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Danny has finally got to his Fenton home and took care of returning Technus into the ghost zone. He locked it up and backed it up the password as well for a first time try preventing his own dad. Now, he got himself into his room and deal with changing into comfort clothes like he always worn.

"Can today get any weirder?" Danny shook his head, "And why did I look at him like that?" He gulped.

Danny didn't really get the whole concept of his emotions lately because of ghost fighting. He just met the heroes that were close to Batman almost! And with Virgil on doing something against Technus was a strong power too. It didn't make sense why Virgil did it without being in any disguise or thinking of putting on a mask simply. Also, the way Technus tried to remove the teen boy off was like glue stuck to paper.

Danny sighed and felt unsure about anything in his life. Recently, he learned more about himself about a few months ago. More of the time when his archenemy tried to end the clone's life by using Red Huntress involved. His head shook, it was harder to let anyone know about it let alone about his best friends to know.

When he looked at Richie, something was getting him to feel warm for the first time in his life time. Danny didn't want to take it in too much, he got up, and morphed into a ghost he's been for eleven months now. He took off and flew by heart of the direction to the typical restaurant everyone knew so much in Amity Park. He could see Dash and Kwan, but he couldn't really get any closer to them or he'd be weak knees all over them. So, he practically avoids them as much as he could. Paulina and Star were chatting up gossip, but Danny would always go after them for one reason. Popularities. He never really cared much of having them as a girlfriend or anything, they were just a way to gain recognition around the school. Now, he didn't care as long he has true friends to rely on.

Once he realized he was close by, he hid by the trees and become Fenton once more. He walked inside the place and seeks out for his friends and the Dakota newbies around here. He spotted Tucker's usual beret and joined next to his friend Sam.

"Hey guys, I hope I wasn't too long." Danny commented, as he chuckled.

Sam shook her head, "No, we just got here about a couple of minutes ago. Is Technus back into the ghost zone this time?"

Danny sighed, "Yes and hopefully dad won't figure out the second password either."

"So your dad knows you guys do this?" Virgil wondered.

Danny and his friends shook their head since they hardly let anyone know this secret. It was mainly Danny's secret anyway.

"No, it's just Tucker, Sam, my sister, and…an archenemy who's running the town."

Richie met up with Danny's attention, "Mr. Masters is your archenemy? He seems to be a harmless man."

Sam was about to spit out her water and looked at Richie with, "You're fucking kidding me, right?" expression. Virgil shrugged and didn't get much with the whole the mayor was Danny's archenemy. Danny had to explain.

"Well, he's my archenemy and don't be fool by his acting." Danny rolled his eyes, "He's my enemy and he's usually goes after my mom and me." He shuddered.

Sam and Tucker agreed right away with Danny about the reasons why not to be fool by the town mayor. No one knew much of the man unless they were Phantom Team or see he's only interested in Maddie and Danny alone. Virgil decided to go by that anyway and Richie thought to himself about being careful who he'd be around often.

"So, Richie and Virgil, how did you guys get your powers?" Sam had to be straight to the pointed.

Virgil finished sipping his soda, "I got mine from the bang explosion. I'm like the meta-human, but that happened twice too."

Richie joined in, "I got it because I was always around Virgil and somehow absorbed it, but the second time the bang explosion happened. I got it quicker."

Tucker frowned, "Second time?"

"Yeah, how did that happen?" Danny wondered.

Sam nodded along, it was a lot to learn for the both of them in one day after fighting against Technus's attack, and finding out Tucker has a family that fight crimes. Maybe there's more to it to everyone's family than they thought.

"Well, most meta-humans, like Richie and me, were losing our power slowly. Then, The Breed, the meta-humans criminal gangs were trying to prevent us from restoring our powers again while they get their powers and take over Dakota if we were out of the way. Thankfully, it was on a ship and we got our powers back when locked up. We got stronger too." Virgil explained.

