This should work, i said to myself while i was looking at my reflection in the mirror. I turned to the left and right, seeing how the clothes look from all sides. The light pink dress was up to my knees, and flattered my unusal hair color. It had to look perfect! It just had to! I took my black letter purse, and looked at my phone. 4:47. I need to go, now or i will be late!
I rushed outside, looking the door behind me as i was home alone. I can't be late, not on a date with Him.

I made my way trough the streets of Konoha. It was a beautiful afternoon- clear blue sky and the light wind refreshing every person who was out of their homes. The streets of Konoha were busy, very busy. Adults were returning home from work, most of them had a tired expression on their faces, but never to tired to stop and say ''Hello'' to someone they knew. Children were running outside, playing and just enjoying life. Being a child is wonderful, i thought. Having no worries in this world, just playing with your friends as if everything was perfect. I spotted a few elderly people outside of their homes, talking to each other about their youth. Yes, a truly wonderful afternoon.

Once again, i looked at my phone. 4:51. I really need to hurry, i can't keep Him waiting! I started walking faster, moving trough the crowded streets, trying not to push anyone. I entered the park, full of people. I looked around at everyone as i was walking. Couples mostly. I loved seeing them, seeing two people how found each other, people who were in love. I could see the happiness in their eyes, the peace they felt when they were with each other. It made me smile.

I was getting closer to the bridge. With every step i made, my heart was beating faster, as if it would jump out of my chest. It's been 2 months already, since out first date. I still blush and have trouble breathing when i'm supposed to meet Him. It's unbelievable. The bridge was now a few feet away, and i could see Him. I tightened the grip on my purse as i was walking towards Him.

There He was. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, with dark jeans. It matched his dark hair, well, it matched his personality actually. He was always distant, cold towards everyone. I used to watch him from a distance in school. His calm but always serious face made him more and more mysterious to everyone, and me. I don't blame him from being that way. He lost his family in a car accident, both of his parents died. I can't even imagine how painful that was, how painful it still is.. I feel lucky. I'm the only one who got to him, who broke this huge wall he had built to keep people away. But he let Me in, out of all people. I'm the only one who has ever seen him cry, who was his shoulder to cry on at the anniversary of his parents death, 19 days ago. It hurt me badly seeing him break down like that.. It was a side of him i have never seen before. But he let me see it.

I placed my foot on the bridge, looking slightly down while trying to hide my blush. I could already feel his eyes on me. I walked to the middle of the bridge, where he was standing. I looked at him, but his onyx eyes were already stuck on me. I felt my cheeks burn, i knew i blushed more. Damn it! I thought.

'' S-Sorry for keeping you waiting Sasuke-kun. '' I said with an apologizing tone.
'' Don't apologize Sakura. I got here 5 minutes ago. '' He said with his usual cold tone. '' I was thinking we could go to that bench over there, it's peacful and i'm feeling tired so i'd appreciate it if we sat down. ''
'' Sure, it's no problem. But why do you feel tired? '' I asked, looking at him slightly worried as i began to walk.
'' I didn't sleep very well, that's all. Don't be worried. '' He walked along, with his hands in his pockets.

The bench was under a tree, so it was sorta off hidden from everyone curious eyes. He waited for me to sit down, which i did, and then he sat down next to me. We started talking about random things, and it kept on going for 2 hours.

I always wondered how he was so distant at times, but then again, so close to me. We had a weird relationship in a way, but it's how we connect. When people saw us, they would never believe we were actually a couple, more like close friends.

As we were walking home, he took my hand and stopped walking. I felt my heart skip a beat and i felt my cheeks turn pink as he did that. He leaned in, closer to my face, and i knew what he was going to do. I could feel his breath on my skin and two seconds later, his lips were on mine. I closed my eyes and returned the kiss softly. I got this warm feeling in my stomach, i always got it when he kissed me. He pulled away and gave me this soft, bright smile that made my whole day.

I got inside my house and sat on the couch in my living room as he went home. That's my Sasuke. So cold, but in one second becomes the warmest man on the planet. Makes me feel so special, and i couldn't give that up.