Author's note: As often this was planned to be a story made of songfics, and as always I bitterly notice that often the lyrics don't collide entirely with my line, so I decided to just put a part of the lyrics, the one that fits better at the beginning of the chapter, and give the song's name as a title, so these are not songfics, actually.

Nothing in this story respects exactly the lines of game, manga and anime. Truth to be told, it's quite a big mess…

Some of the chapters would be really short =(, maybe too short, but it depends on how it comes

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Song: Hero by Skillet

I'm gonna fight for what's right

Today I'm speaking my mind

And if it kills me tonight

I will be ready to die

Young Spearows are impossible to look after, they're troublemakers for nature. One of them in particular drove the poor Falkner mad. It always found a different way to escape.

Once it was night and the bird master just finished his dinner , when his loyal Pidgeot came in all worried, he understood immediately that little rascal escaped.

Falkner hurried himself out, running towards the small wood which separates Violet City from Ecruteak City. He forgot the pocket torch at home, and even if the wood isn't so big, at that time of night it was completely dark. He avoided one or two trunks for miracle.

Arrived in what was supposed to be the middle of the forest, he could hear it crying, the noise came from an oak tree behind the bushes. He clumsily jumped them, but a thorn pierced his pajama trousers

"Screw me and when I didn't bother to dress!"

and he fell in a kind of a ditch he had never noticed before.

Standing there, entangled between the plants like a moron, he was about to give everything up and just sleep there to wait until it was day. The poor Pidgeot couldn't help if it wanted to, the vegetation was too thick for his noticeable body to be penetrated.

The sharp cry came again. The little irresponsible should have put himself in a huge trouble, as it sounded desperate. Falkner breathed deeply and eventually, having wounded almost his whole body and almost completely torn his pajama, he succeeded to get the damn out of that pit.

He stumbled several times, and hit his knee against a rock before he could reach his Spearow, obviously pains weren't over. It was trapped in a pit under the rocks by a flock of Paras and Parasect .

Falkner had to get rid of them someway, and his Pidgeot was nowhere in sight. He desperately attempted to jump over them and grab Spearow, but things went worse, he fell to the ground, hitting the shoulder badly against a trunk, the pain was too strong to bear, and he could harshly get up.

When he was thinking he wouldn't have gone home without any kind of insect sting, a strange feeling overcame him, like a kind of vapor scared all the bug pokèmon away.

He was scared too. He shivered when he felt a cool hand lifting his body up from the ground, and there Falkner saw him: violet amethyst eyes, blonde hair wrapped back with a purple headband and a long scarf that had the same motive, he wore a grin on his face "Going sight-seeing the forest with the darkness?" he offered.

The bird master was about to reply him in a not so polite way, but all his mouth managed to mutter was just "Spearow.." the little asshole came out all happy and jumpy, playing around with his Gengar.

He lifted Falkner's legs up to carry him out. The bird master could remember about his care towards the injured shoulder, even if he said him nothing, the stranger knew.

"Where are we going?"

"You need to be seen by a doctor, wouldn't you get home in these conditions?"

Falkner didn't have the power to answer, he just stared at his reassuring smile. The bird master assumed he passed out some minutes later, and when he woke up in the hospital room, the stranger was gone.

The doctor told him the shoulder wasn't broken, thanks to Articuno. He also scolded Falkner for having decided to pass the forest without a torch or any pokèmon.

Damn it! He thought the stupid Spearow was in the surroundings! Who could have imagined it was in such a trouble!

The bird master questioned him on who brought him to the hospital, the doctor said it was Ecruteak Gym's leader Morty.

Falkner was still new, and apart from Bugsy, than he had been knowing for a long time, and Clair(Who in this damned region doesn't know her?) he could harshly figure out how Morty would have looked like. He was sure he had already heard the name before, but the two didn't ever meet in person before that night.

When Falkner asked why he left, that doctor answered abruptly "He has duties out of babysitting newbies around Jotho!"

If it wasn't that his shoulder still hurt like hell, Falkner would have punched him in the face so powerful that he would have bounced against the wall for an entire week!

When he went back home, the bird master had to hear lectures from Violet City citizens. Falkner damned them all. When you do a little mistake they're all ready to point fingers towards you. Some of concern, some of shame others of anger. He could bear none of them.

Falkner shut the door of his gym, hoping there wouldn't have been other pain in the ass. And as it was. Two trainers came to fight, but they were sent home in less than five minutes.

He was moving to his home to put something under the teeth, it was almost six in the afternoon "How are you?" a voice called him from the back, Falkner turned and saw Morty there, staring at him, grinning, hands in his pockets "I'm fine, thanks. You didn't have to help me, I'd have found a way to escape myself" he came closer and ruffled his hair playfully, Falkner felt his cheeks burning in what he assumed to be shame, then the ghost master said, in a jocking, yet so sweet tone "You're welcome"

Falkner was stunned for some seconds, before he had the chance to put some words together, and he answered in a rather bitter tone "I don't need a baby sitter to follow me, I am a bird master and I can watch myself"

He then cursed himself in the moment that words left his mouth, but instead of getting upset, Morty smiled "What? Am I so silly?"