"Of course, two criminals were in the same room caused a large fusion of Ebon and Hotshot, Vir, here took on against them-"

"-Wait! You mean that big battle in Dakota over three months ago?" Sam was more shocked, "Damn, that was the most ugly bang baby I have ever seen."

Virgil scowled, "We're meta-humans, bang babies is more childish to say."

Sam rolled her eyes, "Hey, there's two ways to go by. Deal with it."

"Trust me, Virgil. I've been called Inviso-bill, Halfa, and ghost kid. It's never easy to please anybody with names for anything." Danny pointed out.

Virgil scoffed, "Why can't people come up better names?"

The group had to agree on the subject with Virgil since most people were mainly immature half the times. They helped themselves to eat and they chatted about their days with fighting. Much to Virgil and Richie, they were surprised to find out that Danny holds several ghost powers more than average ghost. They picked up on the skills like invisible, flying, intangible, and ecto rays as the basic for all ghosts. Once they learned his greater powers, it made things more interesting like the Ghostly Wail or his Cryokinesis power. Virgil commented about a girl who has Cryokinesis power as well, but it has been a while for him. The others couldn't catch on what he has said, but they continued on the rest of Danny's powers.

Sam joined in to explain her field of the team, which was to provide the Fenton Equipment or weapons. She pointed out about how Danny's parents invent the ghost portal and other things that brings in what they deal with every day. Richie took interests in learning about these devices that the Fenton makes anyway.

Tucker explained that he's a techno-geek in the best of Amity Park. He would handle anything that comes to working with technologies like computer, PDA, and so much more to make anything easier to fight ghosts with like Skulker. Danny explained little of Skulker so the two people can understand. Tucker even points out he can manipulate the security camera to skip the scene where Danny has transform to Phantom to keep things remain unknown to the public's eyes.

Richie explained that he can simply invent things without actually needing a format planning before anything else. He'd just draws them up and create it out of math and scientific work into them like a kid building a house with leggo pieces. Virgil explained that his job to deal with meta-humans from harming citizens, thieves, calming out of control superpowers, and facing traps situation. Even being careful whenever the sunspot appears at all, which has led him to unpredictable amount of power for him.

They had a great time chatting up about everything they could discuss. Sam received a phone call from her mother and having to come home now. So, Sam had to go for the day until the next day or ghost trouble if needed. Tucker needed to get new music of Humpty Dumpty and Virgil was eager to join along for some short shopping in town. So the two buddied up and headed out. Danny and Richie were left hanging out in the Nasty Burger and hardly any words spoken since the two boys went off to shop.

"So you must patrol a lot, huh?" Richie chuckled nervously.

Danny shrugged, "For the night usually, but my ghost scent warns me when a ghost is nearby."

Richie nodded and bit his lip softly, "Right, how close would you be able to tell ghosts around?"

"I say about twenty or thirty feet away, but most ghosts are unpredictable." Danny shook his head, "They don't sleep, but pretty much do whatever they want."

Richie scoffed, "No kidding, even at night is a little worried about. We have to be ready whenever they strike, even at night times."

Danny nodded and hung back on the booth's seat. Richie commanded his backpack to be on the side, but mostly to lean on the booth for back support in a sense.

"We can hang at my place," Danny sheepishly smiled, "I don't want to deal with Dash and his buddy up against me right now."

Richie nodded, "Sure, but what's wrong with them?"

Danny pouted, "They're bullies and I already have enough to put up with."

Richie shook his head in full disappointment, "They should really be watched after."

Danny agreed, "I know, but the teachers don't bother to believe me anyway. So not really a problem for me."

Danny and Richie exited out of the Nasty Burger and Danny guided him on the way to his house, which Richie took noticed it wasn't too far. They chatted how to work with bullies without needing to be violence. Danny has taken it into considerate because of his safety value and possibly get onto the good side someday. Of course, the weak knees part would be difficult to deal with more for the ghost hero.

