Gaming's Next Generation

Part 3: Nobody's Perfect

Third Hour, Gym Class-

The bell rang to signal the start of the next class, with Angelina, Purple, Starlos, and Lulu running out of the locker rooms and a little late. Damien, Zelda, Elysia, Junichi, and Coby stood huddled in one corner, Lulu joined Skippy and Marcus in another corner, Angelina walked up to Tenn and Pink, and Purple leaned against the wall by himself. Starlos simply started spinning around randomly.

Then, the teacher ran in, standing before them within seconds.

"What's up, pupils!" Sonic exclaimed, blowing his whistle. "And hey, Junichi, you bein' good?"

"As always, Sonic!" Junichi responded brightly, even saluting. Sonic chuckled and turned to the rest of the class.

"There are only three rules to this class. One, always do you best and support teamwork! Two, everyone will participate, and three…just call me Sonic. No fancy titles or I'll send you to the principal. I've got connections with that guy."

"So, how'd you end up teaching gym?" Starlos questioned, scratching his head. Sonic started rocking on his heels.

"Technically, this isn't gym- this class is actually to hone and push your physical abilities, making you agile in the field…and because exercising is good for you anyway. Can't have a chubby hero, you know?"

"Cough-Mario-hack…" Purple sputtered in a non-discreet manner.

"Ooh, hard work," groaned Angelina. "After this class I'm going to need a dip in a Hot Spring…"

"After this class is lunch, Angie," Sonic snickered. "And this class isn't all that bad! Do you want to be gasping for breath while staring death in the face?"

"I have stared death in the face," Angelina huffed back, shaking her head. "And she might be pretty, but she's crazy."

"Anyway," Sonic continued, marching in front of the line like a soldier. "The answer to my question is no. Once you get past all the cool powers and neat weapons available, you realize that true skill comes from your physical capabilities. With a little hard work, you might be able to do something cool like this."

Sonic turned away from the class, crouched down a bit, and bolted to the other side of the gym. All thirteen students slammed into the golden wall with the windblown aftermath he created. They then watched as he ran right up the wall and onto the ceiling, back flipping and alighting back on the ground. He then sprung towards a corner, jumping from wall to wall. When he reached the top, he curled into a ball and flung himself at a dummy, which imploded into fluff after he shredded through it.

"And for the grand finale…"

Sonic grabbed at least five dummies within the blink of an eye, proceeding to run several circles around them afterward. A blue funnel was eventually created, with Sonic popping out, landing just in front of it, and snapping his fingers.

"Sonic Wind!"

The dummies exploded within the whirlwind, which flung the stuffing all over the place. The class just gaped as Sonic dusted his hands off.

"That's just a taste of what I can do," he explained, crouching down low and stretching his arms and legs out. "I'm also quite good with my fists and feet when the time arises."

"He is so full of himself," sighed Starlos.

"What a showoff," scoffed Purple, resting a palm on his forehead.

"Is it just me, or is the gym teacher kinda cute?" Lulu asked Marcus. Marcus looked disinterested.

"I don't think he's your type- after all, he's pretty much Junichi's dad! Wouldn't that be weird?"

"Well when you put it like that! Way to ruin it for me, Marcus!"

"All right, we'd better get started," Sonic carried on, picking up a ball and holding it high. "We're going to play a little game to see where our strengths are. If you primarily use a weapon, you may be at a disadvantage, though."

"Shoot," whined Zelda, throwing her cap onto the ground and stepping on it twice. Damien rolled his eyes.

"Such bad behavior for a princess."

"It's a little game I like to call Power Ball," Sonic explained, the ball now spinning on his finger. "It's sort of a combination of dodge ball and soccer. The goal is to make as many shots as you can and score the most points. However, if you are hit with the ball, you are out of the game. The team to last the longest or has the most points by the end wins."

All hands flung into the air.

"Ah, yes. You have to use either powers or physical attacks to move the ball and pass it among your teammates, with no crossing to the other side. Any other contact results in you getting out."

"Okay, that answered my question…" Skippy trailed, his hand lowering along with everyone else's.

