Alright… In this fanfic will be lot's of Dark Puzzleshipping. This is also a fanfic where Atem has all of his memories and that means… when I say dark Puzzleshipping… I MEAN dark Puzzleshipping. Thi will make Bakura and Marik look like cuddely kittens… xD

I just had to do it…

Yugi flipped his head back onto his pillow. He sighed for this was the third week in a row that he hadn't been able to fall asleep. Ever since Yugi had completed the Millennium Puzzle, he always felt like he was being watched and sometimes he could hear someone whispering in his ear. Yugi hadn't lost one game since he placed the last piece of the puzzle together and he was scared that this situation wasn't coincidental.

"Close your eyes, child of darkness," the shadows whispered to him. Yugi could hear the strong, smooth and perfect voice tell him that same thing every night. 'Child of darkness' is what he always called him, on occasion it would call him 'child of shadows' and sometimes even 'my child.' Although Yugi loved hearing that perfect voice whisper words in his ear, he was still filled with fear every time it spoke.

Yugi turned onto his side and watched the shadows dance around the floor. He was trying to decide if tonight was going to be the night that he listened. Yugi brought his eyes from the floor and looked above his head. He could just make out the basic outline of the Millennium Puzzle hanging on the side of his bed.

"Take it," the voice commanded. Yugi jumped from fear as the position of the voice became clear. He could feel something resting behind him and Yugi became paralysed. Before Yugi was given the chance to recover, something cold rested apon his shoulder. He looked down to it and a hand shaped shadow lay right at the top of his arm.

It stroked its perfect hand closer to Yugi's neck. Once it was off of Yugi's shoulder, it moved its hand up Yugi's neck and onto his face. The hand slowly turned itself until it was perfectly curved around Yugi's right check. He was too scared to move, until the shadow released its cold and beautiful voice into the silence once again. "You know what to do," It reassured. The shadow placed its thumb under Yugi's chin for a better grip. It then turned Yugi's face so his vision was back on the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi took a breath through his nose that caused his chest and the upper half of his body to shake. He reached his hand out towards the puzzle, stopped two thirds of the way there and closed his eyes. Once he found the slightest bit of courage he had left, Yugi reopened his eyes and lifted the puzzle from the side of the bed. He raised his head off his pillow in order to pull the chain over. Yugi quickly became distracted by the cold metal now caught around his neck.

"There's my boy," the shadows praised by whispering right at Yugi's ear. As Yugi lowered himself back down onto his pillow, he could feel something poking at the bottom of his left ribcage. It slowly became five things as the shadow slide its left hand under Yugi's small and fragile body. The shadow shoved its arm through and wrapped it around Yugi's stomach while enclosing its finger tips into Yugi.

Yugi swallowed hard and starred forward towards his bedroom door. The shadow placed its other hand on Yugi's forehead and pulled him back, further into the shadows. "What you really need to do now is close your eyes and trust me," the shadow commanded in a soft voice. "Listen to my voice and do exactly what I say."

Slowly Yugi nodded his head. He closed his eyes and focused on his hearing, expecting for the shadow's voice to return. What Yugi didn't expect, was what the shadow told him to do. "Let the shadows consume your body and let me into your mind. Together we are strong and unbeatable, but we can only be together if you listen to me. You are the child chosen to be consumed by shadow and you are chosen to be mine."

Yugi's stomach tied itself in a knot. He felt the firm grip of the shadows hands as they pulled him further into the darkness. The hand on Yugi's forehead slowly slid down Yugi's face and onto his arm. Slowly it reached Yugi's hand and rested on top. The shadow spread its fingers through Yugi's and held his hand tightly.

The shadow had Yugi completely frozen in his grip. There was no escape, but if the shadow wanted to control Yugi, why was he asking for permission? If he just needed to use Yugi, why was he trying to make contact with the young boy? Could it be that the shadows needed Yugi's consent, or was he trying to scare Yugi into accepting?

"I know what you're thinking," the shadow whispered smoothly in Yugi's ear, "You want to know why I'm looking for your permission. It's because I can't live without you. Not literally, I could survive if you were dead, but on the inside I would be dead as well. You see, I am the shadows… and the shadows like you."

His transparent and dark hand sunk into Yugi's. A dark smile split the shadow's lips as he moved the hand of Yugi's as if it was his own. 'Yugi's accepting,' the shadow thought with another great smile.

Yugi watched as the red of his eye lids disappeared and everything faded to black. He felt his pillow fade away and next his bed was gone. The only thing he could feel was the cold cruelness of the shadows as they danced around in his mind and the one he always talked to still holding him close.

The shadow finally moved into the light of Yugi's room. It finally had a face of its own so the light wouldn't be able to remove him from Yugi's presence. He smiled showing his perfectly white teeth that each looked slightly pointed. As he moved further towards Yugi, he looked less like a shadow and more like a solid person.

Black hair began to form into points on top of his half shadow covered face. A purple-red colour surrounded and outlined the tips of his hair. Blond bands covered his face in shadows and three more blond streaks spread up his black hair. His legs formed from the shadows and matched Yugi's right down to the very last pajama thread. The elder Yugi smiled down at the innocent, young one with a look of true deviousness. Finally his eyes formed to match Yugi's, but that slowly changed. These eyes changed to ones that even killers didn't have enough evil to wear. The round edges changed to points as an age of two years was added. The colour surrounding his pupil changed from a harmless amethyst to crimson in the same shade as blood.

The dark Yugi faded deeper into the boy's body, claiming it and Yugi for his own. "Keep your mind open Yugi, but fall into a deep sleep of shadows," the darker Yugi chanted more than commanded. As soon as the perfect, icy voice of the shadows crawled into Yugi's mind, so did the head of the second Yugi.