A/N in the later chapters Nikki, Jack and Sean won't be appearing as I just wanted it mainly with just Danny and Jamie but also I couldn't work out the ages of Danny, Erin, Joe and Jamie very well, but a friend says Jamie must be about 26 in season 2 (she knows how long people spend in law school and in one of the season 2 episodes Erin states Jamie finished law school three years ago) and I wanted Jamie and Danny to be close enough in age that when they were younger means they could be very close. Anyway on with the story!

When 5 year old Joe, 8 year old Erin and 10 year old Danny came downstairs on Saturday morning instead of finding their parents in the kitchen they found their Grandpa Henry, who had just put the phone down.

"Hi Grandpa" said Danny,

Henry turned around and smiled at his three grandchildren, "hi kids".

Joe wandered over to Henry and tugged on his trousers leg and asked "Grandpa where's Ma and Pa?" Henry bent down and picked up Joe and said "well that was your dad on the phone, he had to take your mom to the hospital last night and called me and your Grandma, so your Grandma went to the hospital with them and I came to look after you three."

"Is mom ok Grandpa?" asked Erin nervously, Danny put an arm around his sisters shoulders as both he and Erin knew that their younger brother and sister wasn't due until another month. Henry saw Erin's and Danny's nervous looks at each other and said "she's fine so is your little brother" Erin's and Danny's faces broke into huge grins and Joe squealed in delight.

Joe spun to face Danny and said "did you hear Danny? Did you? We've got a little brother!" Henry put Joe down and instructed the three of them to go get dress because their mother wanted to see them and wanted them to meet their younger brother. Danny had to catch his balance after Joe tour through the kitchen and living room on his way to the stairs all the while shouting "I have a little brother!" Danny smiled and shook his head fondly as he left the kitchen he heard Henry say to Erin,

"What's wrong Erin sweetheart? Are you upset that you didn't get a little sister?"

"No Grandpa I didn't mind if I had a brother or a sister. It's that now I'm going to have three brothers playing cops and robbers!" moaned Erin. Henry laughed and nudged Erin towards the stairs.


Henry, Danny and Erin were waiting at the front door for Joe to come down stairs, when he did Henry said "Joe you have an odd pair of socks"

"I know Grandpa but I couldn't find the others". Danny sighed it was more likely Joe couldn't find one sock and instead of taking off the one sock he did have of that pattern he just put a different sock on from another pair.

"Well I'm not taking you out with an odd pair of socks Joseph Regan"


"It's ok I was joking Joe!"

"Well it wasn't funny!"

"You sure Joe? Because I thought it was"

"Shut up Danny!"

"Ok enough! Come on your mother wants you there soon".


Danny had just been given his youngest brother to hold, because as soon as Joe walked into the room he had insisted on holding his new brother first. Henry had then held him and then Erin. Danny looked down at his new brother he had dark blonde hair sticking out from underneath the blanket he was wrapped up in and he had pink rosy cheeks. His new brother had yet to open his eyes; Danny looked up at his parents and said "what are you going to call him?"

Frank looked at his eldest who was lovingly holding his youngest son unaided. "Well Danny we decided on calling him Jamison Henry Reagan" Henry looked touched that his youngest grandson was partially named after him.

Danny looked down at Jamison and said "Jamison, that's an ok name but I think for short we should call him Jamie". Just then Jamie opened his eyes, his eyes were the bluest Danny had ever seen and Jamie was looking right up at him and looked as if he was smiling. Danny looked up at Frank and said "I think he likes me calling him Jamie". When the family were all talking about who Jamie mostly looked like Danny looked back down at Jamie and whispered "I'm going to be the best big brother to you ever, even better than Joe, and I'm going to look after you so well no one will ever pick on you, and that's a promise Jamie".