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Summary: Miu went back to past, and found out that her parents love story. What if they change the past? And will Miyu and Kanata still be together after anything? And how about Miu and Ruu? And since English isn't my first language (My first language is Chinese, Traditional Chinese), so please bear of my serious grammatical mistakes. And I hope you will love this story.

The evening of Saionji Temple was silent. The sun set on the west and the orange clouds it just like some orange marshmallows drafted in the beautiful dark blue sky. Everything seemed don't want to break the silence here, the birds didn't dare to sing, and the wind didn't dare to make a sound. But if you think that it was a beautiful and peaceful picture, well you're wrong. Maybe silence is good, but the silence that time was terrible. Don't know what I am going to say? Well you will see.

A girl with pink, curly hair sat on the stair which built before the temple; her emerald eyes were wet, red and swollen, and her face was pale just like a white paper. The feelings of sad, disappointed and helpless came to her mind. All the negative emotion came up in her mind. She didn't know what to do; she even didn't want to think anything. She just wanted someone who can right beside her, support her and shared the sadness and the tears with her. She was so helpless and too tired for this.

"Miu!" A familiar voice sounded, heard that someone called her name, she turned her face toward the voice came from. A certain blond with dark purple orbs sat beside her. And she tried her best to smile toward him but failed, more tears ran out from her eyes. She wanted to cry, but she didn't want him know that she was crying, because if he Knew that she was crying, his heart would broke into pieces. How come a boyfriend would happy to see that his girl was crying?

"Ruu..." The girl, who name Miu Saionji said, and she was the only daughter of the Saionji's. And she's too precious to the couples also her alien boyfriend, Ruu. She let out a sigh, didn't know what to say, and just buried her face into his chest. As a smart alien, and knowing that his parents in earth too much, Ruu stared to know that what happened. So he let out a sigh too, it's painful to a child to know that their parents are arguing. And he knew that since he was a little baby. When he was a baby, they argued for everything, he remembered that there was one time he made their face taped together because their argument.

"Their argument went to long and too serious, I afraid that they are going to divorce." Miu said with sobs. More tears rolled down, it just liked a nonstop waterfall…

The word of "Divorce" hit into Ruu's mind hardy. How comes a pair of couple who already have a seventeen years old daughter asked for divorce easily? What about Miu? Didn't they think about her? Knowing that Miu was really worried about it, he pulled her close and let her face rest on his chest, he didn't mind that his shirt soaked by Miu's tears. He held her trembled hand, sensed that she was so worry, he tapped her shoulder.

"Don't worry, and they won't, they loved each other so that they got marry and gave birth to you, so that they won't asked for divorce easily." Ruu whispered those comfort word into Miu's ears, his voice was so gentle, and made Miu felt that she's safe, and it gave her all the strength to face everything even it was a problem. Took a deep breath, and walked toward their house, but when she was about to open the door, to face her argue parents. She was a scent that was unbelievable. Her mom, a blonde woman who was carrying her luggage, she was angry that she even wanted to leave this house? Knowing her mother too much, she had never being so mad like this, it was the first time that she was so angry and even want to move out.

"Mama, where are you going? Don't leave me please!" Miu said with teary eyes. The tears were just dried by Ruu, but now, it returned even she had no tears to shed. She kept begging her mother not to leave. She couldn't lose her precious Mama, she loved her family because they just liked friend, her mom and dad treated her as a friend, not just a daughter.

Her mom, Miyu Saionji raised her face, to show her teary and swollen eyes. It told them that she had cried for a long time too, her lips were swollen from she bit her lips, her face was pale too. Even she's crying, she's still the most beautiful lady in Heiomachi. Her blonde hair just liked Golden River, flowing down to her waist, and it touch like satin. Every girl wants to have that kind of hair, and her emerald orbs just like the star shining in the sky. I can say that, she is beautiful in her mid-age.

"Honey, sweetie, Miu, I am sorry but mama have to leave this house. I think that I can't be with your papa anymore." Miyu said, and more tears came out. Miu could see that she loved papa, but there were some reasons that made her to make this painful decision.

Without any doubt, Ruu knew that he needed to convince to his papa in Earth while Miu was talking with her mom. Maybe papa could tell him what was happened between them since he's calmer than mama. He ran towards the dining room. Noticed that Kanata was lying on the ground, changed the channels of their TV senseless. He looked didn't mind that his wife was leaving. What a husband and didn't he care of his wife?

"Papa, mama is leaving, why you don't do anything about it? And what's happened between you two?" Ruu said, and robed the remote from Kanata's hand, that made Kanata glared at him.

"What can I do about it?" Kanata said, but his eyes still set on the boxing contest that showed in the TV, it made Ruu so annoyed, he stood before Kanata and stopped his track of watching the contest. "Don't bother me okay?" Kanata said, and he was ready to leave.

