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"Chapter 2 – Amish Girl"

We'll move away from our protagonist for a bit because this story won't start with her; it'll end with her, though, don't worry.

Our story's gonna pick up in LA, but it starts out in rural North Carolina almost a year ago, a big stretch don't you think? Well it starts with a little Amish girl, roughly fourteen maybe fifteen. She wakes up in her bed to the sound of screaming out in the field. Slowly, she rises out of bed and—after making sure her night gown is straight—heads downstairs out to the farm to see the commotion. Once there, she sees her whole town has gathered by the waters.

"What's happening?" she asks quietly of the person nearest her. A girl maybe a year older than her with the same blonde hair turns back to her. "Oh Sarah," she breathes in relief as she rushes the younger girl into her arms. "You had me worried when I didn't see you with the others!" Slowly, Sarah hugs the girl back. "What is this gathering, Katherine?" she questions. "Why has the town gathered at the river?"

Katherine keeps her hold on Sarah. "Lady Winsor found a child—a newborn—in the reeds," she explains. "The baby's umbilical cord was still attached when Lady Winsor found it, and she called her son to travel into town to find a phone." Sarah gasps and covers her mouth. "Whose child is it?" she inquires. Katherine shrugs as she finally pulls from Sarah. "No one knows yet," she breathes. "We're waiting for the paramedics to arrive. Maybe they can tell us whose baby it was."

Sarah gasps loudly, causing a few people to look back at her. She grabs at her stomach and lets out a loud scream of pain as she doubles over. More people start to look at her, especially as the blood begins to stain the front of her nightgown. She clings to Katherine's arm, digging her nails into Katherine's sleeve as she cries out in pain.

"Sarah?" Katherine cries. "What's wrong?" The sound of shoving and small cries come from the crowd as Sarah's mother, Lady Mayfield, races to her daughter. "Sarah?" she calls out. "Sarah, what's wrong?"

She reaches her daughter just as poor Sarah falls out in Katherine's arms.

~*Let's go two towns over*~

The paramedics arrived maybe five minutes after Sarah had fallen out and—after searching for the supposed mother of the ill-fated newborn—they loaded an unconscious Sarah and her mother into the back of the ambulance to take her to the nearest hospital. The Amish aren't big on life-saving technology, but you should've known that, shouldn't you?

"What's happened to her?" Lady Mayfield whispers to a doctor as she sits by her daughter's hospital bed and holds her hand. Sarah's been out for at least half an hour now. The doctor looks at his clipboard, scanning Sarah's file. "Did you know your daughter was pregnant?" he asks without answering her question. Lady Mayfield gasps. "Why, certainly you lie," she hisses with angered eyes. "My daughter has never lain with a man in all her life, nor will she do so until her wedding night."

The doctor frowns. "I'm afraid to tell you that your daughter was in fact pregnant," he informs her. "Her body shows that she'd given birth maybe four or five hours ago. There were no traces of her umbilical cord inside her body, so she must have cut it herself."

"Mama," Sarah calls out weakly. "I'm so sorry…" Lady Mayfield looks down to her daughter and grabs her hand tightly. "There's nothing to be sorry for, dear," she whispers gently. Slowly, Sarah shakes her head. "Yes there is," she denies. "I lied to you as well as the town. I…I was pregnant, and I-I didn't tell anyone." Tears come to her eyes as she takes in shuttering sobs. "The baby was dead when he came out, so I...I thought I could hide him and maybe one of the animals would get him. Then n-no one w-would have to know. I'm so ashamed, Mama. I'm so sorry…"

Lady Mayfield gently rubs Sarah's hand with her eyes closed; she doesn't know how to feel about this. She knows it's a good thing her husband is no longer alive, otherwise he would make it his personal mission to punish Sarah until he dies…or she dies…whichever came first. "It is alright, sweetheart," she breathes. "This will be our secret; we'll say you got real sick, but you're all better now. We'll let them say the baby belonged to someone else, that it was carried in by a stray animal." With a small sniffle, Lady Mayfield looks to the doctor. "Can I take my daughter home now?"

The doctor nods. "We'll just need her to stay here for a few more hours while we run some tests first," he replies. He frowns somberly, holding the clipboard tight in his hands. "And I'm afraid I have bad news..."

Lady Mayfield stands, keeping her hand tight on her daughter's. "What do you mean?" she questions. "Is everything alright?" The doctor nods his blonde head to the side instead of answering. "Can I speak with you over there for a moment?" he suggests. Reluctantly, Lady Mayfield kisses her daughter's hand with small words of reassurance and follows the doctor near the window at the other end of the room.

"What is wrong with my daughter?" she demands with her arms crossed. Her voice is tired, annoyed. The doctor sighs. "The baby was stillborn like your daughter said," he begins, "But I'm afraid it's more than that. I'm afraid your daughter isn't meant to have children." Lady Mayfield gasps and covers her mouth, shaking her head. The doctor nods slowly. "It's a miracle the baby lasted as long as he did," the doctor adds.

Lady Mayfield stifles a sob as tears fall from her tired brown eyes.

The wolf howls sadly in the distance.

He has lost another mate…