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Episode 4: "New Employee"

Bella POV

Normal, boring day. Setting up for entertaining normal boring costumers. Again everything is normal and boring. Good Godric of Griffindore house something interesting happen please! "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Russo, I noticed this Help Wanted sign and would like to apply for the position." Oh, this could be interesting. Thank you gods of interesting for hearing my prayer! Wait what did I miss.

"Girls I know you think it would be fun to work together but working with friends is hard, or even family. One time you forget to wipe off the tip of the mustard squeeze bottle and suddenly its three hours of silent salami slicing," Theresa said looking pointedly at Jerry.

"Mmhm. I agree that crusty bottle tips are a pet peeve of mine but I don't think it warrants to a silent treatment," I input.

"See, Bella agrees with me about the crusty tips," Jerry said triumphantly to his wife pointing at me.

"She agreed with me about the silent slicing," Theresa argued.

"Relax everyone, there's enough brilliant bella to go around," I announced while flipping my hair. Theresa and Jerry gave me a look.

"But, Mom, Dad think about it if harper works here you can spend more time together," Alex reasoned. So, to make a long conversation shorter, harper was hired and alex is training her. Yeah, this will backfire somehow.

(After music sequence and a lot of spilled sandwich stuff)

I really should be working right now, but that was hilarious! I can't stop laughing. Harper was moping the floors and tripped Theresa, who fell into a table full of people, that toppled over to bump alex, who lost her balance and accidentally dumped a whole tray of food onto Jerry! Poor Jerry has been covered in food all day. Okay I'm calm now, but wait where did everyone else go. Oh well more tips for me.

Alex POV

Time for magic. I can't fire harper it would be a disaster. Serving Wench? Ah brainy guy with no life. "Justin, whats a serving wench?" Of course justin would recite the definition right out of a book. Nerd. "Like a waitress," I summed up.

"Well, not technically," Don't spoil my fun justin!

"Like a waitress, right?" I ask.

"Yeah, I guess. Why? Did dad say there was going to be a pop quiz on the Medieval food service industry?" What? Oh, um time to ditch.

"Yup, better study up." Cue me leaving the room. There's harper, I hope this works. Knowing me this will somehow backfire but oh well. "Take this girl with the skills of a bench and turn her into a serving wench." I said. Well looks like problem solved.

"You know Alex there are some side effects to that spell, you shouldn't have used it," Bella said.

"Bella! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Where did you come from," I said trying to calm my racing heart. She had a thoughtful look on her face.

"Well, max thinks that we come from pumpkins but I know that babies come from a woman's stomach. But it's not the time for a biology lesson. You shouldn't use magic on you friend."

I sighed, "Look Bella I know that you're probably right but I can't fire harper. If everything goes wrong you can say I told you so." She gave me a look but nodded and walked away. How does she do that? She has that look that makes you feel guilty for whatever you did. Oh well business is great, harper is great, and nothing has blown up yet. Success!

Justin POV

Looks like me tutoring business is taking off. After making the rounds around each person of the brain train I came across something interesting. Bella was sitting at a booth in the back. But, that is not the strange part. She was wearing a detective get up, you know like the beige rain coat, the Sherlock Holmes hat, sunglasses, she even had a pipe but it blew out bubbles instead of smoke. What is she doing? "Hey Bella, whats up?" She looked up startled and covered her notes or whatever it is.

"Oh, hi Justin just working on, stuff. You know how stuff is." Is it just me or does she sound nervous. I would've asked what was wrong but someone just walked in. Note to self: Find out whats up with Bella.

""What can I help you with young man?" I asked the kid in green sweats.

"First of all it's what I can help you with. This is a great tutoring business you got here. Be a shame if something happened to it." Who is this guy to come in here and wreck my globe. Who is this Kid anyways?

"I can get you another one," Popped up detective looking bella minus the hat and sunglasses. Nice of her to get me another globe but I still want to know whats up with her. The Kid, whoever he is sort of stared at bella who had gone back to work.

"Who's that?" Kid said pointing to bella with a grin. What? Why would . . . Does he like her? No way is this punk getting close to bella.

"No one you need to concern yourself with," I said.

