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Harry was tired, frustrated and so worried that it bordered on panic, which wasn't good for anything. And as much as he disliked the bastard who had knocked him up in the first place, he couldn't really bring himself to hate him. It didn't mean he didn't want to castrate him, or string him up by his balls or something equally tortuous, but he couldn't hate him.

He also didn't have enough energy to hate anyone. Except maybe Umbridge, may she rest in pieces.

The baby was draining magically, physically and mentally. So much so, that the teachers had stopped taking points from Harry for falling asleep in class. They did however scowl at Salazar because they all knew he could easily fix Harry.

Harry needed Salazar badly, that was another thing; while he was exhausted to the point of madness, he as horny as fuck.

He had quickly grown to care about the other wizard, despite the rocky introduction. They still had their fights; a memorable one involved Salazar implying that Harry should be a stay at home parent, and while Harry had no problem with it, he had no intention of doing so. A mild fear of turning out like Aunt Petunia nagged at the back of his mind, but he steadfastly ignored it in favour of telling Salazar off. He had no idea what he wanted to do but he couldn't see himself becoming Molly Weasley. He didn't even know how to knit; even though she had tried to teach him.

But Salazar seemed to think that Harry, and any bearer male or female, should be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. The entire hall had stopped to watch as Harry dumped whatever Salazar had been eating onto the stunned wizard's head and yelled, "Times have changed, maybe you should too, since you're stuck here and all." Harry had stormed out after that, his billowing cloak making Severus proud, and refused to talk to Salazar for three days.

Eventually Salazar cautiously approached Harry, with his metaphorical tail between his legs and a pile of brochures and applications for Harry to read through and maybe fill out. There were even a few for Salazar.

As Harry's deadline loomed ever closer, he grew more anxious. He needed Salazar to claim him, to claim the baby, and not just in a public "till death so you part" kind of way.

"Are you ever going to fuck me, or should I go ask Draco, or maybe Godric?" Harry snapped finally, causing the people who were sitting closest to them, to stare in shocked silence. When Salazar didn't reply right away, too stunned by the suddenness of the question, Harry stormed out. Something he seemed to making a stunning habit out of.

Salazar thumped his head against the table a few times, Hermione only just managing to pull the plate of food away, before he stood and ran after Harry.

He knew where Harry was going, or at least he hoped he knew where he was going, so he made a quick stop at the greenhouses, always impressed with the way that Professor Sprout kept them, knowing Helga would be proud, and carefully plucked a few of the safer blossoms. He also knew that Pomona and Helga, who were both hopeless romantics, would approve of the gesture as he dashed off to where Harry had, hopefully gone.

Thankfully Harry was exactly where Salazar thought he'd be; at a clearing by the lake that had once been a lookout spot but had long since been abandoned for ones closer to the school and farther from the forest.

Harry was perched on a log, his knees pulled up to his chest as he stared out over the lake. Salazar took a moment and just watched Harry. They had come to this spot several times over the last few weeks, ether to have long talks or just sit and enjoy the others company.

"If you don't want to join with me, then you should probably leave. I will go to Godric, or Draco, or even Remus if I have to. I will not lose this child."

"I'm sorry, I keep forgetting that we are not in my time, and that I haven't already bedded you," he offered Harry the flowers and an apologetic smile.

Harry stayed silent but accepted the flowers. They were his favourite after all.

"Tonight, be ready at seven, I will pick you up at your guardians chambers," he gave Harry's hand a soft peck before locking his gaze with Harry's. "I would stay and court you, but I have much to prepare."

"Bye," Harry waved limply as he watched Salazar head back to the castle. "Well that wasn't the strangest encounter yet," he mumbled as he absently rubbed his belly.


At 6:55 Harry was nervously pacing a path in Remus and Severus' carpet of their living room. Remus was watching with ill-concealed amusement, while Severus was busy working on a cross-stitch pattern for Minerva's birthday.

"Do you have any idea how old that very expensive and very old Persian rug is and how much it's worth?"