"Unless you tell me that what happen between you and mama!" Ruu said stubborn, he learnt a lot from his earthling parents, even their stubborn. "Miu is disappointed and sad, I can't imagine that what if mama leave and never come back!"

"If she wants to leave, just let her do it, and I won't prevent her, or chased after her or other silly things to make her stay." Kanata said, but he had never explained that what was happened. "I admit that I can't understand this woman, she is the one who started the argument, she yelled at me without reason. In fact, I can't stand her anymore, maybe it good for us to depart. Kanata, and tried to get back his remote but failed. Then he heard some gasped and the something dropped on the ground outside. His jaw dropped when he noticed that his wife and his daughter were standing outside the dining room with tears, she covered her mouth with her hands, and looked at Kanata in an unbelievable eyes. He slapped his forehead for he said something wrong. Well he didn't mean what he had said about, but he was too damn angry, too damn mad. "Miyu..." He said, and about too closed their distance, he wanted to explain what he had said about, but she took a few steps backward.

"Heard it, I heard all the things already. So you mean it right? This was what you think of me, right? You want me to out of your life, right?" Miyu said with sobbed; it seemed that the word hurt her lot. More tear rolled down on her rosy cheeks, she couldn't stand the heartache anymore. "Okay, I will leave you, and never come back! Do you satisfy about it?" Miyu shouted then she grabbed her bags on the ground and was about to leave, but the crying from her daughter stopped what she was going to do. She could saw that the tears from her daughter, and she was shocked, really shocked about it!

"Why,why you argue so much. Why you can't live peaceful? Don't you in love with each other? If not, why you two still get marry?" Miu yelled. Knowing the vows "For richer or for poorer, for happiness or for sadness, for health or for sickness. I will love you, protect you, and be with you till death let us apart." Is this sentence too easy to say? But it was too hard to achieve? She had dreamed a lot for starting a family with love and joyful, he had dreamed for starting a family that just like their family, but it seemed that their family not so perfect too. "And why do you still give birth of me? I had thought that I am the present of your love, but when I see you two argue every time, I couldn't find a reason to let me believe that you love each other, also I can't find a reason to live too!" Miu said and bit her lower lips to prevent more tears came out. "I am really tired of this. Tired of your argument, tired of convince between you two." She said and took two steps backward, then ran out of the room, she was about to run out of the house too.

"Miu!" The three blurted out. Knowing that Miu was lose control, they fellow after the running Miu. Even Miyu and Kanata, they had never seen that Miu was depressed just liked that, they could sure that Miu was so sad, so tired in this family…

Even the three was following her, calling her name to stop her, she just wanted to run, and she didn't want to face that heartache scent anymore. She was too sad, so that she didn't notice that there was something bad was going to happen, when she was running down of the stairs, a big worn hold appeared before, and it started to suck her in. knowing that it was really dangerous, since she would go to an unknown place if she fell into that hole.

Ruu was the first one who noticed that Miu was in dangerous, he ran toward her, and held her hand. Tried his best to save her, he pulled her back hardy, but the worn hole was too strong, he couldn't pull her back.

When the Saionji couple knew the situation, Miyu was the first one stepped out and tried to save her children, she couldn't let their children fell into dangerous, But Kanata prevented it since she would fell in dangerous too, he had to save her from the dangerous even they were in argument, also, he believed that Ruu could save Miu, he believed that even they fell into the hole, Ruu could find a way to go back here.

"Miu, Ruu!" Miyu cried, she tried to get out of Kanata's gripped but failed, she didn't strong enough. "Help them, let me help them!" Miyu blurted, she looked at Kanata, begged him that to help them.

"They can make it, Ruu can make it. It's dangerous for us to near the hole, since it may suck both of us into the hole!" Kanata said, and he looked at the hole, it was going to disappear, if it disappeared, they won't get into the danger, he waited for that moment. "Believe in Ruu!" Kanata took a breath and added.

And Ruu, he used all of his power to full Miu back, but he didn't have enough energy anymore, they fell into the hole together, just right before the hole disappear. The couple didn't have the power help it. They saw their children fell into the hole again. Miyu knelt down on the ground while she saw Ruu and Miu disappeared right before her, she felt sallow, said, also a bit regret. And Kanata hugged her to comfort her, he patted on her back, tried to tell her that they would be okay. Even he's pain too, he had to do it. Miyu buried her face on Kanata's chest and cried loudly.

"Miu, you have to come back safety, you have to safe. And I promise you, after you go back your home, I won't argue with you Papa anymore." Miyu thought in her bottom of her heart. "God, please save them, please let them return as soon as possible." She prayed to the god silently, hopping that Miu's safe.

The sky got dark already, it's really dark that on the stair, it seemed that there was nothing happened before, just liked normal, the time continued to run, and everything continued their track…


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