"We're going to need Captains," Sonic stated. "Any volunteers?"

"Me," Damien said instantly, strolling forward on the spot. Zelda was groaning as she repositioned her cap back on her head. Sonic nodded, deciding that was okay.

"Anyone else?"

"I'll do it," Tenn offered, running up next to Damien. Damien nodded respectfully, gesturing to her.

"You may have first pick."

"Oh, hey, thanks!" Tenn beamed, then turned to the group. "Let's see…obviously, I think I'll have to pick Pink."

"Yeah!" Pink cheered, slapping Tenn a high five. She then looked thoughtful and turned to the teacher. "…can I use Pokémon, Sonic?"

"Yes, you can use Pokemon."

Pink sighed in relief as Purple nodded. Damien, meanwhile, picked his first member.

"Ah, yes, um…Elysia. You will be a valuable asset to my team."

Elysia smiled and joined Damien's side without a word. Tenn then picked Angelina, and that's when Elysia started nudging Damien.

"Pick Juni! Juni!"

"I was going to!" Damien hissed, waving to Junichi. Junichi cheered and rushed over to Elysia's side.

"Yay, we're together, Ellie!"

Tenn frowned now, hands behind her head and hip cocked to the side.





"Skippy, then."


"'Bout time, bro…" Zelda muttered, trudging over to her brother's side. Damien shrugged.

"I have the best interests at heart, remember. And I don't like Purple."

"And the teams are evened up…" Sonic trailed, scratching his head. "Damien? Do you mind being at a disadvantage?"

"I do not, because having my sister already puts me at a disadvantage."

Zelda glowered as Purple begrudgingly walked over to Tenn's team.

Tenn, Pink, Angelina, Starlos, Lulu, Skippy, and Purple went to one side while Damien, Zelda, Elysia, Junichi, Coby, and Marcus stayed where they were. Sonic asked if everyone was ready, then tossed the ball into the air and blew the whistle.

Time started. Chaos ensued.

"Duosion, front and center!" shouted Pink, unleashing one of her Pokemon. Purple scoffed and did the same as well.

"Prepare for battle, Nidorino!"

The two Pokemon appeared front and center as Tenn started the match off, using her telekinetic abilities to grab the ball without touching it.

"All right, I hope this is how it's done…" she trailed nervously.

"As long as you use powers or physical attacks, it should be fine," Skippy commented.

"Let's just win this this!" exclaimed Starlos, pumping his arms into the air. Tenn chuckled and proceeded with the game.

"Well, all right then!"

She then grinned and hurled it down towards the other team, her opponents unsure of what to do. Damien eventually took action, jumping to where the ball was headed and crying out, "Nayru's Love!"

The blue barrier quickly formed around Damien, shielding him from the ball and also reflecting it to the other team. Angelina looked up as the ball came over to her, and she immediately grimaced.

"Oh man, I'm no good without a weapon either!"

The ball glanced off her shoulder, yet despite the light contact, it sent the pink angel to the ground. Sonic blew his whistle on the spot and pointed off to the left.

"Looks like you're the first one out, Angie," Sonic stated as Angelina glided over to the bench with her arms folded.

"No weapons, that's ridiculous…"

"Yes, the next time you see someone swinging a sword or shooting a bow in a game of baseball you come and get me, then."

Angelina huffed and blew her curls out of her face as she was forced to watch the rest of her team snap back to attention. Pink had Duosion use Gravity to pull the ball closer to the group, followed by Lulu running up and striking it with a 360 kick. She smirked as she landed back on the ground.


The ball crossed the gym and flew at the other team like a rocket, with Damien barking at his teammates to get moving. Elysia was the one to heed the call, jumping into the air and kicking the ball back down with a powerful strike.

"Juni!" Elysia ordered as she crashed back down. "Next time it comes back, use a spin dash on it!"

Junichi blanched. "I'll do my best…"

Skippy slapped the ball back by outstretching his tongue, and Junichi curled up into a ball and began charging light.


The ball came down, and his team was wondering when he was going to strike.


