Hey, I forgot that I wrote this fanfic. I was on my ipod, looking through all my completed fanfics and this showed up. This is a little OOC, Sebastian is a French teacher, Ciel is one of his students. Both are in a secret affair, they live together, anything else….? Nope that's it. :D

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More Than A Teacher

Ciel sighs with relief. His never ending week of school finally came to an end. "Ciel!" a girl squeals, her curled, blonde hair bounces up and down on her shoulders as she ran to Ciel. Wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

"Hello Lizzie." Ciel says calmly, freeing himself from her grip. Looking into his locker.

"Say Ciel." Lizzie says, "I was wondering... Would you like to come to the mall with me? You know, if you're not busy."

"He's not interested in going shoe shopping." a blonde boy says walking behind him, "He'd rather go to my house and hang out with me. Right Ciel?" he asks, placing his arm on Ciel's shoulder.

"Actually, Alois, Lizzie." Ciel says grabbing his backpack, "I have to stay after school today. I need help in my French class."

"Oh, I see." Lizzie says, her emerald eyes looking away from him in disappointment. "Well, have a good weekend." she says smiling, "I'll see you on Monday."

"See ya." Ciel says shutting his locker door, grabbing his stuff, and walking back to his French class.

Ciel enters the classroom silently. Gently closing the door behind him. "Mr. Michaelis." Ciel purrs. His teacher looks up from his pile of papers he has to grade. His reddish-brown eyes fixed on Ciel's blue eyes.

"Oh, Ciel." he says, "I thought you went home already. You did take your bike to school right?" he asks. Ciel nods, slowly heading to his teacher.

"I decided to come by and watch you work today." he says sitting in his teacher's lap, "Then I'll leave for home once you're done. That's not a problem, is it?" he asks stroking his teacher's smooth, pale face.

His French teacher shakes his head. "No, of course not." he says, "But, won't you get bored?" Ciel shakes his head, smirking. Driving his fingers up into his teacher's perfect straight black hair.

"I enjoy seeing you work." he whispers.

"Suit yourself." his teacher says. Ciel smiles, getting out of his teacher's lap, and starts heading to a chair that sits patiently by the windows. Once he reaches the chair, he slides his backpack off his shoulders. Making it crash to the floor with a loud thud. His teacher jumps at the sudden noise, lifting his head from his papers, staring at Ciel.

"My bad." Ciel says innocently. His teacher sighs, returning to his work, mumbling words in French. Ciel smirks, sliding into the chair. He gives a long sigh, staring at his teacher.

"Se-bas-tian!" a high pitched voice from the hallway calls.

"Oh great." Sebastian groans, "Now what." The door flings open, a tall figure emerges. A male, with long red hair, wearing a red dress shirt snuggly over his body, a long red skirt, and a pair of red heels enters. "What do you want Mr. Sutcliff?" he asked emotionlessly.

'Wait, that's a dude?' Ciel asks himself, his eyes widen in shock.

"Nothing much." the red head says, his voice too high to belong to a man, "I just wanted to see how you were." he says staring at Sebastian.

"I'm fine." Sebastian says. The girlie man smiles. Walking to Sebastian. "So, you're a drama teacher correct?" Sebastian asks. The red head nods.

"Our next play is Romeo and Juliet." he says cheerfully, "Although, it doesn't seem like it, these students don't know acting even if it slapped them across the face." he says pouting.

"Is that so." Sebastian says emotionlessly.

"Yes!" he says, "Why, they can't even do a simple kissing scene without screwing it up."

"Oh, how divine." Sebastian says sarcastically.

"Isn't it though." the man says in the same tone. "So, I was wondering, would you come back to my classroom with me?" he asks, "So we can show these students how to do a proper kissing scene?" he says in a seductive purr.

"Absolutely not Grell!" Sebastian spits.

"Aw! Why not?" Grell whines.

