Chapter: 14

Zira realized that her plan fail to get rid of Simba and Kiara so she had to think about another one. Back to the pride lands Kiara paw still hurt a lil she still walked in 3 paws but she acted like nothing still the same girl wanting to go outside but Simba was so worried that he decided to take Kiara out today himself and they go to the river to drink a little water from behind Vitani heard that they are going to go out together so she went to warn Zira about it. When Vitani tells her Zira got an idea, so she sends Nuka and another lioness to the hyena's elephant graveyard and then they had to light up this sticks with fire, back with Simba and Kiara they were on the top tall grass where they usually hunt Simba was going to show Kiara how to hunt even though she was still a cub, but then Zazu flew there and he had some news to tell Simba and Kiara got bored waiting for her dad and then she notices the antelopes moving and she follows them and out there Nuka sees her and they start to burn the grass and then the big fire came and Kiara still trying to hunt but she made a lot noise and that made the antelope run even further and that you couldn't see Simba anymore and then Kiara stop chasing because she smelled weird and then she sees the smoke and the antelope coming her way and she sees the fire and then she starts to run away and from above Zira is seeing everything. Out of nowhere Simba also smells burned and then antelopes and zebras pass by and him and he turns around not seeing Kiara and he sees the smokes and he starts running to find Kiara. Since Kiara paw still hurter she couldn't run fast but she still kept going "KIARA, KIARA!" yelled Simba still looking around and Kiara could hear him but she could see him and she started choking with the smoke and she keeps running then she notices she's surrounded by fire and she sees a mountain but she gets scared cause she doesn't jump that high but she still tried and she jumped but she had to hang on but she was about to fall but Simba grabs her and he runs away still surrounding by the fire and while Simba hold Kiara she already fainted and then the only way out was for Simba to jump on the river and he jumped and they made back to safety and then Simba put Kiara down "Kiara wake up please" said Simba and Kiara cough and she woke up and that calmed simba down a little he layed down next to her "Kiara please don't you ever run away like that from me" said Simba "sorry daddy I just got bored and well I started chasing the antelope and then the fire came im sorry" said Kiara, simba smiled and he got up and he carried Kiara back home and they had to pass a little bit more smoke that it was around there and when they got there Nala was worried because she also saw the black smoke "please tell me you guys weren't over there" said Nala but it was kind of obvious since both of them were covered in black smoke and the family gave a little laugh and simba puts down Kiara then nala had an idea "come lets go to the river" said nala and she grabs Kiara and they are off and they get there nala puts Kiara down and they get close "mom why are we here" asked Kiara "yeah im kind of asking the same" said Simba but nala instead of responding she walked behind simba and she pushed him inside and simba yelled and nala laugh and then Kiara and then they notice simba is not coming out and nala gets close to see where he is but then Simba pops out and grabs nala and throws her inside and Kiara laughed more and then simba and nala started to play and Kiara smiled and then she remember when she saw her parents when they fell in love they did the same thing and she smiled and she looked up to the sky smiling thinking of her grandfather and then Kiara sees her dad and he grabbed her and they both jumped inside the water and they started to have a little fun in the water, even though they started with an awful morning but it got better and when they got out they dried up but then Kiara jumps on simba putting him down and she began to grab his ear and she startst to play and nala just smiles at her family and then finally they lay down to rest and Kiara was in the middle of both her parents front paws and she fell asleep and then Nala and Simba nuzzle like the happy family they are, but from behind Vitani saw them and she got a little sad but she still ran to tell her mom and that got Zira more angry.