Junichi was nowhere near as fast as Sonic, or Amy for that matter, but he could still perform a Light Speed Dash, which was enough to launch him into the air and strike the ball into the net. Elysia, Zelda and Marcus cheered, Angelina sighed from the sidelines, and Sonic broke out into a song and dance.

"Way to go, Junichi! Woo!"

"You're not supposed to show favoritism!" Purple exasperated. Sonic quickly caught himself and began coughing.

"Erm, yes, of course…but I'm so proud!"

Junichi returned to the ground and celebrated with his team. During this, Purple decided to strike back. Tenn psychically picked up the ball and turned to Purple.

"This one's coming to you, so be ready," she told him, as Purple faced his Pokémon. He struck a pose and gestured across the gym.

"Nidorino, Sludge Bomb!"


Tenn launched the ball back into action, Nidorino skidding to where the ball was. He launched a huge sphere of nastiness at it, aiming it at the still celebrating group. Damien was the only person paying attention and yelled, "Look out!"

The ball was naturally set to hit Junichi, but when Damien crashed him into the ground, he was knocked out of the line of fire and Damien was placed into it. Damien was struck by the ball, and the sludge, causing Sonic blew the whistle.

"Sorry, Damien. You are unfortunately out."

"Thanks, guys," he huffed, wrapping himself up in his cape as he turned his back on his team. He shook the sludge off said cape while trudging to the bench to sit next to Angelina. Angelina spread out her wings and simpered at Damien.

"So, come here often?"

"Great, now what are we going to do?" Zelda complained, only able to watch as Pink had Duosion use Psyshock to push the ball into the net and tie up the score while Junichi picked himself back up. "Damien is gone, and we all know I'm a sitting duck…"

"Not quite," Elysia stated, looking thoughtful. She turned to the blue fox who hadn't done much and thought of a plan. "Hey Marcus, are you good in combat?"

Marcus scratched one of his blue ears and shrugged. "I dabble. Why?"

"You and I are going to have to keep the ball from hitting anybody."

"What can we do?" Coby asked, referring to himself, Zelda, and Junichi.

"Junichi's going to make the shots, and…well, I'm not entirely sure of what you guys can do, heh heh."

"How about pay attention? !" cried Zelda, pointing at the ball. Lulu had sent the ball back over, and Elysia and Marcus were promptly on the front lines, using a combo punch to strike it. The ball plunged into Skippy's stomach, taking him out. The orange frog hopped off to join Damien and Angelina while Tenn used PK Thunder to envelop the ball and send it flying back at top speeds. Elysia and Marcus ducked, Junichi yelped and dove out of the way, and Zelda found herself flying into the wall thanks to the electrified ball.

"I am SO sorry!" Tenn cried from the other side of the gym. "I really don't know my own strength!"

"Nice power, Tenn," Sonic stated, blowing his whistle. "However, Zelda is out."

Zelda groaned loudly as she plunged herself next to her brother. Elysia sighed and kicked the ball to Marcus, who spun it into the air and had Junichi spin dash it towards the goal. However, he missed this time, and Starlos used his super spin to dart it right back. Coby got into it this time and removed his mask so he could suck the ball in, then spat it back out towards the other team.

"Poison Jab, Nidorino, go!" shouted Purple, grinning deviously and throwing his hand out. Nidorino ran towards the ball and jabbed it with a poison strike. It ricocheted off Nidorino's horn and flew back to the other team so fast that they didn't even have time to blink. It was a speed that impressed Sonic.

At least, until the ball hit Junichi.

"Dah!" the small hedgehog yelped, falling to the ground as Purple smirked.

"They're picking us off one by one!" Coby yelled as Sonic reluctantly blew his whistle.

"Sorry, Champ, you're out."

"Aw…" Junichi sighed dejectedly, going to the bench. Elysia frowned in dissapointment, until she noticed Purple looking very smug and proceeded to growl.

"That little shrew…"

Marcus was about to ask Elysia a question when he noticed the black-haired girl beginning to tremble, and Marcus gulped upon realization.

"Elysia, calm down, it's okay- COBY!"