"Because. That's repulsive!" Sebastian says in disgust.

"Oh come on!" Grell whines, "Please Bassie! For me?" Sebastian turns his head, returning to his paperwork. "Fine!" he says pouting, "If I can't get a kiss that way, I guess I'll have to get it this way." he pins Sebastian to the wall. His hands placed roughly on Sebastian's shoulders. Hovering his body above him.

"Stop this act right now!" Sebastian orders, trying to escape, "I have a student in here!"

"Where?" Grell asks. Ciel coughs, indicating his presence to the drama teacher, staring at the two. "Well, I don't mind having another pair of eyes set on me." Grell says seductively.

"Oh, but wouldn't this be considered cheating?" Sebastian asks, "I am well aware that you are dating someone else."

"What William doesn't know won't hurt him." Grell says, "Now, stop talking." he orders taking one of his fingers and placing it on Sebastian's mouth, "And bring those pretty lips over here." he says bringing his finger down to Sebastian's chin, leaning forward. Sebastian snarls softly, taking his free hand up to Grell's chest. "Oh Sebastian!" Grell says, his face turning as red as his hair, "I knew it!" he says joyfully, "You do like me!" Sebastian's snarl gets louder as he pushes the man away from him. Sending the red head three feet away from him. "Sebastian!" Grell gasps in shock, "How dare you push a lady like that! How rude!"

"Lady?" Sebastian asks, "I don't see a lady anywhere, do you Ciel?" Ciel shakes his head, snickering softly.

"You know what I think, Sebastian?" Grell asks adjusting his hair, a hint of annoyance in his voice, "I think you want me. But your stubborn mind won't admit it yet."

"You couldn't be more wrong." Sebastian says, snickering softly.

"We'll see about that." Grell says narrowing his eyes, "I just have one question for you."

"Oh? And what may that be?" Sebastian asks.

"What class is this?" Grell asks, "I've walked passed this room for years and I still don't know."

"Take a guess." Sebastian says sarcastically. Grell sighs, looking around the room.

"Hmmmm. Math?" he asks. Sebastian sighs, shaking his head. "Hmmm. Science? Art?"

"Tell me." Sebastian says, "What's giving you those ideas?"

"This." Grell says grabbing the ruler on the board. Bringing it next to his


"That...has nothing to do with it." Sebastian says, chuckling. Grell snarls, tossing the ruler away from him, it lands smoothly beside Ciel's feet. "Try again." Sebastian says calmly.

"Hmm." Grell says scratching the top of his head, " Oh I give up! This is far too complicated!" Grell whines, "Give me a hint Bassie! Please? For me!"

Sebastian sighs, "It's a language." he says.

"English?" Grell says.

"A foreign...language." he says impatiently.

"Hmm. Spanish?" Sebastian shakes his head, "German? No,wait, I got it!" Grell says confidently, "Chinese!" he says. Sebastian groans, slumping back into his chair.

'Wow, how dumb is this tranny?' Ciel asks himself, mildly amused.

"What?" Grell asks.

"French..." Sebastian mumbles.

"Pardon?" Grell says.

"It's French!" Sebastian says, raising his voice slightly.

"Are you sure it's not Chinese?" Grell asks.

"Do you see symbols anywhere?" Sebastian asks.

"Well.. No.." Grell says.

"Then, I'm positive, it's not Chinese. Nor is it any language that use symbols as their writing system!" Sebastian nearly yells.

"Are you sure this is French?" Grell asks suspiciously.

"Positive." Sebastian hisses.

"Then prove it." Grell says. His green eyes sparkling slightly, a smirk played on his lips. Sebastian sighs, closing his eyes, running his fingers through his raven colored hair.

'What shall I say?' he asks himself, his eyes open, looking at the drama teacher's outfit.

"Sebastian." Grell says, "Now's not the time to be checking me out. Although, I do love those pretty eyes on me." he purrs.