"No, you're cute"

"I am not, stop treating me like a stupid puppy, you all!"

The ghost master raised both his hands in sign of peace "Sorry, I didn't mean that"

"Fine. Anyway, what are you doing around here?"

The blonde looked at his feet, lightly blushing "I…I needed to left while you were at the hospital, and just wanted to see how you were….you know, we must be friendly between gym leaders…" a little moved by that cute expression, Falkner let the shield fall "I'm having something to eat, wanna join me?"

Morty looked nervously around as to ensure not to be seen "Ehm..why not?"

Falkner poured them both a cup of tea and served some petit biscuits "I'm sorry, I don't have anything special, but I don't pay all this attention to the quality of food"

Morty gave him a warm smile "That's just fine thank you"

The bird master noticed his guest's hands were trembling, just then he saw Morty wore rather heavy clothes despite it was middle spring and the weather was pretty warm.

"Are you sure you are okay?" he asked skeptically "You're trembling like a leaf and it's almost twenty-three degree Celsius outside…"

"Oh, no, don't worry. It's nothing, sometimes it happens, something connected with the nervous system"

"Okay…" noticing the subject was making Morty feel nervous, Falkner decided to change topic "How did you hear me in the middle of the forest? People in Violet City heard nothing, and it's the same length as Ecruteak so…how?"

The blonde rose a corner of his mouth as to smile shyly "Well, I was having a walk…"

"In the middle of the night?" Falkner's eyes were open wide

"I could get no sleep….and I heard you…the rest of the story, you know too well"

"Yes. And where did you go after bringing me to the hospital?"

"Ehm, my boyfriend… he is looking for Suicune… and I am helping, while you were at the hospital, he called me saying the pokèmon was located somewhere around Cerulean City, and I had to follow…"

Something in Morty's voice alarmed Falkner, it was like the boy had something to hide; something he wanted to confide but wasn't sure of "I understand, duties are duties. Where's your boyfriend now?"

"He's in Cianwood City, he would have called if he needed any help… actually I took advantage of his temporary departure to come and visit you…he's all the way jealous and, he could get upset if he knows…and I don't like to see him upset…"

Falkner raised a brow "Jealous of me? Why? He doesn't even know me, and even if you are here, we've never had a real conversation until ten minutes ago. And anyway, if we were friends, there's nothing to be jealous for some time spent together"

In that moment, the lost Spearow appeared from the back of the kitchen pecking on Falkner's head, he grabbed the pokemon chuckling "Here you are! You've escaped again!"

The little bird turned to face Morty, and as soon as it recognized him, jumped on his lap playfully "Hey…do you wanna play with Gengar?" the ghost master called out his Gengar which, recognizing the Spearow, played with it, both rolled happily into the floor.

For the first time in the day, Morty noticed Falkner smiling "They're cute and happy together" sighed the ghost master, leaning his head on hand "You know, it's the first time Gengar trusts a pokèmon it has just met"

Their eyes met for a second, then they both turned their faces away, knowing they were staring at each other.

Morty coughed standing up "Ahem…thank you, may I help washing them up?" he asked holding the empty cups and plates in his hands

"Oh, no it's fine…"

"You are still half injured"

Falkner grunted in protest, but then knew it was useless.

Morty soaped and washed the dishes carefully, Falkner looked at him, and noticed he didn't hitch his sleeves up "Hey, your sweater's gonna get wet…"

The other answered without turning his face "It doesn't matter, water's gonna dry sometimes"

"If it's fine to you, it's fine to me too" said the bird master, shrugging.

When Morty was finished, his pokegear rang "Yes? Don't worry love, I'm on my way back home…I was training…..yes, sure…it wouldn't happen anymore….no one, I swear!...okay see you there"

Falkner could swear to have seen a glimpse of fear in those violet orbs, and the expression on Morty's face at the end of the call was everything but reassuring. The blonde rose his head to meet Falkner's concerned look "It's okay…I…It's better I go now…thank you for your company…"

Before the bird master could say anything, the other hurried towards the door, going out as to run.

Falkner stared at him going away, feeling some kind of sad in his own, what was going on?

For two weeks, Falkner heard nothing from Morty, when one morning, he was woken by a powerful knock on his door, he opened to a man with a white cape, light brown hair held back like a miltank just have licked them, with a lone rebel bang on his face, he was glaring at him "So what were you doing with my boyfriend?"

Falkner widened his eyes "Me? Your boyfriend? I'm sorry I think you've mistaken person…"

"Don't try to fool me! I know Morty was here! You let him in!"

Here was the boyfriend Morty talked about, looking at him with attention, Falkner asked himself what could be fascinating in that man

"We did nothing apart drinking a tea together, he came here to know how I was with my injured shoulder. What do you want from me? You don't know me, you can't even state if I like boys or not!"