They arrived to the FENTON house and Richie took huge notice at the obvious sign of Danny's home. He nodded and Danny opened the door as they went in. Luckily for the youngest Fenton in the family doesn't have to worry about his parents at the moment and his sister was…nowhere to be around. So no introductory for Danny to get into that and they headed over to his bedroom for secure privacy. Richie helped himself to sit down on Danny's bed and Danny closed the door as he leaned his back on it for support.

Richie observed the bedroom and took notice of Danny's major interests. He admired the work has been put into, especially with the whole details and passion into the field. Danny crossed his arms, unsure what to say of his room more of, and somehow showing some embarrassment since there's another genius he actually knows as well. It wasn't something Danny could show off or anything, but his room defines everything about him more than enough.

"Astronomy must be popular in your book," Richie commented as he even noticed the sketch of a space shuttle for more reasonable flights.

Danny nodded, "Yeah, astronomy has always been a strong influence in my life." He struggled to be modest here.

Richie nodded, "I've been in space a couple of times, it's really amazing there."

Danny blinked, "You've been up in space?" He gasped, "So have I! I had to go up there because of…well, the ghost we dealt earlier today, Technus."

Richie recalled, "He's probably I have to avoid, but Virgil, I'm not sure. He was really acting like he's hungry for electricity power."

Danny understood and tried to recall what Virgil did to stop Technus, even his power at work. Richie knew the logical reason how Virgil's hands were shaking. It was shook up as if he's starving and that his power would grab onto anything. It was some sort of feeding for Virgil's power, but Richie wasn't too sure if it's because of Technus or not. He couldn't make a conclusion.

"Technus tends to snatch all technologies in his name, but most of the stuff would just get broken at the end." Danny explained while his hand danced.

Richie took the concept idea about his backpack, "Huh, so Tuck saved the trouble then."

"Yup, Tucker loves to protect all technologies due to his obsession to have all the latest things and all."

Richie grinned and chuckled at the fact the latest generation of Foley were known to love technologies to be the very best of their lives. Even for Richie found it more useful to his own advantage on the side. He'd hate it if there wasn't a single technology on a planet and not be able to function without them.

"I actually would be depress to lose Backpack, he's like a pet to me." Richie nodded.

Danny admired that, "Hey, better than considering it as a lover or girlfriend or boyfriend or something. Tucker has trouble with getting girls to date him and all, but I-"

Suddenly, his bedroom door opened and shoved Danny. His clumsy feet tripped over the others and he landed onto Richie as their lips met. A surge of blood rushing through their cheeks and their eyes widen at the surprised situation. Their tongue accidentally met and Danny whipped away to sit down on his bed.

"Danny!" His older sister called.

The orange hair sister rushed in with much worry of her little brother and she saw the boys on the bed sitting down. She wasn't aware that something recently happened and she sighed to see her brother safe.

"Oh, I thought uh…to tell you that I got a test tomorrow and wish to let you know I-I have to study with no distraction." Jazz fumbled, unsure what to really say when Danny has a new "friend".

Danny sighed, "Jazz, this is Richie. Tucker's cousin. He knows I'm Danny Phantom." He pointed out, "So, why did you barge in?" He pretended the incident didn't happen so his sister wouldn't feel so guilty.

Jazz blinked, "Oh. Are you guys okay at the funeral? I heard one of the annoying ghosts attacked and made a huge damage today."

Richie shrugged, "No brusies on me or Virgil as far as I know."

"I'm fine, Jazz. That was Technus and he's sent back into the ghost zone now."

Jazz nodded slowly, "Okay, but please leave me a phone message if you tell someone about your secret, Danny." She muttered something else, "What's next, Sam's grandmother knowing your secret?" She left the room.

Danny watched his sister disappeared from his room. He turned shyer over to Richie suddenly and moved down to the end of the bed for cautiousness mode. Richie flustered over something they haven't forgotten, but his fingertips traced his lips. They were unsure how they felt by it, but whether it was a good thing or not.

