Nicotine and Alcohol – 3/3

The hot, needy mouth pressed against his responded immediately, moving desperately against Gaara's and causing his head to spin. The pale man didn't even pause to think as a wet tongue was thrust through his parted lips and their teeth clanged. Tongues fought for dominance, a battle neither person was willingly going to hand over as the cool metal of Gaara's piercing rubbed earnestly against Naruto's moist tongue. The pale man wrapped one arm around Naruto's neck as his other hand came up to bury itself in Naruto's blonde locks. He pulled at the hairs…and took great joy in the hiss that escaped Naruto's mouth. Serves that bastard right!

Though as soon as Naruto pulled Gaara's plump lip into his mouth and nibbled gently (yet in a way that Gaara would definitely remember,) on the flesh, Gaara completely forgot all his insults and how much he detested the blonde man. He spent more time appreciating the expertise of Naruto's tongue rather than hating the man, and when Naruto finally released Gaara's bottom lip with a small plop, Gaara immediately reconnected their mouths with a burning kiss as both men explored each other's mouths with strokes of their tongues.

The back of the car door dug irritably into Gaara's ass but god, the redhead didn't care as he fought for dominance against the older man. He glided his tongue against Naruto's, eager to (no, needing to) feel Naruto respond and supply him with the wild pleasure that Naruto seemed so good at providing.

They broke apart and panted heavily, wet mouths open, only an inch separating them as eyes briefly met before wandering down to their partner's plush lips. Naruto's hot breath hit Gaara's face until the redhead re-connected the duo's mouths, albeit, this time their movements were sloppier, more uncontrolled as the pair lost themselves in the lust of the moment.

Teeth and tongues and wet, hot desperation; nothing like those cheesy romantic kisses where fireworks exploded in the background and church choirs sung gently hymns. No, this was lust filled and raw and soon rough hands were tracing the curves of Gaara's body until they rested upon his hips and then moved down to cup his ass. The two hands squeezed the flesh beneath them…and even Gaara couldn't help the broken moan that was released from his mouth as Naruto retreated from there in favour of sucking, licking and biting his way across Gaara's jawline before tracing the shell of the pale man's ear with an invasive tongue.

But then Gaara pushed Naruto away back into his own seat, opting to relieve himself of his sweater and t-shirt before pausing, crawling over into Naruto's lap and doing the same to the blonde man. Material was pulled away to reveal a tanned muscular chest and even through his haze of lust, Gaara still managed to blink and stare wide-eyed at the pink nubs on Naruto's chest. A nipple piercing? Seriously?! This man was going to be the death of him.

"Is sticking holes in your body and pushing a metal bar through it something you do regularly?"

"I heard it impresses guys like you." Naruto mumbled back as he placed feather light kisses and bites down Gaara's chest, allowing his tongue to flick over the top of both Gaara's nipples and smiling cheekily at the sharp intakes of air that it caused.

"Guys like me?"

He laughed and kissed Gaara's swollen lips before venturing back towards Gaara's ear where he sucked an earlobe into his mouth briefly before settling on sucking on Gaara's neck. Shifting around momentarily until he found an ideal spot, Naruto focused his efforts on the pale skin, causing Gaara to curse at the sensitivity of his skin as goose bumps formed under Naruto's touch. But nonetheless, he twisted his neck, gasping as he permitted Naruto to bite and suckle at the naked flesh. "Ugh…w-what are you doing?" He whispered out quietly as his breath escaped in short, shallow bursts.

"Marking you," he lowered his mouth to suck against Gaara's pulse once more before releasing his mouth and giving a few tantalizing licks over the area. "So tomorrow you'll limp into work and everybody will know how thoroughly I fucked you the previous night." He smirked as shivers ran through the red haired man's body and Gaara whimpered in response. God, why did the idea of that sound so…appealing? "I can't wait to fuck you."

"Who says I'm the one who's gonna get fucked?"

"Babe, the only way you'll ever top me is if you're riding me."

"Your shamefully overinflated ego is really charming." Gaara pulled at his jeans, removing the stiff clothing and his underwear at the same time, almost kneeing in Naruto in the balls in the process. Now that would have been an instant turn-off. He chucked them into the driver's seat and turned back just in time for Naruto to let out an appreciative whistle as he trailed his eyes over Gaara's skinny frame. Gaara cocked his head to the left. What was he, a main course meal being held up to a starving man? Naruto licked his lips and Gaara swore to god that if this man started drooling, he was gonna kick him out the car and leave Naruto standing naked with a severe case of blue-balls out in the cold evening air. "If you weren't so hot, I would have kicked you out a long time ago." Wait. Had he just said that? Damn it! The upwards tilt of Naruto's lips from below him clearly showed how proud the tanned man was of himself. Fuck, his entire face just screamed 'Ha! I told you so!' and the possessive way Naruto licked across Gaara's forming hickey merely added to this.

