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Chapter 7

Friday 5:30 PM-Dante's Room

"Sorry Dannah." Dante said, as he slowly opened the door, with his head peaking in. "You didn't wait too long, right?"

"It's alright, I had something to do." Dannah said, as she turned to him. "I gotta log off though, hold on." She then looked at the screen, unaware of what Dante was holding in his hands.

Into her headset, she said, "I gotta go, bye Black Death." At the mention of the name, Dante's eyes widened in surprise.

"Black Death?" He whispered to himself. But who else would Wyatt be playing with? What's her usernae? Is It possible that she's…

Dannah then turned to him, after she had logged off and removed her headphone. She had noticed that his hands were behind his back and the door was closed and locked once again.

In confusion, she had rose her eyebrow.

"Um, Dannah. I-I uh, I um, I g-got something for you." He said, as a his face tinged red. He then walked up close to her and sat next to her. From behind his back, made Danna's eyes widen in shock, surprise and happiness. He had gotten her, her favorite bouquet combination. "These are for you."

"Thank you Dante!" She exclaimed as she took it in her hands, and took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the flowers. "What's this for?"

"Uh, i-it's for, um, uh…" He stuttered, as his blush turned slighty darker, while Dannah was completely unaware of this. "Um, thanks!"

"Thanks? For what?"

"For tutoring me."

"Um, n-no problem." She said, as she blushed, finally realizing his reaction. So Maggie's flowers weren't from Dante after all, I'm glad. She thought, with her smile growing slightly bigger.

"S-so um, Dannah, I-I was wondering if…" He said, with each word getting even softer.


"If w-we, um…we could, go…on a…d-d-study date again." He said nervously.

"Oh, sure." As long as it's just the both of us! She thought, as she smiled, but immediately faded, when she thought, Then I'm happy!…I guess.

Urgh! Darn it! I chickened out. Dante then mentally sighed to himself. I was just one word away, but I couldn't say it! It's just that…something, but I don't know what, is telling me that it'd be awkward if I ask her out.

"By the way, do you, um, wanna…hang out tomorrow with me and my friends?" He asked.

"Sure!" She said, sounding very ecstatic as she ran to hug him, with a big grin on her face. But on the inside, she mentally sighed. It's not as good as going out with just us, but it'll do for now, ne?

During her thought, her arms had wrapped around Dante, as her head rested on his chest. But unbeknown to her, Dante had also wrapped his arms around her shoulders, with his cheeks tinged pink, as a small smile formed on his lips. Dannah… He thought to himself. I absolutely love it when you smile. And I love that you're in my arms, but sadly I couldn't bring myself to say it.


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Dannah: And?

Puffy Bunny:…Anime is a Japanese movie or television animation.

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Puffy Bunny: Not all of it.

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