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"You know, Xion... I've been having these weird thoughts lately." A blonde haired boy explained to the ebony haired girl as they walked down the street, holding hands, their fingers were interlocked.

"What kind of thoughts, Roxas?" The girl, Xion replied. She looked at her boyfriend quizzically, her deep blue eyes looking at the side of his face. Roxas turned and gave her a sad smile.

"They're more dreams than thoughts though... I mean, the other day, I was walking into the dining room, and then I fainted. For no reason at all! As soon as I did, I started having these weird dreams of you, me and Axel as part of this... I dunno crime syndicate or something like that."

Xion laughed at her boyfriend's explanation, and he shot her a pout. Xion took the opportunity to steal a quick kiss. Roxas smiled warmly at her and hugged her. His embrace was so full of love, care and respect.

"So what did-" Xion began to say as a truck went past. "We do in this "Crime Syndicate?"

"We collected hearts." Roxas replied grimly.

Xion gasped as she started to feel squeamish. Roxas quickly pulled her into a hug again.

"It wasn't like that though..." He continued as they embraced each other. "We killed these creatures with weapons and they released captured hearts or something like that... I don't know! It's weird and I don't want to think about it."

Xion said nothing as they sat down on a bench. She stared out at the world across the street. She smiled; twilight town was an amazing place. They had just been to a restaurant in Sunset Terrace, Xion tried to remember what it was called... Ah! Seventh Heaven! That was it, the place where the owner seemed to be hitting on Roxas...

"Hey, you've gone quiet all of a sudden, what's up?" Roxas asked softly, his deep blue eyes scanning her face.

Xion snapped back into reality after hearing Roxas speak. "Yeah, I'm fine... I guess I'm just tired." Xion yawned as she leaned her head on Roxas's left shoulder.

"Think about the love inside the strength of heart... Think about the heroes saving life in the dark..." Roxas's melodic voice filled Xion's ears. She smiled, he was singing her favourite song; believe. Performed by Yellowcard, it held a personal place in Xion's heart.

"Climbing higher, through the fire, time was running out... Never knowing you were going to be coming down alive..." Xion sang along Roxas.

Roxas voice became higher and more intense as they reached the bridge of the song. "But you still came back for me... You were strong and you believed."

Roxas hugged Xion as he softly sang the chorus. "Everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright. Be strong, believe." Roxas placed a kiss on Xion's forehead.

Xion smiled to herself and hummed. She wrapped her arms around Roxas's waist. "I love you, Roxas. Let's not ever leave each other, please?"

"I love you to Xion, and we'll be together, forever. I promise you that." Roxas replied.

"I think we should go back to my place now... It's almost nine... And I'm tired, what do you think?" Xion asked sleepily.

"Yeah, let's go. I'm getting tired to. It was a nice dinner wasn't it?" Roxas queried as he helped Xion off the seat.

"Yeah, they did have good food. Although did you notice, the owner kept on hitting on you." Xion sniggered at Roxas playfully.

Roxas blushed at Xion's words.
"She did not! Tifa knows better! Shut up, stop laughing!"

Xion couldn't stop laughing at Roxas's blushing. She degraded into a fit of giggles before speaking. "Oh, so you're on first name terms with her?" Roxas opened and closed his mouth in response, he was lost for words. Xion grinned evilly. "You're lucky I didn't get too jealous; otherwise I might've started a food fight."

Roxas laughed at Xion's words.
"Now that, I would've like to see! Hey, tram is here Xion!" Roxas yelled as the tram pulled up at the station. "Ladies first." Roxas smiled at Xion, but she didn't move. "Xion? What are you waiting for?"

"I'm waiting for you to get on the train, you did say ladies first." Xion laughed as Roxas face palmed. She quickly jumped onto the tram and Roxas followed her. They both paid their munny and took a seat near the window. Xion once again laid her head on Roxas's shoulder and closed her eyes. The sounds of the tram bustling along the streets of sunset terrace faded away as she quickly fell into a deep, deep sleep...

(Xion's dream 1)

"Axel! Duck!"

The red haired male ducked as Xion front flipped over his form and sliced a soldier in half. Disappearing in a cloud of shadow, a human heart fell to the ground, bleeding and still beating.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Xion?" Axel asked as he walked over to examine the heart. "Oh... That's why... Better tell the boss man about this." He kicked the heart across the ground, it made a squelching sound.

"Axel, that's gross! We can't just leave it here! The residents will wonder what has happened!" Xion exclaimed as a shade of green tinged her face.

Axel sighed. "Whatever just release the damn thing already?"

Xion nodded and pointed her keyblade at it. Glowing brightly at the tip of the blade, a beam of light shot towards the heart. The light pierced the heart, and a loud scream came out from the entire town, filling the air. Xion clutched her head as the scream got louder and closer. Not hearing Axel's words, she fell backwards in pain and became unconscious.

Roxas couldn't stop screaming. His heart was burning, the pain was unbearable. He clutched his chest as he fell to the floor of the tram, Xion still wasn't waking up.

"Xion! Wake up!" Roxas let out a cry of agony. "Somebody call! Help..." Roxas's vision blurred as he lay completely down on the floor. He saw feet appear in front of his eyes as he looked up. He couldn't see properly, or hear properly either. He noticed that there was someone talking to him. He tried to focus on the person, but he couldn't. Instead, he pointed towards Xion. The other person said something, and Roxas nodded, hearing these words; "Ok... She's safe... Can you- stop the tram! Hey, it's gonna be ok dude, I don't know you but my name is Za-" Roxas lost consciousness.

