I decided to write this fanfic due to a psycho plot bunny who REFUSES to die...

This will be a LONG story and unfortunately I am a very skittish writer so I need reviews to keep the thoughts flowing!

Disclaimer: Hetalia is not mine because if it was- UkUS would be real! But I do own America's alters...well not the looks but you get the idea...

"And then we can build a wall to block out world hunger! You can all build it and set gun blasters on the top-while I fight the zombies with my amazing strength- cause I'm the hero! Hahahaha~!"

Just a normal summit meeting for the nations. England sighed as his former colony babbled on about being a hero and making a fool of himself...as usual. He often wondered- as he was sure the others had as well- if America was even capable of being serious.

He watched as Alfred finished his presentation and pulled a milkshake from absolutely nowhere and strolled leisurely back to his seat beside the englishman.

As China went up and began to go on about something that had to do with strengthening ties with Japan, England entertained himself by watching Alfred practically inhale burger after burger- shake long since gone. Where does he put it all?England had a theory that America's stomach was really a black hole. It was possible, after all, Alfred had flung around bison as a toddler and he claimed he was best friends with an alien, so anything was possible at that point.

Arthur was barely aware that Germany had announced that it was time for lunch break.

"Hey dude-can you quit starin' at me? It's getting pretty creepy." Arthur blinked, realizing for the first time that the room had already cleared out- leaving the two nations alone. "Were you checking me out?", Alfred smirked and began to collect his things as his "friend" began to turn an amusing shade of pink.

"I-I was not! I was just speculating on how you are going to die of heart disease due to all those bloody hamburgers! They're like cancer wrapped in styrofoam!" America laughed obnoxiously and headed towards the door, England just starting to pick up his papers, "At least they're better than those hunks of charcoal you tried to feed me last week!". Arthur sputtered angrily, "T-Those were scones you idiot! You just don't have any taste buds! Anyway, what was with that idiotic presentation? Why are you so childish all the time!"

A moment of silence passed as America stood unmoving at the doorframe. England began to regret his words, but just a little bit-after all, he wasn't lying.

"Not all the time Arthur."

America's voice almost frightened him, it was so solemn and cold.

He stared after the receding form of his ex-colony until he turned the corner in the direct of the mess hall.