"I-I…won't mind if you call that a sin or something, but to me, I'm gay as it is. Sorry if you're straight."

Richie stared up at the ghost hero, "Actually, I'm gay too." His hand dropped.

Danny jerked his head up at the Dakota hero and found himself stunned. He found someone who can relate on crushing boys, it was so…unusual. Danny never thought he was safe to crush on Tucker's cousin. There weren't any rules about dating a best friend's…actually, pretty much date any Best friend's something like sibling, family, and friends. Danny didn't care, although. He was more attracted to Foley than other guys.

"So this is a good accident?" Danny pondered.

Richie chuckled, "Yeah, wanna make it a possible attraction thing?"

Danny joined a good laugh, "Total, because you are hot looking, you know?" Danny started to form a comfortable Danny.

Richie smiled knowing they were free to like each other, his cheeks blushed more colors, and he leaned in. Danny helped to lean in some more until their lips greeted each other. The surge of blood rushing was a great sensation, yet, not even a rush. They automatically made the invitation and joined in. They followed each other's tongues guidance and the wave through their bodies jolted even stronger.

They pulled away for breath of air. The gasps among them has surprised them to find out they were definitely interested for each other. Their smiles gave in to match and happiness began to form.

"You're adorable looking, you know?" Richie commented back.

They chuckled and began to feel like a typical couple. A real relationship without needing to be suspected or having to explain.

"I won't believe how everyone's going to react when they find out we're dating." Danny laughed.

Richie nodded, "Yeah, I mean, it's like they don't have much of a clue we're gay anyway."

Danny slid down and set his hand down on his sudden boyfriend, "Want to go out and have our first date or something?"

Richie peacefully grinned, "I always wanted to walk in the park for the first date."

"And I always like it under the stars,"

Their eyes turned over to the window and they were definitely excited for a try. Both of their hands intertwined and rushed out of the house to get right onto their very first date. Their heart raced in motion and just knowing they were going to be happy for the first time of their lives. Jazz opened her door and didn't catch them running out. She shrugged and assumed they would be fine fighting ghosts. She retired herself back to bed, knowing her brother might have to deal other things on his hands, and it was only the weekend.

The boys slowed down and enjoyed their first time being together. Richie suddenly wrapped his arms around Danny and they kept walking in the park. Their giggles slipped here and there as if an unspoken joke has been made. They stroll around the park, taking their time, and found themselves admiring the stars as each appears. Danny has actually felt warm in Richie's arms and Richie found Danny very snuggly to be with.

After a lovely stroll in the park, they sat down in the park's bench and hugged each other with each other's head against the others. They hardly said a word on the entire date, but it was fun to rely on their sudden feelings for each other now. Ever since they met each other, they couldn't be pulled away.

"I like this," Danny said.

Richie nodded, "Yeah, but we won't be able to do this as much as we want. We're four hours home apart."

Danny shrugged, "Then, I'll teleport to your house. You got a park at your town, right?"

"Don't you need to be familiar where I live and stuff?"

Danny frowned, "…dammit, I forgot that part." An imaginary light bulb popped up, "I'll just ride on your family's car or something so I have a clue where you do live and everything. Then, you can show me the whole place. What day are you going back home by?"

Richie approved the idea, "Tomorrow at three in the afternoon. Should I save a seat in the car for you?"

Danny smiled and figured their plans to be together were going to actually work out. He never thought the advantage of being half ghosts help more for their relationship more than anything in the world. Plus, his team could always contact him if there's a ghost around too. So it wouldn't be much of a trouble at all. He could even help out his boyfriend! Richie was more than eager to have a relationship without having to put too much effort or having to wait for particular times to date or meet up again. Of course, they could have always meet up on the weekend since they both can fly. It's easier for them to rely on as well.

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