"I wasn't checking you out to begin with." Sebastian says calmly.

"Oh, whatever." Grell says seductively, winking at Sebastian.

"But, if you insist." Sebastian sighs. He chuckles softly, ' I've got it.' he

thinks. " * .*" (AN/ this ** is what Sebastian is saying in French)Sebastian purrs. Grell's eyes widen, his body

trembling under Sebastian's words. " *A few words come to mind when I look at you. Those words would be idiotic and absent minded. But a nuisance, that is what you truly are. Never in my days has any faculty member caused me so much stress; you truly get on my last nerves. Yet you still insist on coming here. Why is that? Oh, and one more thing.*" he looks up and down the redhead's body once more, " * I cannot take you seriously in that outfit you are wearing.

Just look at yourself. You look like some murderous mistress, who's body and attire is drenched in its victim's blood. Are you sure guys find that attractive? I assume that is what gender you are dating, do to your... feminine tendencies. Also, I've been hearing tales of you going out with random men at the depths of night. Is that true? Because it appears to me, that you're acting more like some cheap hooker, than a high school drama teacher. Hmm, and what a pity that is.*" he ends his last sentence with a purr. He looks at the drama teacher. His eyes are closed, hands held together and lie on his chest, a smile is presented on his lips.

"Oh Sebastian." he moans, "Even though I cannot speak and understand French yet. I can still sense those kind spoken words of yours as they flow out of your mouth, and enter my ears. Where they flow throughout my body, and dwell within my heart. Forever." Ciel covers his mouth with his hand, muffling his outburst of laughter.

"I'm glad, I meant every word I said." Sebastian says with a smirk. Grell's

smile brightens.

" *Hey... slut boy.* " Ciel says. Grell's eyes turn to Ciel. 'He already knows

his name, how convenient.' Ciel thinks, smirking on the outside.

"Were you talking to me, Ciel?" Grell asks. Ciel nods.

" *Whenever you get tired of screwing around with your 15, or so, boyfriends.* " Ciel continues, " *Give me a call. I'll give you a real good time.* " Ciel says with a


"I'm sorry Ciel." Grell says, "But could you translate what you said?" he asks.

"Oh, of course." Ciel says, "I said, I really like your outfit. Red suits you."

"Aww! Why thank you Ciel!" Grell says, " I think your clothes look good on you too."

'Sebastian says they look better off of me.' Ciel thinks, a smile played on his

lips. "Thank you." he says sweetly, looking at his snickering teacher.

"Sebastian?" Grell asks, "Do you know what time it is?" Sebastian coughs, looking down at his watch on his wrist watch.

"2:45" Sebastian replies.

"Oh, really?" Grell asks. Sebastian nods, "Oh, I have to go back to my class. And I was having such a grand time too. Oh well." he sighs. "Goodbye Sebastian! I'll claim those lips of yours someday!" he says exiting the

classroom. The echo of his red high heels fade down the hall.

"Someday, but not today." Sebastian mutters.

"Not any day soon." Ciel says smirking. Sebastian chuckles. "What?" Ciel asks.

"Nothing." Sebastian says, "Nothing at all...' slut boy'."

"Oh, did you like that? 'Cheap hooker'?" Ciel asks seductively. Sebastian chuckles, shuddering a bit at Ciel's words.

"I need to get back to grading these papers." Sebastian says innocently,

returning to his papers. Ciel sighs, his eyes wandering around the room.

About 30 empty desks sat in five neat rows of six. Ciel sighs once more, resting his feet on an empty desk next to him. His eyes wander around the room. Reading the posters his teacher had up on the walls. Stopping at a poster of a red heart.

" *Love can be found in the strangest ways.*" Ciel mutters, reading what was underneath the heart. Ciel chuckles softly, sinking into his chair. 'No kidding.' Ciel thinks, closing his eyes slowly. Ciel yawns, shutting his eyes, sleep overpowering his body.