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It was early morning when Brax spotted a petite blonde haired teenager walking along the beach; he had been out to clear his head after yet another argument with Charlie. The girl was wearing a pair of black mid length shorts and a white floaty vest top, which looked to be a little too big for her.

As he got closer he was shocked when he saw the bruises on this young girls arms, as the girl looked round and saw Brax walking towards her she quickly turned and tried to run away "Hey wait" Brax called as he jogged after her "Can I help you?"

It wasn't until the girl turned and looked at him that Brax saw the black eye "Please don't stare at me" the girl said quickly as she looked down at the sand.

"Sorry I didn't mean to" Brax replied quickly "What are you doing walking here at this time?"

"Same as you" the girl snapped "I'm sorry" she quickly apologised when she saw Brax holding his hands up in a kind of surrendering gesture "I'm looking for a friend of mine"

"Oh yeah, who's that?" Brax wondered who this girl knew.

"Sasha Bezmel, Someone told me she was staying with her dad" The girl replied.

"Oh what you mean Sid Walker's daughter" Brax raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah if that's who her dad is" The girl quickly said "Do you know where I can find her?"

"I do but it is a fair walk from here" Brax replied "I could give you a lift if you want"

"Er…I was told not to get into a car with a stranger" the girl frowned. Brax couldn't help but grin at this girl's innocence.

"Ok well my name is Brax" Brax smiled "And you are?"

"Kelsey Jenkins" she replied nervously.

"Ok Kelsey we aren't strangers anymore, would you like a lift?" Brx smiled. Kelsey smiled for a few moments before nodding.

"Yes ok" she said "Thank you"


Sasha was just stirring from her bed when she was called to the door by her dad "Sasha, you have a visitor"

Sasha walked sleepily into the hall "OH MY GOD KELS" she squealed when she realised who was at the door, she threw her arms around her friend but stepped back quickly and frowned "What happened?"

"Ok I'm going to go, nice to meet you Kelsey" Brax interrupted when he saw the way Sid was looking at him.

"Thanks Brax" Kelsey smiled as she turned back to Sasha.


"So I assume you two know eachother then" Sid smiled as he closed the door behind Sasha and Kelsey.

"Oh my god yes, she is my bestest friend ever" Sasha grinned "Please can she stay for breakfast?"

"Yes ok, but first we need to call your parents Kelsey so they know you are here ok" Sid said fairly as he turned the bacon that was cooking in the pan.

"You can try, but they won't answer, my parents are out of town" Kelsey said in a slightly saddened voice.

"So who are you staying with?" Sid wondered.

"No-one the neighbour pops by every now and then to check I'm ok" Kelsey explained to a horrified Sid and Sasha.


After breakfast Kelsey had fallen asleep on the sofa leaving Sasha and Sid to talk "Why has she come here Sasha" Sid asked his daughter curiously.

"I don't know dad but we can't let her go home" Sasha frowned "Her neighbour is a pig"

"What do you mean?" Sid wondered.

"His name is Frank Dawson and he is the most awful man you could ever meet, I don't like him dad. And I don't like the thought of Kelsey being in the house alone while he is next door, please can she stay here with us Dad, at least until her mum and dad get back"

"I don't know Sash, it's a lot of responsibility" Sid frowned as he watched the girl sleeping on the sofa.

"Please dad haven't you seen the state of her, she needs our help" Sasha pleaded.

"Ok fine, but only for a few days until her parents get home" Sid finally gave in.

"Oh thank you dad" Sasha hugged her dad excitedly


After a couple of hours sleep Kelsey finally woke up to find Dex and Indi staring at her "Was I snoring?" Kelsey frowned as she wiped her mouth.

"No" Indi giggled "We were just wondering what happened?" she asked as she gestured towards the bruises on Kelsey's face and arms.

"What these, oh I fell down some steps" Kelsey replied quickly with a nervous tone.

"Oh ok" Indi said quickly "Sasha's just outside helping Dad"

"Thank you" Kelsey smiled as she stood awkwardly from the sofa, she looked to be struggling.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Dex said as he stood to help her. Kelsey jumped back quickly "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you"

"Its ok I'm just a bit sore that's all" Kelsey smiled as she walked slowly towards the door, Indi and Dex threw eachother a disbelieving glance as they watched Kelsey disappear into the garden.

"I'll leave you to it" Sid sighed as he waked away from Sasha and Kelsey.

"Have I done something to upset him Sash?" Kelsey asked nervously.

"What?" Sasha replied with a smile "Oh no don't be silly he wants me to tell you, that you can stay here until your mum and dad get back home"

"Oh my god thank you" Kelsey squealed excitedly.

"And to celebrate we are going out for Pizza" Sasha added "Come on lets get ready"


Brax frowned as he looked up and saw Sid, Sasha, Indi, Dex and Kelsey arrive, as the Walkers sat at the table Brax was surprised to see Kelsey disappear straight to the toilet. Although he didn't know this girl Brax couldn't help but feel concerned for her. Especially judging by the bruises on her arms and face. Brax decided to follow Kelsey and make sure everything was ok; he waited quietly outside the door for her to come out. As he waited he was shocked by how quickly she came out of the door, Kelsey bumped straight into him, and that's when Brax felt it hitting his stomach "Are you pregnant?" Brax asked with a horrified tone in his voice.

"Please don't tell anyone" Kelsey replied with tears in her eyes "I don't want anyone to find out about this"

Brax paused to think for a few moments "Please Brax" Kelsey pleaded.

"Ok, I won't tell anyone, but you need to Kelsey" Brax sighed as he watched her demeanour change "I mean it what are you 15, 16?"

"16" Kelsey snapped a little "And I don't need a lecture" she added as she made her way back to the Walker's table, Brax ran his hand through his hair as he watched her walk away.

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