Author's Note: Saw the raws of chapter 233 and seems like Himeko and Bossun's relationship stays the same for now. A bit sad that we don't see any progress on their relationship though I'm also a bit proud of Himeko that she's able to maintain her good friendship with Bossun despite discovering her feelings. ouo

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-Sketto Romance-

Chapter 2 – Desire

The café turned out to be a Hansel and Gretel themed one. It looked like a pretty normal shop outside, with its brown tainted glasses hiding the magnificent decorations inside it. A curvy yet simple red and pink halogen sign of Sweet Deli marked the café just above its French styled doors. Both Himeko and Bossun shrugged nonchalantly at the shop's supposedly normalcy, but - being the type of teens who were quite easily amazed - both their eyes widened in awe at the interior design of the shop. Each table was designed differently. Some were layers of cookies, others slices of cakes, and the rest were cupcakes inspired. The room was also divided into four different 'flavors,' making the floor and ceiling colors vary depending on the location. East part was caramel flavoured, west was vanilla flavoured, north was strawberry and south - they didn't even bother stopping themselves from drooling—chocolate flavoured.

"AH! I want to seat on the chocolate area but I might die of drooling if we sat there!" Still holding the trash bin on one hand, Himeko stared at the Kisses shaped bean chairs and the table beside it that was designed like a slice of triple layered chocolate cake. It didn't help that the floor looked like a flood of chocolate syrup.

"This is too conspicuous, Himeko! It almost looks as if there's going to be a witch to imprison us and save us for dinner later after these eye candies trick us into buying everything off the menu!" Bossun spat out as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Himeko looked almost convince.

"Or maybe it will be a white rabbit that will take us to the world of the Red Queen? Maybe they'll have Pelocans growing on trees!" Himeko's eyes went dreamily at the thought of all the flavors of her most beloved Pelocans just hanging on trees, ready to be pluck. She was too busy daydreaming to hear Bossun comment that only people with weird tastes like her would like that. Bossun was about to interject her thoughts when a girly cough interrupted them. Both Bossun and Himeko turned to look at the waitress who they didn't notice to be standing there. She looked like Goldilocks what with her outfit of choice, except that she was holding a tray.

"Table for two?" She smiled brightly at them and the pair only nodded. They somehow started to think that three bears would soon jump in somewhere around. Goldilocks nodded and lead them to one of the many vacant tables over at Strawberry area before leaving them to attend on some other customers.

Himeko sat at the soft marshmallow shaped chair placed beside the table which they tried not to look at because it looked too delicious for furniture. It didn't help that a very sweet aroma was lingering on the café.

"This is too soft not to be real marshmallow, Bossun!" She exclaimed as she tested its softness and bounced repeatedly on it. "It almost looks like we can eat it! AHHH! Is this some kind of new torture! Seeing everything very delicious but all of them is inedible!" Himeko held her head in attempt to maintain her sanity.

"Why is your seat very soft like that while mine is hard candy!" Bossun pointed out rather enviously. "Ohhhhh! I'm sure you're going to be the one they'll feed a lot so you'll get fat enough for dinner!" He started laughing as if he had won over something, not noticing Himeko's flushed face at his 'fat' comment. She was about to retort and beat him to death at his apparent lack of tact, but Himeko figured that this was just Bossun being the usual childish and tactless boy that he was.

And she loved him for that.

Though she was sure she'd gonna beat him if he made another comment about weight, figure and what not.

Instead of giving him a piece of her mind, Himeko decided to change topic and reach for the menu that was shaped and designed like thin slices of strawberry. "So what should we order? Aaaahhh the front cover looks really cute!"

Bossun also reached for a copy of menu and instead of goggling over the cover, he browsed the content to see what they could actually eat here. His eyes bulged in surprise.

"All these designs are really amazing!" Himeko beamed again in amazement as she held the menu and look around the whole café one more time. She had just noticed that aside from them, there was only an old gentleman and a pair of snobby looking girls on the shop. "It's such a wonder why they don't get many customers."

"H-Himeko…" Bossun stammered quietly but Himeko just continued to marvel at the adorable decors.

"Even the ceiling has very intricate designs! They should make those brown glass clear instead so they can attract more people!"


"Let's go again with Switch and Captain next time! I'm sure they'll gonna love it here."

"Himeko!" Bossun had opted on lightly hitting her with the menu to get her attention and Himeko was about to hit him back hard, but all sense seemed to have escaped her when she snapped her head towards Bossun's direction, only to find out that he was leaning over the table while using the menu to hide their faces.

