A/N I had made up Jamie's birthday and put it in April for the first chapter, this chapter is set between seasons 2 and 3 so it is after the episode Mother's Day unfortunately I didn't know different countries have mother's day in different months. I'm from the UK and we have mother's day in March so this chapter follows on from the episode in the timeline I made, but I didn't know in the US mother's day is in May, so please just ignore the fact technically Jamie's birthday would have already happened before the last episode of season 2. Thank you all for staying with this story and reviewing it, once season 3 starts and an episode is aired that I think I could write a brotherly moment between Danny and Jamie I will post that chapter a.s.a.p. (bear in mind here in the UK we are a few episodes behind when they are aired) BRING ON SEASON 3!

The family had gathered to celebrate Jamie's 26th birthday, everyone was there apart from Jamie who had said he would be there at five thirty, but Renzulli wanted to go for a beer with him after their tour (that was Renzulli's present). Mother's day had been three weeks ago and Linda had noticed Danny had really tried not to start an argument with Jamie and the whole family noticed things were very peaceful between the brothers. Linda knew her telling Danny to build a new bridge with Jamie and Danny hearing how Jamie felt (Danny had told her and admitted she was right) had really motivated Danny to make peace with his youngest brother. Instead of making a comment about what Jamie had done on a beat Danny would joke with Jamie, and the past three weeks they would meet up at a bar and they would compare their days on the job and see who had the funniest story of what they had seen/what had happened to them. It was safe to say Jamie won most of the time as being on the beat meant he walked the streets most of the day and sometimes saw really odd things. Once Danny had tried to say something that he had seen on his beats was better than what Jamie had said, Jamie then said a kid had painted him and Renzulli on the shutters of a shop, Danny didn't believe him and so Jamie took him to the shop and sure enough there was Jamie and Renzulli painted on the shutters.

Danny was stood in the doorway of the dining room watching as Nikki and the boys attempted to cover Jamie's eyes just as he walked through the front door, Nikki took his coat as the boys tried to hold a tie around Jamie's head and eyes.

"What is going on?" said Jamie, not understanding where his niece and nephews had come from, Nikki and the boys had hidden by the front door, not even giving Jamie a chance to announce himself.

"It's a surprise Uncle Jamie!" cried Sean in anticipation of Jamie's reaction to the decorations in the dining room.

"OK now I'm worried" replied Jamie good naturally,

"You should be the boys and Uncle Danny did most of the planning" said Nikki,

"Now I'm really worried"

"Why are you worried about what we've done Uncle Jamie?" Asked Jack confused,

"Well I'm not exactly worried about what you and Sean have done Jack, I'm just worried what your dad has done" said Jamie as he blindly moved his hands in front of him, he had crouched down as well so the boys could easily hold the tie behind his head.

"Hey!" protested Danny "why are you so worried about what I may have done?"

Jamie's head moved towards where he heard Danny's voice coming from, "well wouldn't you be worried if yourself had planned a surprise?" smiled Jamie,

Danny paused for a moment considering what Jamie had said and replied "yeah I guess you've got a point there"

Nikki, the boys and Jamie burst into laughter and Danny soon joined them. Linda then entered the living room and saw Jamie crouched down with her sons holding a tie around his head and Nikki guiding Jamie around the furniture and she asked "Jamie what are you doing?"

"Oh hey Linda" Jamie waved in the general direction he believed Linda was and continued "the boys and Nikki jumped me as I just came through the front door"

"You three is that any way to treat your Uncle on his birthday?" asked Linda

"We wanted to keep it a surprise for him" said Sean,

Linda turned to Danny and said "You could of helped him!" as she gently slapped his shoulder,

"He's a cop! He can take care of himself!"

"Uh guys 'he' is right here!" interrupted Jamie, "and its ok Linda, at least letting them blindfold me means I won't come into the room when everyone isn't ready yet" the last words were directed at Danny.

"Hey! Did you have to bring that up Jamie!" protested Danny, he hadn't been able to live down entering the dining room before the family had finished preparing for his birthday, his boys had been quite put out.

"Well everything is ready" said Linda, "boys you can lift the blindfold off your Uncle"

"Not yet mom, we'll do that once we get to the dining room" said Jack,

Linda went back to the dining room, Jamie knew Danny would be looking disgruntled at being reminded of what happened on his birthday so Jamie was smirking at Danny, when Jamie and the boys were passing Danny, Danny stuck out his foot and said "oops my bad! My foot slipped!"

