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Yeah, Tamama can be pretty creepy at times..Have you watched Keroro Gunsou ep 266 on youtube? It only has Part 1 and sadly there is no Part 2 ;_;...

Tamama's Mission: Kiss My Sleeping Beauty

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

It is night time, the Sergeant is more than likely asleep, and this time I shall not fail. I smirked to myself and started to open the door, but then an alarm went off and the sound it made was 'Ku Ku Ku'.

Damn that Sergeant major! I quickly went inside and closed the door. The alarm was no longer making that 'Ku Ku Ku' sound. Luckily, The Sergeant is a heavy sleeper. My footsteps are soft and I'm sure this time his lips will be mine.

"Hello, Private Second Class. Ku, ku, ku."

"What are you doing here? Are you here to kiss my Sergeant?" I asked firmly, my cheeks puffed out, and then I heard something go Click.

"No, I'm here because the Corporal is worried that you might molest our leader." Kururu commented calmly and I'm unable to move. I glared at him.

"I just want to kiss him." I told him.

"Plus it is fun keeping someone away from their desire, ku ku ku." Kururu said while grinning widely. That bastard! He is not worried about the Sergeant, he wants to keep me away from the Sergeant's lips, and that twisted jerk is having fun.

"You are a jerk, Sergeant Major."

"And I'm proud to be a jerk." Kururu commented simply and he is walking towards my Sergeant. What is he planning to do? "It is even more fun to take what someone else desires..Ku, Ku, Ku."

No, No, No! He doesn't plan to kiss the Sergeant! No Way. Those lips belong to me not to that twisted jerk!

"And remember that I got them before you..Private Second Class, Tamama." He told me before giving my beloved Sergeant a kiss on the lips. I'm seeing red and my blood is boiling.

"Mmm, Curry." Keroro said in his sleep and he rolled over. I officially hate Sergeant Major Kururu and there was a click. I'm able to move. Kururu is chuckling, I won't forgive him, and...That twisted jerk got to the Sergeant's lips before me!

"Tamama Impact!"

"Ah!" Keroro yelled and he looked at me. "What was that for Tamama? And what are you doing here?"

"Sleep waking." I lied before running out of his room. Sadly, My aim was off and Kururu did not get hit with my Tamama Impact. I'll get that twisted jerk next time...

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