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The sun was slowly beginning to rise to the surface on one cool summer morning. Dew was lightly sprinkled on top of the freshly cut grass, birds were chirping the same tune they have been for months, now high up upon the tree branches. I didn't mind though, my mind was focused on other things. Or should I just say other thing, Sebastian. His tall body hovered over mine, our lips connected at this time, our tongues collided, our moans intertwined. We've been inside his car for 10 minutes now, parked in our same spot of the school parking lot, waiting for our spider to get caught in our talons. My breath was coming out in short pants, my tongue was loosing the the battle of dominance between us...again. Will I ever win? Just as my fingers trace the nipples hidden inside his shirt, our target comes into my sight. "He's here." I pant and push Sebastian away from. Breaking our kiss, but not breaking the saliva that is connected to our lips.

"Where?" he asks me and breaks our only connection so he could see the spider for himself. I can feel the anger rising inside him, he needs to calm down, or else our plan will ruined. "There..." his voice drops drastically when he clenches to the door handle. "I'm going to kill him..." He's serious about this one. Dammit Sebastian, I already told you, don't!

"Don't..." I say quickly as I wrap my arms around his, we've worked too hard on this plan just to let your jealousy get the best of you. Control yourself. "The plan...our plan... We've worked so hard all week preparing for this... The wait is almost over... Just hold on a little longer. For me baby, please?" my eyes lock desperately with his, a small pout formed on my lips, and my fingers intertwine with his.

"Alright kitten, for our sake, I'll do it." his hand wraps securely around mine, and his forehead is pressed against me. Our eyes locked and we move closer to each other, and our lips closer... Just as our lips are about to collide, the bell could be heard from inside the car. Both of us groan in protest. Why did it have to ring now of all times? Why did it have to ring when there's a bulge in my pants? Now Sebastian can't take care of this, and I'm stuck in this uncomfortable position for god knows how long. I hope no one will notice. We're both out of the car at this time, we stare at each other momentarily, going through our game plan step by step, and head into the building after that's been completed. Game set, and ready to complete.

Students fled the building as the bell rang for the last time this school year. Goodbyes were given, hugs were exchanged, and buses and cars fled. The teachers were the only ones in the building now. The summer light brightened the halls, and casted a silhouette of the spider teacher. He was walking alone through the familiar silent halls, a letter was placed firmly in his hand, and each step he made was quicker then the last. He was heading to the teacher's lounge, just as instructed. The letter was written by Ciel, informing him to come meet him in the lounge as soon as possible. When Claude reached the room, he didn't hesitate to open the closed door. It was dark upon entering the room, which was something he was not expecting. It took him awhile for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, and when he did, he was confused by what he saw. A tall, dark figure, leaning against the coffee table. Arms folded, or so it appeared, and legs crossed.

"Who's there? Who are you? Show yourself!" he yelled to the figure before it could take a step. Soon it started to walk forward, and a little closer towards the four eyed French teacher. More of the physical features could be seen, but still the figure was hard to make out. It wasn't until a few minutes of silence had passed, before Claude could identify the person. "M-michaelis?" he questioned..I thought that Ciel would be here...where is he? "Where's that student of yours, Ciel." his voice had returned to its original monotone self. "He told me to meet him here a few minutes after school was out. He said he had something he wanted to give to me, something that I deserved." Sebastian stood over at the other side of the room, smirking away. The plan was going along as expected, now all Sebastian had to do was reach into his pocket, and let the plan run its course. Out from his pocket, is where a phone rests in his firm grasp. Thumbs flipped the phone screen upward, illuminating Sebastian, and his smirking face to the puzzled spider momentarily.

"Oh yes, he left it right here, allow me." Sebastian was now glaring at his rival, "I know what you've done." he spat when his thumb was on top of the 'Enter' key. When Sebastian pressed the button, he leaned back slightly, giving the cell phone, which was set on high, a chance to speak.

