Well then… I'm torn… *nervous laugh*

I've got half of you saying that you don't like where the story is going and I've got the other half going "haha! So funny! Please update!"

I haven't got any idea which side I should follow, so I'm just going to continue where I'm heading and apologize if anyone doesn't like it.


"That boy is a freak," Kokurano exclaimed as he pointed a fat finger down at the tri-colour haired boy.

"Right," one of the girls mumbled in disbelief. She returned her attention to her studies while one of her friends rolled her eyes.

Yugi was paying no attention to Kokurano, and kept his vision on Anzu's empty desk. She had about five minutes to come to class before the bell rang. Jounouchi, Miho and Honda had already stumbled in, but their desks weren't even close to Yugi's so there was positively no way he could catch their eyes.

"It's now or never Aibou," Atem said, interrupting Yugi's thoughts.

"But… they're too far away and everyone else would see."

That excuse had unexpectedly worked, although Yugi wasn't sure if Atem was being paranoid or if he had actually believed him.

Yugi's saddened expression instantly vanished as he watched Anzu appear through the door. She walked over to her seat, sat down and opened her books all while trying not to catchy Yugi's eye.

"He's magical," Kokurano exclaimed. He walked over to Anzu and lifted her up by pulling her shoulder. "Watch this! When little ol' Anzu is in trouble and Yugi's about to get hurt, something strange always happens!"

Kokurano lifted up a white board eraser and threw it at Yugi's unsuspecting head. It went straight on course and hit Yugi just above his eye. There was something sharp on the corner of the eraser which cut open Yugi's skin causing blood to pour into his eye.

"And now," Kokurano declared, "For the finishing act!" He took a knife from his pocket and slowly brought it towards Anzu's neck.

"What the hell do you think you're doing," the teacher shouted. She ran over and took the knife from Kokurano's hand.

"I can explain," Kokurano shouted as he let Anzu go from his grip. "Yugi is causing strange things to happen at this school, he's hurting people and-"

"I'll admit that strange things are happening inside of this school's walls, but to go this far just to blame them on someone! You're going straight to the office and I'm going to explain exactly what you were doing to your parents," the teacher informed. "The rest of you, page nine in your books!"

Everyone sat down with no objections and started studying their books. They could hear Kokurano's screams of pain down the hall as his ear was almost being torn off by the teacher as she dragged him. Still, no one moved, not even to blink.

The teacher never returned until five minutes towards the bell. When she returned she dismissed the class with a sigh and watched the students until most of them had cleared out. Ironically, she left Yugi, Jounouchi, Anzu, Honda and Miho alone.

"Jounouchi, would you please close the door," Anzu asked politely. She sat back down onto her desk and sighed while Yugi was relieved he wouldn't be the one to start this awkward conversation.

Jounouchi didn't take his eyes off of Yugi as he walked over to the door. He shut it without looking, but managed to pull that off.

"Yugi," Anzu sighed.

"Don't even start," Yugi interrupted. "I know why you all cornered me like this, but why didn't you come and ask sooner. Do you know how hard it is to play dodge ball alone in gym?"

Jounouchi and Honda seemed to catch the joke, but Anzu sure didn't, whereas Miho was just confused.

"This is no time for jokes Yugi," Anzu screamed, "If you know why we're all here then tell us the answer to our question!"

"Fine! You want me to be straight," Yugi yelled, shocking everyone in the room, but none more than himself, especially after this next part came out. Yugi took hold of the Millennium Puzzle and waved it out in front of Anzu then proceeded to scream, "I thought that if I told you, you would all leave! So I tried to hide the truth from all of you, but you guys just got even more scared…"

"Hey, Yuug," Jounouchi replied putting a hand on his shoulder, "It's all right. We're your friends. It won't matter what's going on because-"

"Of course it matters," Anzu shouted. "If Yugi's hiding something from us that's really important, he has to tell us!"

"Anzu," Honda yelled, "you can't say that!" Honda walked over to Anzu and slammed his fist onto the closest desk to her. "Yugi's our friend and we have to help him no matter what!"

"How can we if we can't trust him?" Anzu turned her back on Honda and spun back to face Yugi, but what she saw must have been something from her imagination. It had to be, because if it wasn't then there was something seriously wrong here.

Yugi's puzzle glowed softly in the dim light of the class room. A third eye also glowed on his forehead, this one brighter than the light on his puzzle. In a quick flash his appearance changed, but no one would have noticed unless they knew him personally.

Honda took his hand off of Yugi's shoulder and stumbled a few feet back. Miho raced over to him and took a hold of his hand while soon Jounouchi and Anzu joined them.

"Anzu," Atem spoke, his voice far from forgiving.

"Who are you," Anzu questioned.

"You know who I am, so don't ask stupid questions."

"Fine, what do you want?"

"Anzu, I'm not a villain," Atem responded. "I'm simply here to protect the one who solved my puzzle.

"No! You're lying! There's no way that something like you would want to protect Yugi! You're just taking advantage of him because you're a cold, cruel and evil person," Anzu cried. She raged out past Atem, opened the door and left.

Atem sighed.

"Don't listen to her," Miho spoke for the first time. "I think it's very nice that you're protecting Yugi and I think that Anzu's just jealous."

Atem smiled, but it came as a smirk.

Jounouchi stretched out his hand. "I feel a little odd doing this, considering you're still kind of Yugi, but," he babbled, "I'm Jounouchi and this is Miho and Honda. It's nice to meet you, 'other Yugi.'"

Atem chuckled a bit before shaking Jounouchi's hand. Jounouchi may have felt odd, but it was nothing compared to what Atem felt. He's never been accepted before, whether he was pharaoh or not and that was the honest truth.

From outside the door, a blond figure stood, listening to each and every word. He began walking down the hall way and took a tiny cell phone from out of his back pocket. He searched through all the names until he found one that said 'Ryou B'. After he walked a safe distance, the blond lifted the phone to his ear and waited.

"Hello," Ryou answered. "Is that you Marik?"

"Yes," the blond, Marik responded.


Marik smiled. "I found him. I found the pharaoh."

To be Continued! Mwahahahaha!