"Um… very old and very expensive?" Harry replied, causing Remus to chuckle and Severus to scowl.

"Come here, Cub," Remus grabbed Harry as he passed by and tugged the young wizard onto his lap. Most teenagers would allow it, but Harry wasn't most teenagers. He relished in whatever touch he could get.

"Relax, you have no reason to be nervous about tonight," he soothed.

"You've only been with Mr. Weasley. I highly doubt he took the time to ensure you were properly prepared or taken care of," Severus began, even as Harry turned a bright red. He was saved from more embarrassment by a knock on the door.

"Oh holy hell, he's here! Do I look okay?" he panicked, before bolting to his room.

Remus's poorly hidden chuckle earned him a "jerk" from Harry, and a stinging hex from Severus.

"Answer the door," he snarled half-heartedly as he went to pull Harry's hands from his already dishevelled hair to try and soothe him.

Salazar looked up at Remus's amused snort, and blushed furiously as he lowered his hand that was trying to smooth his hair, and giving himself a pep talk.

"Good evening Professor Lupin," he greeted, reclaiming his confidence as he held out his hand for Remus to shake.

Remus eyed him wearily; still unimpressed with the way he'd treated Harry when he'd first arrived.

"Harry will be out in a moment, he's gone to change. He suddenly didn't like what he was wearing," Remus offered loud enough for Harry to hear.

"Shut up," Harry shouted back, as he appeared with Severus.

"Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you all first," Salazar admitted, hoping he sounded more confident then he felt.

"Of course, what about?" Remus replied, hoping he knew what the founder wanted.

"I know we've done this all ass backwards but i was hoping to get your permission to court your son, from both of you." He added with a glance at Severus, who had appeared when Remus hadn't returned.

"I know Harry and i haven't had the best start," he was too intent on his shoes to notice the look that Remus and Severus had shared, "but I would like to make it work. He's a remarkable young man and when I'm with him i feel complete for the first time in my life," he rambled when the pair remained silent.

"You should really ask Harry," Remus replied, with a grin over Salazar's shoulder.

"Ask Harry what?"

Salazar spluttered as he spun around to find Harry, looking decadent in a purple button down and charcoal trousers.

"I ... Uh... I just sucking, wondering," he amended when Remus elbowed him. He stopped and took a deep breath, deciding to start again.

He pulled a box from inside his robes and offered it to Harry.

"Harry James Lupin-Snape, would you do me the great honour of allowing me to court you?"

Harry looked from the blue box in his hands, to his father, who looked like he was trying to not squeal like a teenage girl.

"Court?" Harry asked, feeling all kinds of stupid. He'd been in the wizarding world for almost seven years, but there was still so much he had no idea about.

"Like dating, but more formal; there are certain rituals and practices that have to be followed," Remus offered. One being that the courter must ask permission of his intended's family."

"Isn't that just fancy dating?" Sometimes Harry really hated just how much he didn't know. He had never actually asked a girl out, and no one had ever asked him out; he and Ron had just started to be together after that first kiss.

"Not quite, Emerald," Salazar replied, pulling another package from his robes.

He stilled Harry's hands - they'd been fiddling with the first gift, and had almost shredded the ribbon.

"You don't have to open that right now, but take this, read up on the courtship," he offered.

"If you do accept tonight then we can't… it'll be…"

"It'll be a very PG night," Remus offered, when Salazar trailed off, not knowing how to say it politely in front of Remus and Severus.

Salazar blinked in confusion, "PG?" he repeated. While he'd been invited to their movie nights, he hadn't been informed of the rating system. It was something that Harry did understand though, and he carefully put the gift down, afraid that fiddling with it anymore would be seen as "opening" the gift.

"So my opening that gift would symbolize my acceptance of your offer," it was somewhere between a question and a statement.

"Isn't there a no sexual encounters clause?" Severus asked, eyeing the frayed bow and idly wondering if it would work for his scrap book.

"There is, but the ritual doesn't begin until Harry formally accepts," Salazar replied.