Panting played over the speakers of the phone as it played the recording. Claude was confused at first, wondering why there was panting, and it wasn't until he heard a familiar voice, when his face turned pale.

"C-c-Claude~!" the owner of the voice was Alois Trancy, with his voice slightly slurred. "N-n-no! Not there..." slick and squishing sounds could be heard next. Claude couldn't stand much more of this..."Oh yes, oh yes~! Oh right there, yes right there~! Oh-" the phone was snapped shut by this time, the damage was more then effective.

"Where did you get that?!" Claude asked as he started to slowly move towards the door.

"I have connections." Sebastian lied and stared at him. The phone belonged to Ciel, and according to what he said, he took that recording the night Sebastian kicked him out. The night at the club. "I know what you did.." his tone turned dangerous when he started to walk towards the spider. "He told me everything." Claude had backed himself up into a corner, with no where else to escape to. "Everything." Sebastian hissed and grasped the collar of the other's shirt, panic and fear filling the golden eyes.

Blue eyes looked around in annoyance. "Stupid Elizabeth and her partings!" Ciel growled and stormed off to the teacher's lounge, where he was suppose to be 10 minutes ago. "She ruined my plans that I worked so hard to come up with. I even had to write to that creep...if this plan fails, she's the first one I go after! He finally made it to the room, and saw the room to be closed. He slowly walked towards it, and gently opened the door. To find something in Sebastian's grasp, and his back towards him.

"Listen to me you little spider." Sebastian's voice growled to the other teacher. "If I ever hear that you tried to taint my kitten's lips again, I'll find you and squish you like the bug you are, am I making myself clear? Or do you need a little example of what it'll feel like?"

"T-t-that won't be necessary, I'll remember, just please...get rid of the recording.."

"I'll put that into consideration." Sebastian let go of the frightened spider and let him drop to the ground. "Now get out of my sight! Before I beat you because I feel like it." the teacher ran out of the room just as Ciel stepped aside, making it just the two of them...alone.

"S-sebastian..." the blue eyed boy spoke, and got the attention of the older male in the room.

"Kitten, what are you doing here? Was this a part of the plan?" slowly, Sebastian took a step towards the boy.

"No." Ciel spoke while his head shook slowly from side to side. Soon the French teacher he loved was at his side, and his red eyes were staring at his. "I wanted to see if he got the letter, because I wanted to know if someone took the letter or not."

"How long were you standing there?"

"Long enough to see the spider being lifted 2 feet off the ground, and long enough to hear the threat you told him." The smirk that could be seen on Sebastian's face made the younger shudder before he spoke again. "Not to mention that I found the entire situation completely erotic." the attention of the red eyes went south after that last word was said. A bulge could easily be seen in the young boy's pants, and Sebastian licked his lips, his pants were also revealing a growing bulge. Both males were growing more and more desperate for contact with each second, Ciel grasped the other's hand and hurriedly pulled him away from the lounge door. Why did they not stay in there? Sebastian wasn't sure, his mind was focusing on the backside that was in front of him. The couple raced down the hall in heated silence, only the sound of their shoes were the noises they made. Soon the couple came across an open door. Ciel, who was leading the horny man to a place where they could both find relief, didn't care what the room was. He needed Sebastian, and what was inside his pants. Once his fingers could grasp the metal knob, he opened the door and quickly entered, Sebastian following him and closed the door once he confirmed that the door could open after being shut. Ciel had found the light before Sebastian shut the door. The only light in that room was a single bulb, with a long cord next to it to turn it on and off when desired. The scent of their surrounding filled both of their nostrils and things were slowly beginning to settle in. They were in the janitors closet, with the fumes of cleaning products surrounding them.

Hair was grabbed, bodies were moved closer, lips smacked, tongues collided. The two were completely absorbed by themselves, and their desperate actions. Shirts were ignored by quivering hands as both wanted nothing more than to relive their aching pieces of flesh. Ciel's pants were the first to drop to the floor, his thighs now feeling the cool air. His head was tilted to the side, Sebastian had his mouth latched onto his neck, and his hand was sliding its way up the boy's shirt, and playing with what's inside.

