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Episode One:

Carol was in the hospital waiting anxiously for her daughter to wake up. There was a loud beeping sound. She was uneasy. As soon as she turned her head, she felt Alice move. She approached her with a worried look.

"Alice?" She looked at her daughter with such concern.

Alice looked dazed. She was probably overwhelmed by the fact that she already came back.

"Hey!" Carol said it with a sigh of relief knowing that her daughter was alright now.

As Alice was starting to take it all in, she remembered something.

"He's gone." You can see the pain in her eyes but she didn't cry. She was trying to hold back her tears.

"Who's gone?" her mother didn't quite understand what she meant.

"Dad." She can't hold back her tears anymore.

"Oh, sweetie." Her mom held her close. She felt Alice struggled to control herself. "Oh, It's alright, sweetie. I'm here." Carol comforted her.

It was difficult for her to admit it. Carol knew it wasn't like her to be giving up after all those years she spent looking for her father but, she supposed, it was time she really let it go.

"You gave me such a fright." For a second, her mom thought she'd be left alone.

"How long was I there?" Alice pulled herself together.

"Almost an hour."

"An hour?" Alice was sure she had been in Wonderland for over three days.

"You were lucky. A construction worker saw you went into the building."

They went back into the apartment. Although it wasn't easy for her, Alice felt it was time to stop looking for him. Her father was already dead. She saw him die in her arms. It was the worst way to reunite with a lost father. It was painful but she realized she had to move on.

As Alice was putting away the last pieces of her father's belongings, Carol came by the door to attend to some guest—a construction worker. She thought David and her daughter might get to know each other. This would be just the thing Alice needed after she broke it off with her ex-boyfriend, Jack.

Speaking of which, where is that Jack Chase? And I thought he was different from the others. I guess, you can't really tell with Alice. Carol was talking subconsciously. It happens to almost every guy who comes over to meet her so it doesn't surprise her that much.

"Alice, come meet David!" Carol called out to her.

She walked to the living room looking down. She was still thinking about her dad. And as soon as she raised her head, a familiar face flashed to her.

"Hatter!" In an instant, she forgot about everything. She ran across the hall and wrapped her arms around his neck. She held him tight just to make sure she wasn't just dreaming.

"Finally." Hatter had been waiting for that hug. He was holding his breath after he came in. For a moment there, he thought he made the wrong decision. He didn't know how Alice would respond to him coming after her. And her reaction was enough for him to know that he made the right choice to leave Wonderland.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you." She took a last embrace after letting go.

Hatter felt like Alice's lips were calling for him. He was still unsure but nevertheless, he still went for it. He kissed her. Passionately. He broke away for a moment and whispered with his eyes closed, "I missed you."

And once again, they exchanged gentle kisses. They forgot everything around them. It felt like time has completely stopped for them. They didn't even care that Carol was just standing there. Because even it was only a few hours, for both of them, it felt like forever.

Alice and Hatter were entirely enthralled by simply being with each other without them getting chased by the Scarab, the Queen's suits, Mad March or the Jabberwocky. At that moment, it was only them in the planet.

As for Carol, this was unexpected. Sure, she thought David would be an excellent rebound for her daughter but definitely, this isn't how she imagined it. David seems to be merely just a construction worker for Alice. They both know each other a lot—a whole lot.

"Will someone explain to me what on earth is happening here?" Alice and Hatter broke off their kiss. Both were startled hearing Carol's loud voice.

It would have been perfect if it wasn't for her who rudely interrupted their intimate moment. Obviously, she demanded a good explanation for what had happened. And they sure won't be able to convince her that fast because apparently, they haven't even got any explanation for the matter.

"Alice?" Carol looked intensely in her eyes waiting for that explanation she's expecting.

Alice looked at Hatter thinking he might have something in mind except, of course, he didn't. Alice had to come up with something immediately.

"Uh, well, Ha… David and I had a-a thing. Way before Jack." Hatter looked surprised. He should say something soon or they're both dead because Carol wasn't buying it. She turned to Hatter who just nodded his head trying to agree with Alice although he doesn't have any idea what Alice is saying. Hatter had a reputation for tricking people back when he was in Wonderland but he was caught off guard. He didn't have anything planned for this one.

"Oh, uh, me? I, uh, I own a tea shop in…" He moved his eyes to Alice making an effort to come up with something. "in Won…" He almost slipped.

"Washington! He owns a tea shop in Washington. That's- that's where we met." Alice cut him short. She looked at him like she was ready to smack him that second. This wasn't the Hatter she knew back in Wonderland who seemed to have a plan for everything.

Carol looked at Hatter. "Washington?" Carol was certainly not convinced yet.

"Yeah, Washington." Hatter just agreed.

Hatter almost made a mistake in revealing everything to Alice's mother at the same time, it gave Alice an idea. She came up with a pretty great story in mind. She just hoped it would believable enough for her mother.

"Remember when I went to DC for a few days to look for dad? I happened to stop by at his tea shop when I was there and he was kind enough to help me look for him. He also helped me find a place to stay." Carol was listening intently so as Hatter. He was rather amazed how Alice sounded pretty convincing for a made up story.

"So you were flirting with him that's why you extended your stay there?" Carol looked at Alice, skeptical.

"Well, why didn't you tell me about him when you came back?" Carol suddenly changed her mood. She was just teasing them both.

Carol turned to Hatter, "And why didn't you tell me you knew Alice?"

Despite the fact that she lied to her mother, Alice and Hatter felt relieved she fell for it. Besides, half of it was true anyway. Still, Alice continued her story to make it sound more authentic.

"I had to go back here in New York and he's in DC so, we decided to go our separate ways. I didn't think it would be such a great deal. I thought we'd never meet again and here he is."

It was Hatter's turn to tell the story. "I was… visiting the city. And I ran into her. She didn't even realize it was me she ran into. I think she was looking for someone…" Hatter gestured to Alice pretending he didn't know the man they were talking about.

"Jack" Alice responded. He's back in the game, she thought.

At that moment, Hatter was somewhat enjoying himself. He kept on talking. "And I followed her. I saw them argue. And that's when I saw Alice run to the warehouse."

"Well, don't you think it's great you two met each other again?" She smiled at Hatter and held Alice's hand. "Although…" Carol faced Hatter, "I wasn't expecting Alice would be so excited to see you. You two clearly must have enjoyed yourselves when you were in Washington. You can see she really missed you. And I think you too." She was teasing them.

"Now then, you two have a lot of catching up to do. I'll be going on ahead." As Carol was getting her things ready to leave, Alice and Hatter looked at each other. They were lucky to have made it through to her unexpected interrogation. They really make a pretty good team.

"Bye, mom!"

"Take care, Mrs. Hamilton."

"Bye!" Carol walked to the hallway.

Alas, Alice and Hatter were left alone. That's what they wanted in the first place. They have the place to themselves now. They looked at each other's eyes passionately. You can feel they really missed each other.

Alice smiled at him, "I thought you wanted to stay in Wonderland?"

"Well, I really wanted to have that pizza."