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Summary: Miu went back to past, and found out that her parents love story. What if they change the past? And will Miyu and Kanata still be together after anything?

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"You are really a bastard." Miyu said with her oddly voice, and walked away toward Christine. She didn't look at him anymore; it seemed that she was really angry, annoyed, and disappointed about him…

Oh god, the things got worse, AGAIN! Kanata knelt on the ground and shout in his heart.

Besides, Miu and Ruu saw all the things, Miu looked at Ruu with her almost pale face, she was worried about their relationship, and Ruu, who was the one worried the most…he bit his lower lips and he needed to make all the things to be normal, he needed the future he wanted…

"What are you going to do?" Kanata asked, right after the event between him and Christine, Miyu went back to her room and packed her luggage. It seemed that she wanted to leave.

"Move to my own house, I don't want to live with a jerk anymore." Miyu said angrily, "A heartless jerk!"

He's heartless? How comes he became a heartless again? He admitted that he was, but after Miyu and Ruu came to his life, he wasn't a heartless guy anymore. Giving out a sigh, it was the same situation as three years ago, the first night they lived together. She was angry and she wanted to find a place to live, then Ruu and Wanya dropped on the temple, and it was the reason she stay. And now she wanted to move, it could show that she hated him a lot right now.

Miyu opened the door, and there was something flying toward them, yes, a tiny pink spaceship was flying in the sky, and it was about to crush toward them, didn't have any hesitate, he stood before her to be a shield, not matter he was shock with his widen eyes, he still wanted to protected her, and Miyu, who fell on down, so unbelievable what had happened, even it was so similar as three years ago. After that, the spaceship disappeared suddenly,

"Miyu, are you okay?" Kanata said after he recovered from the event happened before, he knelt down and faced Miyu with concerned. Worried about she got hurt from dropped on the floor.

A space-ship, a blond hair baby, a talking cat like dog, those things were in Miyu's mind deep inside. She recalled the things three years ago, when she was a middle school student, she looked after an alien baby with Kanata.

"Ruu-kun…" Miyu mumbled, but the voice was so clear for Kanata to hear, he looked at her with shock, then he saw that some tears formed in her emerald eyes, he knew that she recalled something important for them.

The feeling of heart-broken in her heart, she could recall the most painful day in her life, when the 'family' was forced to part. She rushed to Kanata and hugged him tight to tell him that she didn't want to part. The tears rolled down on her cheeks, on the floor non-stoppable, and then she sobbed, after a few moments, the sob turned in to a loudly crying.

"Miyu….." Kanata said as stared at her, waiting for her to stop crying; he patted on her shoulder to calm her down.

Suddenly, Miyu threw her arms around Kanata's neck, and buried her face against his chest, just like before; Kanata didn't say anything, he just round her waist, to smell her scent once again.

After a moment, she stopped crying and pushed him back, and she mumbled a sorry toward him, But Kanata just held her to the dining room, find a chair to let her sit down, and made her a cup of milk.

"We had a lot of adventure before." Kanata said with his smile, remembered the sweet moment they had three years again, he had to admit that he enjoyed it very much, even they argued a lot, he love it. How many times he saved her from danger? How many times they have sweet time with Ruu? How much he loves her? He couldn't count it, it was too much…

"Are they wonderful?" I mean the memories…" Miyu asked, her eyes looked into Kanata's amber ones, Kanata caught it, he could notice that there were something different in her eyes, and it was the eyes he wanted to find on her, it was so dearly and lovely for him…

Slowly stroked her hair, then her cheeks, he noticed that she became reader then before.

"Even we argued a lot, most of the memories are the most wonderful time for me." Kanata said gently, and he looked into to her emerald eyes once again, he loved it really much.

Their eyes met, and he lead more closer toward her, and he lowered his head, and Miyu, who had already close her eyes, waiting for his lips touched hers. Finally, their lips met, it was a sweet, passionate but also tender kiss.

"So, we are together because of Ruu?" Miyu asked, and her question hit into Kanata's heart once again, he knew that she wouldn't recall everything so fast, but he still disappointed that she wouldn't.

"If he hadn't come to the earth crush on our temple, you had left already." Kanata said with his usual smile, it was hard to keep happy, but he had to, he took a breath to calm him down. "I know that you still need time, I won't force you, I will give you time to recall all the memory between us."

She didn't have the idea, and she didn't know the reason, she just felt so safe and sound while with Kanata, she knew that she didn't have to afraid while they were alone, no matter there was any trouble, or danger.

"I am sorry, sorry for giving you bad words." Miyu said, he isn't a jerk, she thought herself, at least she knew that he was kind as he took care of Ruu in his house.

"I am the one who should apology, I am just worrying that losing you, but I bothered you and your friends…" Kanata said, yes, what he talked about was the truth, he worried that losing her, and he did something that he had already knew that Miyu hated him to do. "I didn't mean to do something to scare you; I didn't mean to bother you." He added.

He pulled her closer to himself; he missed the moment that they were so close, even though the event was just weeks before, it was just like years for him…

As the same time, Ruu was sitting on the floor, and we could see that the sweat on his forehead, his breath was non-even, and Miu just sat beside him, looked at him with concern.

"Ruu, are you okay?" Miu asked, and she handed a handkerchief to let him wiped away his sweats.

"I am okay, it just too waste my super-power of letting my UFO flying in the sky again." Ruu said, and yes, the UFO flying event was made by Ruu, he knew that he had to do something to save their relationship, so he made the accident, and it was just like the event before, he decided to bet, so he used his super-power to create the spaceship, and letting it flying, but as a normal teenager in Otto-planet, the super-power would disappear, but as his pure heart, he could keep his super-power, but it was getting weaker when he getting older.

"So take a rest first, you can't use your super-power here again, I don't want you being like this." Miu said with concern, she didn't like that Ruu used his super-power since he was getting weaker after using it. "I am going to give you a cup of water first." Then Miu rushed toward the kitchen to get some water.

"Thank you." Kanata said, and Ruu looked up, yes, he was standing before him, it seemed that he noticed that event was created by him.

"So the reason of knowing I am the one to control this is…" Ruu looked at Kanata with challenge, wondering why he knew the truth, he worried that Kanata had noticed that their identity already.

"You are aliens, right? I know that some aliens had super-power." Kanata said with chuckle, "Remember that I had took care of an alien baby for a year before."

Sighed with relief, Ruu felt that all his muscle was tense, but it all relaxed right after that Kanata told him the reason. How he worried that Seiya had told Kanata that their identity? It might destroy the future if they knew the future.

"And now I want to ask you that…Why you helped me, I can see that you are tired as runner a marathon right after you used your power." Kanata said, yes, he noticed that Ruu was very weak. "You know that, you don't have to do it…"

"I just want to help you to win her heart back; you don't have to ask any reason." Ruu said. "I just hate the guy who named Kurita, since he used his power, money to take advantage on Miyu-chan and you."

"Whatever, thanks very much." Kanata said with his usual smile, he knew that everything would be normal, all he needed to do was letting Miyu recover from her amnesia, if they were destiny to be together, he didn't have to afraid of Kurita, plus he had a gang who could help him, an alien who knew to use super-power.

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