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Chapter 2- Diagnosis for All

Helen Magnus walked out of the private jet into the Newark airport, Newark, New Jersey. The dark haired woman waited a few minutes before both her companions joined her, and started walking down the hall towards the exit after they did. The three of them walked silently, barely looking at the familiar hallways of the airport as they did. They only spoke after the Newark airport symbol was stamped on their passports, talking in quiet, low voices.

"Who is this guy?" The blonde young woman asked, looking at Helen with blue eyes similar to her mother's.

"I believe he is an Empath of a rare kind. My father believed they evolved during the Vampires' time, though we never found any evidence of that. He believed," She continued as they walked into a private car with dark windows, "that the Empaths had a connection of some sort with the Vampires, and so their offspring was an Empath with Vampires blood. According to the blood tests he had in Princeton Plainsboro, he had a slight anomaly in his blood, which our researches proved is Vampires blood."

"And the Vampires' blood it has the same effect as it had on you?" asked Will.

Helen nodded. "I believe so." She looked at them seriously, her blue-green eyes scanning both her partner and her daughter. "We need to be careful."

"There's no telling what power he has," Ashley explained as she noticed Will's slightly questioning expression. "He could be nuts, like that Druitt guy," she added. She didn't notice the look exchanged by Magnus and Will, nor did she notice the sadness that appeared in her mother's eyes.

But before anyone but Will could even notice them, they were both gone, and Magnus was back to her usual self. "Exactly. And this is way we will leave everything at the Sanctuary and then head to the hospital." After a moment of thinking she added, "I have talked to Doctor Cuddy, the dean of medicine, and arranged a meeting between us and Doctor House. We will meet him for lunch."

"Why don't you two meet him while I'll get some info about our guy?" Ashley suggested. Her mother smirked, while Will chuckled. They both knew how much Ashley hated these official meetings. She preferred to gather information, meet other abnormals and get to know the city they were in.

"Yes, Ashley. Be careful," Helen added, looking worriedly at her daughter. No matter how well Ashley handled her work, Helen was always worried. Just as every normal mother.

"Sure," Her daughter fleshed a smile at her. Helen smiled back for a second before turning forward to look at the Sanctuary that slowly came into their view. The dark, castle-like building was big, even though compared to the Sanctuaries in London and Old City it was quite small. Helen seemed satisfied as they passed through the big gates and drove inside.

The car stopped by the entrance, but before they could get out the door opened, revealing a half-lizard-half-human character. The abnormal smiled at them as he noticed Helen and Ashley, which nodded at his direction or smiled back a slightly tight smile, depends on the woman. The abnormal's blue eyes met Will's for a second before turning back to Helen.

"Terrence," She greeted him as she left the car. "It's good to see you again." While waiting for Ashley and Will to get out of the car she studied him, and was clearly happy at the results. Then, after both the humans and their luggage were out, she continued, starting to head towards the Sanctuary's door. "Where is Abrams?" She asked.

"In D.C," Terrence replied. "He'll be back tomorrow. Your rooms are already ready and he'll see you as soon as he's back." Opening the door, the abnormal continued. "How are you, Helen? It's been a while."

"I'm alright," The woman replied shortly. "I see you're moving along the chain of command," She remarked, looking around her.

"Yes, and I find it very satisfying." His voice was polite. "Would you like to have a tour in our Sanctuary?" He continued when he noticed the three didn't move along with him, but stood by the closed door, their bags on the floor.

"No, thank you, Terrence. Will and I have a meeting to be in."

"And I was just leaving," Ashley added quickly.

"But," Helen continued while sending a slightly reproving glance towards the young woman, "we would love to have that tour when we're back. It's been a couple of years since I've last stayed here," She added, giving a slightly wistful glance to the big room around her. Sometimes she wished she could travel to all Sanctuaries around the world at least once a year.

"Sure. We'll wait for you, then." Terrence replied, clearly not happy at the response but trying to hide it. Helen nodded briefly before turning on her heels and walking outside. Will and Ashley hurried behind her, and caught up with her just as she opened the car's door. She waited, letting them in before getting in herself.

"Who is this guy?" Will asked curiously as the car rolled again, this time towards New Jersey.

Her response was short. "Terrence Wexford. I found him injured a few years ago at one of New York's alleys and brought him here."

Will opened his mouth to ask something more, but seeing Helen's concentrated face he closed it back and returned to his own thoughts as they drove past the city's edges. They dropped Ashley at the edge of the city before continuing their journey towards Princeton Plainsboro. Both Will and Helen stayed quiet as they drove through the highway, which would bring them right to the hospital in about half an hour. They both read the files. They both knew where they're going and what they're going to do. There was nothing left to say.

