As promised, the sequel is here. This is going to be somewhat darker and grim as the previous two, but loosing a son may do that to you. (This will make NO sense unless you've read the previous ones.) I've got the Epilogue done, the final sequence done and the first 15 or so chapters done but the middle still needs some more meat. As this is a story centred around you, what do you want to see happen? Let me know!

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Ottabiano, Italy, 79AD.

Two people, an elderly lady and a young boy just short of fourteen years old, were hurrying between the stone houses in a race against time. The elderly woman was in her forties and her mousy brown hair was piled into a bun on the top of her head. She discretely checked her watch, covering it up by scratching her neck. They had half an hour before Pompeii was history, plenty of time to locate the anomaly that was setting off the portable ADD.

"Is this thing even in Pompeii, mum?" the brunette boy behind the woman grumbled.

"Of course it is, Alexander." the woman snapped, leading her son down another side street. "It's not far now."

"I hope so. My feet are killing me!"

"That wont be the only thing killing you in a minute!" the woman snapped. "Now keep walking!" the boy and his mother fell into silence, walking steadily for another ten minutes, eventually finding the glittering ball of light that lead out of this soon-to-be hell hole. "There. Through it. Now." the woman ordered her son and Alexander obeyed.

The boy stepped through from the busy, dirty streets of Italy, into the dark, ominous forest of the Triassic. "Will this thing close in time?"

"The past wasn't damaged by the eruption." Alexander's mother snapped as though by way of answer and stormed off.

"Well I wouldn't know that, would I?" Alexander muttered under his breath. Alexander had spent his whole life hoping from place to place. His name was that of his mother's lover's middle name. His mother had taught him everything he needed to know, even though she never came across as the motherly type and there seemed to be no form of maternal instinct. But it had always been the two of them, no father and no brother or sister.

Alexander didn't like to ask how they ended up travelling through time because it provoked anger from his mother. The same with asking about his father.

But his mother had said she had a plan. A plan that would soon make everything clear. All Alexander would have to do was play the part they were best at, and his mother's enemies would be gone and he could have a normal life.

His part?

To kill.

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