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Alex swore under his breath and took off running towards Ria's screaming. The clattering of eggs in his grocery bag reminded him to be careful. Alex cursed himself for buying eggs. He hated them ever since he was a boy. It was bad enough that they are as fragile as fuck but Dana loved the Half-Boiled Eggs. And considering how she had helped him through these past few days, he needed to pay her back.

Ria's screaming jolted his attention back to her and Alex gave out an exasperated sigh. Clutching the grocery bag close to his body as gently as he could, Alex sprinted to Dana's safehouse building. He ran stright towards the building and maneuvered to start wall running up to the top. He reached the roof and quickly set the grocery bags down next to the already fixed door.

"Dana!" Alex shouted whilst knocking on the door frantically, the screams of the insane woman flying on top Manhattan panicking him. The newly but poorly fixed on hinges wrecked at the impact of Alex's knocks and surely enough, the pitiful door went tumbling down again for what could be the 3rd or 4th time. Dana, who was only just cleaning up the toolbox she had opened to fix the door, felt her vein pop.

"That is fucking it, ALEX! You come in here and fix the fucking door right now!" Dana screamed and approached the doorstep of her roof. Grabbing the collar of Alex's jacket, she brought Alex's face near hers. "FIX. IT." Her voice dripped with anger and her eyes filled with malice. Alex swore if he weren't in a hurry, he would have pissed his pants.

"Listen, Dana. You know I love you little sister but can we put a pin on this first. I gotta go." Alex pleaded, his palms clasped together as a peace sign.

"Oh, HELLS to the NO! I fixed that goddamn door just earlier today for 2 hours, took a nap, woke up finding it on the door AGAIN, fixed it up for the SECOND time and having it falling on the floor AGAIN! No, I ain't doing this shit no more. You're gonna fix this up RIGHT now!" Dana pinched Alex's ear and dragged him to the door.

Alex wriggled his way out of her grip and took of running to another roof. "I swear! I'll fix it when I get home!" Alex called out to his back before sprinting and gliding towards Ria's location. Dana let out an annoyed mixture of a shriek and a yell. She swore as soon as Alex came back, a kick is gonna come to him in the most intimate areas.

Alex spotted Ria's oversized wings flapping through Manhattan not too far away from him. She was hovering near a few tall buildings when she started screaming again. "I'M FLYING SO HIGH! I CAN TOUCH THAT SKY! I'M PASSING EVERYONE BY! I CAN ALMOST FUCKING CRY!" Ria screamed and did a backwards loop. She toppled onto a roof, went of running towards the end of it and jumped off the building once more to resume flying.

"Ria!" Alex yelled whilst gliding as fast as he could towards her. "Ria! Get your ass back here!" He shouted.

"Wha-?" Ria turned her head to find ZUES gliding towards her. "Oh! Hey Fatass! Check out my new awesome powers!" Ria dissed him, showing that she's still angry after his anger outbreak a few moments ago. Alex felt his blood pressure skyrocketing and steam blew out of his nostrils for a brief second.

"Get back here, you brat!" Alex yelled angrily, jumping from roof to roof. Ria rolled her eyes at him.

"Ooh... I'm so scared! Ha HA!" Ria cowered sarcastically towards him whilst flying backwards. "Try catching me Dickhead!" Ria yelled out to him and laughed hysterically to the black sky.

Alex swore he would have went Hammerfist up her ass if it weren't for the impending water tank Ria was approaching behind her. Being the klutz she is by flying backwards, she couldn't see that she was seconds away from flying straight into the water tank. "Ria, watch your-" Alex pointed behind her and Ria turned...

BAM. Ria knocked straight into the water tank headfirst. Her skull made a dent on the tank and she splatted onto the concrete floor with a thud. The poor roof wasn't spared with a dent in the shape of Ria's butt. Alex caught up with her on the roof. Ria clutched the side of her head with her clawed Flyer hand and whined softly and the banging pain.

Alex crouched low to Ria's level. "Are you okay?"

Ria nodded like a child.

"Does it hurt?"

Ria shook her head.

"Good." Alex responded and slapped the back of her head.

"OWW!" Ria yelled and turned to Alex. "What the fuck was that for?"

"That's for not listening to me." Alex stood up and had his hands on his hips. "Get up, sissy." Alex spoke and offered his hand for Ria.

Ria smacked his hand away from her. "I'm no sissy." Ria whimpered and pouted. The sickening sight of seeing a girl pouting terrified Alex and he felt a shiver through his spine. Alex turned to Ria and pointed a his index at her.