They arrived at the hospital in exactly twelve o'clock. Their meeting with House was supposed to start at twelve-thirty, and as always, Helen Magnus wanted to be sure that they're arriving in time. In her core, she was and will always be British. And so were her actions.

They got out of the car as soon as it stopped in front of the double entrance to the hospital. Then, slowly, they walked inside, looking around them at the busy hospital workers. They noticed the big reception desk, the elevators and the hallways coming from other parts of the hospital. Helen looked around, clearly looking for someone. She stopped when she noticed the clinic, silently telling Will to come after her.

They passed through the empty clinic and entered the office at the edge of it. Helen knocked on the internal door, waiting for permission to come in.

And indeed, Cuddy's voice sounded seconds later. "Come in."

Helen and Will entered. While Helen looked directly at the Dean of Medicine, Will looked around him, noticing the files on her desk, the sofas and the books. Only after studying the office he turned to the women.

"I'm Doctor Magnus," Helen declared, smiling politely at the other woman. "And this is Doctor Zimmerman," She added, gesturing towards her companion. "We're here for an appointment with Doctor House.

Cuddy got up, studying the two as she did. While Doctor Magnus was clearly a medical doctor, she didn't believe Doctor Zimmerman was, too. She remembered hearing Magnus' name before, though when, she couldn't tell. Nor could she tell what they have to do with House's new patient.

"Of course." Cuddy's response smile was small and polite. "Come with me."

She led them to the elevators and to House's office quietly. They walked quickly, all wanting to find House. Unsurprisingly, he and his team were in their conference room, clearly discussing the patient. Not waiting for him to notice them, she opened the door.

"House, you have a meeting."

"Don't you see we're having a differential?" He replied, gesturing at his team.

"Scleroderma," Thirteen suggested suddenly, not letting Cuddy reply.

Foreman shook his head. "Her skin's fine," He said. Then, after thinking, he looked at House. "Did you check for tumor?" He suggested.

House rolled his eyes. "You see, that's what happens when you He pretend to do quotation marks with his hands,-forget to wake up." Foreman opened his mouth to response, but House cut him off. "You say he's eating rotten food?"

Taub nodded. "Or so he says."

House nodded briefly, thoughtful. "Check for worms and start treating him with Mebendazole." His team nodded and got up, all turning to do their work. Only then House turned back to Cuddy and the group, looking at them with slight question. "What?"

Helen stepped inside, looking at him. "I'm Doctor Helen Magnus," She said. "I'm here to talk about your patient."

He didn't reply. Instead he turned to Cuddy and spoke in an annoyed voice. "Why did you call them? I told you we've got it under control!"

Cuddy's voice was slightly amused. "I didn't call them, they called me," She declared. "And the next time you try treating your patient with an infection, I will take you off that case," She added, warning him.

"Don't worry Foreman won't talk again," House retorted, sarcastic note to his voice. Cuddy didn't reply she just rolled her eyes at him and left, leaving the three alone. Both Helen and Will were still standing, waiting for the Doctor to turn to them. "What do you want?" He asked them eventually, after quickly studying them. He immediately noticed they came from Canada, and both had money. He also noticed only the woman was a medical doctor and that both were dealing with things he couldn't quite recognize. He didn't like it.

Magnus didn't waste any time. "We need your patient," She declared, her expression and voice showing House clearly there is no point to argue.

House looked at her carefully as he spoke in his usual sarcastic tone. "He's sick. He'll probably start dying as soon as you leave," He said.

"I can handle this," Magnus' voice was decisive.

"You're not a diagnostician," He replied, refusing to change his mind. He didn't like patients, especially not when Cuddy forced him to take their cases, but he loved the cases, and this one started to look good. And he liked it. "You're an idiot if you think you can treat him alone."

Magnus didn't reply to his last comment, though he could see it annoyed her. "I know more than you think, Doctor House." Her voice was quiet.

"I'm sure you do," He replied, cynical.

At that point her companion stepped in, noticing their quiet talk might stop being as quiet. "Is it true that-"

House's pager beeped, cutting Will off. He read what it said quickly and then stepped towards the door, leaning on his cane. He opened the glass door and only then looked back at the two. "Gotta go. Got a dying patient," was all he said, still in his sarcastic tone, before leaving.

Behind him, still standing in their places in the office, Will and Helen exchanged a look. "I guess that'll take a little more than a meeting," Will said eventually. Helen nodded.

House, in the meanwhile, walked towards the elevator. He hurried inside as soon as one showed up and pressed the ground floor button. Moments later he left the elevator, heading towards the exit. Then, not looking around, he left the hospital and went on his orange motorcycle. Minutes later he was already on his way home.