So to stop that sneer of his, Gaara mouthed across Naruto's face until he reached his eyebrow and sucked the pierced skin into his mouth, tongue stroking against the metal. Gaara let out his own smirk when Naruto whimpered.

"Take off my trousers." Naruto mumbled after a while and Gaara complied, slipping the clothing down so that it piled up somewhere near his tanned ankles and freeing Naruto's stiff member which now lay proudly against a toned stomach. Teal eyes widened. Holy shit. Was there really nothing wrong with this guy? Gaara reached out a tentative hand and stroked it firmly across Naruto's cock. A few jerky up and down movements along Naruto's impressive shaft followed as Gaara traced a vein on the underside of his cock with one finger. He made sure to touch the slit at the top before pulling back his hand and sticking one finger into his mouth. The exaggerated moan he let out was well worth the shocked, if not completely turned on and horny look that Naruto gave him in return.

Feeling confident, he stuck another finger in his mouth and licked the bitter but not unpleasant taste away before pulling Naruto's face against his and rubbing their tongues together in a passionate kiss. Naruto moaned at the taste and Gaara sighed satisfyingly as Naruto's grip on his thighs tightened and the man bucked up, sliding their cocks together and creating that glorious friction that both men craved. Oh, fuck! That felt good. Gaara rolled his hips down in return and the two set up a slow, if not extremely powerful rhythm until both men stared at each other with dilated pupils, both of their cocks leaking pre-cum and just begging for more.

Gaara let out a sad whimper when Naruto finally stopped their movements as he dug a hand down into the open bag near his feet, face pressed against Gaara's chest at the awkward angle and lack of space in car.

"Are you always this prepared, or was this just a special occasion?" Gaara voiced as he eyed the bottle of lube that Naruto withdrew from his bag and popped the cap with an experienced hand.

"I like to be ready for anything that might come my way." He squeezed generous amount into his palm and rolled his fingers to coat them evenly. "Now, I must say, I was not expecting you to bend over so easily but…here we are." He smiled and gestured at the air around him, ignoring the drop of lube that fell from his index finger onto the carpeted floor.

"You bastard. I'm not bending over for you."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm n – Wait! What are you doing?!" Gaara yelped and squirmed as two hands settled at his hips and lifted the man easily. They turned him round so that Gaara now faced the car park, his pale hands supporting his weight against the dashboard, crouched awkwardly in Naruto's lap, legs on either side of the man with his ass stuck in the air – conveniently, right in front of Naruto's gleeful face. The red head shifted uncomfortably and let out a distressed huff. "I hate you."

"Oh, come on, babe." Naruto cooed as he ran a lube covered finger from the base of Gaara's spine, all the way down between the redhead's parted cheeks until he stroked teasingly at Gaara's entrance. "Fuck, you're gonna be so tight." He mumbled more to himself than anyone else as he prodded gently, taking great joy in the way Gaara hips jerked against the cool touch of his finger.

"You – oh!" The insult died on Gaara's lips and instead a series of gasps escaped his mouth as he pushed back against the finger. Fuck, why did that feel so much better than Gaara ever it remembered it feeling? Not that he'd had a lot of strangers' fingers up his ass before anyway. Gaara usually preferred to prepare himself. So maybe the reason why Naruto's finger felt so much deeper inside him was because Gaara quite often struggled to reach anywhere near his prostrate due to the uncomfortable angle of his twisted arm as he endeavoured to pleasure himself. Right, he was thinking about this way too much. He had a man's finger up his ass! Gaara didn't need to think about the science behind it all for Christ's sake!

Gaara sighed when Naruto lazily withdrew his finger, subconsciously tensing as the blonde man (who was enjoying himself way too much,) ran the long digit around the rim of Gaara's entrance before pushing back in, this time with a second finger to accompany the first. Gaara pushed against the dashboard for more support, allowing his head to fall down and rest next to his arms as Gaara's hips convulsed uncontrollably, bucking against air in a way that had Naruto undoubtedly smirking when he leaned forward to bite gently at the flesh of the toned cheek presented to him. "Eager, aren't you." He remarked, scissoring his fingers and laughing at the unidentifiable sound that left Gaara's lips when he curled his fingers up and stroked against Gaara's prostate in blissful torture.