"Is she mad! ?" Coby asked frantically, rushing over as Marcus nodded. Each of them grabbed a hand as Elysia went on the fritz, her head shaking and her ponytail whipping back and forth.

"What the heck is wrong with her?" Purple huffed, Pink, Tenn, Lulu, and Starlos gawking behind him. Marcus narrowed his eyes and glared at Purple.

"She's mad at you, punk!" he exclaimed furiously. "If we let her go, she'll suck the life right out of you!"

"Oooh, that's kinda scary," Lulu stated, shivering a bit.

Elysia ducked her head down, trying to hold it in, but it was too much for her to control. Those who weren't used to this side of Elysia gasped as she threw her head back and revealed her Metroid mouth, the mandibles frothing and out for life force. Purple literally flinched at the horrendous sight as Elysia battled to free herself out of Coby and Marcus' grip.

Somewhere along the way, the ball had gotten in Marcus' way, so he gave it a kick, and since no one was paying attention to the game anymore, he made a goal. Marcus would've been thrilled at that if his friend wasn't trying to kill someone.

Elysia's mandibles continued to snap in Purple's direction, and now all of Tenn's team was cowering behind her. Junichi couldn't stand to see Elysia like this for much longer and ran over to her. Lulu looked mortified as she rapidly shook her head.

"Junichi, what're you doing? !" she exclaimed in a strained whisper. "You'll get hurt!"

Junichi ignored the warning and continued to approach Elysia.

"Ellie, please stop, it's not good to be so angry," he pleaded, hugging her and being dangerously close to her face. "I know you don't want to do this, so you have to try your best not to let it control you…"

Elysia glanced down at Junichi, suddenly calming down, and retracting her Metroid fangs. Once she was no longer angry, she hugged Junichi back, and everyone sighed in relief. Sonic jogged over and bent down to Elysia, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"You okay, kiddo?"

"Mom's so going to kill me," Elysia muffled into Junichi's shoulder. Sonic chuckled and shook his head.

"Your mom and I might not get along as well as you and Junichi do, but she'll listen to me and she'll understand. She usually does come around. After all, I AM pretty good at convincing people!"

Elysia sniffed, nodded, and pulled away from Junichi, hanging her head as she now kneeled on the floor. Meanwhile, Sonic stood back up and blew his whistle.

"Ah, I think we'll wrap things up for today." He clapped his hands and everyone gathered around, although a few were a little hesitant to stand by Elysia. "You see, Damien's team winning this game was not the point of it. The point of it was to get you guys to see how much your teammates mean to you, and how to work together in different scenarios…"

"And to get the hang of using our powers and attacks," added Starlos.

"Also to help us use different move in different situations," threw in Damien. "It helps make us more versatile."

"Yes- also true. But if this was an actual battlefield and not just a game, you would have lost five people! Next time we play, remember to look out for your teammates as well, and not just for yourself. I always put my friends before myself in a battle, no matter what. Now go get cleaned up and make yourselves presentable for lunch."

The class dispersed into the locker rooms, except for Junichi, who instead sat himself back on the bench. Sonic, who was about to get a head stat on his chilli dog lunch, noticed this and walked over to him.

"What's up, sport? I know your best friend just turned into a crazy life-sucking monster, but something tells me that's not it."

Junichi sighed, swinging his legs. "It's just…well, so far, this school day has made me realize that there's nothing really special about me. Everyone else has powers or physical prowess or a weapon, but I…I'm just me."

"It's like your mother keeps telling you," Sonic explained, taking a next to him. "You'll find your special something one day. I didn't discover that I was the fastest thing alive until I was almost ten. It'll be soon for you, I know it!"

"Okay…" Junichi trailed. "But, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, kiddo."

"If Amy is my adoptive mom, then does that make you my dad?"

Sonic sucked his cheeks in.

"Not technically, no," he replied, seeing Junichi sag a little. Sonic then put a hand on Junichi's head and smiled. "But there's no one better to be a male role model for you than me!"

Junichi grinned and hugged Sonic. "Thanks, Daddy!"

