Chapter 1

Friday Morning-School

Dante was so not looking forward to today. Ever since Lyle quit the basketball team, he's been complaining about the new Basketball star. And today was the last game.

Lyle, Wyatt, Angie and Dante were all friends. Lyle, Wyatt and Dante were huge gamers, while Angie wasn't.

"Just look at him! guys! Showing of like…" Lyle complained.

"He's the best player." Dante and Wyatt finished for him, in a monotone voice.

"Uh, did I say that before?"

"Tons." Wyatt said.

"Here he comes." Lyle groaned.

The basketball player, Dave Rivers, waved and shouted as he strolled down the halls. All of a sudden, sludge was launched at him and then he tripped over nothing. Everyone in the halls, including the 3 boys, started laughing.

"Awesome job Dante!" Lyle yelled. "He totally deserved it!"

"That wasn't me." He said, looking around for who did it. Dante then saw a girl laughing, that stood next to a bucket of what seemed to be 'emptied out' sludge, and a rope.

The girl had Black, medium-length hair, White skin, and Aqua eyes. She wore Black Skinny Jeans and a tight, White Shirt, with a design of a Panda, listening to music with Bulky Headphones on. She also had Shiny Black boots. She had a wide open smile, and had watery eyes with a light blush on her face, which made Dante think, that she was…cute, and quite…attractive.

That mysterious girl had caught his eyes. Not just because of the prank she pulled and how she looked like, but she seemed so familiar and he knew he hadn't seen her before, but that's what he thought.

A group of girls then came to her and high-fived her, and they immediately started chatting with each other. And he also noticed that one of them was a cheerleader. 'That girl…' Dante thought. "Exactly, who, is she?'

"DANTE!" He jumped at the voice. Dante turned to see Lyle and Wyatt glaring at him. "Let's go!" Lyle said.

"Alright! Don't need to pester me about it!" He yelled, as he kept looking at what he though, was a mysterious girl.

They both then gasped.

"You know the meaning of 'pester?'"

"Of course I do!" He said, seeing the girl smile happily, along with the other girls.

"Hey Dante," Wyatt said. "What are you looking at?"

"Huh?" He said, with a light blush. "Oh! N-no where!"

"Uh huh, sure." Lyle said. "So, where's the girl, Dante?"

"W-why do you think it's a girl?" He sputtered.

"'Cause it's obvious. Now, where is she?"

"By the looks of it, it looked like he was looking over there." Wyatt said, pointing to the previous place Dante looked at, as he turned to look where Wyatt pointed at.

'H-how'd he know?' Dante thought.

"Hey! It's Dannah and her friends!"

"Dannah? Who's that?"

"Seriously? You don't know her? She's been a student here for a week now, Dante. How could you not notice? She even sits right in front of you, for all the classes she has with you!" Lyle yelled.

"She's Dannah Milei. She's very smart in Math and English, she even exceeds in all her classes. She's very nice and quiet, too. She's the one in the Panda shirt." Wyatt said.

"Dannah Milei, huh? Somehow, her names seems familiar."

"Maybe it's because you both have been assigned to teach other for the English project?" Lyle asked.

"We have a project?"


"Never mind that. I don't know why, but I feel like I already know her."

"It's cause I already told about her."

"No! It's like…I don't know really. She just seems so familiar."