Okay, this is a first time Cross-over fanfic for me! Wow, it took a while to come up decent idea and hopefully, this may interests you all more. Be warn, this will probably be over 20 chapters (but I just started this today...so, yeah). And please, forgive me on my writing because I am deaf. However, if you'd like to be a beta tester, let me know. (: I won't be mad if you couldn't continue to stay with me for the whole thing or not, but at least a few here and there. Anyway, I'm shutting up and let you read~ Enjoy!

A young teenager on the couch was weeping away in the time of need and desperate for comfort. Unfortunately, Dakota city doesn't stop much with their crimes over one thing. The blond boy was on the old ragged up couch and barely touched his backpack. He was more of having difficult timing and waiting for his best friend to show up soon. The genius kid knew he called his friend in this time of needs, but something has already happened. Backpack has altered him a crime activity going on and that town hero has already taken on action on the way.

Of course, the battling a bang baby wasn't easy as it seems to be because they were so tricky or unpredictable half the time. Richie couldn't stand it when he had no one and hated to be left alone! The battling his best friend was in took too much time! He stood up on his feet quickly and rushed to gather into his uniform much for his disguise purposes. He snatched all of his equipment and attaches them up to his belts. Once he was set and that his backpack was on him, he flew out of the headquarter to gain up with his best friend.

Richie was Gear now, he took a while to locate the famous town hero and found brightness in the air. Gear acted on an instinct and led himself over to the fighting field. Which, seeing two people in action with the use of their powers has given most people to avoid from. Gear threw the zap caps up to three times and the hero partner turned around to see help has come to join in.

He smiled at his best friend and waved as he floated in front of the villain, Shiv, who's struggling against the coil wraps around his entire body.

"Yo, Gear! Glad you made it on time! I found Shiv stealing foods again." The African-American teenager, who was masked, was eager to high five with his buddy.

Gear slapped the glares at his best friend, not in much of a mood to say anything or do much into this, and he crossed his arms. Static lowered his hand and decided to send Shiv over to the specialist cop to handle meta-humans. After that, he companied Gear once more and wondered something was up. The call had to be a reason, but it didn't even sound good.

"The headquarter?" Static suggested.

Gear nodded anyway, not pleased for what today has given, and they flew off to their private place, even though it's an abandon gas station really. The outside was terrible and at the end of the town, hardly anyone goes by there besides the heroes mainly. Once they were inside, they were free to unmask their identities and took comfort of their place. Gear plopped down onto the couch, in much disappointment to his own life, and Static had no clue what was going on.

"So…am I in trouble or something?" Static scratched his chin.

Gear sighed, "…grandma Foley passed away earlier this morning." Richie wanted to cry his whole heart out.

Virgil was shocked…no, speechless. His shoulders dropped and he sat down next to his best friend with arms to lend for comfort. Richie clung onto Virgil's jacket and wept away. The dark skin friend soothed his friend's back and let him cry to free the pain. Virgil recalled the times Richie would be excited to visit Grandma Foley, but the other times would be a little worried.

"So…when's the funeral? I'll tell pop I'm going with you," Virgil smiled.

Richie sniffled, "Tomorrow. It's in Amity Park, Vir. It's like four hours away from here."

Virgil shrugged, "Hey, you need me, Richie. I ain't leaving you alone when your dad going to throw another fit over your grandpa about being half black."

Richie chuckled lightly, "And the other side of the family is more what I'm worried about. It's Uncle Frank, Aunt Lisa, and their son, Tucker."

Virgil blinked, "And what does this has to do with your dad?"

"Dad hates them because they're well, you know, half black."

Virgil nodded, "Right. Your dad will get used to it, don't worry about the family fights or anything." He winked, "Or Static will make them."

Richie shook his head at his immature best friend, yet, a hero at that one too. The blond kid finally stop tearing and dried up afterward. Virgil remained at his side no matter what the situation would be.

"Please, don't. You realize people will pick up we're the meta-human, right?" Richie pointed out obviously.

