Well here we are, chapter 5. I would be lying if I told you I expected to come this far. Its been quite a frantic week, you find out why in the chapter :D

Chapter 5

One more day. Only another 20 hours, minutes and 43.25 seconds until this wreched thing comes off. Jewel had been waiting an entire week for her wing to heal. The two lovebirds had absolutley nothing to do all day except talk with eachother, and talk they did. Jewel could listen for ages when Blu babbled about some trivial topic he knew more about than anyone needed to, provided his topic was somewhat interesting. All the time he spent with his books in the Moose Lake library clearly showing. Not all of his topics were interesting though, as he was demonstrating, tutoring Jewel on the mechanics of a bowling alley.

Amongst the couples idle chit chat and long yet interesting lectures Blu gave were the discussions about what they would do after Jewels splint was removed, and while the two had decided upon living out into the rainforest of Brasil together, Blu was aprehensive. Blu had never been a fan of the jungle, having read about all its apparant 'dangers lurking' inside, Jewel had somehow managed to convince Blu that he would be safe. It was after all his natural habitat. Jewel also promised to teach Blu how to properly live in the rainforest, so he wouldn't emabarress himself if he ate a poisonous fruit or somthing stupid like that.

"..and finally all the pins are dropped back into place." Blu concluded, a smug grin on his face. He takes too much pride in knowing this crap. Jewel couldent decide whether it way a good or bad thing to be so knowlegable. Blu had once told her that knowlegde was just as sharp as any claw or beak, which Jewel had initially dissmissed as nonsense. She still found it fascinating how he could read and write the human language, or more specifically, the one they called English. It must be handy, to be able to communicate with humans. I wonder...

"Hey Blu..." Jewel started


"Umm... do you think you could..." Jewel knew this would make her sound nerdy

"...show me how you read?" Damn! Quick! Think of an excuse why!

"...Just for somthing to do today!" She quickly added.

Blu just gaped. Of all the questions she could have asked, this was one of the top few he though he would never hear. Blu of course, was more than happy to once again show off his superior intelligence to his beloved. Maybe Im blowing my trumpet too much.

"Well sure! That Is, If you dont mind."

"Why would I mind?"

"I just had a though that maybe me showing off is annoying you, seeing as how your talent is somewhat... well... grounded, shall we say."

Jewels respect for Blu went up by 10 in that instant. He's so considerate when he wants to be. Jewel fought the urge to tackle him into another one of their kissing sessions.

"Blu, you've been motor mouthing all week, why would I get annoyed now?" Jewel said with a smile.

"Ah heh... sorry" Blu said meekly, realising that he HAD been showing off all week.

"Dont be. If anything its your instinct making you do that."

"My instinct?"

"Yeah. Your wild instinct to try and show that your better than anyone else. Your desire to show off and attract potential mates, not that you need to of course" Jewel said with a cheeky grin

Blu blushed, he was trying to avoid the unavoidable topic of mating. Blu knew Jewel would want kids of her own one day, Blu wasn't sure if he was ready. "Yeah... I guess your right." Blu said.

"Now cmon bookworm, or rather, bookbird. Heh" Jewel said with a pat to Blu's shoulder.

"Right, reading. I think Tulio left yesterdays newspaper around here. Wait here."

Linda knew that mental stimulation was an important part if any living creatures health, so she managed to convince Tulio to somtimes leave newsapers by the metal door If Blu was ever bored enough to read the 'excting news' that the Rio paper had to offer.

Blu grabbed the newsprint and flew back over to the hollow. He was getting much better at the whole flying deal, with the practice he was sneaking in while Jewel was asleep. She had slept alot that week, her painfull injury draining energy.

"Right, here we are!" Blu announced, plonking down the paper and floding it to the front page.

Jewel was daunted by the mess of ink upon the paper. "Can you read to me what it says?"

Blu began to read out the front page article to her.

"Says here that the somewhat popular FanFiction writer ThatRedLion will be leaving on an overseas trip for a month, and tells his readers not to expect any more chapters until July 25th. He apoligises for this and promises that he will continue his story Afterglow when he returns, so please be patient."

"Oh, thats a shame" Jewel didn't know why she said that, it was if a parallel force compelled her to do so.

"Not the most exciting of front pagers. Lets start off with the big letters in bold up the top shall we?

And so, for the most of the day, Blu taught Jewel, with varying results, how to read the english language. And after they hed finished, Jewel had decided that reading was not one of her strong points.

"Its just one of those things that takes practice. You didn't do too badly."

"I think its going to be hard to practice reading in the jungle." Oooh! Tomorrow cant come soon enough!

"Yeah... oh well. It killed a day I suppose. I bet your excitied about tomrrow then!

"You bet your tail feathers I am!" Jewel exclaimed. She noticed that it was evening already. Damn! Time flies when your, well, doing somthing at least.

"We had better get some rest then. Big day tomorrow." Blu finished, as the couple lay upon the floor and snuggled together, ready to spend their last night in the artificial jungle's hollow.

"Do we have a plan for tomorrow?" Blu asked, as he draped his wing around Jewels light blue body.

"We go out, and find ourselves a decent home, and make ourselves comfy, get food and all that. Then who knows? We have our whole lives ahead of us."

"I couldn't think of a bird I'd rather spend it with" Blu gushed, looking into Jewels eyes.

"You hopeless romantic you." Jewel joked, as she kissed him lovingly. She felt the same way. She wanted to live her entire life with Blu, to be with him forever.

Both birds sighed happily as Blu tightened his embrace upon his lover, and they both drifted off to sleep.

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