This is going to take place fifteen years after Brennan left Booth standing alone at the front of the church.

I personally think that was the best choice for her to do, if she staying in the system, Pelant could do anything he wanted to her.

I apologize if I mess up on spelling or grammar; I'm not a professional writer… I wish!


The bell rings signaling that class is over and all of the kids start rushing out. By the time everyone is out of the classroom, Brennan is now sitting at her desk grading a few papers for her class. Temperance Brennan, now Joy Jefferson, is a teacher at a public high school in Virginia.

There's a knock at the door and Brennan looks up. "Dad." She says with delight. "What a surprise? What are you doing here?"

"Just coming to say hello to my daughter." He hugs her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. "So? Where's my little granddaughter?"

"Dad, she's not little anymore, she is fifteen years old in two days."

"Wow, that girl does grow fast, doesn't she?"

"What are you really here for, dad? Brennan knew her father had another objective when it came to surprise visits, especially since he was just in DC staking out Booth.

Max sighed and caved in. "Booth just got another Pelant case, but it doesn't look like there's enough evidence to catch this guy. I'm sorry Tempe, but we won't give up, they'll catch him someway or another and we'll get to head back to DC."

"I just, miss him. Sometimes I think logically about what it would be like if I did go back." She sits staring at the wall in the back, or staring out into space, but then she speaks again. "But I still know it's the best for Christine and me to stay here where it's safe. I couldn't imagine losing my own daughter to Pelant."

"It'll be fine, I promise."

Christine comes to the door and leans in. "Hey, mom, I'm gonna head over to the library downtown with some study buddies, I'll be home in time for dinner." Max smiles at the sight of her. "Grandpa!" She walks into the room and gives him a hug.

"Wow, girl you have grown." He laughs. "Joy, have I ever told you how much she looks like you."

"Yes, I've heard it many times." Brennan says then she gets back to working at her desk.

It was true; Christine was a splitting image of her mother. She had those bright blue eyes, which always stood out of the crowd, the same nose, same lips, jaw structure, the only thing that was different was her hair color was a bit darker than her mother's and her ears were definitely not her mom's.

"Christine, you coming?" Amy said from the doorway. Amy was one of Christine's friends. She was very thin, athletic, with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She was also the tomboy type. She wore hoodies, jeans, and tennis shoes. On warm days she'd wear a T shirt with her favorite sports team logo printed on it and a hat with her hair up. She was not your average science geek.

"Have fun." Max says to Christine as she walks out the door, but Christine turns around.

"Mom, did you think more about that DC trip I wanted to take? I promise I'll call you everyday, take pictures of everything, and stay out of trouble." She begged her mom.

Christine looks up at her daughter. "You know how I feel about you going to another state with five of your friends alone for a week."

"Mom, it's going to be a learning experience, and Zeek is nineteen, with a driver's license that he's had for three years now and hasn't been pulled over once. Please, mom."

"Christine, you'll be leaving in two days, the day of your birthday."

"You've been with me the past fourteen, what's one to miss?"

"Christine," Brennan looks in her eyes and sighs, "Tell me why you want to go on this trip?"

"It's amazing mom, I want to visit all of those famous places there and learn things about history that I don't really get to learn in school. Please, mom, can I go?" She makes a puppy dog face begging her mom to go.

"You can go," Her mom says as her daughter jumps up with excitement, "But I am making a list of places I want you to visit while you are there, restaurants I want you to eat at, and you are to go to all of these places, learn something, and take pictures. When you get back here after that week, you are to tell me things you learned about DC."

"I promise I will do exactly that." She hugs her mom with excitement. "Thanks mom, oh, and I'll cook dinner tonight."

"Go study, Christine." Brennan laughs at her daughter's happiness and smiles as she disappears out the door.

"Let's do this." Christine is knelt down behind a rock wearing camouflage, paint on her cheeks, and holding a paintball gun.

"I don't understand, your mother is a scientific genius, but you are much better at paintball wars than you are at human anatomy." Amy says sitting down leaning against a rock.

"I know science because I choose to learn it, but I don't know, shooting guns, now that's my passion. My father was probably the one good at that. I may have my mother's looks, but my personality can sometimes be a bit different."

"I guess you are the same in some ways like the love for science, you can be a bit distant from people who try to be close to you, but the way you light up for your mom and come out of your shell, that's something your mom doesn't do much for you."

"My mom doesn't do that with anyone."

"Oh, and sometimes, you can be harshly honest to people."

"Isn't that the right thing to do, tell the truth?" She laughs at her joke and gets back to searching for people. Someone starts walking into view and Christine shoots her gun with perfect aim.

"Did you get him?"

"What do you think?" Christine smiles over at Amy in accomplishment. "We should find another spot; you never know what kind of genius is going to figure out where that shot came from." The get up and they start heading for another hiding area. Once they find on of their usual spots they set up again.

"The course is getting too easy for us; do you think there's one in DC?" Amy asks.

"Probably, the question is, can we find it?"

"See, when you talk like that, you start sounding like your mom."

Christine shoots three guys quick and perfect from a far distance and she smiles. "Game over."

They laugh and high five. "Get packing, I'll see you Sunday."

Brennan sat on the floor in the living room looking at all of Christine's baby photos. She pulls out pictures hidden behind some of her recent baby pictures and she sheds a tear when she looks at Booth's face in one of the photos.

"Mom." There was a call for Brennan coming downstairs.

Brennan rushes to put the photos back and she puts the photo book up on the shelf. Christine comes into view and she notices her mom crying.

"Mom, are you okay?" She asked concernedly.

"I'm fine, just hormones." Brennan deflects.

"Sure they are? Christine lets that one slide. "Do you have the list of places you want me to visit in DC? I'm asking because I'm going to be leaving early in the morning tomorrow."

"Yes, let me get it for you." Brennan makes her way over to her laptop on the desk. "Okay, I put stars next to the places I really want you to go to, which means, go in and observe everything, the people, objects, and whatever you think you need to learn."

"Alright, thanks mom."

"Also, the Royal Diner, it's one of the best restaurants in town. Make sure you go there."

"I will." She starts walking off, but glances at the list. "The Jeffersonian?"

"Yes, that is a museum. To me a favor and check out that exhibit that I underlined on your paper, take pictures, I want to see how it turned out over the years."

Christine nods. "Alright, I'll check it out." She runs up to her room to finish packing.