Jack skilfully adjusted the sights on his rifle, squinting through them, focused on his target.

He pulled his finger back gently on the trigger and there was a deafening boom as the gun fired – the sound ricocheting off the stone walls. Even through Jack's ear pads the sound was remarkable, and wonderfully satisfying. He studied the target; one clean hole – right through the centre (after three centuries of practice it really was too easy). As this thought jumped into his mind, another accompanied it; he would have to find a new pastime – before he got bored. This would remain a good way to release anger but becoming bored of a pastime; he could never let that happen.

Jack carefully placed the weapon on the table a few feet behind him and pulled off his ear pads. His ever-flattering protective goggles pinched at his face and as he peeled them from his face he could feel the rawness of the skin underneath – he had been down here for longer than he had realised.

Jack liked the hub at night – especially the firing chambers. He could test out new weapons and gadgets without a worried Gwen or Ianto peering in, wondering whether one day soon he would blow them all to kingdom come.

At present the chamber was almost silent and as a result the booms from all manner of weaponry sounded especially eerie; exciting, just as Jack loved it.

Despite all that Jack still preferred the hub during the day, it felt alive and cheery; the calm of night was often lonely. This night was going especially slowly. Each hour, each minute even seemed to drag by painfully and so very dull.

After the chamber had been returned to its original state Jack headed for the main part of the hub, not forgetting to look in on Janet in the way. Their resident Weevil looked right at home in her new, upgraded cell, sound asleep. He almost envied the simplicity of her life. It's simplicity, but in actual fact, most of all its briefness.

Jack sighed, the loneliness beginning to creep in. He checked the computer systems and as usual they were running their nightly scans, next, CCTV; all clear and running. Desperate to fight the boredom he played around with a new face recognition software he was testing, before finally accepting that he was not going to win the battle.

He groaned; there was nothing he hated more than boredom – it ate away at him like a vicious leech; sucking out all his passion for life with every moment of exposure that allowed it to consume a little more of him.

Jack looked around the hub; Ianto's desk nearest to him was immaculate as usual. Gwen's, a little further off, was less so. It looked as if she had made a conscious effort to be more like her colleague, having pushed papers into rough piles along the edge of her desk in an effort to make it look more presentable, her endeavours had been unsuccessful. She was funny like that, he observed, desperate to feel she had his approval yet also the first to back out on him if she believed he was not. Not like Ianto – loyal, gentle Ianto.

Jack felt a longing when looking at Ianto's desk; its owner had been in the North the past few weeks, clearing up a mess that had been made by a long range rift flare. With just the three of them resources were stretched at the moment so Ianto had had to go alone; much against Jack's wishes. He felt a pang of sadness as Tosh and Owen's faces swam before his eyes; he pushed them away with all his might; dwelling on such things was a sure path to madness. He cursed the fact he had allowed Ianto to take this one. At least if he'd gone he'd have been distracted; at least he wouldn't have been bored.

Jack frowned; this was new to him. He'd had serious relationships before – he'd been married for goodness sake but this was different. Outside marriage monogamy hadn't really been his string point; however what had started as just a bit of fun and stress relief had become so much more. For so long Jack had fought the urge to love Ianto; but to deny it would be to deny him-self, although Ianto would never know that. Why was it so hard? It was so difficult to convey his true feelings to Ianto. Never in his long list of relationships (and it was long) had he ever felt so fiercely; yet been so utterly useless at showing it. He shook his head to abandon this thought process – this wasn't him.

Ianto was due back late morning and Jack wished the hours by. He had missed Ianto, Gwen was great, but it just wasn't quite the same. He knew he'd been a complete arse the last few days and that had only led her to keeping her distance (which was understandable he supposed). Whenever she had been around him it was as if she had been treading on eggshells; it was so irritating he'd sent her home early that day – he couldn't deal with it. Her nervous looks she cast him after every time she spoke; trying to pre-empt his reaction to her words. She steered right clear of any slight mention of Ianto – to the point where she would stop mid-sentence and utter a small gasp as if she had muttered an unforgivable word. This annoyed him most of all I'm not an emotional wreck he thought.

All this had put him in a very bad mood – hence the trip to the firing chamber. It hadn't eradicated his boredom or his loneliness but it had diffused most of his anger. He didn't want to be pissy with Ianto when he got back tomorrow - that's the last thing he wanted. H

Jack's eyes once again wondered over the empty hub. He smirked upon seeing the picture of the two of them which took pride of place on Ianto's desk – New Years Eve; it had been a memorable night.