He excitedly bolted for the locker room as Sonic blinked, then sunk into the bench with a small smile. This quickly went away when he heard someone snicker at the door.

"Congrats, Nic, it's a boy," Samus hummed, leaning in the doorway with her helmet off. Sonic grimaced and simply stayed where he was.

"He keeps calling me 'Dad' and it makes me feel old! But if it makes him happy, then I guess I can tolerate it…like I tolerate you calling me Nic."

Samus watched Junichi leave and simply sighed. "I'll never know how a kid like him managed to make friends with Elysia."

"Beats me too, especially since she's your offspring. Yow."

Samus took a few seconds to come up with a smart reply, but Sonic beat her to the punch with a statement of his own.

"She almost attacked Purple today."

"…He made her angry, didn't he?" Samus growled, slamming a fist into the wall. Sonic remained calm and nodded. "I told her that if she lost control even once-"

"It's not exactly her fault," Sonic pointed out. "It's your weird infused genes that caused that. Be happy that she didn't turn out part bird!"

Samus glowered back, and Sonic coughed and continued his point.

"Anyway, she can't really help it, you know. She tries so hard to keep it under control, but it always gets the best of her."

"Yes, but she needs self-discipline-"

"She needs reassurance," Sonic interrupted, shaking his head. "You're always breathing down her neck that you'll punish her if she even twitches an eye in fury, but it's just a natural occurrence that you're going to have to deal with."

"I know, but I hate it when she gets like that because-"

"You're afraid of her," Sonic replied simply, sullenly closing his eyes and letting it sink in. Samus had opened her mouth to reply, but instead she clenched her fist and hissed, whirling out the door in a huff.

"Who're you to tell me what to do?" he heard her growl. "You don't know anything about Elysia, and you can't tell me how to raise my daughter either, Nic."

When there was an unsettling silence that followed, Sonic merely whistled.

"See ya at lunch, Sam!" Sonic called brightly afterwards. He heard a loud boom follow, and Sonic had a feeling that Tails would be fixing a wall later.

Third Period, Science and Technology-

"Good morning, class! So pleased to have you here!" exclaimed Dr. Eggman, seated at his desk and poised in the same manner as Connor. Everyone but Connor lacked enthusiasm as they stared back. "My name is Doctor Robotnik, or Professor Robotnik if you prefer. That was my grandfather!"

"Professor Dragmire said we we're supposed to call you Egghead," commented Darcy, firing a spitball through a straw. It just missed Eggman's head and splattered on the huge monitor sitting behind him. Frowning, Eggman pushed a button, and the screen cleaned itself off.

"I believe that Professor Dragmire has some issues he needs to sort out…though I did hear that he got fudged today, did he not?"

"That was Connor!" Penji squealed, then covered up his mouth afterward. Connor tugged at his collar as Eggman stared down upon him.

"…atta nephew, Connor! Way to make your uncle proud! That jerk probably deserved it didn't he? No offense, Miss Dragmire."

"None taken," Zeborah replied, waving it off. "Just don't take it too far, m'kay?"

"Quite right."

"He doubted my mechanical prowess, Uncle Robotnik, and I simply had to show him that he was wrong."

"Completely understandable, my boy!" Eggman then pressed another button on his desk, this one causing the screen to light up with the name of the class. "Your third period is most likely your most practical class, so if being a crazy sociopath doesn't work out for you, you can do something else with your life! For instance, I've always wanted to become a teacher…"

He began to rant on about his hopes and dreams, with Dash falling asleep, Darcy firing more spitballs, Penji becoming completely fascinated, Holle making cow noises in the back, Junior also sleeping, Connor paying adequate attention, and Zeborah staring at the back of Connor's head and doodling little hearts on her paper.

"…and with this class, we'll have science projects, dissect a frog, build a computer, and create massive weapons that can blow up planets!" Eggman clicked his mouse and started up a slide show, featuring many of his creations…that had all been destroyed by Sonic. "You see, no matter how many times my plans are stopped, my technology allows me to keep coming up with new ones! Hopefully this class will help you build determination and character- Miss O'Donnell, will you please stop with the spitballs! ?"