Then Naruto began to drag his fingers out slowly, slowly, so fucking slowly. Gaara mewled, the feeble cry escaping into the air suddenly, causing Naruto to stop, fingers having almost completely pulled out of the shivering body on top of him. He gave a small sad, comforting noise. "Too much for you to handle, babe?" He murmured and opened his fingers right near Gaara's entrance. The redhead's mouth swiftly fell open and he panted. "You alright there, Gaara?" He asked voice laced with fake curiosity and worry before he reached his other hand out and smacked Gaara's right butt cheek, sending a sharp sting into Gaara's body but not bringing the younger man any serious discomfort. Then Naruto made an apologetic noise before he spluttered into laughter and Gaara could just about imagine the horrid sneer that indubitably coated his face.


"What was that?" Naruto faked innocence as he pushed the digits back in brutally slowly. "Awh, don't be like that babe. I want you to enjoy this, but…" He clicked his tongue as his voice faded away and he gave a dark chuckle as he withdrew the fingers. "Don't." He plunged them back in. "Cum." He dragged them out. "Too." He pushed them back in, curling them and pressing down hard on Gaara's prostate. "Soon." He finished sweetly, smiling widely as he watched Gaara clawing uselessly at the windscreen, squeals of joy falling from his mouth as he bucked and pushed himself back on the fingers desperately. Desperate for that blinding pleasure that came with each stab that bundle of nerves. And Naruto, being the complete and utter fucking bastard of a cunt that he was, just pulled his fingers away and spanked Gaara's ass again as a sign for the shaking man to turn around. This time the impact tore a pleased gasp from Gaara and the poor man flushed.

Gaara was pretty sure that his face and ass were now the same horrid shade of pink; one from the slap of Naruto's palm against sensitive skin and the other from the humiliation of having been bent over some guy, naked, having been fingered until he was practically sobbing and having his ass spanked twice. Okay, why did that sound so much kinkier than it should have? And why had he enjoyed it way more than he normally would have?

Gaara still didn't know how he managed to clamber around without face-planting unattractively into Naruto's crotch with his quivering limbs not providing much support and being more of a useless burden than anything else. But he succeeded, somehow, though being sat staring at the gleeful face of Naruto really had Gaara reconsidering his choice of turning round. Maybe he should have stayed with his back against that tanned chest. At least that way he could've admired the lovely view of dismal car park, maybe even have given a cheery, if not slightly horny and unsteady thumbs up to any chav that wondered past idly. Though, Gaara would be lying if he denied that Naruto wasn't the hottest piece of ass he'd ever come across. And now that he sat naked in the equally naked lap of Naruto, with his hardened cock rubbing against that toned stomach of his whilst Naruto's own member rubbed intentionally teasingly against Gaara's ass, Gaara decided that he could maybe, just maybe survive the onslaught of Naruto's annoying crooked smile.


Naruto smirked as he chucked Gaara a small packet. "Gonna put it on my cock, babe?" He looked at Gaara in that expectant mocking way his.

"You wish." Gaara threw it back at the older man, sighing at the man's feigned pout before Naruto ripped open the packet. Gaara shifted backwards slightly and Naruto slipped the condom onto his cock one-handed with ease. "Get a lot of practise doing that?"

"Yup. Jealous?"

Jealous? Of what? Gonorrhoea? No thanks. Gaara pulled his lips up in distaste and Naruto laughed at him as if he knew exactly what the pale man was thinking. Now that Gaara thought about it, he probably did. The guy had already somehow persuaded Gaara into doing the dirty deed with him. Gaara wasn't about to put any other telepathic abilities past this gorgeous man.

Gaara hovered above Naruto's cock as soon as Naruto had coated himself in a healthy layer of lube. One hand was clenched around Naruto's neck, yanking at the blonde hairs that grew there, whilst his other hand was pressed up against the steamed up window of the car. Gaara quickly removed that hand in favour of clinging to Naruto's bicep as he pushed down on Naruto's cock, leaving the imprint of Gaara's sweaty flesh on the window in some weird version of that steamy Titantic scene. Though, Gaara and Naruto's re-enactment was a lot kinkier, more realistic, lustful and hotter…plus it was without that annoying 12-rated censoring. Yeah, this was way better.