That and the fact that his head was only a good distance away from her stopped any gear on Himeko's head. She could see Bossun's face quite clearly and noticed how his eyelashes were almost long –although clearly not as long as his twin's was– His bangs was almost over his eyes again but he probably hadn't noticed yet. He was whispering loudly something about prices being outrageous and that he didn't have enough money to even buy a cookie, but Himeko failed to listen to any of it.

It was only when Bossun stopped saying anything that Himeko realized that he was staring at Bossun's lips.



Himeko suddenly stood up, the trash bin she used to hit Bossun still on her hand, and madly dashed towards the exit as fast as she could, leaving Bossun who had toppled over his seat (remember it was designed after a hard candy) after Himeko's trash bin oh so graciously met his face.

How she badly wanted to hide her head inside the trash bin after what happened! She was quite sure that her face was the same color as that red halogen used on the Sweet Deli name.

She couldn't believe it! She just didn't have that sudden desire to- to- she remembered his lips.


She ran faster and in a more frantic manner but she wasn't on the mood to care about how people might think she was insane. The insane thing was desiring doing… that. With Bossun.


With Bossun.

Himeko ran faster, as if doing so would enable her to escape the thought.

That was insane!

Himeko could hear loud thumps from her chest and although she hoped that it was caused by her absurd running, she was pretty sure that Bossun was the reason for each faster beat.

Sure, she had already admitted to herself that she saw Bossun in a much special manner and that her feelings for him were way beyond friendship. But this was the very first time that the thought of doing that with Bossun had ever entered her mind.

She was sure she could never face Bossun again.


The following day, Switch looked over at Bossun who was playing with his old gashapon figures as they waited for their class to start. Switch, of course, did not let yesterday's event escape from his eyes so he had discreetly followed the two on their so-called date. He wanted to continue playing his new game, but Bossun and Himeko's relationship proved to be far more appealing than any of the otome games he had.

It was also quite amusing to see how calmly Bossun was coping up with Himeko's hit-and-run tactic yesterday. In as much casual tone as he could manage, Switch asked, 'So Bossun! Kekekeke What did YOU do after school yesterday? Kekekeke'

Bossun looked up from his figures and gave Switch a befuddled expression, but he answered nonetheless. "Hmmmm. Nothing much." He shrugged and went back on moving his figures as if they were battling with each other.

'Ohhhhhhhh reallllyyyyyy?' Switch questioned in a mischievous tone as he took out a small photo paper. 'So this is nothing much? Hm? HM?'

Quite curious, Bossun took the photo and looked at it. It was a picture of him and Himeko when he was trying to whisper to her about the absurd prices of the food there. Their faces weren't seen though because he was covering them with the menu. It wasn't really anything much except that Himeko had arbitrarily beat him yet again. But what was new with that anyway? He stared at the picture for a moment before gaping at Switch. "You were at the shop too?"

Now, this wasn't the response Switch wanted, but it was expected of Bossun to be incredulously thick. 'One of the waitresses there is a friend from a forum and she took a picture of this because she thought it was brave of a high school boy to do that on their café.'

Bossun gasped and started waving his arms in defence. "I wasn't trying to ruin their image! Their prices were just really, really expensive for a high school student like me! Their shop was really great, but it's probably meant for richer students!"

'….' Switch just stared. Again, this wasn't the response Switch was waiting to hear, but then again, he should have known Bossun wouldn't see the picture the way it might have appeared to others. He took the photo from Bossun and held it so that the photo was eye-level to Bossun. 'That doesn't mean you insulting their ridiculously high prices, Bossun. If you look more carefully-'

"AHHHHHHH!" Himeko had chosen this moment to enter the classroom and immediately saw the photo. On that photo, she and Bossun appeared like they were doing something—something that Himeko had the desire to do yesterday (and the desire hadn't really faded away but at least it decreased low enough for her to be on the same room as Bossun)—behind that menu. Why did Bossun have to lean over and cover their faces behind the menu? She quickly grabbed it from Switch's hand and begun exclaiming, "It wasn't like that! NOT LIKE THAT! NOTHING LIKE THAT AT ALL!"

Their other classmates were already used at the Sket Dan's antics so they simply looked once at Himeko before returning their attention to their own business.

"Chill, Himeko, even Switch agreed that the prices were ridiculous! We weren't doing anything bad." Bossun grinned at her and it took everything of Himeko not to break and run back home. Her face turned bright red though at that grin and so, she promptly looked away as Bossun started to grimace. "What were you thinking leaving me by myself yesterday? If your stomach was on its bad day, you could have told me before going away."