(Roxas's dream 1)

Roxas clutched his chest as he stood up. Where the hell had that come from? It was like an external voice had set an endless loop of him screaming inside his head. Roxas was currently in Halloween Town, finishing up a recon mission. He got the queue to RTC, but he decided not to just yet. He sat down as he clutched at his chest. He didn't have a heart, so why was it hurting so much?
"Argh... Shit..." Roxas was still clutching his chest as he stood up; he opened up a portal, and stepped through.

"Huh... Where... XION!" Roxas sat up quickly, looking around for Xion, she was nowhere in sight. White walls surrounded him, and metal rails that bore curtains. Other beds were about two meters away from him. He looked down at his clothes. He was in white. Roxas snapped his head towards the sound of approaching footsteps; they belonged to a young looking man who held an air of cockiness. The young man's hair was spiked and black, shooting off in all directions. He wore a distinctive smirk on his face, accompanied by calm eyes. He wore baggy black track pants and a blue hoodie, on his hands were black leather gloves. He stood at the side of Roxas's bed and held out his hand.

"Name's Zack."

Roxas looked the young man up and down, and then shook his hand. "I'm Roxas." he replied.

"Oh, I know who you are now kiddo." Zack smirked at Roxas's confused expression. "It's amazing what your sister tells you over the phone." He once again ignored Roxas's look of confusion. Putting his hands in his pockets, he paced backwards and forwards. "Xion has told me a lot about you Roxy, I only just came back from service when I encountered you two on the tram. I was on my way over then you slumped to floor and kept crying out. I checked you first; I knew Xion was ok..."

"You're... You're her brother?" Roxas asked. A lot of things were going on in his head right now, and he wasn't registering much. He just wanted to see Xion.

"So you've heard of me before I clearly stated who I was?" Zack smirked.

"Yeah... You're in SOLDIER right?"

"Was." Zack corrected. "I just retired the other day."

"But... You're like... um, twenty five right?"

"I'm twenty eight kiddo, have been for almost a year now. I've done what I've wanted to do, and now I'm not there anymore. This wasn't the welcome home I was expecting though..." Zack cut himself off as a nurse walked into the room. She came over to Roxas bed.

"Mr Stone, we ran some tests and it turns out, you're ok."

Roxas looked at the nurse astonished. "But, it was my heart, that's got to be a level ten on seriousness right?"

"Fortunately, it was just a spasm in your chest muscles. We suggest you don't play any soccer for a while, or go skateboarding. Give it a week to heal up, and then you'll be fine. As of now, you're free to go." the nurse left the room.

"Chest spasm... Got any record of muscle spasms in your family?" Zack asked, instantly curious.

"No, not that I know of anyway." Roxas explained as he got out of bed. "Could you pass me my bag? I want to get changed and go see Xion."

Zack passed Roxas his bag and said; "Sure thing kiddo, she's waiting outside for us."

Roxas nodded and got out of the bed. He made his way over to the change room and chucked on his jeans, his favourite black and white shirt and his grey hoodie. He walked out of the room and put of the hospital dorm. He was greeted by a thump to his chest. He looked down and saw Xion's head buried in his chest. She was crying, she looked up at him. She was smiling. They were tears of happiness. Roxas squeezed her affectionately.

"I knew you'd be alright." Xion sniffled. She looked up at Roxas again and kissed him on the check. Roxas grinned.

"I was so worried about you," Roxas began. "When you wouldn't wake up, I started panicking. I couldn't wake you, and then my- Roxas put quotation marks around the word- chest started going all spastic. If it weren't for Zack... I don't know what would've happened."

"That's cute." Zack sarcastically replied with a smirk. Xion thumped him on the shoulder. "Ow! What was that for?" Zack rubbed his shoulder.

Xion laughed. "Have SOLDIER made you soft, dear brother?"

Zack shot Xion a dirty look, then burst out laughing. "Oh how I've missed you." he said. "C'mon, let's go home. I bet you Cassandra is a bit worried." Zack explained as he started walking towards the exit.

"You could just call her mum you know?" Xion called after him, but Zack was already outside waiting. She turned to Roxas.

"Your brother seems pretty cool; I'm gonna worm some SOLDIER stories out of him." Roxas yawned. "It's been a rough night... I had this shit crazy dream. But it's all a haze..."

Xion looked at Roxas with an alarmed look. "What sort of dream?"

"I dunno, I can't remember." He replied.

Xion exhaled in relief. She checked her phone.


Yo sissy, hurry up, I haven't got all day. Cassandra just gave me a call, wants us home ASAP. Said it's important, and she'll be home in an hour. Get your skates on.

Xion locked her phone and looked to Roxas. "We better get going."

Roxas nodded in reply and locked his fingers into Xion's and they left the hospital.

(? Unknown place...)

"Axel, We have to bring him back. We can't continue our mission until we retrieve him. Don't keep me waiting." A silver haired figure stepped down the black staircase, his black coat flowing behind him. His piercing green eyes looked straight at Axel he smiled, and walked off.

Axel looked at the place where his boss had been. He knew he had to get him back, but he was tied up with XF in the OTHER WORLD. Axel sighed, as he summoned a portal of darkness. He knew he Came back to their world when he fell asleep, and that he forgot all about the OTHER WORLD, but seemed to retain his memories when he returned there. There had to be a bug in his system, but he was real right? Axel sighed once again, and walked through the portal leaving these words in his wake; "Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?"

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