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Alex Mercer. He was a human. He was a Scientist. He was normal. Now? He's a killer. He's an Infected. He is a monster. But deep down inside of this infected monster, what is he really? A man being hunted by the military? A man killing innocent people? Or a man who is alone?

He's alone, that's what he is. He alone has the power of God. So powerful, the military codenamed him 'ZUES'. He could overturn trucks with one hand. Burn down a building to rubble. And obliterate a military base within 15 minutes. He's ruthless and cunning. He knows that himself but…

But what…? Alex asked himself the same question. He had been asking himself the same old question ever since he killed Karen, he's former girlfriend.

No, she didn't love him. She only wanted to kill him for her own safety. God, that girl was a bitch. Alex couldn't believe that he went out with her. He needed a companion of some sort.

He sighed, dissatisfied with himself when an interesting sight came below him.

Ria B. J. Carter. She's a human. She's an excellent runner and has a black belt. But what good would that do if she can't stock up her food in her safe house? She's stuck in the area where the Infected are massive in numbers. Nobody can leave her district and she knows that.

But she played it smart. She had expected a Zombie Apocalypse to come and had stocked up canned foods in her house just a few months ago. But they slowly diminished as the weeks went pass. She need food and she need it badly. Ria decided to risk it. She grabbed her longest kitchen knife, tucked it in her belt and headed towards the door.

She took a last glance at her Safe house before leaving it. Her trophy shelves that bore her Black Belt award and Marathon trophies were the things that she felt proud of. With her experience, she might be able to evade the infected and loot food from the Convenience store below.

She ran down the stairs as stealthily as she could and checked if the coast was clear. Most of the infected were away and her area was 'clean' of them. The best she could scavenge was a tuna sandwich that was long gone expired and a Toblerone bar that has a year more before expiring. She thanked God for at least giving her some sugar content.

She was hasty and got out of the store before checking. An Infected civie spotted her and gave a loud command for the others behind him. Ria knew that going back to her Safe house is not an option. She needs to shake them loose before she can return home. Can't have zombies banging on her door.

She ran the opposite direction, farther away from them. She inherited her father's stamina and her mom's never-say-die attitude so she covered about half a mile before she was finally winded. She took refuge behind a building and caught her breath when realization sinks in.

She's in the wrong place at the wrong time. 50 feet behind her was a freaking Hunter!

"Shit." She spoke and covered her mouth. The Hunter apparently heard her but was confused on where she was. Ria weighed her options and decided that walking away would be best. She got up slowly and started to run when she lost her footing and rolled into a trashcan.

Double Shit. She cursed herself and heard the unmistakable roar from the lone Hunter. That alone will attract more Hunters. She grabbed her knife and stood up. The Hunter charged right at her and Ria buried the knife into its torso. It roared in agony. Ria kneed its guts hard and plunged her knife into its head, effectively killing it. Adrenaline pumped into her ears as she watched the freak of nature die.

More roars were heard and two Hunter have located her. Ria braced herself and took a fighting stance. "Come at me, you FREAKS!" She screamed. She's a wild girl in retrospect. And loud too. Anyways, the Hunters charged at her and she swiped one of the Hunter's eyes, blinding it. It cringed and fell down and Ria went on with the last one. She brought one down when more Hunters appeared.

Is this it? She thought. She could plunge the knife in her heart to avoid any more pain before dying when a man landed right in front of her. His impact on the concrete made a crater and bits of debris flew. The man was slightly thin but well built. Only an inch higher then her and he wore a hooded jacket.

Glancing back at the gawking Ria, he turned back to the Hunters. His arms shifted like black worms and gleaming claws replaced what used to be his hand. Ria gaped in shock and the man smirked slightly. He proceeded into slicing the remaining Hunters in half.

Not wanting miss any fun, Ria high kicked one down behind the man and buried her knife into its forehead. She gave the knife a jerk and the Hunter stopped moving. She turned to look at the man and he gave her a satisfied look after killing the rest. One Hunter appeared behind him and reflexively, Ria threw her knife towards it. Shocked registered into the man's face as the knife whizzed past his head and into the Hunter's head.

