So this is my first little dip into Young Justice fanfiction. I've only recently come across this show but I love it. Unf Spitfire. Unf Batfam. Unf Nightwing. I have a lot of feelings about this show.

Anywho this is my take (because I know this has probably been written a bajillion times) on what might have happened after the end of 'Salvage'. You know, those scenes. ASDFGJKL.

Unbeta'd so there may be a few mistakes. Woopsies.

"You need to get your head on straight Red. For her."

As Roy looks down at the sleeping infant in his arms, three words immediately jump into his mind.

What the fu –

Wally West is dreaming. It's one of those I'm-so-sleep-deprived-so-everything-makes-sense-until-I-wake-up-and-think-about-what-just-happened dreams that he usually experiences when's he's fallen asleep writing an essay.


Strange, when did the pirate ship start firing penguin cannons?




"-GUH!" Wally realises it's not cannons or penguins but someone practically knocking the front door down. He jumps up and opens it before the sound wakes Artemis. Because if she does wake up, then Wally doesn't want to be the only one who suffers.

"Roy?" All the people he was expecting, Roy was not one of them. Dick? Definitely. Uncle Barry or Ollie and Dinah? Unusual but possible. Roy? No. After the failed 'intervention' Wally thought he was the last person Roy would come to.

Roy shrugs and awkwardly gestures to his face. "Uh…you've got something…on your face."

"Huh?" Absentmindedly Wally reaches up and pulls a sticky note off his face. Just reminding you that if you copy my essay you are dead. Love you! He quickly crumples it up. "Heh, just a reminder from…" And then he realises who is standing in front of him. "Why are you here Roy?"

Roy adjusts the backpack. It's a miracle Wally hasn't spotted Lian yet. Of all the child carrying contraptions Jade picks the one that seems to come with its own invisibility field. Although if he didn't see it in the first place there's no way Wally would have.

"It's," he says eventually, "complicated. Can I come in?" Awkward confrontations on the front porch have never been his thing.

"Uh yeah sure, just, you know, don't wake…"

"Artemis." For a second the old Roy reappears and smirks at Wally. "Got it."

Wally awkwardly invites Roy in and notices something different about him. Nothing physical, the dude still needs sleep, a haircut, a shave and a shower and probably something to eat, but from the time Wally saw Roy earlier to now, something has changed.

Wait, are those shoulder straps? What's Roy carrying? What is going on?

Wally has never been tactful but something in his brain screams that this situation demands tact. Asking right out might get Roy on the offense, and Wally wants an answer not a fight.

Tact. Be tactful Wallace West. For once in your life be tactful.

"What's the backpack Roy?"

Tactfulness achieved.

"Well, it's…" Roy sighs and he gently places the backpack on the ground and picks up Lian in his arms. The baby yawns and puts her thumb in her mouth.

A baby.

That was so not on this Wally's list of 'Things Roy has hiding in his backpack'.

"Uh, Wally, meet Lian Nguyen Harper. My daughter."

Wally West is speechless. For the first time ever.

What. What. What.

How did he miss that?

Wally's brain is blinking 'DOES NOT COMPUTE' in big red letters. DOES NOT COMPUTE. DOES NOT COMPUTE. DOES NOT COM-.

Roy has a baby.

Roy is a father.

Lian Nguyen Harper.


Jade Nguyen.


Oh holy mother of god.

In a second Wally is in the bedroom frantically shaking his girlfriend awake.

"Artemis Artemis Artemis Artemis Artemis Artemis Artemis Artemis Artemis."

The blonde twenty year old groans and rolls away from her boyfriend. "Wallace West I swear to god if you're waking me because you haven't finished your Vietnamese Lit essay I'm going to kill you."

"Roy's here."

Before he even gets a chance to finish Artemis' eyes snap open and she's throwing her dressing gown on over his sports jersey, muttering a mile a minute.