"No sex? What no, we can't not have sex!" Harry began to panic; one hand went to his abdomen protectively.

"Hey!" Salazar was immediately in front of Harry, cupping his face, trying to ground him. "Hey, My Emerald, you haven't formally accepted so I am not courting you, we haven't started anything, so we can do what we please."

"So we can…?" Harry asked, blushing as he cast a glance to Remus and Severus, who were trying and failing to look like they weren't watching the pair keenly.

Salazar nodded and pulled Harry into a tight hug, "it's what I had planned for us tonight."

"Can we go?" Harry asked, giving them all a blinding grin, causing Salazar to chuckle and Severus to scowl. He knew it was the only way, but he didn't have to like it.

"Of course," Remus replied, pulling Harry into a quick hug. "I'd tell you to be good…" he trailed off, giving Harry a smirk as he tightened his hug.

"And we're done here," Harry blurted as he tried to pull away from a laughing Remus. Harry finally freed himself – Remus let him go – and tugged Salazar to the door.

When they were gone, Remus gave a soft sigh, letting Severus pull him into his arms from behind.

"He shouldn't have to do this," Remus muttered, leaning against Severus, who ran his hands over Remus' stomach.

"No, he shouldn't. But he is, and the best we can do for him is support him and be there for him," Severus stated, still staring a little wistfully at the door.

Remus finally turned in Severus' arms, "I love you."

Severus gave a soft smile before kissing Remus, "I love you, my wolf." He let Remus pull him into the bedroom.


Harry let Salazar lead them on a walk of the castle, showing him what was new and where the founders all had rooms before ending with his own.

Harry had of course seen most of the castle, but having one of the actual founder's, telling stories about it being built was something else altogether.

Anecdotes about men who helped build Hogwarts, where the name came from; the women who protected the school and gave him life.

All that was forgotten when Salazar led Harry into him rooms; everything became real.

"Sal, you don't have…" Harry started, but Salazar cut him off with a kiss. It was chaste but passionate, full of everything that Salazar wanted to tell Harry, but couldn't get the words out.

"I want to," he said softly as he pulled away reluctantly. "Tonight is about you; whatever you want."

Harry studied Salazar, and smiled softly when he found only honesty and desire, something he only remembered seeing in Ron in those first few days.

"I want you," he finally whispered huskily, a hand gently cupping Salazar's cheek. The older man's eyes fell shut as he leaned into the gentle touch. After a moment he turned and softly kissed Harry's palm.

"Let me save you."

Harry couldn't stop the slow tears. He had known, but no one had really said it. Not that way.


That one whispered word was all Salazar needed to scoop Harry into his arms and carry the smaller man to the bedroom. Harry had no idea what the room looked like, all his attention was focused on the man who was now kneeling over him.

"You are beautiful," Salazar whispered as he kissed his way down to Harry's collar bone, slowly undoing the buttons on Harry's purple shirt to kiss the soft skin it hid.

Harry moaned and tried to reach for Salazar's trousers but Sal stopped him, "Never mind me, tonight is for you. I will find my pleasure in yours," he stated between kisses as he made his way over Harry's belly and slightly protruding belly button.

He popped the button on Harry's trousers and eased them off and tossing them to the floor, leaving Harry in his purple shirt and black briefs.

Sal reverently peeled back the briefs, revealing an impressive erection.

Harry almost exploded right then when Salazar licked the underside of his leaking cock, right along the vein; he smirked as he ran his tongue around the head, teasing the slit.

Harry's hands were tangled in Salazar's hair, holding the older man in place as he all but fucked his mouth. He let Harry as he began to tease Harry's entrance and as he slid a slicked up finger into Harry and he gave a wordless cry and filled Sal's mouth with cum and Sal managed to swallow it all.

Working carefully, he eased three fingers into Harrys arse, bringing Harry to a second, sudden orgasm. Licking Harry clean, Sal gave a soft chuckle when he realized that Harry had passed out.

