Ok this a story about The Lion King with Kiara. I been looking around here for a story were Kiara is still a young cub or where she meets her grandfather or even she becomes best friends with Vitani and I havent found any so im giving a crazy and it might be confusing story. So my story begins with the same beginning in The Lion King 2 bt where it changes is where she meets Kovu, so instead of meeting Kovu or even Kovu existing Kiara meets Vitani and they want to be friends bt you know the folks don't. So instead of putting the cute father daughter moment Kiara just gets for Simba been very overprocted of her and she tells him she hates him…. And all she wants to know is y her father is over protected. So she goes alll they way back to the cave and she falls of sleep and she has a dream where she is in The Lion King 1 and shes Mufasa daughter and it starts with her been babies and sister of Simba …and well she knows that shes Simba's daughter and Mufasa's grandaughter but she doesn't want to tell them and go with the game. So she lives Simbas past and understands everything hope you guys enjoy it!