Eusine shook his hand "You all say the same bullshits! Stay away from him! He is mine!"

That word made Falkner's precarious patience be lost "Hey! You're not talking about an object! Even if I don't know him well, you have no right to say this about a person!"

The white caped man grabbed Falkner from the collar of his shirt, growling at his face "Listen to me, you little bird, if I catch you again with my boyfriend you'll better leave the region, cuz I don't know what I could be able of!"

Even if he noticed Eusine was ways stronger than he actually was, the bird master didn't fear his threatening "Dare to touch or bother me again, and then there will be you the one who has to leave the region!"

"Don't joke, buddy! You will regret it! I put stronger people KO, I don't fear you!"

With that, Falkner was abruptly shoved on the ground, he watched as Eusine left, and then shouted behind him "I don't know how that boy could be so loyal to a pig like you! If I was in his shoes I'd not thought about breaking up with you for a second longer!"

The man turned back, approaching Falkner and lowering at his eye level "You really think that boy is a saint? Well, maybe he should tell you all the truth from his past…"

With that, Eusine left, leaving Falkner thoughtful on the ground.

He didn't go to the gym that day, Eusine's words left him stunned, he tried to figure out what Morty could have done again and again, but yet there was nothing useful that came up to his mind.

He thought about the particular of his sleeves down during the washing up, or the fact that he wore heavy clothing in a rather hot period. Could he be some kind of self-mutilating person? This was the most reasonable explanation he could give, and Morty's odd behavior and mood changes seemed to confirm that theory. Having to deal with ghosts and a boyfriend like that, should be a very hard psychical pressure.

A knock on the door shook him from his thoughts, he opened to find the former Elite Four psychic master Will, the two had been friends for quite long now, as Will helped Falkner with training a Natu he found. And their friendship improved during the years.

"Hey, Will, what brings you here?"

The masked man smiled "I was bored of being at the Indigo Plateau, today Lance left because, he had to catch a wild Bagon that was creating problems…"

Falkner raised a brow "You don't seem so convinced about it…"

"I know what Bagon he talked about, I have a blind eye, but I'm not stupid. I noticed how that ex-Hoenn Champion is around him, and Lance could be how emotionless he wants, he couldn't hide it: his cheeks turn purple every time his crush's name comes out!"

"Are you talking about Wallace? The one that was the water type gym leader in Hoenn before?"

Will shook his head "No. He isn't interested in men as far as I know, and anyway, he doesn't match Lance. I'm talking about Steven, he was the steel master, he kept the charge for two years I think then left it to Wallace to dedicate his life finding stones. I don't know how they met, I tried to peek my nose in, but when I asked the stubborn dragon almost shot me."

The bird master chuckled "I'd never said Lance could be a lover…"

"Me neither, but I'd never swear me and Sabrina would ever got together either"

"Why haven't you visited her yet?"

"I'm going this afternoon, she had some challengers to fight in the morning"

Will noticed Falkner's temporary absence "Hey dude, is everything alright?"

"Almost…what do you know about Morty?"

"That he is an idiot, that's all! I've known him for years and he still keeps on being together with that rat called Eusine. That damned man is using his paranormal powers to find and catch Suicune, yet the poor stupid doesn't want to break up!"

"I noticed…"

A smile painted on Will's lips "Someone here is getting a crush?"

Falkner became red in face " No! He helped me when I was wounded catching a Spearow…then he came back to see how I was…we ate something together, nothing more. But that damned white cape must have mistook it all, accusing me to cheat!"

"I know what you're talking about. I've been with Sabrina for three years now, yet, every time I go to Ecruteak and visit Morty, I always have to deal with that poop face pissing me off! He is possessive, he threats Morty like some kind of object, and this is not natural!"

Falkner nodded "I noticed it..and I'm afraid he reacts by cutting himself or stuff like that"


"Yes, have you ever noticed he wears a scarf even though it's almost summer? And that sweater? Think that he didn't even bother to pull his sleeves up while doing the washing up!"

"I'd not be surprised if he does like this"

"I don't know, I might be acting like a fool, but I'm concerned about that guy, and even if I barely know him, I'd like to help him to snap out of this situation…"

Will sighed "I wish you good luck then, Eusine is a piece of asshole! You know last year he was clearly flirting with my brother? Thanks to Arceus Lucian's not one to be easily fooled, but he had to turn him down several times before the idiot understood. That's why I say he sees Morty like a toy, nothing more. Maybe he's not even attracted, but he's useful to him"

"So, he could flirt with anyone while the other can't even hold a conversation?" Falkner clenched his fists "If I just catch him again…I'm gonna cook spaghetti sauce with what's left of his body!"

Will couldn't hold back a laugh "You seem to be brave enough, and anyway, whenever you need help, just remember me and Sabrina are here."

Falkner looked up at his friend "Thank you Will"

The psychic master smiled "It's nothing, I guess this is what good friends do"

A hero's not afraid to give his life

A hero's gonna save me just in time