"You gonna...ugh...ride me then, babe?" Naruto chewed at his bottom lip. Lust filled eyes flickering down to watch, almost mesmerised as Gaara slowly lowered himself onto Naruto, surrounding the tanned man in a practically unbearable heat and tightness. "God…kinky bitch aren't you." Said the man who had found great amusement and joy in spanking Gaara's ass a while ago. And had Gaara not been in the vulnerable position that he was, he would have scoffed loudly at the irony.

"S-shut up," Gaara managed in response before his eyes rolled back and he whined at the intense feeling of being filled completely. Oh god! He was huge! "Nghh..."

Somehow managing a small, choked laugh, Naruto pulled himself towards the red haired man. Leaning into his ear, he breathed out hotly. "Don't deny it, babe. You love it." A tongue came out to trace the shell of Gaara's ear, though when Gaara involuntarily clenched around Naruto's hardened member, Naruto gasped in surprise. Gaara relished that moment for a brief second until Naruto was completely sheathed inside him and both men groaned out together. "You're s-so tight." Naruto gave a small buck of the hips and let his head fall back against the seat.

And then he pulled out…and thrust back in…and pulled out…and thrust back in over and over and over and over until Gaara was crying out in pleasure, Naruto was grunting with every thrust and the windows were steaming up even more, providing a layer of protection between them and any unfortunate curious souls who deemed it necessary to wander nearby. And oh god! The drag of Naruto's cock inside him; Gaara's eyes fell shut momentarily, mouth open and face flushed, only to open them seconds later to scream out as Naruto pounded right on that spot inside him. At the right angle and in such a way that had Gaara clenching and unclenching and clenching around Naruto's shaft with each jerky thrust.

Time faded away and minutes passed uncaringly. Senses dissolved into their basic primal ones and Gaara's current thoughts didn't progress much past 'so good!', 'fuck' and 'more, give me more'. It just felt so fucking good as the sounds and grunts of pleasure filled the air along with the sweaty slap of Naruto's balls against Gaara's ass and the groan of the seat beneath them. The musky smellof sex wafted around in the car and it just smelt so shameless and hot. And the feel of him, of Naruto thrusting up quickly and strongly, of his hands clutching Gaara's hips so hard that they'd definitely bruise and the feeling of each burst of air from Naruto's mouth tickling against his jaw as their sticky skin rubbed against each other.

Shit. Gaara's nails clawed down Naruto's back. "Ah! Oh – fuck! Fuck me!" He practically sobbed out as he bounced up and down on Naruto's member, trapped in a malicious cycle of pleasure and pleasure and more fucking pleasure until Gaara didn't know if he could take much more.

"W-what is this then? What are we?" Naruto grunted a question at Gaara and snapped the poor teenager out of his blissful state with a cruel jab upwards with his hips.

"A g-good fuck." Came the reply, stuttered and short.

"A good fuck? Is that all?" Neither man was confused by what the words meant. Because both knew that other than a 'fuck', their relationship was nothing else. By saying 'is that all', Naruto hadn't implied that he wanted a secure relationship or that he felt used or whatever crap normal people often spewed each in such moments. It was just a naked question, simple and raw yet delivered in such a heated moment that Gaara struggled to respond as he bounced rapidly on the blonde man's thighs.

"Don't you mean…a fucking outstanding fuck?" Naruto answered his own question and grabbed Gaara's hips even harder, slamming the man's body down just as he bucked up. It caused the red haired man to fling his head back, body arching into a beautiful shape whilst he howled out his agreement frantically.

"Oh god! Oh god! Right there – right there!"

Naruto let out a small laugh that disappeared into a groan as he continued to buck him hips upwards into that tight heat, right against that spot within Gaara that had the redhead writhing in Naruto's lap and clinging to his shoulders so tightly that his nails scrapped marks against the tanned skin. Neither man was particularly worried about this though as Naruto punched a broken gasp out of Gaara's mouth with every, single, thrust.

"F-fuck! Never took you for a screaming bottom, babe." But as soon as those words left Naruto's lips, the moans and whimpers disappeared, replaced by the more obvious sound of skin smacking skin now that neither man was filling the air with noises of their delight. Gaara bit down on his lip hard, making small muffled noises and the occasional strained gasp, suddenly feeling embarrassed by his previous loud exclamations of joy. His face flushed bright red; his sounds now staying trapped in his throat, like he was ashamed of anyone hearing them. Though apparently, this was not what the tanned man wanted. "No…ugh. It's hot. I want to hear you!" Naruto groaned and clenched his teeth together briefly. "It's so fucking hot!"

