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"What the hell is going on, Christine?" Michael's face was filled with fear of not knowing what was happening and why they were stuck on a boat.

"I don't know. I believe that we were knocked out somehow and placed on this boat to wake up."

He sat up to her words. "Well, I already assumed that, I just assumed a genius like you would come up with something better than that."

"I'm panicking okay, we need to find out how serious our situation is before something worse happens, like we blow up." She stood up and started pacing around the small room.

"Calm down. Let's look around this place and figure it out." Michael stood up, rubbed the back of his neck as he stretched back. Christine couldn't help, but look for even just a split second. He looked a lot like his father. The curly hair, blue eyes, but he was about an inch taller. He let out a long breath of air and broke the silence. "C'mon, let's figure out where we are."

"Water, isn't that specific enough." She frowned.

He looked her way and she knew she was about to get a lecture, she learned that when she used certain phrases around her mom growing up. "Your father's side is starting to show. Just take a breath and go back into your mom's state of mind she handed down to you."

He did not just say that. "She didn't hand down her mind, Michael, it was a genetic trait that was passed down in a biological process."

Her voice trailed off when he smiled at her. "Good, now use that mind of yours to figure out everything we need to know about this boat, ship, sail, whatever it is." He gestured her to go in front of him and take the lead.

"Fine." She let his little remark slide and she looked around for a moment. Her genius brain was turned on, not that kind of turned on, but she started to see the room differently than she had before. "You remember those shots taken at us at the school?"


She kept walking around the room looking at every detail as if scanning items into her memory bank. "I believe that, whoever it is, did this." She moved a board out of the way to reveal a bright window her eyes had to adjust to. Once they did, they were both looking out.

"What else are you thinking?" Michael asked.

"We weren't dragged in here. We were carried... by two people. They placed us in the spots we woke up in. We weren't dropped or we would have some sort of spot of stress in the wood. We weren't dragged because the steps to get down here would have had the same damage if we were dropped. I think someone else is helping our criminal do his dirty work." Michael and Christine looked at each other, she could see something in his eyes, and he could see the fear in hers.

"Holy shit!" There was a scream from the top of the boat.

8 Hours Earlier

"Are you okay?" Michael asked.

"I'm fine." Christine simply replied.

"We just got shot at, and there was a note left for your father saying that he brought you into this world and that he's going to take you out of it. It's okay to freak out in situations like this."

"What did this guy mean when he said that he brought me into this world?" She asked.

"You don't know the story, do you?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't know much about this now new part of my life."

"It's okay." He moved in a more comfortable position.

"Is Booth not my father or something?" Christine tried not to look too worried, but Michael clearly saw.

Michael laughed. "He most definitely is your father. Your mom and dad were working on a case with a serial killer. We all knew who it was, it was just a matter of getting the evidence to catch him. His name was Jacob Broadsky. The same guy who escaped from prison and took a shot at us this morning. He was in the service with Booth before he started murdering people. His logic to him was to kill all the bad people in the world, and when they were all dead, he would turn himself in. Booth didn't give up on trying to catch him, so Broadsky took that as Booth being on the wrong team, and it was his job to take him out." He let that sink in to Christine before he started talking again. "Broadsky liked to call Booth every once in a while to let him know what he was up to. In the process of tracing Broadsky's call, they had an intern answer the phone pretending to be Booth. That's when the bullet hit. Vincent Nigel Murry died that day. Everyone was upset about it, even your mom even if she won't admit it. That night your mom stayed over at Booth's place, that's when things changed."

"So, because of Broadsky's bullet, that's the reason I'm here. I can see how that's possible, but that's just a coincidence, they would have gotten together eventually and had a kid, doesn't necessarily mean that Broadsky is the reason why I was born." Christine objected with her argument.

"Yeah, but if you think about it, if Vincent didn't get hit, he would have never died at that moment, and your mom would have never been over at Booth's, and your parents would have never got together, and you would've never been created. You're right about them having a chance of being together in the future, but what are the chances of them having a Christine?"

"I see what you mean." Christine showed her rare smile and Michael smiled back.

"Let's go get something to eat, I'm starved."

Present Time

Michael and Christine ran up the stairs not caring when the sun struck their eyes with a bright intense light. Their adrenaline was pumping when they made it to the top and their hearts almost stopped at the sight they met next. Christine couldn't breathe when she realized how bad the situation was. Michael was in shock.

A couple hundred feet ahead of them, they were about to hit a waterfall. A couple feet in front of them, someone was strapped to the railing with a thick strong rope.

Christine saw the face and she couldn't move. "Parker!"