"Why is he here? Is it Jade? It's Jade isn't it? I knew they shouldn't have gotten married. Out of all the dumb stupid things Jade has ever done she had to marry Roy. Roy! Even Ollie said it was a bad idea. And Ollie is never right. What's she done? Who has she killed? Is it someone important? I knew she would go back to her old life. 'I'm married now Artemis, I'm giving all that up.' Sure Jade whatever you say. Wait, what if she's dead? Is she dead? Oh god don't let her be dead. She's stupid but she's my sister."

It was funny really, seeing Artemis so flustered about her sister. Bring up Jade or her dad in a conversation and you could expect icy daggers of death, sometimes literally, pointed at you. But mention her sister at three in the morning and, well, the result was standing in front of Wally frantically trying to tie the dressing gown girdle together.

Wally grabs Artemis by the shoulders. "Babe. No. Jade is fine, I, uh, think. She's not dead I can definitely tell you that. Roy's here, with, um, well, you should, just…see for yourself?" He supplies weakly.

Artemis stomps out into the living room. She glances up at the clock. Four o'clock. Far too early for this kind of thing. People don't usually turn up at their flat in the middle of the night (apart from Dick that one time). But if her brother in law - two years later and it was still weird calling Roy that – turns up unexpectedly, then the least she can do is get out of bed and see what all the fuss is about.

And hey, she's not the one whose Vietnamese Lit paper is due tomorrow

Actually, she thinks, looking back at the clock, due today, in ten hours.

Smirking, Artemis moves towards the couch. She catches Roy's eye and waits expectantly. If he's showing up at this time he'd better have an excellent explanation. Wally appears at her side, arm around her waist, glancing at her, like he's trying to gauge her reaction.

Reaction to what? Will someone just tell her what the hell is going on so she can go back to sleep?

And then she sees Lian.

Oh holy mother of god.

Is that a baby?

"What? When? How? Wait no I don't want to know how…I just…what? How? No, not how, never how, that's between you and Jade, forget how, but…what…?" Artemis trails off, blinking at the baby.

If the situation wasn't so serious Wally would have burst out laughing. She hasn't been this flustered since the day he randomly brought home Spitfire.

Artemis takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and tries again, "A baby. You and Jade have a baby?"

"Yes." Roy says, unsure of where this line of questioning is going.

"Okay. A baby. Sure. I can deal with tha-WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS SOONER?"

Lian lets out a little moan and Artemis lowers her voice to a harsh whisper, "She what? Six months? I don't hear from you two in over a year and now there's a baby? Seriously?" She turns towards Wally, "And this didn't come up at all during your little 'intervention'?"

Wally backs away a little, "What? No way babe I would have said something!"

"Uh huh." Artemis is unconvinced. "Like you could actually remember what happened anyway. Haven't you got a Lit paper to finish?" In her mind, she has a right to be crabby. Her Valentine's evening was not turning out like she'd planned. At all.

"Hey woah, chill." Roy raises one arm and Artemis and Wally turn to face him. Roy rubs his face tiredly. It's been one hell of a day. "I didn't say anything during the 'meeting' because I didn't know."

"You didn't know…" Artemis trails off, "That is so like her!"

"I haven't seen Jade in over a year. Tonight at my place that was the first time I've seen her since she left. Well, apart from the 'Wanted' ads on the news."

"Wait, you actually have a plac- oof!" Artemis' elbow finds Wally's ribs.

"Shut up ex Kid Freak. Let Daddy Roy finish his story."

Roy glares at his sister in law. Sister in law. Still weird. "Anyway she turns up giving me the same crap you guys did earlier. I was going to ignore her but it's hard when she hands over your daughter as incentive."

Artemis and Wally share a look. Maybe Lian is what Roy needs to forget his obsession with finding the original Roy.

But Roy isn't finished. "That's not all. She has a lead on Speedy."


A lead on Speedy.

Realisation dawns on both Wally and Artemis. "And that's why you're here."

"It's a solid lead. I checked. I just need you to look after her for two, three days tops. Then I'll be back to take her. I promise."