"Don't ever pout. Its weird on your face." Alex spoke and felt the shivering sensation through his spine again. Ria had her eyebrows raised at Alex's sudden statement.

"Why? Don't like it?" Ria asked and pulled her pouting lips again accompanied with her proud puppy eyes. She was blessed as the type of girls who could manipulate weak souls into doing her bidding with the mere muscle movement as looking up and pushing you lower lips at the right angle. She rarely use her natural 'gift', fearing of being turned into one of those slutty bimbos but it never hurt giving some people a push every now and then.

Alex's face turned into a tinge of red at his cheeks at the sight of Ria's face and Ria was surprised. Knowing the way his personality worked, you would have thought that he was a solid and firm man. But seeing him turning red at the very sight of her 'Puppy dog eyes', she's gonna have a lot of fun starting from here on out!

Alex broke contact of looking at her by rubbing his neck whilst looking at the ground. "We should -clears throat- go back to the safehouse. It's getting late." Alex muttered under his breath and turned his back to her. Ria smiled as wide as the Cheshire cat.

"Alex~?" Ria purred and kept her hands behind her back. Alex's body tensed. Something about the tone of her voice made Alex worry. "Oh Alex~~" Ria purred once more. "Can't we stay up for a itsy bitsy while longer~?" Ria purred innocently like a baby.

"What?! No-" Alex turned sharply and saw Ria's waiting 'Puppy dog eyes'. She looked damn cute and innocent, the complete opposite of who Alex knew. Ria swore she could not believe she was degrading herself into using the slutty way to get what she wants but if the results ended with teasing the tomato faced Alex, it's worth it.

"Pwease~~?" Ria mewed cutely and wiggled side to side to add more cuteness to the effect. Alex stood terrified at what was presented to him on the rooftop of some random building in Manhattan. He shook his head and tried to take grip of himself. No way, no FUCKING how is he gonna fall for those sick and outdated methods of manipulation again. Not after all those years of torment from Dana when they were kids.

Alex recalled when they were kids. Dana was one of the 'gifted' girls as well. The type that could pull off the 'Puppy dog eyes' without having people wanting to punch you. Dana was a tough kid, always holding up on her own. Stubborn as an Ox too, never backing down and always wanting things to go her way. Alex was grateful that she was independent but when they had arguments, Dana would always be the Victorious One. All because of a damn set of eyes. Alex was pushed around like a lion whipped by a stick.

But not this time.

"N-NO! W-We are going home!" Alex stammered, overcoming the cuteness in Ria's eyes.

Ria scrunched up her nose. Desperate times calls for Desperate measures. Ria hooked her arms to Alex's.

"Alex~! Pwease~~? Pwease with cherry and chocolate sprinkles on top~? Mmmm~~" Ria whined whilst wiggling from side to side. Ria pouted her best to Alex, looking up as desperately as she could.

Alex was blown away. Dana wasn't this desperate! "Uhh..." Alex muttered, trying to find reason in his thoughts.

Ria fluttered her eyes at him, making the situation as desperate as she could. She was determined at what level of desperation would Alex snap. Alex cheeks rose up from rosy red to flat out vermillion. His mouth stammered out nonsensical vowels and his palms went all clammy. The voices in his head weren't helping either. Screams and words encouraged him to give up blasted in his head and with all of his pride gone, Alex hanged his head in defeat.

Ria felt the urge to squeak out a victorious 'Yes!' and flatterwacken in front of him right then and there but kept her composure. She still wanted to put up her conniving facade. "Is that a yes~?" Ria purred out again, feeling prouder then a peacock. Heheh, peacock. She find the hidden dirty joke amusing.

Alex nodded his head and wiggled her hooked arm off him. "Just don't tell Dana about this." Alex felt his blush deepen if that was possible considering his already vermilion face.

"About what? About how easy you are too being manipulated~?" Ria pepped up and Alex gave her a glare. Ria gave out a fake feminine laugh and cleared her throat. "Anyways, it's only 11pm. Wanna kill some Hunters?"

"No." Alex turned to face her, arms crossed like a General in front of a common soldier. "What I would want to know is how the hell you got those wings." Alex pointed a finger at Ria's pair of wings. They were folded behind her back, looking mighty gory with the wings slightly leathery.

Ria swayed her foot (or clawed feet!) on the roof bashfully, leaving streaks of cement jutting in. "D'aw... I was just bored and I kinda went into the Red Zone and consumed some Flyers. Bim Bam Boom, I got these wings!" Insert cute cat smile here.

None of the words registered in Alex's head. Only a portion of the sentence that she muttered struck him and damn was he pissed.

"You went into the Red Zone?! Without MY permission?!"

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