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They were chasing the night. Going as far as they could before it vanished on them. Soon after they had basically slaughtered that group of teens, they fled the area. Leaving behind a gruesome scene blood and body parts all over the park.

They went back to Jerry's for only a few minutes so the teen could be sure Peter was alright and so Jerry could deal with the ones he had in his basement.

Charley was beside Peter, clinging to him tightly for that short time knowing he might never do it again. Crying silently as he let go, wishing he was awake for just a moment. Jerry simply killed the ones below, saying that they wouldn't survive the trip anyways.

Making Charley wonder if he would. He didn't know where they were going to go, but he trusted in him.

They left quickly, giving no indications of having been there for a while. Reluctantly the vampire had left his treasures where they sat. Taking only the flag he had pinned to the wall and gave a reluctant final look before he ushered the boy out and left.

Charley didn't go near his house. He just wanted to leave. Fearing the damage he would cause his mother if she saw him as he was now, but also knowing that just disappearing would do as much damage anyways. So they simply left.

The teen sat with his legs drawn up as they drove away. Chewing his thumb nail as he cried. Feeling terrified but excited for whatever life he had now, though it was extremely hard to say good bye to everything. He couldn't think a solid thought for hours. The teen kept worrying that he would want to turn around and go home.

Jerry kept glancing at him, saying nothing as he saw his pinkish tears streaming down his flawless pale skin. He knew it was difficult for him. For being as young as he is and have this big of a change.


"I'm ok. I'm ok.." The teen said slowly, turning his eyes towards Jerry slowly. Giving a small confident nod before looking out the window.


"Where are we anyways?"

"We are in Arizona. But the current destination is going to be Santa Fe." Jerry said slowly, then smiled.

"We are going to New Mexico? That's it?"

"What.. Did you think I was going to bring you across the world to Romania or something idiotic as that?" Jerry questioned.

"Yeah. Actually."

"No. We are going to Santa Fe. You'll meet the one being that I truly fear.. IF she is still there." He said honestly. Making Charley stare in confusion.

"What? Your serious... Who?" He asked, sounding nervous but had a huge grin on his face suddenly.

"My older sister. My REAL sister." Jerry clarified a small glare.

Charley stared at him in stunned silence. He giggled suddenly.

"You have a sister? Why did you say anything! Wow.. Is she like, as old as you or what. Should I be scared too?"

"Yes, I have a sister. And I didn't tell you because you never asked. She is two years older then me.. I don't know if that's human years or vampire years anymore.." He said with a small frown then looked away.

"You should be scared. She is just as deadly as I am, but she is sometimes overly affectionate." Jerry said with a small shake of his head. A small grin formed on his lips slowly as he thought about Regine. Half a century had pasted since the last time they had spoke.

"I'm tired.." Charley said slowly, sounding as though he was asking.

"Go to sleep then. You don't need my permission to sleep.. You have your independence. I'll wake you as soon as soon as we get there. If no problems arise, we might actually make it tonight.. Or at least a few hours away." He said and looked over at him slowly.

"Ok.. Just.. Don't crash us." The teen said in growing exhaustion and shifted to be more comfortable. Telling himself to worry about everything later and just rest for now. Which surprisingly came easy. Within a short few minutes, his mind had eased enough to sleep.

Jerry drew a small breath in as it fell completely silent. His eyes slowly blackened as he sent a calling. Making himself known to Regine, and alerting any strays that he was coming.

Blinking slowly, his eyes no longer black as they scanned around. Wondering what he was going to do to keep himself occupied. He never really liked doing the whole traveling thing. That was a long time to sit still and not allowed to move.

Slowly, the hours seemed to drag on like the road that never stopped. And the sky was getting brighter. They were running out of time and there wasn't anywhere to hide from the day. He was going to have to put his driving skills to work if he was going to get them to safety. Speeding up as fast as the vehicle would go, his eyes kept glancing to the horizon as it kept getting brighter.

Charley awoke slowly feeling a heavy uneasiness surround him. As he slowly turned to move, Jerry reached over and tore the seat belt off and forced him down lower.

"Stay down.. I mean it.." Jerry said with a slightly panicked voice. Charley turned his eyes towards the sky, he started to panic himself.


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