Artemis rises up on the balls of her feet and Wally knows the shit is about to hit the fan.

"Are you serious? Roy, you've got to let it go. You have a daughter now. A daughter. My niece. Forget Speedy. Focus on her. As much as it pains me to say it, my idiot sister can handle the lead. Probably."

"You don't get it do you? I have to do this. For her. I'm doing this for her!" Voices are rising and Lian is beginning to wake up.

"And what if we say no?"

"Then I'll go to Ollie and Dinah, Batman, Superman, Wonder Women, The Justice League, anyone! I have to do this."

And that's when Wally sees it. Desperation. Roy Harper, Red Arrow, is desperate. Not desperate to pawn of his kid to the first willing person so he can find a missing clone, no. He's desperate to lay his demons to rest so he can move on. For his daughter. That's what's different. Roy's doing this for someone else now.

"We'll do it." Wally says decisively.

"You will?"

"We will?"

Wally grins at his girlfriend and gently takes Lian out of Roy's arms. "Sure, it's only a few days right?" He says, trying to lighten the atmosphere, "Bonding time with Aunty Arty huh Lian?"

And Artemis suddenly finds herself holding a baby. Her sister's baby. Her niece. Her sister, Jade, ruthless assassin has a baby. A baby. She's an aunt. Wow.

Her mom is going to freak.

"Fine," she sighs, shifting the baby so Lian's head is resting on her shoulder. "Three days max. If you're not back here in 72 hours then I am alerting anyone and everyone in spandex and I'm coming to looking for the both of you. With arrows."

"Deal." Roy gets up and kisses Lian on the head. He's known about his daughter for less than a day and already he'd do anything for her. Hell, she's the reason he's doing this now. It's no longer about him. It's about her. "Bye Lian. I'll be back soon. I promise."

And then he's gone.

Just like that.

Five minutes ticks by. Neither of them move, neither of them speak. The silence is punctuated only by the sounds of Lian snoring softly.

Artemis exhales deeply. "What…just…happened?"

"We got serious babysitting duties?" Wally blinks. Baby sitting. A baby.

"Yeah. We did." Artemis looks at the baby and realises just how over their heads they are. "Wally what the hell are we going to do? We can only just look after the dog now. And now we have a baby to look after for god knows how long. I have classes tomorrow. And the day after, and the day after that. So do you. And finals are soon. And we have no bed for her, no baby food, no bottles, no diapers…"

"Hey," Wally slips his hand around her waist and pulls her close. "We're ex superheroes, we'll figure it out. Besides, it's just three days right?" The more he says it, the more he's convincing himself it's true.

His tone is so comforting Artemis almost believes him. Almost. She holds Lian a little bit tighter and beings to walk out the room. "Uh huh. I'm going to sort out somewhere for Lian to sleep and you are going to call Ollie and Dinah. Right now."

"Why?" Wally is confused.

"Because," Artemis says, turning back, "I doubt Roy has told them about Lian - who I might add has red hair and Vietnamese eyes - so if they come over anytime soon, knowing them they'll jump to conclusions and you are going to find out how fast you can really run." She throws her boyfriend a smirk as she leaves the room.



He should probably call Uncle Barry too. Just in case the speedster decides to make one of his 'surprise visits'.


Yes, tomorrow.

"Wally!" Artemis' voice carries from the bedroom. "I can't hear dialing!"

Well, time for what's going to be the most awkward conversation of Wally's life.

Phone calls at five in the morning are never a good sign.

But as Ollie listens to Wally's almost incoherent ramblings, he catches one important detail. And three words immediately jump into his mind.

What the fu –

Truthfully Artemis probably would have yelled at Roy for a lot longer but hey, it's fanfiction right?

And I know calling their dog Spitfire is so cliché but I'm pretty sure most people called it anyway.

I really can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Lian in the show. Can you tell?

ASDFGHJKL. This show.

*goes back to reading comics*