Jack sighed, ciphering absentmindedly through the paperwork on his own desk – Oh please let it soon be morning he thought.

Ianto drew in a deep breath of midnight air, filling his lungs with the fresh sea breeze – it was good to be home. His fingers quickly tapped the familiar pass code to the back door and the lock clicked open to welcome him inside. He slipped through the doorway and shut the door quietly behind him. No alarm for this door, he sighed with relief. He had been worried that in his absence jack would finally have taken heed to his warnings and installed one for this door similar to that on the main entrance – the irony of this relief was not lost on him. Ianto crept into the makeshift cloakroom. Jack's ears were particularly sensitive and the hub was particularly quiet tonight; he did not want to prematurely alert him to his presence. Thus far all had gone perfectly as planned; he grinned to himself as he tried to picture the surprise on Jack's face.

Ianto removed his coat and carefully hung it up next to Jack's – he had missed that.

Ianto smiled to himself; his boss would be surprised to see him – he was not expected back until morning but Ianto had driven through the night to be back before dawn and savour the extra hours. Capturing time alone with Jack had become particularly hard since Tosh and Owen's deaths. With five of them, when things were quiet it had been easier to slip off without notice and at no cost to the world. Now however with only three they were never quiet – they were never alone.

Ianto tried to think back to when they had last been together- together, properly – it had been so long he was beginning to forget that feeling; it would make tonight all the sweeter he told himself.

He crept silently into the main hub, his own heart jumping as he caught sight of Jack, sat at his desk, still unaware of Ianto's presence. Even after all this time Jack still made Ianto's heart beat a little faster, and his skin tingle. He admired his man; his dark hair against those alluring blue eyes which spoke of so much in a single glance and yet gave away so little. His familiar blue shirt and braces concealing the angelic, muscular body which had teased so many - But not Ianto, it had welcomed him.

Ianto moved closer, ducking behind a computer station just in time.

Jack looked up. The hub before him appeared empty. Strange – he thought he'd heard footsteps. Jack shook his head and muttered to himself; "Your mind playing tricks on you Harkness" He looked back at his notes, "Get a grip man." Jack shuffled the papers to no particular purpose; he couldn't really claim to be reading them; his mind was elsewhere, dwelling too much on the absence of those he loved, and now it was playing tricks on him – great!

"Miss me?"

Jacks head snapped up. Standing in front of him, no more than 10 feet away was Ianto Jones. Now Jack knew he wasn't imagining things – his imagination wasn't that good. He sat staring for a moment, looking adoringly at the face he'd been fantasising about so much recently that he'd been afraid he'd be disappointed with the real thing. He wasn't!

"Well?" Ianto grinned; this was exactly the reaction he had hoped for. He couldn't remember a time that Jack had looked at him with such, well...love before; it was elating.

Jack's face had lit up beyond recognition of his expression moments earlier – he was a different man. He jumped out of his seat and bounded over to Ianto, pulling him into a strong embrace. He then pulled away slightly and Ianto's warm lips met his – he really had been away too long.

When they finally broke apart Ianto looked jack fondly in the eyes, a glistening in his own blue irises; "I'll take that as a yes then."

Ianto's lips curled up into a smile. Their bodies fitted so perfectly together, moved with such natural, blissful union it was as if they had been crafted for that single purpose alone. Fate you could call it; as if they were meant to be. Silly he knew, completely irrational, but he couldn't help thinking it all the same – it felt so true.

The whole world seemed to disappear when they were together like this; it was as if they had been pulled into heaven itself; Jack was certainly Ianto's perfect angel. There was no sound save for their breathing and their bodies moving gently across each other – pure bliss. It was only during such intimate moments as this that Ianto felt that Jack was completely his. Even when they sat talking for hours on end Ianto sometimes felt Jack's mind was somewhere else as well as with him, occupied with some case or long forgotten memory. But here Jacks mind was focused fully on the caressing movements of Ianto's body, he was completely Ianto's. Jack's concentration was fully occupied with his speciality.

Every moment they spent like this Ianto fell deeper and deeper in love with Jack; he knew Jack had had so many before him – he never kidded himself he was any different apart for in these few precious moments. Jack made him feel like he was the only person in the world; and for a few fleeting, heavenly moments; Ianto believed it.