Jamie only stumbled; Nikki helped keep him upright glaring at Danny,

"Dad! You can't be mean to Uncle Jamie today!" cried Jack,

"What! And you three making your Uncle Jamie bend down to keep a blindfold on him isn't mean?"

"It's to keep the surprise dad" replied Sean in a matter-of-fact tone,

Jamie just sniggered at having his nephews come to his defence and the childish way Danny defended himself against his sons and niece.


After dinner Jamie and Danny were sat on the bottom stair talking about old family get-togethers, when Danny remembered something he was going to give to Jamie.

Out of his pocket he pulled out an old photograph of him, Joe and Jamie on Jamie's 6th birthday, he handed it to Jamie who replied "thanks Danny" and he smiled, he, Danny and Joe were stood underneath a banner that read HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY JAMIE! Well 16 year old Danny and 11 year old Joe were stood underneath the banner, Jamie on the other hand had been hoisted up by Danny and was being held against Danny's chest with his feet dangling, and Joe was ruffling his hair while laughing.

"I meant to make a photo album for you but just never got round to it, so when I found this photo I thought I'd give it to you" said Danny,

Jamie smiled and then he was suddenly reminded of something he started when he was 7, Jamie then scrambled to his feet and rushed upstairs with a confused and concerned Danny following him.

Danny entered Jamie's old bedroom and saw Jamie by his old wardrobe hunting around the bottom of it.

"Er what are you doing kid?" asked Danny,

"Looking for this" said Jamie as he pulled out a book and sat on his bed and put it on the bed next to him,

"A book? The photo reminded you of a book" asked a surprised Danny as he sat next to the book between him and Jamie,

Jamie smiled and said "not just the book, but what's inside it" Jamie opened the book and it turned out to be a photo album of the Reagan siblings growing up.

"Why was it in your wardrobe?" asked Danny,

"I started to gather the photos when I was 7 and then I told Joe about what I was doing and he helped me"

"So wait the scrapbook you asked Joe to help you put the photos from your school camping trip, this is the scrapbook?"

"Yeah" nodded Jamie "and the reason why I never asked you to help was because I had planned to finish it and give it to you for your 25th birthday, but over time Joe and I forgot about it"

Danny then felt ashamed, that night after Jamie's return Danny had complained to Joe about Jamie's welcome home only because he felt left out, this had sparked of all their arguments, so it really was all his fault.

Jamie seemed to know what Danny was thinking "it wasn't all your fault Danny. It just happened"

Danny smiled gratefully at Jamie who smiled in return. Jamie handed Danny the photo album and together they looked through it. On the inside of the front cover 7 year old Jamie had written: To Danny, happy 25th birthday! (Although right now you're still 17) I hope you enjoy looking back through these photos, love your youngest brother Jamie (Joe also helped getting the photos)

Jamie had put photos of all four of them growing up in it and Danny was very grateful for it, the last entry of photos was Joe's Academy graduation, which was just before Danny's 25th birthday, but soon after Joe's graduation Danny was deployed by the Marines and after he came home Jamie had forgotten about the album. Danny noticed there was a couple of pages left until the album would be full, so he grabbed Jamie's wrist and took him downstairs and asked Linda to take a photo of them under the banner (decorated by the kids and secretly Danny) which read HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY JAMIE!

Jamie turned to Danny and asked "what was that for?"

"The album kid" replied Danny, the album may have been 11 years late but it didn't mean Danny didn't treasure it, when he got home he showed it to Linda, he then printed off the photos he and Linda took of Jamie's Academy graduation and put them in the album, he had also taken a copy of the photo he had given Jamie and placed it next to the one Linda took of him and Jamie that night. He made a copy of that photo as well and the next day when Jamie came over he gave it to Jamie. He also showed Jamie the photos he had added to the album; Jamie had been touched Danny had added his graduation photos.

Danny knew what Jamie was thinking and said "we've got five pages to fill in that album kid, you think we should add some of Erin?"

Jamie laughed and said "yeah otherwise she'll feel left out" Jamie then grabbed a pen and added to the inscription he had written when he was 7, he added sorry its 11 years late, but I hope it reminds you if the good times we Reagan siblings had, and hope we have many more. He then dated it and handed it back to Danny.

Danny read the inscription and said while clinking his beer bottle to Jamie's "here's to memories past, present and future", that night Jamie and Danny showed the album to Jack and Sean who thoroughly enjoyed listening to their dad's and Uncle's storied behind the photos.