rose cut straight to the chase, eyeing me closely.

Shit. My prenatal vitamins were sitting on the counter.

Edward and I glanced towards each other before I smiled at Rose. "Surprise!"

"What?" Jake asked, looking between us all.

"Mom's pregnant." Rose said, I ignored them and played with the now happy baby.

"No way that's great!" Jake said, congratulating everyone but we suddenly had Masen's full attention.

He was staring straight at me holding Addison. He had the cutest little scowl on his face and I swear he looked like just like Edward right then.

"Did you hear that Masen?" Edward asked, putting him on his lap. "Mommy's gonna have a baby, like Addi."

Masen looked back to me and then to Addison like she was a little monster.

"No." He shook his head. "Daddy tell her no." Slurring his L's and his R's.

Masen crossed his arms and stared at Edward angrily.

I just laughed at him causing Addison to wake up.

"Do you want to hold her Masen? Maybe you will like her better then? Baby's are awfully cute."

He looked at me questioningly, his green eyes narrowed into slits before moving to sit between me and Edward. He stared at me expectantly before holding his hands out.

I laughed and held Addison's head up as I let her tiny body rest on his legs. His arms went around her protectively and his face seemed to lighten up just a little. Maybe he wouldn't be completely opposed to a baby being around.

"It's not so bad, right Masen?" Rose asked him smilingly.

He smiled across the room to her, kind of excited but then the flood gates opened and Addison started screaming bloody murder, wailing at the top of her lungs.

Masen's eyes were as huge as golf balls as I pulled the baby out of his arms. As soon as he wasn't touching Addison he leaped into Edward's arms and clung to his neck for dear life.

"No babies!" He yelled loudly at me causing us all to crack up. The rest of the day he stayed as far away from Addison as he could get and every time she cried he would run into the other room.

After awhile Mari and her husband came over and later all of the Cullen's showed up as well as my dad. Alice was there with her fiancé now, and Edward's friend Jasper. It was like a small reunion or something. After dinner Edward and I told everyone the good news. Turns out that Rosalie is pregnant too. Esme said she felt left out and Mari all but praised everything holy she wasn't pregnant.

It was wonderfully having everyone together. To be a part of this huge family I thought I would never have. I watched Edward as he was holding Addison and hugging Rose tightly to him. Tears filled my eyes as I realized that I really had all that I ever wanted. A family. My kids had a father and I had the most amazing love of my life. It can't get any better than this.

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