Chapter one.

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'Bored. Bored. Bored. I am so bored.' I thought as I lounged on a couch in my grandfather's office. Let's recap shall we? My name is Izabella Crumbs, but I go by Bella cause my real name is too long. I live with my grandfather Crumbs. Yup, thats him, the famous old Professor Crumbs of the wizard world. I am the family wizard because I'm an only child. Who in the worlds created the rule that only one person in a family can have their powers in the first place? It's terrible that siblings have to compete against each other to keep their powers. When I'm older I want to be on the wizard council so that I can abolish that law. Anyways, like I said I'm the family wizard and I'm only 12. Oh and on top of that I just got my full powers and they just settled in. You see when a young wizard first gets their powers they go out of control. It was actually pretty halarious, I accidentally one time sneezed and my grandfather's beard turned into linked sausages! That was the best day ever! Anywho back to today. Wait, does anyone say anywho anymore? Oh well. I was laying upside down on the couch with my feet in the air and my brunette topped head on the floor. Crumbs is always busy with something and I hang in his office often. He's always saying that he needs to start my wizard training but never has the time to. As I pondered my thoughts my grandfather flashed in. "Hello Izabella, how are you today?" He asked. I sighed and sat up on the couch.

"I'm fine," I simply answered. There was a silent moment before my grandfather spoke again.

"Izabella I need to speak with you," Crumbs said while motioning me to the chair in front of his desk.

While I sat I hurridly said, "Whatever you think I did, I didn't do it."

Crumbs chuckled and said, "No, no you didn't do anything bad, that I'm aware of." He added the last bit looking at me suspisiously before continuing. "I am aware that your full powers have now settled in and I need to start you training. I must also admit that I do not have the time to train you. With that said I have asked a favor of one of my former students. he will be teaching you wizardry along with his three kids," He explained to me. I have to admit that I was kind of hoping that my grandfather could teach me, but learning with other kids could be cool too.

After thinking it over for a minute I nodded and said, "Okay, thats cool. When do I start?"

He smiled and said, "Right now." With a quick flick of the wrist my grandfatherr and I flashed out of the office to the outside of a portal door. My grandfather gave me a reassuring smile before opening the door and walking in with me it tow. I waked in to be greeted by a colorful and packed room filled with magical things. There was a workbench full of magic junk, a couple of couches, and a recliner chair. In the center was a coffee table with a crystal ball. It was amazing! In the middle of the room sat a girl with dark brown hair that looked a couple of years older than me, a boy who was probably the older brother, and another boy that looked my age. He had brown hair and brown eyes. I had to admit that he was cute. When we walked in my grandfather talked to a middle aged man who was his fomer student. "Hello Russo family," Crumbs greeted.

"Professor Crumbs, your right on time. Welcome to our lair," The man said.

"Oh yes, and thank you for doing this favor for me," Crumbs said.

"It's no problem at all. Why don't you introduce our new student then we'll get started on the lesson," The man proposed. Crumbs nodded and turned to the kids.

"This is my granddaughter Izabella. She will be training along side you all." The kids at first were shocked about hearing that Crumbs had a granddaughter then they just nodded. Crumbs looked at me and said, "Flash home when your done." When he was half way through the portal door he turned back and added, "Oh and Bella no pranks or trouble on your first day or you'll be on beard grooming duty for a week."

Everyone in the room grimaced and I replied, "Don't worry, its not like I'm going to give them sausage link beards or anything."

I tried so hard to sound innocent while saying that but laughter was threatning to escape. "Oh, don't remind me," He said before leaving. I took a seat on one of the couches and we all just sat there in an awkward silence for a while. Thankfully the man, I'm guessing my new teacher spoke up.

"Okay, well welcome Izabella. I'm Jerry Russo, a former wizard and these are my kids Justin is 15, Alex is 14, and Max here is my youngest 12," Jerry said while pointing out each of his kids. They each waved at me and I smiled at them. Soon the girl Alex spoke up.

"Okay, I have to ask about the sausage thing," she said amused while laughing. With that said I started laughing too. I then calmed myself down enough to explain.

"Now that is a funny story. So about a month ago I finally got my full powers. As expected they were out of control so one day I was in my grandfathers office when he comes in with the whole wizard council. Then out of no where I sneezed and my grandfather's beard turned into a bunch of sausage links," I told them through laughs. Everyone was laughing so hard our faces were red. Right then I knew that it was going to be awsome training with them. "Crumbs looked annoyed but the council members wanted to have a cook out and ditch work," I added and they all laughed harder! After calming down Jerry asked me to tell them about myself. I felt like a little kid on their first day of school in a new state but oh well. "KK, um my name is Izabella Crumbs, but I go by Bella mostly. I love all things magical, my favorite color is purple. Um, I like pizza and movies, the Mets, and I'm the family wizard," I said listing the basics about me. At the last one Justin jumped up in shock.

"Family wizard? How are you the family wizard already?" He asked with shock written across his face.

"I'm an only child plus my parents died when I was little so I have my full wizard powers already," I said shrugging. They all nodded understanding.

"Well it's great to have you here. Oh and how would you like to have a job?" Jerry asked me. At first I was shocked but then thought it a great idea. Of course I'll have to transfer the money I earn into the wizard currency, but hey it's money.

"Sure. I'd love to," I coolly answered back.

"Great, this will act as a cover up for wizard lessons. If anyone asks why your here, say its for your job," Jerry explained slowly. I nodded and we started on the lesson for the day.

When I got home I was greeted by grandfather reading Wizards Weekly on the couch. "How was training Bella dear?" Crumbs asked.

"It went great and I had a lot of fun! I also got a job at their sandwich shop so I'll have some spending money," I told Crumbs excitely about my day.

"That's excellent news dear. Now go wash up dinner is on the table," He said going back to his magazine. I shrugged and headed towards the kitchen.

Crumbs POV

Once I knew my granddaughter was out of hearing range I went to my study and used the abracadoodler to call Jerry Russo. It rung three times before he picked up. "Professor Crumbs," He smiled in greeting.

"Yes, Jerry how did Izabella do?" I asked anxious to know.

"I deffinately noticed her strength in power," My former student told me.

I nodded and said, "I was afraid of that. I should of started her training earlier."

"Are you sure this is the right thing?" The man on the end of the line asked.

"Yes, she is the one from the prophesy and only Max will be able to help her. Their destinies lie with each other," I said solemely.

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