Ria walked over to the dead Hunter and yanked her knife out. She wiped the blood from her face and hooked the knife to her belt. She turned to face the man, waiting for an explanation.

"Not bad." He answered to her. She shrugged back at him. "You weren't so bad yourself." Her eyes shifted to the still gleaming and menacing claws. "Cool." She muttered. Something in her head nagged at her to turn around and run like hell back home but she didn't felt like running away from him. He saved her and running away at the sight of the claws (Very scary claws) isn't a good 'Thank You'.

"Name?" He asked her, voice monotone.

"Ria B.J. Carter." She answered curtly, still eyeing his claws.

"What does the B. J. stand for?"

"Benjamin Jamie. Dad's and mum's name combined into mine." Ria answered. "Yours?" She added.

"Alex Mercer." He answered.

"Say, aren't you-" Ria was cut short of her sentence when a hoard of Hunters roared at them. They're small exchange was enough for the Hunters to reach them.

"No time to talk." Alex answered and grabbed Ria by her hand. He pulled her on his back and jumped. Ria gave a small squeak and linked her hand tightly, not wanting to fall to her death.

This can't be real. She thought in her head. But it is. She's being carried by a man who is jumping and running from building to building. The height and wind gushing through her was exhilarating and her heart thumped hard in her ribcage. Alex felt her heart rate quicken the higher he got and his lips twitched slightly. Feeling a heartbeat quicken seems so thrilling for him.

This is so cool! Ria thought as she glanced down from above. Alex jumped from building to building, creating more distance from the Hive. All the while, Ria was having the time of her life. Despite being nearly eaten by Hunters and witnessing an awesome yet terrifying claw combat, this day has become a highlight in her life.

"Woohoo!" She shouted and released a free hand to feel the wind. It was exhilarating to her. Alex smirked at her amusement. But his facial demeanor changed to confusion.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" He asked her as he ran on top of a roof. He was answered with silence.

"You saved me. Why should I be afraid of you?" Ria asked questioningly.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe witnessing me slicing a Hunter in half, me jumping 40 feet in the air or maybe me being an Infected-"

"I watch and play M18 games when I was a kid. Not to mention movies." Ria answered him, hoping that would answer his question. "This gory stuff are kinda second nature to me." Ria shrugged.

Alex formed an 'O' face and shrugged. Guess that was the appropriate answer?

"And plus, if you had wanted me dead, you would have left me there with the Hunters." Ria spoke. "That action alone makes me trust you."

Alex contemplated on whether saving this woman was a good thing. She's so straightforward and so trusting. Not to mention weird. Normally, if you see someone killing an Infected Zombie creature by slicing them in half, you run. It's a reflex. You don't question it, you run. But this woman, -Ria was it?- she finds this not a bit terrifying.

"Watch Out!" Ria screamed and they were knocked off the building by a Hunter. Alex reflexively grabbed Ria and absorbed the impact as they fell down to the ground. A Hunter roared at the latter and the remaining hoard appeared, snarling gorily at them. Alex and Ria stood up, claws formed and knife in hand. They stood back to back as the Hunters surrounded them.

Ria winced at the smell of rotting flesh on them. It's really repulsive and what's left in Ria's stomach threatened to reappear. Alex noticed Ria's contorted face and raised his eyebrows.

"You okay?"

"The stench. I'll be fine." Her attention was diverted to a charging Hunter. "Look out!" she shouted and Ales swiped the Hunter's head behind him, successfully beheading it.

The Hunter's action triggered for the rest of them to attack. Most of them headed straight for Alex, seeing him more of a threat. Ria, however, proved to be just as deadly as Alex with her handy knife tho she was slower then him. Alex had sliced down 3 Hunters when Ria finally killed her second.

As Alex killed his 'share' of Hunters, he can't help glance at Ria. How can a woman with her skinny built ever be able to kill a Hunter? And not be fazed with it at all? How can she be so sane about the whole Infected running all over amuck in her district? Is this woman for real?