"N-no." Gaara clamped his mouth shut, determined to not humiliate himself again. And his plan would have worked too, had Naruto not began thrusting his hips up at a faster, harder, more brutal pace whilst his hands of the pale man's hips forced Gaara to bounce wantonly in his lap. "Oh! Oh! OH! Ahh! Nar-uto!" Gaara cried out, sounds spilling from his lips as the man tried to desperately cling onto any ounce of control he had.

He failed miserably.

"Yeah. Fuck, that's good, babe! Fuck yourself on my cock. Shit!" Naruto groaned out, falling back against the car seat as his hands slipped from Gaara's sweaty skin and his hips stopped bucking up. He watched, with that annoying shit-eating grin of his as Gaara continued to roll his hips, rising and falling on Naruto's cock whilst cries of pleasure erupted from Gaara's open mouth. Naruto observed with lazy, lust-ridden eyes as Gaara worked both of them closer to completion, taking great joy in watching the way Gaara's body swallowed his cock so eagerly and so fucking easily. Like the redhead's body was just bloody made for this. Naruto's eyes trailed up, until he met the dilated pupils of Gaara's eyes and cocked an eyebrow. "You're –ah, fucking loving this, aren't you? Ngh…!"

Gaara ignored him. And judging by the predatory, evil glint in Naruto's eyes…that hadn't been a wise move.

A smack resonated through the air as Gaara cried out, red hand print forming nicely on his right ass cheek and his left cheek swiftly received a similar mark from Naruto's palm as Naruto pounded up into Gaara. Gaara would have probably taken pride in the way Naruto's gleeful expression disintegrated into a face of pure bliss as a wave of pleasure swallowed any remaining smugness, had he not currently been rolling his eyes back and curling his toes, rocking back into the forceful thrusts of Naruto.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes! Ahh!" Gaara reached for his leaking hard cock, begging for more stimulation, only to find his hands pinned to his sides and Naruto's face leering up at him. "N-Nar-ahh-uto?" He managed to get out in breathless anticipation and a sudden sense of nerves took over. And Gaara couldn't really help that. 'Cause seriously, writhing and whimpering on a stranger's cock and then glancing down to find him smirking up at you with your hands restrained would have caused nerves to flutter in anyone's stomach. Gaara gazed down as Naruto looked up innocently, causing the lustful man to wonder how the fuck anyone managed to look innocent when they were fucking someone. Okay, this man was definitely strange. And he was definitely breaking every single rule, boundary and expectation Gaara had ever set. Besides, who even agrees to fuck a complete stranger who's been stalking them?! Oh, that's right. Gaara does.

But then Gaara's worries floated away as soon as Naruto chuckled and leant forward to capture the pink nub on his chest between his teeth and nibbled gently. Gaara's teal eyes widened and he moaned pitifully. When had his nipples been that sensitive?! Naruto ran his tongue across the sensitive flesh now, glancing up at Gaara to give him a darkened, lust-filled stare that had breathless pants escaping the pale man. Naruto raised his pierced eyebrow in amusement and sucked at the nub back in his mouth, taking great delight in the slurping noise that rose into the air and had Gaara squirming to loosen the grip he had over his delicate wrists.

"Sumthn' wron, babe?" He mumbled out, words unclear as he flicked a tongue sharply over the hardened nipple and scraped his teeth over it in a way that had Gaara letting out these little breathy noises and whimpers.

But oh god! All this! All this magnificent torture. All this teasing. All those deep thrusts that pulled groans of delight from Gaara. All the ways he swiped his tongue over Gaara's body. All those ways that Naruto managed to make Gaara completely debauched and feel devastatingly good and yet, Naruto still remained composed enough to add his little endearments to his cocky little sentences and had enough control over his muscles still to pull a smirk up at Gaara whilst he casually rocked his hips up, burying himself inside Gaara like he was taking a fucking stroll through the park or something. Gaara could've cried…except, he didn't. That would just be mortifying. Though, considering how every single nerve of his forced him to response enthusiastically and wail out his enjoyment, Gaara wouldn't have been surprised if a drop leaked from his eyes due to pure intensity and uncontrolled pleasure.

