Did you know I existed?


The elevator door opens and I start out of it into the lobby.

Aliens from all over the universe walk in front of me, beside me, behind me…typical.

"Agent S, come to briefing" a voice said over an intercom.

I noted the summons and fixed my jacket and skirt.

The walls were pure white and glinting in the light as I walked down the halls.

"Yes K?" I said as I closed the door behind me.

"C'mere kid, ever seen a boglidite?"

"No sir, they're extinct" I responded with my hands behind my back.

"Of course they are, I made sure of it" he said surely.

He led me to a computer screen over by his desk, "Computer, Boris the animal"

"Un-necessary, I know all of the details" I said in the silence while the computer thought.

"Do you now?" he said sarcastically. "Then what happened?"

"You and agent J cleared it up with a time jump. Everyone knows that"

He was silent and hard expessioned. "What happened in the past though?"

"Agent J went back and prevented you from making a mistake, he also helped you put up the arc net"

He kept a straight face, "did I miss anything?" I didn't smile as well and just kept his gaze.

"Just like your father" he said lightly.

"I've been told." I said. "Will that be all?"

He nodded and handed me a file. "Seek and contain"

I swiveled on my heel and left the office swiftly.

Sometimes…my dad can get a bit hard on me….