"I played the recording." Sebastian had detached himself from the boy's neck, his only free hand was occupying itself by removing the black undergarment that was on Ciel's boy stepped out of the clothing that was pooled around his ankles.

Walking a few steps away from the man so that he could remove his sneakers, Ciel said. "And? What was his reaction?" The young blue haired boy bent over slightly, taking his sweet time to remove his shoes. Sebastian was a time bomb that was about to explode. Ciel's pale backside was in his sight, and it moved slightly when the boy switched feet.

"He...he..." Sebastian took in a few quick breaths, allowing his mind to compose itself before he continued. "He panicked, just like one would expect, and his face was flushed." he took Ciel by the wrist, and slammed him into the wall. "Just like I plan to do to yours, but for a different reason." Ciel's mind went blank when Sebastian unzipped his pants, and released his trapped length. He was shuddering at the cold wall that pressed against his exposed skin. Still he separated his legs, and his eyes locked onto Sebastian's.

"Do it." he purred in pure lust, he cupped both of his hands under his thighs when Sebastian lifted him up, his length was now against the twitching entrance. With a quick gasp of air, Sebastian's hips thrusted forward, and buried his length inside the younger male. "Aaahhn~..." Ciel's eyes had shut and his head tilted to the side when he sucked in a breath through his clenched teeth. Sebastian had no problem creating a steady rhythm in this position, and Ciel had no problem receiving the greatest amount of pleasure due to the angle of their position. His clothed back was sliding against the wall, every other second he would feel cool air hit his heated skin, which always made him shudder more. His hair was bouncing all over his face, just like the movements of his body. "Ooo yeah." he moaned over and over, his body was already mesmerized by the pleasure running through his veins, and movements of his lover's hips. "Keep moving those hips!" he begged and grasped his thighs tighter and tighter. "In a circle...like a wheel..."


Four wheels were moving a large, gray cart filled with cleaning supplies. The oldest janitor this building had, Tanaka, had just finished cleaning his section of the school. He'd leave the rest of the work to the other janitors when the trio arrived for their night shift. With a portable green cup, filled with his favorite tea in hand, Tanaka pushed the cart onwards until he stopped at a rather peculiar sight. The closet door was what he stopped for, it was closed. The door was never closed during his cleaning, he had always left it partially open, as a habit for himself. He had a puzzled expression on his face, he took a quick sip of the warm liquid, before walking to the door, and solving the mystery once and for all. When he had opened the door, his eyes filled with a surprising sight. He came across the two males. His eyes staring at the boy with no pants on, and the reddening face, to the teacher, which he had known for quite some time. Both of the males had a deer in the headlights expression on their faces. What ever movements that were happening, stopped instantly. What ever noises that followed, silenced. Both of the sweating males started to panic, both unsure about what was going to happen next.

The old man just smiled. He drank some more of his tea, and finally broke the silence with a soft chuckle. "Ho ho ho." he closed the door not long after that, and walked down the hall. Continuing his soft chuckles of "ho ho ho" until they vanished completely, and Sebastian and Ciel were alone once again.

The couple were frozen in place, they both stared at each other in disbelief, not able to comprehend the scenario that just happened. Both of their heart beats still raced at a thousand miles per second, both of their faces tinted with red, Ciel's especially.

"See. I told you that I'd get your face nice and flushed." Sebastian finally spoke after minutes of uncomfortable silence and staring.

"Are you serious, Sebastian? Did you really not pay attention to what just happened?!"

"Yeah I did, we stared at eachother, and my what a lovely sight I have." Sebastian smirked when he saw the shocked reaction coming from the younger male.

"A janitor walked in on us!" Ciel smacked the other's arm to see if he was in a trance that he could get out of. "The old janitor! He caught us! He's going to tell principal Spears! We're going to get in more trouble then with the video! We're...we're-" Sebastian silenced the trembling boy with a soft kiss to the lips.