Naruto pulled his mouth away with yet another loud slurp and Gaara didn't know whether to be relieved that Naruto hadn't just managed to completely unravel him…or to be disappointed that the blonde man had pulled away. Though, Gaara did kind of want to raise his hand up and protectively cover his puckered nub (the irony would hit him later when he wasn't being impaled on some idiot's cock). He just wasn't fond of the way Naruto stared at it merrily, taking in the red, abused nipple and feeling pride for the way Gaara had unconsciously arched his back and pleaded for Naruto to continue his ministrations.

"Go on, touch yourself." He purred and winked and slowly let go of Gaara's hands, placing his own back down to Gaara's hips and continuing his steady rhythm of thrusting upwards and rolling his hips whilst the redhead mewled above him.

Gaara trailed a hand down his chest, quickly pausing to tweak his neglected nipple before moving lower and flicking his wrist over his aching cock that stood proudly, bouncing erotically in his lap with each buck of Naruto's hips. Wrapping a small hand around it, he began to jerk himself to completion. Moans ripped from his throat, the sounds cut short whenever Gaara decided to clench his teeth together and move his hand up and down his shaft at a faster, more urgent pace. "F-fuck!" Gaara's movements were sloppy, too overcome by the drag of Naruto's member against his little bundle of nerves and thus the way he fucked his own hand changed constantly and all attempts of sticking to a specific technique faded away.

"Ah! Nghh! Please N-Naruto!" Two strong hands slammed Gaara's body down as the redhead's own hand gripped his cock firmly, jerking in uncontrolled sloppy movements until Gaara's breathe hitched and he came with a silent scream, mouth agape, back arching into an impossible yet beautiful angle whilst he painted both himself and Naruto in cum. Shit. Gaara slouched in his position, chest heaving as he tried and failed to control the tremors that ran through his body whilst Naruto continued to bounce the poor man in his lap.

Bloody hell! Who would have guessed that Naruto would have been such a good fuck! Gaara had thought that the blonde's confident persona and attitude was all ploy; that this perfection of man had some kind of massive flaw when it came to delivering what his words had promised. But fuck. He most certainly had fulfilled everything.

"Uh!" The sound echoed throughout the cramped vehicle, only to be joined by another similar sound and another…and another, until Gaara let out a quiet sound of discomfort and clamped his mouth shut. Wide teal eyes, still clouded over from the after-glows of his release stared earnestly at Naruto, silently begging for the older man to stop bucking up into Gaara's warm, sensitive body that just begged to pull away from the continuous pounding before Gaara turned into a shaking mess unable to control his limbs. But the constant drag of Naruto's cock against his prostate, the way he almost pulled out completely before impaling Gaara on his shaft or the way he liked to spread the redhead's legs wider apart, to give himself a better view did not stop. And pretty soon, pleasure mixed with a tiny hint of pain as Gaara's body struggled to handle the over-powering sensations that ran throughout his small frame in a vicious cycle.

"N-Naruto." Gaara managed to whine out before his eyes rolled back and he panted. It was too much. Too much stimulation! Too much! With every nerve within the pale man's body practically bursting from over-sensitivity and still trying to recover from his explosive orgasm, the feeling of Naruto rolling his hips and pushing his cock in and in and in was just too much for the whimpering man; though, the fake considering look and vaguely sympathetic noise that Naruto directed at him suggested that the blonde really, didn't give a shit.

And thus when Gaara attempted to pull away with a half-hearted effort, Naruto just laughed and pushed up even harder, hitting that sensitive bundle of nerves with each thrust and sending Gaara into a babbling mess as the redhead slammed his eyes shut and just clung on to Naruto's shoulders. All attempts of removing himself from Naruto's lap dissolved away as the older man bounced Gaara up and down and up and down with ease, groaning with each buck of the hips and somehow managing a slightly lopsided, dazed smile each time Gaara yelped and arched his body.

"I-It's too much." He managed to gasp out at one point, nails scraping down Naruto's back, digging into tanned flesh as Gaara struggled to hold on.

Naruto stopped suddenly after the redhead's comment, leaving Gaara bucking and writhing uncertainly in his lap; Naruto cocked his pierced brow and the duo stared at each other silently. Gaara taking in nervous gulps of air when Naruto shifted slightly, cock pressing directly against his over-sensitive bundle of nerves. "But babe," Naruto ran a single finger down Gaara's chest, causing shivers to run through the redhead's body, before placing a gentle, somewhat loving kiss against Gaara's jaw. "I ain't finished yet. And you're just so…" This time he nipped at Gaara's shoulder. "Pretty in my lap." Naruto pulled away with a smirk and gave a harsh, experimental thrust of his hips.

