Words and Deeds (G)

John Crichton has (yet) another bad day. Set just after PKW. Sometimes it's best to keep your big mouth shut.

Disclaimer: Not mine, M'lud.

No beta, just 387 words.

"The defendant will stand to hear the charges against him!" The presiding judge intoned ominously as the blindfold was taken from John's eyes. A courtroom full of Sebaceans… So, the PKs, huh? Perhaps this bunch of PKs hadn't heard of the terms of the Quajaga peace accords? Well, he'd have to put them straight.

"You can't do this! I'm John Crichton! I have pardons and everything from Peacekeeper High Command!" He ranted at the court as he was prodded to his feet by two burly guards. "I'm John Crichton. D'ya hear!" He protested again, shrugging off the attentions of the guards. "Creator of wormholes and all that dren!" The judges and several others around the court smiled at that in a way which John found most disturbing. His confidence took a further blow as his eyes registered that the main court contained a broad cross-spectrum of his many antagonists over the last few cycles, each of them seemingly as amused as the judges by his outburst. John began to get a nasty feeling that they all knew something that he didn't. Something important.

"The defendant would be wise to be silent until charges have been put to him!" barked the presiding judge as her smile finally subsided to a quirky half-grin.

"OK, let's hear it then!" Crichton snapped back defiantly. The judge cleared her throat, gathered her dignity and lifted a data sheaf from the pile in front of her. Finally we get to the nub of the matter, John thought to himself. Ever since these frelling Sebaceans had snatched him away from his wife and baby, just days earlier, no one had told him what all this was about.

"Defendant before the court, you are charged with the capital crimes of impersonating His Imperial Consort, John Crichton and, through the execution of diverse other crimes over the last three cycles whilst going under that name, with bringing the Imperial Court and the names of his Imperial Consort, the Empress Novia and the Empress Katralla into disrepute." The chief judge paused and a vicious smile spread across her lips and up to her eyes. Her left eyebrow arched in a manner of which Aeryn would have been proud. "I would imagine, in light of your earlier outburst, that there is little point in asking how you plead?"

The end?