"Relax, kitten, there's nothing to be worried over. Everything is going to be alright." he cooed softly.

"How can you be so sure?" Ciel asked.

"That janitor may be old, but he's neutral to everything. As long as no one messes with his tea he won't do anything. He won't tell the principal on us, so don't fret...my pet." Ciel rolled his eyes, which in turn made Sebastian smile and chuckle slightly. "Besides, do you think this is the first time he caught someone fooling around in the Janitor's closet?" he thrusted into the boy, and he received a glare in response. "What? It's the last day of school, everyone has lightened up, that makes you no exception."

"But...but I don't want us to get caught again." Ciel spoke quietly, as if there was someone on the other side of the door, eaves dropping on their conversation.

"Then I suggest we get back to where we left off." Sebastian started his pace once again, "Because the other janitors will be here not long after Tanaka leaves. And they're not as .. ah, neutral as he is."

"How...s-so?" Sebastian was pounding against the bouncing boy's prostate with vigor, making it difficult for him to speak.

"One will have a .. mmgrah, n-nose bleed and pass out in it, and the rest will go run off and tell on us. With...disgusted expressions on their faces."

"How would you know that? Aahn!" Sebastian grabbed the boy's member and he was pumping the organ in time with his thrusts.

"Again, do you think this is the first time someone was caught in this closet?" Sebastian increased his thrusting pace, and Ciel returned to being the moaning mess he once was. His hands gripped the sweat damp shirt resting on his loves' shoulders. He could feel his orgasm approaching, bubbling and oozing inside of him. He was disappointed slightly, his euphoria would end faster then he had expected. Those frail hands of his roamed up and down the heaving chest, and his eyes stared at Sebastian, which was nothing more then a blurry figure to his moving eyes. Sebastian decided that now would be a good time to put matters into his own hands, literally. He took Ciel's wrists to his massive hands, and pinned them against the wall, rejecting them to the right to move. His sweating body dipped downwards until he was face to face with the flushed boy, and his lips were collided with the others'.

Ciel didn't hesitate to let his tongue fight to the dominance death when his mouth was forced open. The waves that their tongues moved in sparked more pleasure in his body. He was on the verge of collapsing, and both males, younger and older, knew that. He couldn't take it any more, Sebastian gave his tongue a long suck, his hand came down on his member once again, and his own slammed against his prostate one last time. Both of the males climaxed at the same time. Ciel with biting down on the muscle inside his mouth, and Sebastian with a loud groan emerging from his throat.

The next few minutes were filled with pleasured orgasms that both were trying to come off of. Sebastian had pulled himself out of the spent hole, and walked, more like stumbled really, to the other end of the wall, where a roll of toilet paper awaited. Not long after Sebastian returned to the boy's side, did he start to clean both of them off.

"Don't think that I've forgotten already, because I haven't." the couple were now both dressed and heading out of the closet to leave the building for the last time...until fall. "Your pants. You told me that when you woke up they were around your ankles, but I distinctly remember you pulling them up and fastening them when I was thrown out. What happened?"

"I...I..." the two were almost near the door when Sebastian stopped them. "I can barely remember, ok? I was pretty wasted."

"Yeah you were." Ciel spoke and his lips formed into a smirk when he received a glare from Sebastian.

"Look, I was drunk, I couldn't remember what I did. So, I thought you were heading home. I remembered the 'Fight.' we had here."

"Yet you don't remember the sex, the drinking, the pain of you kicking me out, did I mention the sex?"

"If you interrupt me one more time.." his eyes glared at the boy like they were actual knives cutting through his flesh. "I was waiting for you, and I got bored. So..I undid my pants, and I waited for you." Sebastian turned his head away and looked down towards the ground. Good thing he did, because then he would have watched Ciel's face curl into his own laughter.