Himeko had the urge to snap and give Bossun another beating. Here she was, panicking at the unreasonable desires she was having, while Bossun was showing how delicate he was, which was totally not delicate at all. She would have beaten him if she didn't have the most difficult time actually looking at him without blushing. Heck, just standing on the same room as him was already more than enough to heat her face.

"Hm? Haaa… Are you still feeling unwell today? Your face looks really red-" He had stood up to reach a hand on Himeko's face to check if her temperature as abnormal, but he had barely neared Himeko when she let out an 'eeeep' before crying out a loud and quick, "Bathroom!" And then she was out of the room.

Bossun and Switch stared at the door for a while before Bossun said, "did the overly sweet design of the shop upset her stomach?"

Switch averted his eyes towards the other boy's direction. He wondered if even Bossun's concentration goggles would help him on realizing what all of these meant. 'I think it's the denseness that disrupts both her digestive and nervous system. The latter is sure to break down soon.' Switch nodded to himself and before Bossun could ask more, Chu-san entered the classroom (rather very late) and started homeroom lazily.

It wasn't until midway's Chu-san 's talk about their long exams tomorrow, which he had forgotten to announce weeks ago, when Himeko returned. Chu-san was supposed to give her a punishment but he was too lazy to think of any so he just made Himeko sat back on her seat. Bossun noticed that Himeko's face was still red and she was looking resolutely on the ground.

Bossun frowned.

He had never seen Himeko looking as constipated as before.


Himeko stared at the pill, which looked like an ordinary candy, and bottle of cola that Bossun placed on her desk.

Chu-san had given the rest of their homeroom time for his students to review for the exams the following day. Or so he said, but everyone knew he was just not feeling in the mood to give them any proper lecture, as always. Bossun had followed him out and when he returned, he had this pill and cola with him.

Himeko tried to look at Bossun, only to avert her gaze in an instant. Man, it was like she was in love with Bossun or something!

Oh wait, she was.

That didn't really stopped her from being able to look at him eye-to-eye before, but suddenly desiring that had made confronting Bossun a lot more difficult. What if she suddenly threw herself onto him and do that? What if Bossun never spoke to her after she does something like that? Oh crab miso, liver, century egg, blue cheese! Even the Pelocans weren't looking that appealing after she thought of having that with Bossun- Himeko mentally banged her head on the table just to stop herself from thinking that.

"Come on, don't glare at that! I asked Chu-san for some medicine to heal constipation. He said it'd be more effective with cola." Bossun explained the presence of the pill and cola on her table. Himeko couldn't believe he asked Chu-san among all people for a medicine. Heck, she couldn't believe why he was thinking she was having some kind of digestive problem when all in all she's worrying about her, uhm, desires.

"The nurse was nowhere to be found so only Chu-san was left to be asked for medicine." Bossun answered as if he read her mind. She briefly wondered if he'd be able to read the latter thought as well. "He said he was rather confident with that pill because he also tend to have constipation problems whenever he mistook other pills as candy. Can you believe that? He mistakes his own pills as candies!"

She couldn't believe how Bossun still hadn't found out that she had feelings for him when here she was, blushing like crazy while he, facing her, casually sat on the chair in front of her desk. She had been trying her best to look at him, but even a mere glimpse of his face was enough to break the courage she mustered and send her eyes looking at everything else except him. She could have run away, again, but she really wanted to be as normal as she could be in front of him. After all, one of the things she loved the most was their friendship. She didn't want their friendship to be affected by her selfish feelings. Maybe she should be thankful that Bossun still hadn't figure out her feelings.

Silly as his theory about constipation was, he was still thoughtful enough to get some medicine for her (albeit the source of the medicine was a bit shady). That was Bossun for you. He'd always be there to help.

"You should drink that now, so you won't have problems later. Chu-san said that the effect is instant!" Bossun said and Himeko could hear the mild awe in his voice. Having calmed her feelings a bit, Himeko managed to look at Bossun and give him a smile of appreciation before taking the pill.

It was a good think that Himeko took a sip at the cola after that...

...because Bossun didn't know how she would have reacted if she saw him blushing because of one smile.

-to be continued—

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-Sketto Romance—

When Himeko plopped down the bottle of cola on her table, she stared at Bossun for a long time.

Bossun tried to keep himself from getting red, but the longer Himeko looked, the more uncomfortable it became. Himeko was now actually gaping at him as if she had started seeing him on a different light. He was now beginning to worry about the pill she had just taken.

"Himeko-?" He asked cautiously but then stopped when Himeko suddenly clasps both his hands onto hers and asked dreamily but resolutely, "Fujisaki Yusuke-kun, won't you marry me?"

Switch, who had been sitting silently on the chair beside Bossun, had taken full record of what happened and what had been said.