Jamie was sat in his apartment looking through a photo album his mom had made for him before he left for Harvard. He smiled when he turned the page to find a photo that was taken on the day he won the Soap Box Derby, his eleven year old self was grinning holding high the trophy he won while perched on a laughing Danny's shoulders. That was one of the days he and Danny had actually gotten along, Joe and Erin were stood either side of Danny and in the background Jamie could see his grandpa looking on with a proud, but smug smile. Jamie at the time had been a bundle of nerves knowing he had to keep the Reagan tradition of winning; he had been confused as to why his grandpa was so sure he was going to win. Jamie chuckled now knowing what he did; he knew why Henry was so sure he would win, because Henry had tampered with the car.

Jamie was pulled from his thoughts by a knock at his door; he went and opened the door to find Danny standing in the doorway. Jamie gestured Danny inside while asking, "What you doing here Danny?"

"Can't I come of out the blue for a social visit to see my kid brother?" questioned Danny looking at Jamie who had his arms crossed.

"Yeah, when have you ever done that?"

"Okay good point. I wanted to come and say thank you for helping Sean" smiled Danny.

"Why? You wanted him to win and he didn't so obviously my help didn't help" responded Jamie.

Danny frowned at Jamie, "yeah I wanted him to win, show me a father who doesn't want their kid to win a competition. But you tried your best kid and that's all anybody can ask"

Jamie just nodded and wordlessly went to get a beer for Danny and himself. Standing in the living room Danny spotted the open photo album so wandered over to take a look, and smiled seeing the photo. Jamie entered the room to see Danny sitting down and picking up the album and smiling at the photo.

Danny looked up hearing Jamie approach, "taking a walk down memory lane kid?"

"Something like that" smiled Jamie taking a sip of his beer.

"I remember watching, it was like you were flying we all couldn't believe how fast you were going. I reckon you must have broken a record"

"I had help" muttered Jamie grinning to himself.

"What? How? You were the only out there so how could you have had help?" asked Danny.

"Grandpa" sniggered Jamie,

"Grandpa? What does grandpa have to do with how you won?"

"Not just how I won, but how we all won"

"Huh? Kid you have to explain" urged Danny.

"I don't know if I should tell you. It'll ruin the races for you" stated Jamie leaning back on the couch enjoying the fact that he knew something Danny didn't.

"Jamie! Come on just tell me!" insisted Danny not liking the look on Jamie's face that hinted Jamie wasn't going to tell him.

"Fine" grinned Jamie, "grandpa tampered with all the cars"

"How could he have done? They all go through inspection!" said Danny, the conversation was giving him a headache and all he had come over for was to tell Jamie 'thank you'.

"Grandpa tampers with them in such a way they will pass inspection and dad says grandpa never told us so we could have plausible deniability" chuckled Jamie.

"That's scary how well thought out that is" responded Danny, "wait how did you and dad find out if grandpa never said anything?"

"Dad walked in on grandpa 'fixing' the car after Sunday dinner. Apparently grandpa said despite going to Harvard they never taught me 'the finer points of derby racing'. Then dad called me and at night we snuck into the garage with torches and sorted out what grandpa did to the car" replied Jamie laughing at the look on Danny's face.

"So after the race when you told Sean he had run a clean race, you meant literally compaired to the rest of us?" prompted Danny,


Danny then bent forward laughing, all these years Larry had had a grudge against him for a rolling start, which had never happened, Danny had actually cheated despite not knowing about it. Well there was no way Danny was ever going to admit to it. Danny then brought his laughter under control but after one shared look with Jamie it sent them both into a fit of laughter.

After they calmed down Danny turned to Jamie and asked, "So was that why you and dad were falling asleep on the bench? And why Nikki had to bring you coffee? You spent all night fixing the car so Sean could be the first of us to not cheat. Now I get why dad gave Sean his trophy!"

"Yeah and all because grandpa got grounded" laughed Jamie shaking his head still not believing that the rivalry with the Borelli's which went back four generations was all because of his grandpa getting grounded.

