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1 year ago-

"Leader are you sure this will work,un?" the voice echoed through the dark halls of the small, dark room, the room was very wet and cold, the stone walls made the room even colder than it already was, allowing no kind heat to stay in the room.

"It must work! Its has to work" said the apparent leader, wiping sweat off his face

"Tobi doesn't understand why we must do this, wont the spirits punish us?" asked "Tobi" facing the leader, tilting his strange orange mask that had a black spiral, which strangely lead to his one red eye.

"Enough Tobi, there are no such things as spirits and if there were, I'm sure they'd understand that a man in love needs his woman back" the leader replied, trying to hold back tears that threatened to fall from his strange silver spiralling eyes.

"Tobi doesn't think so..." Tobi replied scratching his head unsure

"I DONT CARE" the leader shouted, his eyes spiralling madly and looking like he was about to punch the boy in the face.

"Leader-sama, you know this may not bring Konan back, right?" asked a tall blue man, who strangely resembled a large fish/shark, he even had gills on his neck.

"Yes, I know, but I have to try... and for this to work I need, the blood of 8 male sinners and the flesh of an enemy" he informed them "So you know if this goes wrong, your all going to be effected"

"For fuck sake! I've probably had fucking worse in my time! Just fucking get on with it!" a large handsome man with silver hair exclaimed, he wore a head band with three lines that were crossed out around his neck, along with a silver necklace of a cross.

"Hidan, must you use such foul language?" asked a very tall man, who was half white, half green and looked as if he had a fly trap plant on his head, "I quite like it, its very interesting" said the same person, but this time it sounded like a different voice.

"Oh great, now Zetsu's gay side has come out..." sighed a short, young man with bright red hair and seemed to be carrying some sort of puppet in his hand.

"Sasori! He's not gay! He's just confused..." said the large plant man, named Zetsu, "Leave him alone, he can think what he wants" the other side/voice of Zetsu said huskily to the other male, Sasori, whilst winking toward him.

"Can we just get on with it?" asked a dark, unamused voice, from the corner of the room

"Oh, it speaks, un!" the man called Deidara exclaimed sarcatically, taunting the other male; Deidara was averagely tall, but had very handsome features, with long blonde, almost angelic, hair that swept over his face.

"Hn" replied the tall, dark, very handsome man; he had dark, blood red eyes and his hair was raven black, that blended so well with the dark back ground, that, apart from his haunting red eyes, almost shadowed him from the rest of the group who were standing around a poorly drawn Antichrist star, that at all 6 points had a small, dimly lit, candle.

"And we're back to one syllable words, un" mocked Deidara, sweeping his long blond hair from his face.

"Be quite, we start the ritual now" the leader commanded, his orange hair glowing amorously in the light of the candles as he knelt to the ground, showing off his many piercings that he had around his very handsome face.

"So who is this enemy?" asked Kisame also kneeling to the ground as the others did, lighting up his dark blue face, to that of a pale, sea-coloured blue.

"You'll see" the leader smirked at the thought of the enemy, he had brought to the ceremony.

"Tobi, bring him in!" the leader commanded, pointing to Tobi who hurriedly scampered out of the room.

When Tobi returned he had a tall, skinny man, who had white/purple skin and who's facial features resembled that of a snake.

"Orochimaru" Kisame achnologed, looking at the ex-team member, with a glare of hate.

"That's right, the sworn enemy of Akatsuki, the man who betrayed us all" the leader smirked satisfied with the groups reaction.

"Are we gonna fucking start or what?" asked Hidan, getting impatient.

"Please would you all offer blood to Baphomet, as a symbol that the sinners are giving themselves to him" the leader ordered them, and they all one by one took a knife and slashed their hands.

Blood seeped out of their wounds and on to the floor like rain drops, the drops of blood turned the star blood red.

"Its working" the leader whispered in delight, with a sick grin open on his face.

"Tobi, we need the flesh of the enemy, please slice off Orochimaru's hand" the leader ordered Tobi; Tobi grabbed the snake man's hand, took a butcher knife and brutally carved off his hand, slowly and painfully; watching as the scarlet blood made its way out of the wound, onto the floor, until finally a loud thump was heard as Orochimaru's hand was dropped to the ground. The whole time the snake man had been screaming wildly and dangerously loud, as he watched, helplessly, his arm be decapitated from his body.

"It is done, and now, by the power of baphomet, please allow me to use your dark power to bring back my beloved!" the leader stood up and shouted to the ceiling, his hands covered in the blood of his team mates and enemy.

The whole room shook violently.

"It's working!" the leader shouted manically, laughing demoniacally.

The 8 men watched in horror as the room flashed a menacing red colour, and suddenly the room seemed, bigger?

"Why didn't it work? I did everything right and- OH MY GOD!" the leader asked himself realising his beloved wasn't standing before him, and went to look at his hands in wonder, but instead of hands came small fluffy orange paws.

"G-guys..." shirked Kisame, as he also realised what happened.

"Tobi told you the spirits would be angry!" he shouted at the leader.

"TOB-" he was about to shout, until he was picked up by the back of his neck by a cold bloody hand...

"Well, well, well, Akatsuki look like they are in a spot of bother, I could easily kill all of you now, but that would be too easy..." Orochimaru exclaimed as he watched the changed leader struggle in his grip.

"I'll send you all into slavery, your kind are treated like vermin, and I hope you all die a horrible painful death! Teach you for cutting off MY arm!" the snake man laughed manically, and proceeded to gather up all the Akatsuki.

A/N: How did you like the beginning? I know it's not really funny yet, and probably was a bit dark/angst, but I didn't know how to funny up the beginning part, but I promise there will be lots of humour in the rest of the chapters, please leave me a comment telling me what you thought, improvements are welcomed. Thank you for reading! ^^