Virgil agreed, "True. So, we'll keep ourselves low profile on the case. I mean, Sharron won't be with us." His eyebrows bounced up and down.

Richie chuckled and shook his head. His backpack crawled off and made a ringing sound. Richie sighed and didn't look forward for anything.

"Answer, backpack, in speaker please." The blond kid commanded.

Virgil engaged with the whole "backpack is also a cell phone" too. It has fascinated everything with him and technologies have given Richie to do in such advance. He doubted anyone could get any faster than this.

"Richard, please come home before four. We need to get some sleep tonight before leave tomorrow at five in the morning." A soft and gentle voice has spoken through, but the sadness still hinted in there.

Richie sighed, "Okay, mom. I'll be home by then."

"Alright sweetie, and could you contact your cousin? Your father is being ridiculous and not realizing there isn't a single hotel in Amity Park." She sighed.

"Okay, I'll give them a head up."

"Thank you. I'll see you home by four."

"You too, mom."

Richie waited until his mom hung up and backpack closed the call as well. Virgil was curious about his cousin more than anything. He was always curious because the Foley's would have their get together and discuss about "technologies" like it was their god or something. Virgil never understood much about it, but he wanted to find out for himself personally.

"Come on, let's head over to my house and tell pop the situation. Pop will have my head if I don't tell him, especially when he knows what we do every day." Virgil shook his head, "Sometimes, I wonder about that old man."

Richie chuckled, "Sounds good, but let me make a call with Tuck."

"Tuck? I thought it was Tucker? Make up your mind would you?" He teased.

"It's his nickname for Tucker," Richie didn't mind with Virgil's joke, "Backpack, dial and ring up Tucker Foley." Another form of decision taking the role.

The backpack made a typical beeping and hit ringing to reach a hold of someone. It took a while to get a hold.

"Danny! I'm telling you I'm-…who is this?" Tucker's voice was in the state of panic turned into, almost got caught.

Virgil blinked and didn't understand why his cousin would be such dramatic and suddenly calm down. Richie shrugged and joined into the phone call.

"It's Richie, Tuck." He informed.

"Oh! Sorry, Danny can be…involved too much, I should say. So, what's up, cuz?" Tucker wondered.

Virgil was beginning to want to know why Tucker paused for a brief moment, but he decided to slide that down for a moment. Richie didn't react much to it as if it was normal to do.

"Nah, it's alright. I wanted to warn you my parents and I will be staying at your place. You know how my dad is, but hopefully he has improved over time." Richie threw his hands gestured for some reason or natural reason.

"Mom kind of figured, she already had the guests' bedroom set up. So, you guys want breakfast when you get here?"

"You know my dad, he's hungry when he goes on a long ride."

Tucker chuckled, "Alright, I'll tell mom that. Oh, avoid King Street."

"Uh, not that I don't live there or anything, but what's going on that street?"

"Oh, just a few destroyed building. It's nothing re- DANNY! – Uh, sorry, I have to go !" Tucker said so quickly and hung up.

Backpack ended the phone call as well and this has led the two young heroes bartered at each other. This was their strangest call they ever had.

"Overprotective best friend or something?" Virgil questioned.

Richie shrugged, "Beats me, Tucker rarely say much about Danny to me. All I know Danny has been his best friend since they were in kindergarten."

Virgil whistled, "Wow, strong friendship going on there."

Richie nodded, his background joined up onto his back, and they placed onto their masks before heading out.

"We better let pop knows what's going on tomorrow or he'll be on my ass all week. That and Rubber-band man I have to inform taking our place for the day or two."

Richie agreed, "Can't have the town destroyed and let them blame us."

They flew out and focused on doing what they needed to do. A funeral wasn't always a pleasant thing to deal with, especially with Richie's dad has some issues about African-American. However, it took time to get used to it. Virgil would often visit over to Richie's house so it would be natural to get used to others.

Shall I continue? There will be slashes, sex, foul languages, etc... So that's why it's going to be rated M.