"Sal," Harry half moaned, half whimpered, already missing the other man.

"Hush my Emerald," he soothed, running a hand through Harry's hair, his trousers hanging off his hips. "I'm not finished with you quite yet."

Harry whimpered and reached out for Salazar, "Please I need you," harry hissed, causing Sal to shudder as he shucked his trousers and joined Harry on the bed, covering him like a blanket; careful not to put too much weight on Harry's stomach.

Harry blushed as Sal brushed a gentle thumb along Harry's cheek, even as he reached down to wrap a hand around Sal's neglected cock.

"No, my Heart this is for you. Not me, I'll find my release in you," he repeated, and Harry moved to roll onto his knees.

"No, face to face," he blurted at Harry's look of confusion. "I need to watch you, and I think you need to know it's me."

"I love you Sal," Harry surprised them both, "But if you don't do something soon, I going to have to go find Ric."

Sal growled - and wasn't that hot - and shoved a pillow under Harry's hips before positioning himself at Harry's loosened hole.

He began to rock his hips gently, pushing into Harry a little more with every thrust. It didn't take long as Harry locked his ankles around Salazar's back and forced Sal into him. Both moaned as Sal was finally – finally, buried balls deep in Harry. Harry exploded over both of them.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, a blush creeping u his chest to his ears. He tried to pull away but Sal stopped him with a kiss.

"Don't ever apologize for finding pleasure in me, with me, for yourself."

Harry tightened his legs around against Sal's ass and kissed him hungrily.

"Then find yours in me," he half whispered, half hissed against Sal's lips.

Sal groaned and buried his face in Harry's shoulder, and began a slow gentle thrust. Until Harry keened and dug his nails into Sal's back, "more, please."

"I don't want to hurt you or the baby," it was true, but he didn't even really know if he'd last long, which was ridiculous, considering what he'd told Harry earlier.

"Fuck me like you mean it. I want to ache tomorrow. I want to have to be yelled at by my teachers for shifting about and not paying attention. I want to have to hide at lunch to have a wank because all I can think of, all I can concentrate on is my ass, my sore ass and why it hurts to sit."

Sal planted an almost chaste kiss to Harry's lips, quieting him, before he began to shift about, peppering kisses on Harry's jaw, neck, and shoulders, leaving little bite marks in his wake.

Harry moaned as he felt Sal's cock slip deeper into him. When Sal finally settled, he was leaning against a pile of pillows and Harry was straddling his hips. Harry began to roll his hips, relishing the feel of Sal's cock filling him.

Harry started hissing, "you feel so good," was the last coherent thing he managed before he devolved into hissing and muttering nonsense.

Sal managed two- three more hard thrusts before everything - the hissing, the rambling, he clinching, had Sal exploding into Harry's spasming channel.

Harry had one more weak orgasm, cum dribbling out of his spent cock; he whimpered as he collapsed against Sal, who ran soothing hands along Harry's sides and up his back. "We should get cleaned up," he offered as he tried to shift Harry off so he would get up.

Harry keened and there was a tingle of magic over both of them. "There done," he gave Sal a cheeky grin. Both knew that a real shower would be better, but neither one of them actually wanted to move.

That's how they fell asleep, though several hours later Sal woke to find that they had ended up spooning Harry's back to Sal's chest. He reached down, curious, and easily slipped into Harry's still loose hole; even asleep Harry moaned and pushed back. "Please," he muttered.

Salazar grinned and gave his erection a few tugs, and when he was semi-hard, he applied more lube just to be safe, and rubbed his cock against Harry's crack, teasing his hole; hoping to wake him a little more.

"Empty, need you," Harry pleaded pushing against him, reaching back to grab Sal's ass cheek.

Sal wasn't looking for gratification, not really, and soon even as his hips rocked almost unconsciously his hand splayed on Harry's stomach he was soon asleep against.

When Sal woke again, Harry was riding him.

"Fuck Harry," he hissed.

"I thought that was what I was doing," he replied cheekily in English.

