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"Just in case she wakes up." Ria spoke and headed out with Alex. Alex merely shook his head and the latter jumped off building after building.

"So, we getting them claws now?" Ria asked, wiggling her eyebrows. Alex nodded his head, not bothering to look at Ria when he heard the sounds of helicopters.

Shit! He thought and stopped at his tracks on top of a skyscraper roof. He grabbed Ria suddenly and his behind a wall. Ria squirmed at his sudden action and Alex hissed at her to shut up.

A helicopter flew right above them and Alex morphed into a civilian. Seeing him morphed, Ria relaxed herself and pictured herself changing form. Using the DNA of the zombie she took, she morphed into the human form of the zombie.

Alex blinked at how fast she caught up into her powers. She's a natural in this. The helicopter whizzed past noisily, not noticing the two pair. Alex released Ria from his grip and gave an exasperated sigh.

Ria turned to him. "What was that for?" She asked quizzically in a man's voice.

Alex straightened himself up. "BLACKWATCH patrols. Can't have them seeing you with me, much less having the same virus as me. It's bad enough they have a monster running around. They don't need another one." Alex muttered.

Somehow, this made Ria feel annoyed. "So what? You gonna hide me forever?" Ria asked, hands crossed.

Alex faced her, demeanor serious. "Do you want the military hunting for your head? Cuz I swear, it's going to be a pain in the ass to keep on running into them and having the strike team blowing missiles at your butt."

"You seem to handle that well everyday."

"That's because I'm already a wanted man. Believe it or not, being a nobody is going to help us a shit lot. Nobody will be on a lookout for you and you can sneak in areas where no BLACKWATCH officers will shoot your ass skyhigh." Alex came over to Ria and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Stay hidden. Or at least act like a nobody."

Ria crossed her arms tighter. "That's gonna be boring. I wanna have some killing fun too." She spoke.

Alex lips curled a lil. "You'll have your fun once you get some claws." Alex spoke and Ria's eyes lit up. "Come on, let's get your claws." Alex jumped off towards the direction of a hive.

"Hell Yeah." Ria muttered and followed in suit with him.

It was not long before the latter reached the most infected area of Manhattan. Hunters, Walkers and Infected Civies were running amuck everywhere. Unfortunately, BLACKWATCH officers were present in the area, trying to fend off the Infected from getting towards the barrier.

Alex's eyebrows tightened and he glanced at the number of officers and tanks. There were only two helicopters and three spewing hives. No Brawlers around. That was a good sign for Alex. He can take them on fine but he doubts Ria can fend off a brawler without some sort of weapon.

Ria looked at the area greedily. Her mind contemplated which Hunter should she take, which Walker would she tear apart. A few Flyers circled the Hives and Ria's mind sparked. What if she consumed them? Would she get wings? Would she be able to fly? Without even asking permission with Alex, Ria sprinted off towards a Hive.

"Ria! Get your ass back here!" Alex hollered and pursued her. Ria stopped in her tracks on top of a roof with a water tank and held her hands to her hips. "What's the hold up, Mercer?" She asked scoffingly.

Alex's eyes widened, witnessing the water tank becoming increasingly red. "Get the FUCK out of there!" He shouted at her and Ria snapped behind her back, seeing the reddening water tank.

Boom! The water tank burst and two Hunters emerged from the tank. Ria was pushed to the floor by the bursting energy and gasped at the sight of a Hunter in front of her. It roared in malice and charged right at her. Alex jumped in front of Ria and Hammerfisted the Hunter off the roof.

"Get you butt off the floor!" He snarled at Ria and changed his fists to his claws. Alex went off to fend the other Hunter when more started appearing.

Ria, dazed by what happened, quickly stood back up. She lunged at a Hunter behind Alex clinged herself to its back, her blackish-red tendrils appearing to consume the Hunter. Obviously angered by the woman on its back, the Hunter shook Ria off and she was stunned on the floor.

"You gotta weaken in first. Stun it and then consume it." Alex hollered, trying to fend off two Hunters now.

Adrenaline pumping in her ears, Ria nodded at Alex's orders and stood back up. She punched the Hunter in the jaw and it roared in anger. Ria maneuvered out of the Hunter's attack and kneed its gut, followed by a turn kick. The Hunter snarled, starting to feel weaken by the attacks. Seeing it slightly stunned, Ria hip tossed it to the ground and punched the back of its head with such force; her whole hand went thru its skull.

Immediately, her tendrils took action. It emerged from Ria's body and started to consume it. Ria writhed in pain slightly, her body form trying to get accustomed to the new DNA that was deposited into her body. "AARRGHHH!" Ria screeched and panted as the process finished.

Alex turned to check on Ria and saw her on the floor, her arms cradling her stomach. "Ria, you okay?!" He asked.

Ria's arm started to envelope itself with mass numbers of bloody tendrils. It squirmed and twisted around both of her hands and recoiled back into her body, revealing a total of 10 long, curving fingernails. 5 on each hand. The nails were pitch black at the tip but as it reached nearer to the fingers, the color grew a dark red color.

Ria stood up, looking in shock at her fingernails. She glanced at Alex's claws and a smirk came to her lips.

"FUCK YEAH!" She screamed and lunged into the nearest Hunter, sinking her claws into its chest. With a swipe, she created bloody gap into the Hunter's torso to the base of its hip. It roared in pain and Ria swiped her left hand, beheading it completely.

"FUCK! YEAH!" Ria screamed in ecstasy again and continued to disember the other Hunters that was on the roof.

Alex stood there, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly gaped, witnessing a 'tornado' of an infected woman, slashing and screaming in ecstasy. He was starting to doubt whether this woman had a sense of sanity in her. But then again, with the BLACKLIGHT doing shit in your body, you'll doubt whether there will be any sanity in you.

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