"You let him go right now!" Jack had never known such anger inside him. The quick glimpse he had had of Ianto had been enough to set off a surge of emotions inside him. Ianto had looked bad; his eyes seemed out of focus, dazed and confused. His hands had been bound, his face pale. There had been a helplessness in his gaze, as if resigned to a terrible fate, and there had been something else; an emotion that Jack couldn't quite place. Jack knew every inch of that man's body, every expression he'd ever made, but he did not know this one - that panicked Jack.

He looked at the two men now on the screen once again; daggers in his glare.

"We thought that might alter your perspective,"

Jack merely growled in return, his pulse racing, his face reddening in pure hatred.

"You should have taken better care of him Jack Harkness, it was just too easy. Your tea boy simply walked right into our trap."

Jack could feel his blood rushing to his face, hist fists clench as he desperately resisted punching the screen, the hope of another glimpse of Ianto holding him back.

"You have two days," The elder told him, betraying no emotion; "two days for you to give us an answer - or your little lover dies."

The monitor went blank, leaving a fuming Jack staring at it. In pure anger he thrashed out at it; knocking over, hearing it crash to the ground as he walked away was strangely satisfying. He was angry at himself for having let this happen. It all made sense now, why they'd been so interested in their personal files. They weren't interested in their information on the rift; they'd been looking for something they could use against him - and boy had they found it!

Jack closed his eyes as he pressed the emergency call out button to alert Gwen. They had Ianto, his Ianto. His beautiful, organised, composed, but most of all, loving, Ianto. He should never have let him leave alone; niether him or Gwen since he'd found the agents rooting around their files. He felt a hatred boil up inside him - how dare they take his Ianto, but even worse - he'd let them!

Ianto couldn't help but sob quietly. Seeing Jack even for that brief moment had submerged him in guilt. He was not delirious enough not to realise what must be happening. They had taken him for a reason - he must be the bargaining chip, used to persuade Jack to comply with whatever these strangers had planned. Somewhere right now Jack would be having to choose, choose between whatever these men wanted him to do and Ianto's life. Ianto knew it must be something awful if Jack had not already got him out of here. The guilt ate at Ianto; he did not feel he deserved consideration; he wanted to call out, scream to Jack to forget about him and deny these people what they wanted, whatever it was he was not worth it, especially not now. But he was helpless, trapped by the darkness all he could do was sit and wait.

Gwen struggled to process what Jack was saying, she heard the words but they barely registered. She could see he was doing his best to remain objective, composed; but he could not hide the internal battle within. He wouldn't let Ianto die, she knew he wouldn't, at least she thought she knew. "Search everywhere" he was saying, "I want his movements from last night, down to the last second; people aren't just taken. These people may be spies; but kidnap isn't their usual tactic; they're getting desperate, everyone leaves a trail - find it!"

Gwen simply nodded, at this confirmation that what he'd said had been registered Jack instantly turned away to pursue his own search.

"Jack" Gwen called after him meekly. He turned. "he'll be ok, Ianto; he'll be alright - won't he?"

Jack gave no answer but simply turned back to what he had been doing leaving Gwen's blood running cold.

"There's no footage from the bay," Gwen called to Jack as they trawled through the CCTV, their primary focus trying to get some clue of Ianto's whereabouts. "Try his route home," Jack replied, "see if he made it back or not." Obediently, Gwen switched her search. Jack turned to some of Ianto's favorite haunts, his eyes glancing briefly at Ianto's picture from new year before resting back on the screen"we will find you Ianto," he muttered to thin air, "I promise."

Gwen glanced over at her boss. He hadn't moved from Ianto's desk in hours. In moments she'd caught him gazing at the picture frame that took prime position by Ianto's computer.
He felt guilty, she knew, he felt responsible for the whole situation. Jack blamed himself more than anyone for Ianto's kidnap; he felt should have been there, should have stopped it. She was worried about him, she'd never seen him like this before, even when things were grave there was usually something in his manner that seemed to reassure her. But a he sat there pitifully staring at the photo, shoulders heavy, expression serious, she felt no such reassurance. Looking back at the screen before her she continued to trawl through the CCTV, with every minute that past, a little hope ebbing away from her.