"Excuse me?!" exclaimed Danny not believing what he had just heard.

"Danny haven't you ever wondered why our family had such a major rivalry with the Borelli's?" asked Jamie,

"Well…yeah" replied Danny he remembered having a conversation with Joe before Jamie's race wondering why the race was such a big deal to grandpa, but they had never gotten an answer.

"Long story short, Borelli picked a fight with grandpa, grandpa chipped a tooth and was angry that he was the one who got grounded. Before you ask grandpa was seven at the time" commented Jamie,

"Are you serious?!" exclaimed Danny, he was sure this had to be a joke. But the look on Jamie's face and the way he said it, Danny's job was to tell when someone was lying and Jamie wasn't. At Jamie's nod Danny burst out laughing again. "This just gets better and better!"

They sat for a while talking about the memories they had of past races when Danny remembered something Sean had told him. "Sean told me about the 'friendly' conversation between you and Larry in the line"

Jamie snorted, "well it began friendly until Larry started bragging about he had just made Lieutenant and taunted me for still being on patrol. So I just brought his head out of the clouds and back down to Earth"

"Yeah Sean said how you said to Larry that the race against him and me was 'so not close', I would have loved to have seen that conversation" chuckled Danny. Jamie was normally the quiet one in the family; he never picked a fight with anyone and only started shouting if someone had done something to really annoy him. So Danny would have watched the 'conversation' while eating popcorn because that would have been his kind of entertainment.

"Just the conversation? Danny the look on his face was priceless! He got so annoyed after signing up he grabbed his kid Ethan and dragged him away" laughed Jamie.

"Well Larry Borelli was always one for the dramatics" snorted Danny.

"Yep, should have seen him after he lost the race against you. I went up to him and said 'don't worry someone always needs to come in last'" chuckled Jamie,

"You said that?!"

"Yeah, to be fair I was like three" defended Jamie,

"I'm surprised he didn't try to hit you even if you were only three" mused Danny, knowing that if Larry had hit three year old Jamie. Danny who was eleven would have been on him like a ton of bricks.

"I think he tried" said Jamie narrowing his eyes trying to remember, "but Joe was standing behind me and I think he just glared at Larry and Larry just scampered off despite being older than Joe"

"That's because kid everyone in the neighbourhood knew that if they even glared at you let alone push you or hit you. They would have to deal with Joe and even though Joe was a peacemaker if someone hurt you…let's just say bad things would have happened" said Danny remembering many times he had had to hold Joe back from hurting anyone Joe had felt needed punishing for messing with Jamie.

"Did Joe ever do anything?" asked Jamie,

"Why do you ask?" questioned Danny,

"Because if Joe only glared at Larry and Larry ran off, Joe must have done something for Larry to get scared. But I was only three then so what could have happened?"

"I'll tell you as I doubt you'd remember. You were three and riding around outside the house on your tricycle and these two kids a year older than Joe pushed you off just because they could. I took you inside not thinking Joe would do anything. But a few minutes later I noticed he hadn't come inside and just as I was about to look for him. He came in through the front door and clapped his hands in that wiping motion and simply said 'sorted it'. Now what that means I have no idea, Joe would never tell me what he did, but it showed everyone that they were not to mess with you" explained Danny smiling with the memory.

"Huh, Joe never told me that" murmured Jamie, "did he get punished?"

"Nope, only because mom and dad weren't home and Erin and I weren't going to tell them when all he did was stick up for you. It's not like he started a fight" replied Danny flicking through the photo album.

"Wait. You and Erin agreed?!" exclaimed Jamie, shocked. It was a known thing in the family that Danny and Erin never agreed on anything.

"Yeah. You're our kid brother and we thought Joe did the right thing sticking up for you" smiled Danny clapping Jamie on the shoulder.

Jamie paused for a moment and then smiling at Danny asked, "So know any more stories to go with the photos?"

"Kid I know plenty" said Danny returning the smile. They sat there for a few hours talking about photos from their childhood, each telling the other things they had no idea had happened.

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