In his train of thoughts, he failed to realize that Hunter was charging towards Ria. It brought her down and bit her neck and only when she screamed in pain did he turn to look at her.

"Ria!" He exclaimed and hammer-fisted the Hunter away. He glanced down to look at the damage on Ria's neck. It was bloody and he could see the flesh on the open wound. He had to do something quick. If he doesn't act, she'll bleed to death and if that doesn't kill her, the infection will change her into a mindless Infected.

The knocked down Hunter started to stir and he can't afford being in a battle now.

In one scoop, he carried Ria in his arms and started sprinting away. Ria's agonizing chokes of pain ringed into his head and he's suddenly worried that she might actually die.

"Hang in there!" He spoke through gritted teeth. He needs to reach to a secluded place. What other place does he know then Dana's safe house?

Alex kept his hand on Ria's wound to stop the flow of blood. She was losing blood, fast. She won't make it to Dana's safe house in time and Alex had to make a decision.

Watch her bleed to death or…

Change her to a second 'Mercer'.

Alex thought through his head, weighing the pros and cons of the options. If he doesn't change her, she'll die and he'll had lost an interesting companion. If he does change her, she'll have to live with the fact that she is one with a monster that will be haunted by the military. But he would have saved her life.

But even if he infected her, there might not even be a chance that she will survive. It's a die-die situation for him. Don't infect her, she'll die. Infect her, she might die. The chances of her surviving is so slim. But it's worth trying right?

"Fuck!" Alex shouted and stabbed Ria in the chest, infecting her with his BLACKLIGHT.

Ria choked out blood at the impact of Alex's hand impaling her body. She passed out instantly after that. Alex hastily checked her heart beat on her neck and exhaled in relief. She's still alive. That's somewhat comforting. Though the next few hours or days will hell for him and her.

When he reached Dana's safe house, he kicked the door down. The hinges broke as the door fell on the floor with a loud bang.

"Jesus, Alex! Leave my door alone!" Dana yelled in anger. She turned and her eyes widened at the sight of her brother carrying an unconscious bloodied woman.

"Dude! What did you do to her?" She screamed in shock.

"Help me!" Alex gasped out in desperation. Dana quickly sprang into action. She dumped all of the clothes on the couch to the floor and motioned him to rest the woman on it. Hastily, Alex laid her down on the couch and stared helplessly at the still woman.

"Well just don't stand there man! Get a towel and a bowl of water in the toilet!" Dana yelled instructed him. Alex looked around clumsily for the toilet and headed to it as Dana pressured the wound on the woman's neck.

Alex looked around in the toilet, trying to spot an empty bowl. He found one and in his haste, slipped over the wet floor. The crash echoed thru the apartment and Dana resisted face-palming herself. How can the all-powerful ZEUS be so clumsy?

"I'm Okay!" Alex yelled out to himself as he stood back up again. "I'm okay…" He repeated softly and filled the bowl. He returned quickly and gave the towel to Dana.

As Dana worked to clean the wound, Alex watch helplessly, refilling the bloodied bowl with clean water. Alex finally took a good look at the mysteriously weird woman that is Ria.

She has a skinny built, tall but shorter then him by an inch. She has short ebony hair with messy bangs that frames her face. Her fair skin and sizeable bust that mixes with her beautiful complexion, makes her an attractive woman. Alex formed a blush, thinking about her beautiful form.

Dana looked at her massive brother and blinked when she saw him blushing. "What are you thinking?" she asked and wiggled her eyebrows at him.

Alex face turned a deeper shade of red. "N-nothing." He looked down on the ground. "Nothing." He repeated.

Dana shrugged and turned back to Ria. "Well, I've patched up the wound with the bandages. Whatever you did to her, I hope it works." Dana spoke and carried the bowl of water.

As she passed her brother, he grabbed her arm. "Thanks." He breathed out.

Dana sighed and shook her head in a playful manner. "No problem."

Dana eyed the fallen door. In one swift motion, she poured the water contents onto her brother.

"Hey!" He exclaimed in disgust.

"You owe me a new door."

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