A/N: Hi there! Just Victims, You and I is the second fic I've dared to publish in here. But before I get ahead of myself, I'd just like to say thank you to those who had the time to read my first story, In Pools of Amber. I got some feedback, and I know I made an error with the setting and all; how the three met wasn't exactly canon so I'm really sorry I didn't bother to check that up first. ;^; Meep. Still, thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)

Anyway. This one is about Nut and Geb. At first I got confused if Nut was just a nighttime sky goddess because of how she was always depicted, but when I looked it up some sources say she's generally the goddess of the skies and heavens. So yeah, I just wanted to clarify in case some of you might get confused as to why I depicted her in a certain way here.

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Whenever the rain falls down the earth, she hopes he knows she is thinking of him.

Every raindrop that touches the ground, every drop that dampens and nourishes the dry and hardened earth, are all the tears that she has shed for him, one for each distant memory she remembers; A touch, shining emerald eyes, the faint smell of wild berries. Her tears were like her messengers, sent down the earth to deliver water droplets upon its surface, scattering them everywhere like how she wishes she could scatter her ghostly kisses all over his face. For Geb, the rain was evidence that she had existed, and that she continues to do so even until now, when they were far away from each other, cruelly separated by the winds and fates. It was proof of the bitter and hard truth that they cannot be together, and that for the rest of their days they will always be like that, two star-crossed lovers forever longing and aching for one another's touch.

There would be moments when she hopes he knows she's still fighting for him, for them, and that the rumbling skies and the violent crackle of electricity are all proofs of her constant defiance towards the winds who try to keep her out of his reach. She would call out his name, and she would hear him shout her name back amidst the chaos and noise, but they were like statues frozen in place, unable to reach out to one another. And no matter how much she would anger her father or he would shake the ground in his desperation, they would still be stuck where they are, she up on the heavens and he down below, only a longer stretch of winds created to continue separating them forever.

And there were also moments when she shows him that there is still hope for them, with the clear blue sky and the lazy clouds hovering on top of the earth. Geb feels her optimism as the sun peeks out and bathes his nature in gold and he knows that despite the odds being against them, there will come a time that they will be together again.

So when after many centuries and millennia has passed and the world finally decides to crumble down, the earth vibrates and rumbles in excitement, creating sinkholes and craters as big as islands and sending people to panic for their lives. The skies thunder as well, scaring and shaking the world as she continues to laugh giddily at the prospect of colliding with him once more. And at that precise moment, when the world takes its last stand and sends its inhabitants running and screaming for their lives, the space between the earth and the sky finally close and he is holding her in his arms after all the millennia of waiting.

Because they were just two gods, victims of fate and deeply in love, caressing each other as the world around them collapses.