"So you pulled down your pants, and just waited for me to be come home so I could suck and ride the hell out that soft thing?!" Ciel was laughing, hard, he actually had to lean against the lockers to catch his breath, his arms were wrapped around his stomach.

"N-not exactly...I never mentioned it was...soft..." Sebastian could no longer deepen the blush that was now all over his flushed face. Ciel was taken by surprise.

"No way..." he started to snicker when he saw the older male turn his face away from him. "No way! You...You!" he was laughing once again, his small frame moving downwards against the lockers, until he collided with the floor. His eyes were shut tight, his arms wrapped tighter around him, trying to soothe his burning sides, but failed to do so with every second that passed.

"Come on, let's go home already." Sebastian patience was running thin at this point, very thin, "The other janitors will be here soon, and we don't want to be seen by them."

"And why's that?" Ciel was still giggling from time to time, but at least it wasn't a full out laughing session.

"They'll get the wrong ideas...or I guess, in this case, the right idea." he extended his hand to the boy that was sitting on the floor. His hand was rejected by him. With another laughing session approaching him, Ciel said.

"No way! I can get myself up, I don't want that hand-jobbing hand on mine...It still might have some of your cum on it!" he quickly got up from the spot where he was dying with laughter. When he saw the scowl on the other male's face, he smacked the arm playfully and said. "What? It's the last day of school. Everyone has lightened up." he poked the other's firm chest as they continued to walk to the approaching main door. "That makes you no exception." he smirked at his choice of words. Sebastian, on the other hand, recognized the sentence as his own, and rolled his eyes at the repeated sentence. Both of the male had now reached the main entrance. They both reached for the handle at the same time, and with Sebastian's large hand over Ciel's, both males pushed the door open. The cool summer air hit both of their faces. The sun was starting to set, which gave the sky a warm glow of orange and yellow. The sight was beyond breath taking, it was exhilarating. As the two walked to the familiar car, parked in it's familiar space, the couple's hands joined, and their fingers intertwined. Summer was here at last.

And there were many things they could do to spend it.


Well, that's it for this story...or is it? :} Is it? How many people would be jumping out of their spots if I told you there would be a sequel to this? A lot, a little...none? Well! Let me make this official and say there WILL be a sequel to this. I'm working on the first chapter as I type. Don't believe me? Think a sneak peak is all it'll take to convince you? Well here's your sneak peak.


Night was soon approaching, the street lamps had just recently been turned on, so did our ride's neon lights. Business had been slow since the two teenage girls got off. The ride was still the rest of my shift, leaving me with boredom, and nothing to cure it but my own thoughts. What the hell was that all about? Why did Sebastian back off? He's cheating on me, isn't he? The evidence was right in front of me all along. Why didn't I see this sooner?

Firm arms, and fire like hands slide their way up the front of my shirt. I lean my head back, and my immediate reaction was the feeling of hair tricking down my neck. My blue eyes crack open, and the sight of Sebastian welcomes them. There are no traces of powdered sugar left on the corners of his lips. Instead, a smirk is what his lips portray.

"Hey there." my own hand slides its way into the strands of his hair, bringing him down to a kiss. He doesn't try to suppress it this time. Instead, he deepens it with the forceful opening of my cavern. The moans escape me fluently and frequently at this point. My digits coil more and more of his strands, my tongue is swishing and moving in a rhythmic motion, and I'm sinking deeper and deeper into the pleasurable abyss. I'm left utterly disappointed when he breaks our kiss yet again. I'm left sitting in my chair, my cheeks slightly flustered, my mouth opened slightly to catch breath, and my lips are flushed and just begging for more attention.

"How was your shift?"

"Boring after you left. Those two girls were the last ones to ride this thing." you broke our moment of romance to ask me how my shift was? Really? You must be planning something, or else our lips would never have separated in the first place. Come on, confess, I got you, now what is it?

"Aw, I'm sorry to hear that." he bends down again, and connects our lips together. "Fear not, kitten, your shift is now over."