"Who's going to make me?" Darcy scoffed, firing one more and striking Eggman right on the nose. Fuming, Eggman slammed another button on his desk, this time making a red orb pop out, which quickly transformed into a robot.

"Orbot 2.0 will make you, that's who!"

Orbot then retracted back into an orb, rolled over to Darcy's seat, popped back up, and used his laser vision to disintegrate the straw. Orbot returned back to Eggman as Darcy proceeded to whine. The class applauded.

"See, with a tool and a tinker, you can make robots that do your bidding! You only have to lift a finger and push a button! Life can be made simpler with some science and technology!"

"Okay, that kind of appeals to me, but it still sounds boring," grumbled Junior.

"I already have minions that do my bidding," sighed Holle. "Incompetent, yes, but they do a decent job."

"Anyway," Eggman proceeded with the slide show, now showing a picture of Chaos. "Reading a book can help too, because then you can come across spells and rituals for evil demons to do as you say! Here we have Chaos- I found out that he was trapped in the Master Emerald by reading some ancient echidna manuscripts, and he was instantly under my control!"

"Until he became perfect and completely brushed you off," huffed Dash. Eggman frowned and moved on to the next creature- the Biolizard.

"I came across this little beauty while searching through my grandfather's research! Thus, I went searching for the Ultimate Life form-"

"-Who ended up being Shadow, who went against you, and the Biolizard turned into the Finalhazard, and he never was even under your control," Zeborah pointed out.

"Yes, very true, but in cases like that, I improvise!" Eggman exclaimed, switching to a picture of Metal Sonic. "There's nothing better than having your enemy fall at the hands of himself!"

"While it is true that Metal has always gone after Sonic, he wants to kill you as well," Connor input. "How did that happen?"

"Blasted hedgehog…" was all Connor managed to hear after that, thus he returned his attention to the screen. Now there was a display of Solaris on there, and he instantly panicked.

"Ack, don't even go there!"

"I wasn't!" Eggman exclaimed, quickly changing the scene to Dark Gaia. "Ahem, continuing, this is Dark Gaia! A fearsome being that resides in the center of Mobius, I managed to discover him by shuffling through the Gaia Manuscripts and finding a way to break the planet open!"

"And as soon as he was complete he flung you into the middle of nowhere like a fat booger," scoffed Holle, cuing laughter.

"Uncalled for, Miss Hel!"

"We all know the story, Eggman," Darcy began. "You summon a crazy monster with your machines, it betrays you, and Sonic proceeds to beat it back where it came from."

"Hey, the Time Eater actually obeyed me!" Eggman pointed out. Dash rolled his eyes.

"No one even knows what really went on between you and Time Eater. All anyone knows it that two Sonics beat you like an egg!"

"That's not entirely the story, Mister Bowman-"

"So, is this class really to teach us how to cope with failure?" Penji asked innocently.

"It'd go hand in hand with history, that's for sure," snickered Junior.


Eggman pounded his fists onto his desk, activating several operations at once. Coffee spurted out of his coffee maker, his test tubes exploded, the screen went on the fritz and fell off the wall, and Orbot 2.0 jumped out of the desk and leapt out the window. The class just stared blankly as everything went haywire. When the fiasco finally came to a stop, Eggman was drenched with coffee, had a party hat tilted on his head, eggs on his goggles, and it didn't help that his theme song was playing. Eventually Junior stood up and walked to the front, gesturing to Eggman.

"And class, this is why technology sucks!"

Applause followed, the bell rang, and Holle was the first one out the door, screaming something about lunch. Upon hearing the magic word, the rest of the class bolted, yet Connor stayed behind to shut off the theme music. Eggman just blinked and heaved a sigh.

"Get ready, Connor, because we're starting a unit on how to clean a classroom tomorrow."

"I'll have an automatic broom built before then."

Well, Samus appears to be quite peeved, and I do feel bad for Eggman- he genuinely wanted to teach and they all gave him such a hard time. xD Regardless, I'm really looking forward to the next few chapters!