It didn't take long for either one to come; crying out the other's name. Once Harry had found his breath he regretfully pulled himself off Sal, causing them both to moan, and headed to the bathroom.

"Now we should actually shower," Harry stated as he sashayed into the bathroom.

Sal had thought he'd never seen anything sexier than Harry's cum covered thighs.


Three days later, Harry felt worse than he did when he couldn't sleep and had been constantly throwing up. "Morning" sickness his ass.

"You look like death warmed over," Seamus offered as Harry dropped his bag to the floor and collapsed onto the bench, his forehead thudding against the table. He managed to flip Seamus off with a weak groan.

"Are you alright?" Hermione asked, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Just fucking peachy," he snapped, pushing himself away from the table. He didn't want this concern for him, he didn't need it. "It's just all the sex. I'm not used to good, satisfying sex."

It's a blatant lie; they all know it because not only has Harry been spending the nights in the dorm, but because he has begun to wear the bracelet that Sal had given him when he'd asked to court Harry. They weren't allowed to be alone, let alone have sex.

Despite they're recent fight, Hermione still knows just about everything there is to know about Harry. She's also been able to read him like one of her books since they were twelve and she could see the fear in his eyes and he way his hand is always on his stomach. She could hear the mild tremor in his voice.

"Maybe you should see Madame Pomfrey," she suggested, catching up to him.

"I said I was fine," he all but shouted, before he stormed for the door, leaving his bag on the floor.

He made it to the Slytherin table before he stumbled; several of them sneered and moved away from him, causing him to roll his eyes as he leaned on the table.

"Oh grow up," the insult faded off as his eyes continued to roll back and he slumped to the floor in a boneless heap.

Everyone pushed themselves to their feet, some even standing on their chairs as Draco, Hermione, Luna and several staff members rushed to his side.

Sal pushed his way through frantically trying to get to Harry, but Remus and Severus kept him away while Poppy worked on Harry.

It only took a few moments, which felt like hours, before Poppy announced that she was taking Harry to the infirmary. Everyone watched as Poppy began to levitate Harry out of the great hall only to have Severus stop her so he could carry Harry himself.

Hermione and Draco followed with Godric as Remus and Salazar hurried to keep up with Poppy and Severus.

"Finish up," Minerva announced suddenly, "Five points from anyone who is late for their first class." The students scrambled to get their bags and rush to their class.

"Poor bloke; can't catch a break," Seamus muttered; Neville, Ginny and Parvati nodded sadly in agreement, while the rest of the students whispered their own theories about what was wrong with Harry.


In the infirmary, Severus and Salazar paced in opposite directions while Remus sat with Draco, gently rubbing his arm as they talked with Godric in low tones. Hermione just watched them all wondering if she should really be there, but before she could decide Poppy and Luna emerged from behind the curtain, Luna nodding about something before hurrying off to get whatever it was that her mentor needed.

They all watched her expectantly.

"Harry's fine," she stated, only to have a loud shrill whistle cut through the demands for answers and questions that mostly came from Remus, Severus and Salazar.

"Thank you Luna," Poppy gave the girl a nod as she disappeared behind the curtains with a book.

Hermione glanced at the adults who were still bombarding a surprisingly calm Poppy. Honestly, if they'd just let her talk they'd all get their answers.

She glared at Draco, who had snorted in amusement. "You said that out loud," he offered before slipping behind the curtain.

The tree men looked rather sheepish as Remus mumbled an apology.

"I'm sorry, I should be in class. I'll go," she trailed off, gathering her bag.

"Nonsense, check on your friend. I'm sure he'd like to see you," Poppy stated, giving Hermione a gentle push toward the curtains.

Hermione was surprised to find Draco and Harry playing wizard's chess while Luna sketched the pair.

"Hermione," Harry beamed, even as his knight was owned by Draco's bishop. "Did she tell you?"

"Did who tell me what?" she asked, obviously confused.

"Obviously not, she was too busy telling off Da, Remy and Sal," Draco retorted.