"I can see that." It's silent here, everyone is starting to leave the park and head to their cars. It's just us now. Just as my lips approach his for another time, he backs away from me. A scowl forms on my lips, I get up from the red metal chair for the last time, and face him, showing my displeasure to him. He takes his hand with mine, and soon we're walking away from the ride l've been controlling for hours. Adieu.

The sound of our shoes crunching on the gravel path accompany us with sound on our silent journey. My desire for him is so grand, that just having his hand pressed against mine is making my pants tighten. I need relief, before I get struck with pain.

"What did you do today?" I quickly ask him, if things go right, I'll be pants-less in no time.

"Ate, relaxed, thought about you constantly." he replied, his grip on my hand tightened.

"Wow. It seems like you got to do everything you wanted today." I sighed before continuing my seduction routine. "I'm jealous. I never got what I wanted to do today, I was too busy working. But...there still is time to do it."

"What do you want?" he stopped walking, wooden booths are next to us, right on top of the grass. I smirk inwardly, perfect.

"I want to get my face painted." I push him roughly, and unexpectedly, causing my unsuspecting love to stumble backwards, and slam against the side of a random booth. I attack his lips with lust filled kisses, each kiss gets returned by him, each more hungry and desperate then the last. I pry his mouth open and quickly invade his cavern. Sooner or later he'll realize that I'm the one that's in control, and not him. He'll probably try and change that as soon as he does realize it, but until then it's my way, or the highway.

My hands slide to different positions. Instead of them being around his neck, or buried in his soft locks, my left hand stays where it is, while my right runs it's way down his body, and not stopping until my fingers brush against his zipper. I break our attachment with the unzipping of his pants, I can see a bit of grey from the hem of his boxers. But just seeing the hem won't satisfy me, I need to see the boxers, all of it, down and pooling around his ankles. I was not aware that his button became undone, nor was I aware that I did it while I was deep in mid thought, all I cared was watching the fabric drop to the floor, and my knees following them. I was now face to face with his covered manhood. There was an obvious tent in the center of the boxers, and my mouth literally began to water. How long has it been since I've done this? A month? Two even? I don't remember anymore, but one thing I do remember, is I haven't teased Sebastian like this in awhile. I guess I should change that. I slide my hands up his legs, and around his thighs. The friction of my hands rubbing his legs warms up my digits. This won't do for long, ready to up the ante Sebastian? No? Too bad. I lean myself closer to him and the enormous bulge. My nose is buried in the black fabric, and my parted lips are hovered over the bulge, my heated breath panting over it. I feel every part of his reaction to my teasing. His hips jerk forward, his thighs shake, and he groans, long and loudly. My mind is fogged with my lust, my mouth attacks the clothed tip of his erection, and is lightly bitten. He gasps in shock, and his body shakes slightly when his head is tossed to one side. I can't take this anymore, I cannot wait any longer! My tongue darts out from my cavern, and slowly makes its way up to the grey hem I saw earlier. My eyes are darkened by desire when my teeth clamp down on them, and slowly pull the silk fabric to join his friend, the jeans.

The erection is finally free from it's cage, and seeing this monster at it's full length, right in front of me, drives me wilder than he, or I, could imagine. I can't wait anymore, I have to have it. But still desiring the need to tease him, I run my fingers up the sides of the erection. Every slow second I give him, brings a new violent shudder in pleasure. My thumb presses against his slit, where a stream of pre cum flows from it. He's hissing at me, in both annoyance and pleasure, a heated mixture that I haven't heard in quite some time. The flowing substance lands onto my thumb, and is brought to my more then eager lips for a taste. My eyes are locked on his, my lips are parted, and my tongue is circling around what I've gathered. One lick, that's all it took. One taste was all I needed, to become completely, and hopelessly addicted. I want more of it, I need more of it, I'm craving more of it. I haven't eaten anything since this morning, and I need meat.


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