Gaara swallowed…Crap.

And all words of protest died on his lips as Naruto jerked upwards, hands on Gaara's hips forcing him to lift up and then plunge down brutally on top of Naruto's cock. A howl of pleasure or pain (Gaara wasn't too sure at this point,) ripped from his swollen, red lips.

Gaara had long ago given up trying to figure out if he was trying to escape the impending mix of pleasure and pain, or if he was unknowingly welcoming each harsh roll of Naruto's hips and taking every single piece of unadulterated pleasure that the tanned man gave him. All he knew was that if he had not just come two minutes ago, he would've been rock hard and aching for Naruto's sinful touch. Yet as Naruto pulled Gaara flush against his chest, rubbing sweaty tanned skin against sweaty pale skin, Gaara still whimpered in wanting and lust, especially when he felt Naruto's invasive hands trail down to clasp his ass, spreading the cheeks apart and giving any willing or unwilling passer-by a great view of Naruto's cock disappearing into Gaara's ass with each grunt.

Judging by the low, husky laugh…Naruto had thought of the same thing as he kneaded the flesh in his grasp and swallowed Gaara's squeal of surprise when he pounded up so fucking hard and so fucking fast for the last time before releasing Gaara's lips and coming with a loud groan and final lazy roll of his hips…During which Gaara struggled to begin breathing normally.

When Naruto's hips finally stilled, only then did Gaara permit himself to flutter his eyes open slowly and try to loosen his grip from Naruto's shoulders. His arms dropped heavily to his sides, leaving finger shaped bruises on Naruto's skin, but frankly, Gaara couldn't have given a shit if his nails had caused the blonde man to bleed or something. After all, Gaara was already certain that he'd leave this car limping and it was only fair that Naruto left supporting his own collection of injuries.

Fuck! The redhead inhaled and exhaled nosily, teal eyes ghosting over Naruto's exhausted body. Gaara would never, ever admit if it out loud but...fuck, if that hadn't been the best sex of his short life so far then he didn't know what had.

He gave a dry, shattered laugh, heading no attention to the drop of sweat that cascaded down his brow before dropping onto Naruto's muscle defined stomach and slumped against the figure beneath him, his tiny frame quivering overwhelmingly as Gaara panted and attempted to regain the use of his limbs. Pushing a clenched fist against Naruto's chest, he endeavoured to pull away from the sweaty male so that he could retreat back into his own seat and pretend that he had not just screamed in ecstasy whilst riding Naruto's cock; Gaara just didn't want to give him that satisfaction, though it was probably already too late.

Yet as he tried to lift himself off Naruto's softening member, he gasped at his own sensitivity as his toes curled and he collapsed back against Naruto. Through his messy babble of whimpers he swore he heard Naruto release a tired chuckle as a tanned hand moved to gently hold Gaara against him. The red head turned his head against Naruto's neck and inhaled his musky smell shakily. Well, he supposed he could remain straddling Naruto for a while longer; it wasn't exactly like he was in a rush or anything.

"I suppose now is the right time to say that I have a fully functioning car and I can give you a ride." Naruto commented after a while and had Gaara possessed enough energy, he would've slapped the man.

"You're a cunt." He sighed instead. The jibe was weak though, probably due to a mixture of tiredness and the fact that it was quite hard to insult a man whose softened dick was still up Gaara's ass. Oh well, at least he'd tried, Gaara concluded as Naruto's strong hand came up to wipe the sweaty strands that were stuck to his forehead away. Gaara smiled then and just couldn't help the small afterthought that slipped out. "And…I thought you already gave me a ride?" He sucked his lip into his mouth as Naruto's eyes widened and the man let out a laugh at the flirtatious comment. Wait, had Gaara just said that? Okay, someone punch him for that.

"I…could always give you another one?" Naruto placed a final kiss on Gaara's pouted lips and Gaara was no longer sure which ride the man was referring to as the bastard chuckled and pulled Gaara closer.

"I'll think about it."

What is this?! Did you just read like 6000 words of NaruGaa having smex? Yes, yes you did xD Yay for smutty NaruGaa *cheers* But who knew it would get so long *rubs back of head and chuckles* Hope it was alright.

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