Well hello there. Im about to make you feel very special. Wanna know why? Because you, yes you, are reading my first FanFiaction :D. Nearly every first Fanfiction on here has some sort of pre-amble so here is mine, and i assure you this one is WORTH READING.

Were going to play a game, because eveyone loves games. Here is how you play:

Throughout this fic, numerous references and quotes I shall insert. It is up to you and your every-so-vast knowlegde of pop-culture (and not so pop pop-culture) to recognise them. If you feel like you recognise a reference/quote you must send me a PM (or leave it in a review, along with usefull feedback) of what the quote/reference is from. If you are the first person to get it right, you will win points (which i will keep a record of), point number will be based on how obscure it is.

The prizes? Ohh you will like this. At certain points during the fic, I will call upon the person with the most points to help make a change in the story, whether it be a simple fact or a mind-blowing plot twist, you get to choose what goes in. Then points are reset, and game begins anew.

Anyway, im sure there will be some gritty competition out there, and here at last is my first fic. Its based on the movie Rio, because I recently watched it (im a bit late to the party I know) and thought it was excellent. I DO NOT own any of the characters in the story, Blue Sky does. Bug them about it.

Chapter 1.

It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining, the local birds were twittering merrily, there was a faint breeze and not a single cloud was present to obstruct the clear blue sky. The people of Rio De Janeiro were happily going about their business. It was what people would call a good day.

However, at the local bird sanctuary, this was all but a good day for a certain male blue Spix Macaw as he worridly paced around in the hollow of tree trunk, in an artificial rainforest enviroment.

Its almost been two hours now. Blu worried to himself.

Roughly half a day had passed scince Jewel had fallen from the back of the smugglers cargo plane, and Blu had heroicly, and somewhat stupidly, dove after her. Half a day scine Jewel had kissed Blu, as they hurtled towards their watery grave. Half a day scine Blu had spread his finally spread his wings wings and flown not only himself, but also his female friend back to airstrip, to saftey.

Yet to Blu, it felt like half a week. Half a week scince Linda and Tulio had carried them both of them back to the sanctuary (they could harley drive the massive, wrecked, stolen float could they?). Half a week scince Tulio had taken Jewel into his operating room, and left Blu in the artificial jungle, despite his squawks of disaproval. Half a week of just waiting, wondering, worrying if Jewel's wing would heal, if she was alright, if she felt comfortable having this strange human perform surgery on her precious wing (he was guessing not).

In fact, Blu thought, Tulio probably had to give her an extra dose of anethstetic just to keep her under control.

Despite having survived their incredible adventure that had transpired over the past few days, Blu felt miserable. His feathers were dirty, he was hungry, he was tired and worst of all, his best friend (friend? Blu thought. Could he still call her just a friend after what happened?) was away, and probably just as miserable as him.

She kissed me! Why? Did she feel so touched that I literraly jumped from a plane to try and save her? Or was it just a heat of the moment type thing. We were both going to die so why not? Blu pondered. Either way, I must remember to thank her. We most certainly would have perished if she hadn't done what she did.

Blu was so wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn't hear the slow creak of a door opening, the soft crunch of leaves underneath leather shoes, the faint whisper of a human breath, as it drew closer towards him.

"Blu?" Tulio called as he stuck his head into the hollow, and smirked as the bird lept into the air in surprise. "Are you alright in there?". Blu hopped his way over to the face and cawed in a hopefull voice. He didn't bother to say anything. Tulio, despite his claims, would not be able to understand him.

"Hey, dont look so glum!" Tulio encouraged. "Jewel is doing fine, her wing will heal in time". Blu let out a relieved sigh. He felt much better hearing this news. Tulio noticed this too, and added "Would you like to go visit her?" He too felt suprised as the bird suddenly sprang forth and hugged his face with his wings. He chuckled "Would that be a yes then?"

After removing Blu from his face, he climbed down from the tree and walked towards the painted door, turning around just in time to see a Spix Macaw crash land in a shrub. Blu, it seems, had not mastered the art of flying just yet. Tulio laughed as he plucked a blushing Blu from the vegitation and plonked him onto his shoulder, who cawed in thanks, before they departed for the surgery.

Well there you have it folks, a small taste of whats to come. Please leave a helpfull review describing why or why you didn't like this chapter (pointless and meaningless flames will be used to warm my house, as it is currently winter here.)

Just a side note, no quotes or references in this first chapter, I had already written it before I added the game.

FunFact - I am writing this story on an Android tablet, with a keyboard attachment of course. Albeit a rather small keyboard. The shift key is so small I often press theup key by acident which cause me to mess up a previous line D:

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