"Forget it i'll scope that out later. You owe me 25% of your tutoring action. I'm the tutor in this neighborhood and I don't like competition," Kid said. After many witty comments and comebacks I finally got Kid to leave.

"Who was that?" Bella asked standing next to me.

"Some kid that wants to take down the brain train," I said as if it's impossible, which it is.

"Alright well if you need help with the leprechaun I'll help." I gave her a questioning glance. Leprechaun? "Because he's short and wearing all green," Bella explained. Oh, clever. "Anyways, my break is over and I need to get ready to sing," The blue-eyed girl said before walking off.

Bella POV

Do you Believe in Magic By: Aly and AJ

Do you believe in magic

In a young girls heart

How the music can free her

Whenever it starts

And its magic

If the music is groovy

It makes you feel

Happy like an old time movie

I'll tell ya about the magic

It'll tell ya about the magic

It'll free your soul

But it's like trying to

Tell a stranger 'bout

Rock n' roll

If you believe in magic

don't bother to choose

If it's jug band

Music or rhythm

And blues

Just go and listen

It'll start with a smile

It won't wipe off

Your face no matter

How hard you try

Your feet start tapping

And you can't seem to find

How you got there

So just blow your mind

If you believe in magic

Come along with me

We'll dance until

Morning, just you and me

And maybe, if the

Music is right

I'll meet ya


So late at night

We'll go a dancin'

Baby then you'll see

All the magic's in

The music and the

Music's in me, yeah

Do you believe

In magic?


Believe in the magic in a

Young girl's soul

Believe in the magic of

Rock n' roll

Believe in the magic that

Can set you free

Ohhhh, talkin' bout magic

Do you believe

Like I believe

Do you believe in magic

(Still Bella POV)

After a few songs I noticed that harper and alex weren't doing to good so I decided that I better start helping work tables again. I've never seen it so packed before. I walked over to alex to snap her out of her flumpy mood, she can act flumpy later we got work to do.


What the heck?! I'm out here busting my buns while the russo's are standing around talking. "Sorry to interrupt your flumpy mood but I could really use some help here," I said gesturing to the crowded room.

"Flumpy?" Jerry asked.

"Stop giving me those looks. Yes flumpy!" I exclaimed.

"Okay Bella dear why don't you take a nice long break, we can handle it here," Theresa said while leading me to the door, I think she believes I've gone crazy. At least it got me a break.

Justin POV

Bella and I were doing an experiment with some high schoolers when Kid showed up again. I really hate Kid. "Looks like Galileo is all wet. Where's my cut. The answer man is getting tired of waiting," Kid said.

"Really, sounds like its nap time for the answer man," said Bella. Someone's in a sassy mood.

Kid clapped and said, "Nap time, good one gorgeous. Mind telling me your name?"

"Yeah, I do mind. Not interested," Bella snapped.

"You will be in time. Back to business, Enforcers Assemble," Kid commanded. Then a bunch of little kids crowded behind Kid and another kid dropped down from a rope doing this weird hand thing.

"So you got a lot of really tiny friends and anyone can drop down a rope and," I said mimicking the rope kid.

"These two have black belts in the art of Tai-kwan-do(?) and that guy brought a rope," Kid said pointing to two behind him then at rope guy. It was silent for a moment while I tried to figure out what to do. I'm sure bella was thinking of a plan too.

Suddenly bella spoke up. Yes, she has a plan. "Oh, wow black belts. That's so impressive," Bella said in a giggly flirty voice while twirling her hair. What is she doing. This is not the time for flirting. "Why don't you two treat me to some yogurt from the Gurt Barn and tell me all about it," Bella said still flirting. The two black belt kids nod enthusiastically, then bella links their arms with her in the middle and they walk off. "Two down Justin, you can handle the other tree," Bella yells back to me. Oh, that's what she was doing. Smart girl.

Bella POV

Okay so I'm not sure how everything worked out for Alex and harper or justin and franky, by the way that's his real name not Kid, because I got stuck listening to two morons. They really can't take a hint. I only managed to escape when I went to the bathroom and crawled through the window. Checking my watch I saw it was 9:50 and my curfew is 10 so I flashed home. Moral of the day is that maybe I shouldn't pray to the gods of interesting for a non normal and boring day.