Jack's heart jumped as he recognized the figure on the screen, he set the program to clean up the footage to be certain, it was Ianto all right. He stood alone, looking around and checking his watch as if waiting for someone. Jack narrowed his eyes; what was he doing? The next moment a second person joined him - Luna. Jack hastily configured the machine in front of him to search for the path that they took as they walked out of view ofthe camera, within moments the computer had it. Jack watched curiously as the pair wondered around Cardiff, stopping at various points of interest along the way; Jack almost smirked - Ianto seemed to be giving her a history tour - typical.

Jack skipped through the footage to the final camera, he cleaned the footage and then zoomed in, praising the marvels of technology; Ianto's beautiful face could be seen clear as day. Heart pounding he clicked play, he never anticipated the scene he now saw unfold before him. Jack watched as Luna placed a comforting arm around Ianto, bringing her face close to his. He saw Ianto pull away a little, but not too far. Jack felt something inside him tear as he watched Ianto return Luna's kiss. As he watched what succeeded this Jack focused on the expression on Ianto's face; he was far from resisting, quite the opposite in fact. There was a lust there such as Jack had only ever seen on Ianto's face in their most private moments, this pleasure he was finding in her after much less intimacy. Jack averted his eyes as he saw Luna caressing Ianto's crotch and reaching for his zipper, pausing the clip.

Jack had suspected Ianto had held a slight flame for Luna but had never for an instant thought he may hold such strong feelings for her, never once doubted his faithfulness. His thoughts wondered to the moment in the vaults the day before. Ianto had been tense, had resisted him with little affection. Jack had put it down to the suddenness of his advance, now thinking back though Ianto had always melted in his touch, never complained. It made sense now, things had changed.

Jack was suddenly conscious of Gwen's eyes, watching him with concern. "What is it?" she asked, her voice betraying her worry. Jack shook his head, "I..." but he could not say it, "I can't watch this," he finally managed to croak, "can you finish it for me?"

"of course," Gwen frowned, but chose not to question, "If you want me to of course."

Jack nodded, wearily he got up and slunk away into his office, shutting himself in with his bottle of whiskey.

"Jack?" Gwen knocked on his door, clear now why her boss was acting so strange, "Jack you have to see this it's important." Gwen opened the door to reveal a puffy-eyed Jack, slumped in his chair, staring at a full bottle of whiskey, unable, it seemed, to bring himself to touch it. He barely registered her entrance. Taking advantage of this she slipped behind his desk and brought up the CCTV on the screen before he could stop her, Jack's reaction was immediate. "No!" he grabbed her arm.

"wait," she shrugged him off, "there's something you need to see." Jack groaned as she played the clip.

"Stop it Gwen, I don't want to see.."

"Wait Gwen silenced him, just watch for a moment longer."

Jack unwillingly complied, obviously realizing he wasn't going to get rid of her any other way. He watched again as Luna reached for Ianto's belt but this time he kept his eyes on the screen. He watched as Luna put her hand beneath Ianto's boxers and then Jack saw something that made him sit forward in his chair and stare closely at the screen.

"Play that last bit again." he ordered Gwen who willingly did so, relieved her boss had returned to his more business-like tone. Jack's eyes carefully studied Ianto's face. At the very moment Luna's hand disappeared beneath his boxers Ianto stiffened, and the glaze that Jack had not noticed previously disappeared from his eyes. Relief washed over Jack as a weight was lifted. How could he have ever doubted Ianto; good, faithful Ianto. Everything seemed clearer now, his thoughts became ordered , flowing freely once more like a pipe that had just been unblocked; Ianto had been drugged. It must have been a powerful drug, to have given such a strong reaction, but as Jack now saw, it hadn't been strong enough. They'd underestimated the strength of Ianto's feelings for Jack, his... Jack closed his eyes as they began to tear before allowing the thought to continue... Ianto's love. Jack wanted to scream, to cry out to Ianto, to tell him what he knew the Welshman so desperately yearned to hear, but Jack had never had the strength to tell him, he hadn't even quite realized the reality of it himself. But now, seeing Ianto taken advantage of, seeing him in danger, distraught and alone, well, it made him see things from a new perspective.

Jack's eyes snapped open and he jumped up so abruptly he nearly knocked Gwen over. " Get them back on the monitor, I have to speak to Ianto" he told her. She nodded and went to leave but as she turned away he grasped her wrist tightly, making her pause and look back into his eyes; they were filled with defiance. "I can't lose him," he told her, "not this time, I won't let him die."

She offered him a comforting smile in return, trying in that one look to show him how much she too cared, "We'd better get crackin' then."