"Did you really?"

Hermione turned a bright red, "I didn't mean too, but they were just bombarding Madame Pomfrey with questions but wouldn't let her reply. I didn't think I said it out loud, but apparently I did."

Harry howled with laughter, "I wish I could have seen their faces."

"What happened Harry?" she asked in obvious concern for her friend who was a little more bubbly than she'd seen him in a long time, if ever.

Harry's queen took out three of Draco's pawns; apparently the rules of the game had been tossed out the window.

"Poppy gave me a mild sedative, it won't hurt the baby and it'll keep me relaxed so I won't be in as much pain. It's the baby. It needs time to adjust, and to change. It's taken a lot out of me, I just need a few days of peace, rest and Sal and I'll be good as new. Better even."

"I'll leave you be then," she offered, hoping Harry didn't notice the sad disappointment in her voice.

Before she could leave though, she thought she heard him call her name. "Bring me my homework later? You might have to explain it," he asked, giving her a pleading look that reminded Hermione of a kicked puppy, something she couldn't refuse. Not that she wanted to.

"Might?" Draco snorted, but Harry swatted him even as Hermione gave him a bright grin.

"I'd love to, Harry. Thank you," She gave him a quick hug before hurrying off to her next class, almost running into Salazar and Severus who were arguing about who would get to see Harry first.

"You both get to," Remus stated, shoving them both through the curtain at the same time, causing them to stumble and trip, landing in a heap between Luna and Draco's chairs.

Neither of the boys bothered to hide their laughter, while Remus and Godric smirked at the still bickering pair.


"I would like to keep Harry here for a few days, just until the baby settles."

"The baby? That's what this is all about?" Salazar blurted, not quite able to wrap his mind around what the medi-witch had told him.

"You sound surprised, even though you had a part in it," Severus snarled.

"Well the baby is changing half of its DNA, so it might be a little painful. Yes, you may all visit with Harry but no more than two or three at a time, and if Harry is feeling tired, then you all have to leave him be. No arguments."

"We should get to class," Draco suddenly announced, grabbing Luna's hand and pulling her out of the infirmary.

"Bye Harry, see you tonight," she waved back, letting Draco pull her along. She simply gave Godric a friendly smile when Draco grabbed his arm and pulled him along with them.

"I'm so relieved you're alright," Remus stated giving Harry an affection kiss to his forehead.

"Don't ever do that again," Severus reprimanded, but ruined it by hugging Harry tightly.

"We'll be back at lunch, since we really should be teaching," Remus admitted.

"I'm sure the students won't mind," Harry teased, yawning widely.

"Oh they will, if they know what's good for them," Severus returned.

Remus pulled Severus from the room.

"Don't scare him," he chastised, leaving Harry and Salazar under the watchful eye of Madame Pomfrey, who was sitting at her desk, writing up reports since the pair couldn't actually be alone without supervision; one of the clauses in the courtship.

"You're really okay?" Salazar asked, he seemed to want to do something to Harry, but he couldn't seem to decide what.

"Harry shrugged, "I'd be better, if I could get some pumpkin juice and some snuggles."

There was a sharp crack and Salazar was all but shoving a tall glass of juice into Harry's hand as he shifted him about and enlarged the bed to make room for his own larger frame.

"Whatever you need, you only have to ask," Sal stated as he set Harry's now empty glass on the table, and pulled the slighter frame against him, gently kissing Harry's temple.

Harry snuggled into Sal, he kind of missed having sex with the man, even if they'd only had two days together before he accepted the courtship. In retrospect he should have made sure the ritual for the baby had been successful, but he'd been so sure that it had worked that he'd accepted Sal's offer of courtship as soon as he could.

When he started to feel ill, he'd been terrified that his body had been rejecting the baby, which was part of the reason why he'd been given the sedative.

"Don't leave," Harry pleaded sleepily, one hand curling into Salazar's shirt.

"I'm not going anywhere, my heart," he replied in a whisper, running his hand through Harry's soft locks.